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anonymous asked:

In the diner scene, doesn't dean KNOW that cas would never just sleep with anyone? (Is dean not aware of the sacred oath?) But doesn't dean also know this, simply because of how scared cas is of nephilum

Hey! So I don’t think that Dean is aware of the “Sacred Oath” at all and I don’t think that Cas has ever told him. More likely that Dean just views it like “wear a condom at all times dude” and that’s that. 


In the diner scene Dean probably DID know that Cas would never go for the waitress, simply because he knows Cas doesn’t do that sort of thing. Dean’s entire interaction with Cas and the others in that scene was him performing for the audience and overreacting due to his own discomfort at Cas being blatantly hit on. The best and most honest part of that whole scene?

*chuckles* Dean’s irritated face right here. Everything after this can basically be summed up with this gif:

Originally posted by alexwayward

and THIS is what makes it all so hilarious to watch. Because he is going over the top, even though Mary protests, Sam rolls his eyes and Cas just sits there looking confused and awkward with no desire to do anything. Wally joins in of course, but then he is basically shadowing Dean throughout the scene with everything Dean does. 

Dean isn’t thinking in this scene, he isn’t thinking about Cas’s awkwardness and completely lack of desire to actually take it anywhere, all Dean is thinking about is his performance and his internal Elsa trying not to sing Let it Go at the top of his lungs (because you can bet your bottom dollar that Dean loves that movie).

anonymous asked:

Destiel brokeback mountain anon here! Seriously I watched the movie yesterday after yeeeaars and OH BOY! the parallels dude just the clothes alone, there's such scenes... just imagine what did Dean do with Castiel's trench coat after he died, just imagine future!destiel frustration "I wish I knew how to quit you" JVIRJUIERJFOEIFJ

Same… I mean, it is an amazing movie in it’s own right and there are so many parallels that are clearly on purpose that @margarittet posted see here, such as:

But I just love how they so blatantly made these additional parallels that were so UNNECESSARY in season 12, such as:

And even cast the waitresses as carbon copies of the women they get with at exactly the same narrative moments.

The bull riding moment :

BTW, Elka means “oath to God”. This is the episode right after we find out about the Angel’s sacred oath not to have relationships with Humans and Dean says it’s “like it never happened…figures”. 

Just saying.

The ‘I’m having really bad family issues and I miss my boyfriend who is so far away’ moment.

She’s a waitress, called Cassie:

I mean REALLY???


Originally posted by usedpimpa

Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets/The Most Sacred Oath

I’m guessing you can’t hear me squeal over your own squeals, but I’ll just keep at it a little longer, okay? Okay. 

Man, this episode read like very good fanfiction, and while I’m disappointed Dean never found out Cas used to be a woman (although, they did have a conversation about that, so Steve gets points anyway), everything else was plain amazing. I’m actually tempted to do a recap that’s just shouting words into the void, because, seriously, that would be enough, but - okay, let me watch that thing again and then I’ll write a proper meta.


(Deep breath.)

So, let’s get one thing out of the way: we already know why this story works so damn well, but it’s worth saying it one more time, because this is what the whole episode was about.

A human and an angel: not meant to be.

Ishim said humans are dangerous to angels, and I agree with him: if angels want to understand humans, to truly become friends with them, to live among them - well - look at what’s that done to Cas. Caring about humans is, apparently, different than caring about another angel; it forces you to give up something deep inside yourself. You become - weaker, unhappy. Doubt-ridden. Trapped between two worlds, and fit for neither. And as for humans - if they truly wish to get closer to angels - to speak their language, to know enough about their magic and weapons to be able help them when they’re in trouble or hurt - that literally costs them their souls.

It’s a tragedy. It’s doomed.

But, of course, it’s not completely hopeless. What would be the point of writing a love story if you know from the start nothing can never happen at all? No - love can conquer all, and this episode dangled it in front of us - the angel who chose humanity, who tried to defend the person he loved from his own brothers, and the human who was fascinated with angels and knew enough about them to make it work.

