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Well, I hit 1700 followers around my two year hockey Tumblr anniversary, so I guess this calls for a follow forever!! I’m sorry if I leave anyone out it’s not meant to be malicious it’s just me being forgetful lmao.

irl bffs:

@juicysaros @pekkarinnne @icefleuries @samreinhearts @mistletoemcdavids @babyleafmarns

awesome preds fans:

@cheerbaitromanjosi59 @coltonsisson @gnashville33 @hedouble-hockeysticks @itsyourboykent @juusaros @myfangirlisraeging @pksuburban @saadfather @scoresberg @sheaweebs

amazing wonderful people who I love to see on my dash:

@aarondelll @aliceinhabsland @brandoncarlo @carey-pric31ess @lesgallys @highstik @hockeyaf @hockeyismyreligon @jordanstaalsmugshot @lesgallys @montfakecanadiens @nhl-canes @patchioretty @productofevolution @radicalradek @sarniasting @sheawebers108mphslapshot @stanleycupmcdavid

if you’re on this list and we don’t talk much I’d love to get to know you!!

I’ve reched 300 followers so here is my attempt at a follow forever with some of my favorite blogs!!

 💗💗💗💗💗💗 💗💗💗💗💗💗 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

 @predspride @sheaweebs @savesavepeksibae @ancient-amber95 @sharkbus@thatsinbintho @eichs @lets-puck-about-hockey @the-trash-god @klingbrg @carey-pricemas @confusedhockey @daisiesmakingchains @glovesdropped @dropthosegloves @megsforbreakfast @myfangirlisraeging @filipf0rsberg @osodegominola @saadfather @vanecek1996 @petrrmrazek @waterbottlepolice  @gnashville33 @juusessaros @juicysaros @crosbyfan87 @waterbottlepolice@fcknpigeon @nattyanderson1 @kevinsfialas @book23worm @c0linwils0n @sassy-tuukka-time-tantrum @thebiggestblackesthawk @captain-problematic @moriellymoproblems @catlady31 @confusedpumpkin @dollarinthedouchebagjar @dropthosegloves @ellers @highstik @hilaryknght @hockeyaf @hockeychanel11 @inpekkawetrust @isabelhemmings22 @ivanprovolone @josiandthepreds @letangier @lovethygoalies @marcandresfleurys @mmmarchy @panic-at-the-goalline @pekka-winne @pekkarinnne @peksilicious @penaltykillsubban @pksuburban @puckducky @raskattack @romanrosi @ryansjohansen @ryjo-92 @saad-squad @salmiakkijellona @samsonovs @sarosjuuse @sidcrosbybro @sidneypawsby @smashvillepreds @steveyzermans @subbanator @thisisahockeyblog @unsportsmanlikeconduct @vladitarasenkos @wnnbergs @yanweber @zeph-is-a-pineapple

I love all you guys on here and I’m sure I accientally might have missed a few of you because I dod this off the top of my head but all of you are amazing people!! 


(also I did’t even try to put these in alphabetical order sorry guys)

So I felt the need to do a follow forever because this has probably been one of the best years in the hockey community. I’ve met a whole bunch of new people and with the wjc going on right now, I feel like people can relate to my bullshit. oh and i also reached 700 thank you for that!!

# - D: @157cms @50shadesoftoews @72panarin @88-kane @a-bgally @aaronekbald @agally-bgally @alex-brindecat @alex-wennbergs @alexeiemelinstwin @aliceinhabsland @andrewshawmademedoit @andrewshawshankredemption @andrewshawty @anthonybeauvilliers @anttiraanta @apriceity @artemipanarin @artemisergeyevichpanarin @ausmatthews @ayyyblackhawks @baby-crowdaddy @babyhawkteravainen @babykaner @barzaldown @barzalmat @batgirl-87 @beau-tiful-bennett @beautiebennett @beauts-and-hawks-hawkey @bennguinislife @bennyandthestars @bieksasjuice @blackhawks-little-mutt @blackhawks-shuffle @blackhawksandrevelations @bournival-carnaval @braaydenpoint @brandonesutter @brassardsbae @brendanngallagher @brrrakovsky @canadianhockey-eh @canadiens-not-canadians @captain-crosby @carey-pric31ess @carey-price-31 @careys-price @carnavaldhiver @catlady31 @chi-town-mistress @cmcdavid @coach-qs-stache @connor-mcbaevid @connormcdavid @connorsmcdavid @crackpoutine @crosbye @crosbyeh @crowmygoodness @darthtulip @dayumpens @deckthehallberle @dylanstorme

E - J: @eat-my-leeks @eberl-e @edmontonmcdavids @everything-h0ckey @evgenimalkinlove @fabulouslyprice @fckyougeno @ferklund @fili-please @filipf0rsberg @fleury-of-saves @fourth-liners @froot-lupul @fuckmelatta @galchenyum-gallawhore @galla-chenyuk @gallaghergoal @gallagrr @gallylove @geauxforgally @glovesdropped @goal-horn-guru @goaliesticks @grendanballagher @grumpywilson @h0ckey-is-my-life @h0ckeyismylife @habsessed @habsnhawks @hallskey @hatrickaner @hawkey-obsessed @hawkeyislife @hawksofwinterfell @headsshoulderskneesandtoews @hockeyaf @hockeyismyreligon @hockeylife-nolife @hockeywashergame @horseshitfuckingcall @icedkaner  @icegally @imneverbackcheck @imscoreee @j-ebs @jakegards-flow @jamebenn @jamesonrandolph @janeanfabino19 @jassondemers @jonthantoews @jordaneberle14 @jordansgap @jordiebennn @jthawkey @jvirts18 @jvriems

