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Well, I hit 1700 followers around my two year hockey Tumblr anniversary, so I guess this calls for a follow forever!! I’m sorry if I leave anyone out it’s not meant to be malicious it’s just me being forgetful lmao.

irl bffs:

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awesome preds fans:

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amazing wonderful people who I love to see on my dash:

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if you’re on this list and we don’t talk much I’d love to get to know you!!

pavszacha  asked:

ok but do u have preds blog recs because 👀👀 and also i gotta support them in the first round

yes i have 👀👀 your support is very well appreciated thank u!!!

@coltonsisson @cheerbaitromanjosi59 @filipf0rsberg @molegan @juicysaros @myfangirlisraeging @saadfather @juhametsola and probably some others too that i’m forgetting rn…..there isn’t that much preds content here so everything preds related kind of just circulates thru all these blogs + others but yeah!! i’d recommend giving all these wonderful ppl a follow :~)

I’ve reched 300 followers so here is my attempt at a follow forever with some of my favorite blogs!!

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I love all you guys on here and I’m sure I accientally might have missed a few of you because I dod this off the top of my head but all of you are amazing people!! 


(also I did’t even try to put these in alphabetical order sorry guys)

mini fic!

up on the screen

Nick Leddy, Brandon Saad, Andrew Shaw. For the hand holding challenge! And also for my broken heart.

Nick’s trying not to think too much. He wants to just go with the flow, but it’s somehow exhausting, waiting and waiting not knowing, even though it’s the nature of the business. Trades happen. He experienced it in miniature when he was back and forth between Chicago and Rockford, the upheaval and uncertainty, but he knew guys on both teams. He knows the Blackhawks, and if Nick’s honest with himself he doesn’t want to go anywhere. It took him a while but he’s settled in Chicago; he knows where he fits now, he won a Cup with this team.  


He turns his phone off. He’ll hear when he hears, whatever way things go, and trying to keep up with rumours via the hotel’s spotty wifi is making the wait worse. It’s weird. Nick was pretty quiet in high school, focused on hockey without room for much else and even more intense about it in college, and he’s never really been the subject of gossip before. It would be flattering, kind of, if it didn’t also suck. 


He sighs, stretches, then jumps when there’s a knock at the door. They’d all gone out after the game for a couple of drinks, but the guys had been tired, and they’ve got an early start, and Nick’s pretty certain he’s not brilliant company right now. He’s definitely not expecting late plans, though it is less surprising when he opens the door to Shawzy. 


“Why aren’t you answering your phone, dude?” Shawzy asks. 


Nick shrugs. “Turned it off,” he says, and Shawzy gives him one of those looks that still catch Nick off guard, even after living with the guy. It’s easy to forget how observant he can be when they’re failing to build dog furniture together and having marshmallow shooter fights around their apartment.  


“Come hang with me and Manchild, we’re gonna watch a movie.” 

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wow such great editing skills, totally didn’t just use powerpoint

I recently hit 500 followers (how???) so I decided I would do a follow forever bc I love you guys so much and wanted to thank you for all of the sweet messages and support you’ve shown me! Even if we don’t talk, I still see you guys on my dash and reblogging my posts, and it means a lot! I’ve only had this blog for a month, but I’ve already made so many great friends and I’ve honestly never been happier! Thank you so so much, I love you all ❤️

(my absolute faves are bolded, make sure you follow everyone on this list bc they’re the coolest)


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Sorry if I forgot anyone, I love every single one of you!

hi guys! i’ve reached quite a few follower milestones i never ever expected to hit. to celebrate this (and the holidays), i decided to make a follow forever of all the wonderful blogs who bless my dashboard every day. thank you for being endlessly kind to me, and for making tumblr a place i enjoy logging into and the future seem a little bit brighter. love you all, stay awesome. <3

!! best friends and people particularly close to me are bolded.


@anni0022 / @antoinerousssel / @atlantathrasher / @babychow / @blue–paint / @book23worm / @bortuzzo / @brettpesce / @brovechkin / @brrrakovsky / @cheerbaitromanjosi59 / @confusedhockey / @crocby / @daisiesmakingchains / @dartheighter / @dontcancelquidditch / @dstromes / @dustieboots / @dyllarkin / @eichs / @ellers / @filipf0rsberg / @fuckinhallsy / @glovesdropped / @gnashville33 / @halvedhab / @haulaerik / @highstik / @hiljaistenmiestenlaakso / @hockeycaptain / @hohohoforcarlo


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Hey guys! I finally hit one of my goals and I would like to thank all my followers who followed me after I re=made, and to all of my new followers!! I I leave any of you guys out, let me know!

Without further ado:


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Thanks again!!

Aaronekbald's First Ever Follow Forever!

Okay because I’m lame and really bad at editing pictures, I don’t have a picture lol

But honestly when I started this blog in March, I never thought I’d reach 500 followers, so I’d like to thank everyone who follows me! As someone who is still learning all the rules, players, stats, etc. I feel like you guys have accepted me and even though we may have never spoken, I feel like we are family! I could ramble on here but I’m not going to but I would just like to thank everyone again, I love you all!

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I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone, but thank-you for following me! 😘

Okay so I recently reached 400 followers a few days ago and that’s definitely something to celebrate over :)

First of all I would like to thank ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS for following me! I LOVE YOU ALL!!


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