(They had a daughter, sort of, and let’s cry about that for the rest of eternity, because can you see it? Dean loves kids, and -)

Anyway. We’ve known for a while that angels - I mean, the price Cas paid for his loyalty to the Winchesters (his love for Dean) - that’s harrowing. But this idea that humans need to sacrifice their soul to become closer to angels - thanks for that, Steve. I’m fine.

And surely, at this point, there is no other way this could end? Because what Sam and Cas share - yeah, that’s what friendship looks like, but Dean and Cas - right. And so Cas went and said it (“You mean too much to me.”) and Dean just holed up in his room for the rest of the week? He never said a word to Cas? And, Jesus, Cas thinks Dean’s angry? At him? I’m glad this, at least, was spelled out clearly, because apparently some people still don’t get it and read Dean’s emotions at face value and no, Dean was not angry - he was worried out of his damn mind, and he’s got reason to be, because Cas still doesn’t fucking get it: “I don’t regret what I did, even if it costs me my life”.

The idiot - the useless, fucking idiot.

(“Smelly. Dirty. Twice the worry about getting ganked.”)

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‘All I Wanted Was To Be A Professional Horseshoe Player’: 5 Questions With Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is the world’s most famous female rapper, and between her high-profile feuds and fearless lyrics, she’s not afraid to let you know it. We asked the visionary five questions about her incredible career, and her answers will blow you away!

1. How did you get your start in music?

Honestly, I never set out to be a rapper. In fact, all I wanted when I was a kid was to be a professional horseshoe player. The first time I ever sang was when I was desperate to find a place to practice playing horseshoes and decided to add a song to my Craigslist ad when it wasn’t getting any responses. The rest is history.

2. What was your highest moment as a performer?

Last year, I was the first female rapper to make Ointment magazine’s annual Top 10 Rappers Who Got Stung By The Wasps While Misguidedly Trying To Steal Their Honey list. Growing up, I didn’t even know that women could rap or get stung by wasps, but now? Young girls everywhere can see me doing it.

3. What was your lowest moment as a performer?

Definitely when I was fired as Pepsi’s spokesperson after I got caught dumping 500,000 gallons of Pepsi into the ocean. I never thought they would pull the plug over something as petty as that, especially when in the video you clearly hear me saying, “This Pepsi goes out to all my dolphins!”

4. Is there any place you won’t perform?

I won’t perform in Hawaii because it doesn’t meet my standards for landmass. For other places I won’t perform, I’ll refer you to my mixtape Places That Are Too Watery And Thus I Won’t Go There.

5. What would you say to people just starting out in the business?

I would say, don’t give up. My first single bombed because it was just me saying the Pledge of Allegiance, with absolutely no changes or background music. But did I let that stop me? No! You can achieve anything you put your mind to. Just try not to plagiarize any sacred texts or oaths along the way.

anonymous asked:

We know Dean is sexually attracted to Cas (cue 1,000+ gifs and photos as evicence:P) but what about Cas? We know he has felt sexual desires and acted on them; but he's still a little harder to read in this aspect to me. I think i can safely assume he feels desire for Dean, but it's odd that i say that based on little to no evidence that immediately jumps to mind. He's sexual, but he's not a sexual being in the same way humans are. His love is shown to us by his actions/emotions towards Dean.

(continuation of sexuality ask) I guess i’m asking, is there any evidence that Cas feels sexual desire for Dean? We are shown that their love for each other is not one sided, but the physical desire part is treated differently on Cas’s end when we look at it through his lens. How he feels and sees and lets us know how he feels for Dean.

Hey there. This is really fascinating, because now that we’ve been told that Heaven’s Biggest No No, their “most sacred oath,” is an angel lying with a human… it really puts A LOT of Castiel’s… reticence? Is that a good word for it? Hesitation, maybe? Or stand-offishness?

Whatever. It puts his long history of keeping Dean at arm’s length (metaphorically, if not physically… personal space, Cas) in perspective.

(oh gosh I’ve got 7.01 on in the background and I’m watching Cas return the souls to purgatory and the whole sad conversation with Dean about apologizing and redeeming himself and… oh no..)

Where was I? Right.

I wonder how hard he’s been shoving down his “illegal” feelings for Dean. Feelings that could literally get him killed for even expressing them, let alone acting on them?

It seems entirely plausible, no?

Call Time (M)

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Summary: Taehyung had just wanted to rant to his best friend about how ridiculous he looked.

Warningsanal fingering, dirty talk, phone sex, allusions to pet play *hint hint wink wink*, guided masturbation

Taehyung huffed in exasperation. He looked ridiculous. Absolutely, certifiably ridiculous. He had purposely chosen to dye his hair this obnoxiously vibrant shade of red for the very simple fact that he didn’t want to wear the damn ears and tail in the first place. But his best friend being The Indomitable and Resourceful Park Jimin, Taehyung really shouldn’t have been surprised that he would find the fuzziest appendages possible that just so happened to perfectly match his new hair color. Honestly, Taehyung was beginning to question why he even considered the impish little brat a friend when he so often and so willingly broke their most sacred Best Friends Blood Oath and Spit Pact of December 2010. 

He glared at his reflection once again, eyes stuck on the unnaturally “cute” ears peeking out from his tousled coppery locks. There was no way in hell he was going to go live looking like this. Nope, nuh uh. Kim Taehyung was willing to do a lot of things for his loyal fans–and had done a good chunk—except look unreasonably absurd. With another loud huff, he batted at the stupid triangles before snatching his phone off his bed to angrily tap at his best friend’s contact information.

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castiel clearly

Bless Steve Yockey for giving us the “most sacred oath.” It clarifies so much. Even in those episodes when Cas suffered from Crap Writing, we can now apply Heaven’s Most Sacred Law ™ to his motivations and suddenly… Castiel comes into crystalline focus. Every time he leaves Dean, he does it because he nearly slipped, he was getting too close to revealing the secret content of his heart, and he can’t bear to bring Heaven’s wrath down on Dean– neither of them would survive it, and we know after 12.9 that Cas would gladly lay down his own life to keep Dean in the world.

This is Cas’ deepest and most harrowing fear– underneath his feelings of duty toward Heaven, his admiration for the world his father created and his respect for the humans that walk this earth, Castiel is terrified that his love for Dean would be the thing that ultimately destroys him.

anonymous asked:

My memory is really fuzzy on past SPN eps, what exactly is the "sacred oath"? I personally don't see Cas ever caring about sex like dean does but other angels on the show sure were frisky lol.

Hey! So I wrote a post about it here and I have answered a couple of questions about it all in my tag “sacred oath breaking”. But the basics are that in 12x10 when Castiel reads out Akobel’s crimes he lists “laying with a human” as breaking their sacred oath. 

So we explored how if that were true, it would affect previous canon. You say the other angels were frisky, but actually you are literally referring to Gabriel and Balthazar only. Gabriel, who hated heaven so much he ran away to join the pagan gods. It isn’t too difficult to imagine that one of the many reasons Gabriel left were the ridiculous rules that the angels put in play when it came to humans. Balthazar actually supports the theory because of this conversation:

CASTIEL: What… is all this? What are you doing?

BALTHAZAR: Whatever I want. This morning I had a ménage à – what’s French for 12?

BALTHAZAR: You’re the one who made it possible. The footsteps I’m following – they’re yours. What you did, stopping the big plan, the prize fight? You did more than rebel. You tore up the whole script and burned the pages for all of us. [ Laughs. ] It’s a new era. No rules, no destiny. Just utter and complete freedom.

CASTIEL: And this is what you do with it?

BALTHAZAR: Hey, screw it, right? I mean, dad’s not coming back. You might as well blow coke and jump on the bed. You proved to me we could do anything, so I’m trying everything. What difference does it make?

This actually heavily implies that there WERE rules against sleeping with humans and after Cas rebelled Balthazar decided that he was gonna follow in Cas’s footsteps. But he had to fake his own death to do it, just like Gabriel. Which also supports the theory that if you do have sex with a human, you better hope the other angels think you are dead because otherwise they will come and kill you.

No other angels have been canonically shown having an interest in sex except for Anna, who explicitly stated that sex with humans was one of the reasons she chose to fall. Which is a huge fucking deal really. 

So sex is something that is forbidden for angels. Castiel hasn’t ever shown an interest in sex really, except when he was human when he probably felt the rules didn’t apply to him anymore. Castiel hasn’t shown interest in casual sex but he has been intrigued at least by the idea of sex with Meg, and took an interest in the Pizza man pornography. 

Its just my headcanon, but the way I see it, after the horrific thing that happened to him as a human, I reckon he associates casual sex with anyone he doesn’t trust as dangerous and distances himself from it. His complete lack of response to Dean’s teasing about the waitress in 12x12 is certainly evidence of his lack of interest in casual sex. Though I don’t think he would be opposed to the idea were it with someone he loved. The issue of course is the sacred oath, which even after all this time, is something that Castiel at least appears to want to uphold. Though I really don’t know why since all the other angels already think he’s boning Dean and want to punish him for it. 

12x10 Coda...

Castiel sat in the kitchen at the Bunker and stared at the wall.   

It was the middle of the night. 

He could hear spiders at the threshold, the low tone of the Bunker’s demon warding, the cycling of the refrigerator as it cooled beer (and, for some reason, a tonne of pickle jars Sam had recently purchased). He could sense the cold rain of a storm yet four miles off, and the flutter of Dean’s pulse at his throat as he lay sleeping. 

Cas tried, as so often, to turn his thoughts away from contemplation of that particular somnolent soul, breathing in its case of bone. He did not want to be intrusive.   

He tuned in and out of the chatter on angel radio. News of Ishim’s crime was causing shock-waves in Heaven. Here and there, he heard his own name uttered in the same breath, and he flushed across all four of his seraphic faces.

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anonymous asked:

One line fic: "Dammit, Cas, you can't just tell a guy that you took a super-serious angel oath not to bone humans, but if you had to break it he'd be the one!"

Lol! Nice! 

Because Cas would be so sincere about it too. “I’m just saying Dean that if I could break the sacred oath, I’d like to break it with you. I’ve considered it, and I can’t think of a single other human I would want to experience such an act with”

Cue Dean staring blankly for five minutes as he tries to process this information.

“sooooo…. you could?”


“but you won’t?”


“But you want to?”

“Oh yes. Very much so.”

“Then why…”

“Sacred oath Dean. Whilst I am an angel of heaven I cannot break this oath”.


“I’m sorry Dean.”

“Can I at least kiss you?”



“…yes I’d like that.”


Various Batman Headcanons
  • It’s not so much that Batman sees killing as always morally indefensible as that he understands the role of the Batman as being more that of a doctor’s than of a soldier’s: a soldier must sometimes willingly kill somebody, a doctor must never. For Batman to kill willingly would be to break a sacred oath and, by so doing, invalidate the role entirely.
  • Bruce Wayne has a gorgeous baritone singing voice, which he keeps a closely guarded secret.
  • Adam West’s Batman is Dick Grayson’s retelling of their exploits.
  • Batman does have a sense of humor, but it’s incredibly dry. He’s also an expert level troll.
  • Of course Batman has a weapon to use against Wonder Woman, he’s just not about to let anybody know that. It’s a vial of centaur’s blood, the same thing that killed Hercules.
  • Batman also keeps a box for himself: in it is a gun the same make and model of Joe Chill’s. He keeps it clean and loaded at all times with exactly three bullets.
  • Bruce didn’t really celebrate any holidays until Dick came along.
  • Batman is just as much the conscience of the JLA as he is the brains.
  • Roughly 80% of Batman’s acquaintances are convinced he’s got superpowers of some sort. The JLA was collectively horrified when they finally learned that he was just Bruce Wayne in a suit with some fancy gadgets.
  • Bruce Wayne is actually surprisingly well-adjusted, despite Alfred Pennyworth’s claims to the contrary.
  • Bruce Wayne never stopped loving old movies, and every Sunday he tries to put aside two hours or so for a good classic.
  • Families who owe something to Batman will often display a small bat decal in a window of their home or place of business as a way to say thank you.
  • Martha Kent mails a box of homemade cookies, a couple of jars of preserve, and a hand-knit sweater to the Manor every Christmas. Bruce always makes sure to wear the sweater in public at least once, no matter how ridiculous it looks, and mails back some thoughtful little gift with a handwritten Christmas card.
  • Batman respects Green Lantern. That doesn’t mean he likes him. The two do not get along at all. Each claims that the other is simultaneously a tyrant and an anarchist, a threat to freedom and to the rule of law at the same time.
  • For a long time Bruce was the only one who knew that Captain Marvel was actually a ten-year-old child. Nobody understood why the poster child for acerbic and arrogant was so unfailingly patient with and considerate—even protective—of the polite and kind, if often naive, super-powered strongman.
  • Bruce Wayne and Talia really did love each other, and still do to an extent. However, they love their ideals more.
  • All of the younger affiliates of the JLA treasure a word of praise from Batman above all else. (Except for Robin, who practically levitates whenever Superman asks him for help.) The kids respect and admire all of the heroes, but Batman’s the one whose opinion they care about the most.
  • Gordon could discover and prove Batman’s identity if he set himself to it, but so long as Batman is on the side of justice he’s glad to remain ignorant.
  • For such a wealthy man, Bruce Wayne privately leads a very frugal lifestyle. Unused rooms in the manor are closed off, electricity is used sparingly, things are mended rather than replaced, and Dick, Jason, and Tim were all given fairly small allowances and taught to budget.  Damian refused to adjust to this, so Bruce finally just gave him his own bank account and stood back. (After the ten-year-old came up with and executed his own version of a Ponzi scheme, however, a new house rule was enacted, that any and all money-making plans had to first meet with the approval of Lucius Fox.)
  • Bruce tends to pitch his voice higher when in public and settle into his chest voice while in costume. This method keeps either persona from sounding like he’s disguising his voice, but means the two sound dissimilar enough to prevent suspicion.
  • Bruce goes out of his way to be charming in his socialite role but also out of his way to be grating in his crime fighter role. In his private, off-duty life, he’s quiet, has a dry wit, is a good listener, if not much of a talker, and is just generally pleasant to spend a quiet evening with.
  • When Green Arrow suggested that he get Oliver Queen to financially back the JLA Batman was the first to second the motion.
  • Bruce Wayne went on record for a long time as disbelieving in the Batman and after proof of Batman’s existence was irrefutable he made known his opinion that the man was a dangerous vigilante.
  • Clark Kent was assigned a story on Bruce Wayne shortly after ‘Gotham’s Son’ returned from abroad, the result being that Clark and Bruce became friends before Superman and Batman did.
  • Bruce Wayne dresses up as Superman for Halloween parties.
  • A running joke in the JL is that Batman is basically Chuck Norris. “Batman once had a brush with death. It took Death a month to recover.” “Batman can tell when a lie detector’s lying.” “Batman can’t only sense fear, he can also sense hope, like 'I hope Batman doesn’t punch me.’”
  • Batman and Superman have this thing where, whenever they have the chance, they spread misinformation about the other. “Batman is bald, that’s why he wears the cowl.” “Superman dyes his hair, does anyone actually think that black looks natural?” Stuff like that.
  • Bruce sleeps with a hand hiding his face and always has, since he was a kid. 

destielonfire  asked:

So I wanna talk about the "I love you" moment because Duh ;) Even though it's pretty clear to me that he said it to Dean first and then to everyone else (or at least that we're supposed to interpret it that way), do you think DEAN understood? Does he finally realise the depth of Cas's feelings for him? Or do you think he still believes Cas meant it "like a brother and nothing more"?

Oh god I hope so.

The camera lingering on Dean after Cas said that first “I love you” certainly gave us the impression that Dean understood.


HE’S FAMILY! And the bunker is HOME.

But… there’s still that whole matter of Heaven’s Most Sacred Oath hanging over their entire thing…

And I think that’s a part of why Dean was so cavalier about his “teachable moment” having Cas flirt with Mandy… BECAUSE DEAN KNOWS NOTHING’S GONNA COME OF IT, BECAUSE MOST SACRED OATH.

But it certainly gave DEAN a chance to act innocently flirty with Cas HIMSELF.

“My devastatingly handsome friend here”

Cas actually SNIFFED HER. Oh my god.

Dean certainly wasn’t “flirting with intent” with Mandy, but he wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to use her as a proxy to flirt with Cas…

But none of that, even love confessions, make that most sacred oath go away. And Dean knows that. 

Now I’m just waiting for the episode later where Dean says those words back. It’s a statement that demands a reply, after all. Dean’s gotta take some time to let the gravity of Cas’s confession really sink in first…

The Audience (for Cas) 12.12 Meta

12.12 seriously made me consider making a video essay instead of a written meta because holy fish, the amount of perspective stuff in this episode is nuts. Inconsistency in subjectivity is very normal in media but this episode goes out of its way to establish it, then defies it, then establishes it again. 

This episode uses a lot of subjective and objective camera tricks but it can be occasionally difficult to pinpoint the exact rules of what’s through their subjective PoV and what’s the objective camera bias needing to tell the audience things for reasons.

Give me a break here, SPN. 

I’m not really gonna talk about the Reservoir Dogs references here. Other people have already done that very well. I’ll be linking to more of other people’s meta throughout, mostly hidden in words. Click on the underlined bits in the post. I’m kind of late to the party on this one. If you wrote something pertaining to what I have here and it’s not linked somewhere, I apologize. I unfortunately don’t see everything or I can’t find it. feel free to add it or message me and I’ll add it directly:

I hope I can explain this in text because it’s not the best medium for what I’ll be saying here. Don’t get me wrong, 12.12 is awesome but because of the nature of its storytelling, it’s weird on a structural front. It’s basically a microcosm of episodes showing the relationship between Cas and his established others.

Below is sort of a break down but I’m going to focus on certain aspects and scenes longer than others.

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anonymous asked:

I'm trying to be optimistic but it seems to me that if romantic canonical, textual Destial was going to happen then SOMETHING would have occurred by now. I'm so frustrated!!!

I understand your frustration nonny believe me. I often wish that they would be a bit more obvious about it. 

I think what I am happy with, and what is calming my frustrations for the moment at least, is the fact that they have already laid the foundations for canon destiel, and they are currently building on them. 

Those foundations were removing the “blockers” that stood in the way. Things such as confirming that Jimmy’s soul was in heaven. Confirming that Dean was aware of that, confirming that Dean views Cas’s vessel as his body, and confirming that Cas also views his vessel as his body now. 

Those foundations were also laid via “trial runs” with certain themes and ideas that lets be honest, 10 years ago the show wouldn’t have done. 11x19 is a great example of this. Showing the audience that two rugged macho men can be in a homosexual relationship, married and hunters and that this is normal in the SPN universe was a huge deal. They showed us that having a homosexual relationship in this show would absolutely not change the style of the show. Because those two awesome characters were in no way gay stereotypes, and they didn’t turn the show into a romance either. It was done very subtly and it worked brilliantly.

The fact that we had a whole arc late last season that went out of its way to show how differently the brothers feel about Cas. Sam being objective, logical, worrying about his friend but focusing on how to fix it. Dean was emotional, stressed, not sleeping, not eating, panicking… it was glorious to watch. 11x18 was a freaking gift for that (which I still can’t believe because it was Bucklemming).

Then 12x10 comes along and proves what we already knew from 9x22 and 9x23. That Cas is in love with Dean. It might not have been in your face obvious, but it was still pretty obvious. We also were once again shown just how differently each Winchester interacts with Cas and Dean’s emotional response can only be described as the worrying of a spouse. Not friend. Not brother. Partner/lover/husband. Then we get Sam as the long suffering third wheel all the way through it. It was fanfiction brought to life on the screen and I mean that in the very best of ways.

Take all this and put it alongside 10x16′s confession scene (which was a very subtle coming out speech) and you have pretty obvious textual confirmation of their feelings for each other. They just haven’t confessed to that love yet.

What 12x10 also gave us which was a huge gift for anyone saying why hasn’t it happened yet? Was an answer for that very question. Castiel will not act on his desire for Dean because of some stupid heavenly law against angels being with humans. It is forbidden and Castiel took a sacred oath. When you consider how all the angels have treated him for the past few seasons suddenly this is blatantly clear. 

So we have all of the building blocks right there, laid out in canon. Seemingly in preparation for something. The next BIG step IMO is bringing Dean out of the closet. This will be the final brick before it becomes canon. (A love confession or reveal from Cas would also be nice as his arc seems to be going in a direction where he eventually admits his feelings but this is already made clear in the text). I wrote a while back now how I thought they should bring Dean out of the closet. It wouldn’t take much at all. But once we have that then we are there. 

So whilst I share your frustrations nonny, I am in a good place right now regarding canon destiel. The show has given us so much lately. Every character is only adding to the subtext and the meta. I don’t think I have ever felt as positive as I am right now. 


So I decided to create a group of knights that would idolize Gael, the man who devoured the Dark Soul, while also paralleling the Silver and Black Knights of Gwyn, the first Lord of Cinder. These are the black and silver Red-Hood Knights. Both are high level quality/faith builds. Both use Lightning Arrow as a ranged attack.

The Silver Red-Hood Knight is equipped with the Lothric Knight Greatsword and Straight Sword and uses the Lightning Blade weapon buff, with the occasional elite knight knowing Darkmoon Blade. The set is the Desert Pyromancer Hood, Lothric Knight Armor, and Silver Knight Gauntlets and Leggings. These knights use chimes to heal over time and can parry with the Silver Knight Shield.

The Black Red-Hood Knight is equipped with the Black Knight Greatsword and the Ringed Knight Straight Sword and uses the body buff Sacred Oath. The set is the Desert Pyromancer Hood, Drakeblood Armor, and Ringed Knight Gauntlets and Leggings. These knights use the Saint Talisman so they may use Unfaltering Prayer to trade lightning spears with their opponents. The Black Knight Shield allows easy access to the weapon arts of both weapons.

The Red-Hoods Knights are similar to the Abyss Watchers in that they have only heard the tales of the Red-Hood who devoured the Pygmy Kings of the Ringed City and assume that he was a more powerful figure like Gwyn, thus they dress much more ornately than Gael ever had. This is why I didn’t use the Slave Knight Hood for either knight. The veil of the Desert Pyromancer Hood also conceals one’s face similar to the helms of Gwyn’s knights.

Popular Albanian beliefs

Moon - The moon, Alb. hënë, def. hëna, serves as a popular symbol and motif in Albanian folk art, on gravestones and tattooing. It was believed that crops should be sown when the moon was waning, otherwise the growth would be all in the stalks and leaves and there would be no seed. The northern tribes also believed that hair should be also be cut at the waning at the moon, not during the new moon, because it would otherwise turn white. Edith Durham (1863-1944) records the following anecdote about her Albanian guide: “Marko was very proud of the fact that his hair had whitened very slightly - all owning to his careful regard to the moon. When we meet younger men who were quite white he used to say, “Look at this silly fellow! Cut his hair the wrong side of the moon!” As in Romania, marriages in Albania were traditionally celebrated at the time of the full moon in order to ensure offspring. Thus, a premature birth was known in Elbasan as a ‘moonless birth.’ In northern Albania, children underage of one were not allowed to look at the moon because they would otherwise suffer from diarrhoea. It was also believed that an eclipse of the moon was caused by vampires trying to eat it up. For this reason the highland tribes were wont to shoot at the moon during eclipses.

Numbers - The numbers three, seven and nine occur frequently in Albanian popular belief and are often associated with magic powers. The numbers three can be encountered in: the three miras or fatias who visit a child three days after its birth, the three candles lit on the feast of Saint Nicholas, the three gourds of water in a Korça wedding, the three-fold raising and lowering of the bier before a funeral in the Malësia e Madhe and the family gatherings three days after a death in Tirana and Gjirokastra, the three locks taken during the first ceremonial hair cutting and the three holes in stones used for sacred oaths, as well in Albanian folk tales: the three brothers, three apples, the Earthly Beauty and her two sisters, etc. The number seven occurs in: the seven tongues of a kulshedra or a lubia, the seven graves Sari Salltëk, the seven days and nights during which a father lies in bed in Couvade and the Sancti Septenarii, i.e the so-called seven-numbered saints of southern Balkan Orthodoxy. The number nine occurs for instance in: the period of the nine years and nine days in the legend of Aga Ymer, the nine sons in the legend of Doruntina and the nine years during which Gjergj Elez Alia lay on his death bed. Other magic numbers are 40, 99 and 101.

Monday - Monday, like Thursday and Sunday, was considered a lucky day of the week. Monday was also the preferred wedding day for the northern Albanian catholics.

Owls - In the northern highlands, the owl, Alb kukuvajkë, def. kukuvajka was also known by the euphemism herëkeqja ‘always (bringing) evil,’ because it was often seen as a bearer of evil tidings. According to one legend, there was a farmer who had a brother John, Alb. Gjon, a shepherd. On the way to see his brother, the farmer went hunting and accidentally killed him. On realising what had happened, he cried and prayed to God to be turned into a bird and sent into the wilderness to spent his remaining years in mourning. This is why the owl always cried “John! John!” Alb. Gjon! Gjon! . There are many similarities and much confusion in Albanian popular beliefs between owls and cuckoos. 

Old Wife’s Days -  March 29, 30, and April 1 are known traditionally as the Old Wife’s Days, Alb. ditët e plakës, and are equivalent to the western European ice Saints, i.e the last cold days of winter, which in Albania usually fall in the middle or end of March.

(Taken from A Dictionary Of Albanian Religion, Mythology, And Folk Culture By Robert Elsie)

                                 We are the young gods. Poised for power and promise.
                                     We are the children of wealth, stature and means.
                          The crowns placed atop our heads are our legacy and destiny;
                    a birthright we grasp at from the cradle and take with us to our graves.

                               Together we stand, brothers and sisters, bound by blood.
                                 Our secrets, once spoken, remain with us, buried deep
                        within the hallowed halls of our institution, never to be heard again.

                                   The golden vices that drive us, the sins that please us,
                                     the havoc we may spread, is our right and privilege.
                                                        There can be no dissenters.
                                              At any cost, our house will be protected.

The great halls of Harvard University is called home by many. An institution built on the pursuit of knowledge and furthering education of young minds, those who attend leave filled with a powerful intellect and a will to make the world in which they live a better place. Alumni set a precedent for greatness, one that many hope to reach.

Harvard is home to The Riot Club; an elite society which welcomes only those they deem worthy into their ranks. Only those who come from opulent fortune and success can claim membership. Legacies are wooed and worshiped while newcomers were sources of new connections, a deeper link to the wealth of the world. 

It was typical for the club to get rowdy over break. With no class to serve as a distraction, their antics could take full priority. The Athenian Manor, a few miles north of Cambridge, has been abandoned for years. The depleted and cold building was a recurring spot for the lavish and exclusive events the club threw. Past and present members filled the halls along with highly paid guests. 

When the fire started, it couldn’t be stopped.   

Rich mommies and daddies could cover up the fire. No one need worry about the press catching word of wealthy young adults burning an abandoned manor to the ground. No one got hurt. As far as anyone knew, the lightning storm was to blame.  

Then the body was found. A young woman, unidentifiable, was burned and buried in the wreckage. The papers ran headlines about the mystery woman; the girl the club knew only as P a n d o r a. Adult entertainment. They paid her well, not that she’d be able to spend it now. 

The club swore they’d never tell. Pandora would forever be the Jane Doe who died in the fire. Their blood oath was sacred. The same words they speak at initiation were repeated. At any cost, our house will be protected.

Theodore Belrose’s cold and dead body sent a message to the club that would reverberate for generations. Needle marks decorated his arms and his skin was that of porcelain when he was found. They would be lying if they said they were surprised. 

“Teddy’s loose lips will get him into trouble one day.” A phrase aptly used by most. There were those among them that would do anything to ensure his mouth stayed shut. The Riot Club may have been notorious for drugs and debauchery, but no one wanted arson and murder as part of their reputation. 

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