K - O: @kane-and-toews @kaneraf @kaners @ketnep @kingkreider @ladysstardust @landessblog @lars-hella @larsellers @lawcrouse @leaveamessageatthebeep @lefutureisbright @lehteras @lesglorieux @letangier @lurtis-cazar @m-a-lkin @mac-n-g @marianyossa @marnstrome @massholehackey @matt-barzal @maxd0mi @mcdavidaf @merrymcdavid @mistle-toews @mitchmarners @mozzarellasticksaregreat @my-hockey-obsession @nailyakupv @nature-hippie-cowgirl @nemoniemi @nhlfucale @oh-ebs @oilers-ftw @oscarklefbomb @overtimeherobrentseabrook

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Once again, thank you so much and have a happy new year!!!

hi guys! i’ve reached quite a few follower milestones i never ever expected to hit. to celebrate this (and the holidays), i decided to make a follow forever of all the wonderful blogs who bless my dashboard every day. thank you for being endlessly kind to me, and for making tumblr a place i enjoy logging into and the future seem a little bit brighter. love you all, stay awesome. <3

!! best friends and people particularly close to me are bolded.


@anni0022 / @antoinerousssel / @atlantathrasher / @babychow / @blue–paint / @book23worm / @bortuzzo / @brettpesce / @brovechkin / @brrrakovsky / @cheerbaitromanjosi59 / @confusedhockey / @crocby / @daisiesmakingchains / @dartheighter / @dontcancelquidditch / @dstromes / @dustieboots / @dyllarkin / @eichs / @ellers / @filipf0rsberg / @fuckinhallsy / @glovesdropped / @gnashville33 / @halvedhab / @haulaerik / @highstik / @hiljaistenmiestenlaakso / @hockeycaptain / @hohohoforcarlo


@jodrouin / @joexsakic / @johnnysgaudreau / @johnnysnowduya@jtbrowns / @juhametsola / @kantperson / @klingbrg / @konecny / @koppolove / @kyynelpuro / @lancebouma / @mattmarns / @mcdavos / @milan-lucic / @mmmarchy / @muzzmurray / @myfangirlisraeging / @naps-for-the-getaway / @nhl-canes / @nsfwhockey / @olllmaatta / @ovechkink / @paraykko / @patelaine / @peachycheekpinch / @petrrmrazek / @piesandpucks / @puckducky / @puckingwild / @puljujarrvi / @pyatts


@reimr / @rileysheahans / @rnhopkins / @saaders / @saadfather / @samsonovs / @savesavepeksibae / @sebaho / @sharkbus / @snowfleury / @spaceyho / @stanleycup / @stepmom / @steveyzermans / @stmkos / @strmedaddy / @tamilprongspotter / @tampabaylightning / @the-muskoka-five / @thearkhamjoke / @theoilers / @thephilkesselrun / @thepoodlegirl / @trevordales / @vanecek1996

So I decided to do my first follow forever! I met so many rad people on here in 2015 and I hit 500 followers (!!!!!!) Thank you so much for putting up with my trash can blog everyone! (also just an fyi: I’m not putting non-personal blogs on this like news blogs or blogs that are made specifically for updates on a certain thing, if that makes sense)

A few individual mentions:

@can-we-please-just EMILY!!! you are super rad and I’m so glad I met you this year bb! stay eggy pal

@fratboy-kaner Kate your blog is sick af and I’m so glad we got to know each other last season!

@panarinbread You’re gr8 even though you brag about your Jokerit jersey all the time…It’s okay, you’re only trying to be like the Soviet Union hockey team

@tazertantrum we’ve talked a lil bit but you are super cool and we should get to know each other better sometime

@kanerily You’re on my dash all the time and I absolutely love your blog!

#-E: @72panarin @88kane88 @a-bgally @a1-sh-a @all-pucking-day @andrewshawmademedoit @andrewshawshankredemption @andrewshawty @artemibread @artemspanarin @ausmatthews @ayyyblackhawks @barzaldown @beauts-and-hawks-hawkey @bennguinislife @bennys-hips-dont-lie @betweenlegs-imscore @bl4ckhawks @blackhawks-ig @blackhawks-shuffle @blakehwk @boys-of-the-uc @brendangally17 @brentseabrookshair @captoews @carnavaldhiver @cdagger @chicago88blackhawks @chicagosdarlings @crawgasm @crosbylicious @crowmygoodness @cue-the-dagger26 @daddy-toews @diehardhockey @donottoewsme @dont-be-saad @dylanbean @eatsleephockhey

F-I: @fab4hockey6 @fuckkaner @fueledbybandmembers @gallagrr @geekmisconduct @glassbanger21 @glitteringjules @grizby @habs31canadiens @hawkblacks @hawkeybrat @hawkeyislife @hawkeytime @hawks-girl-96 @hawkshockey27 @hawksoftheroundtable @haydn-fleurys @headshoulderskneesand-toews @hockeygotmelike @hockeyinspires @hockeyisanaddictivedrug @hockeylife-nolife @hockeysnowflake @hockeyyikes @hockeyyybabyyy @iminlovewiththecrowcrow @itsagreatdayforsomehockey @itshockeybitch

J-P: @jakesarrieta @jonathans-toes @jonnhytoews @jonnytoews-19 @jordanstaal @jtoewsaf @justachi-towngirl @jvriems @kaaannneee @kanergirl88 @kaners @kazer @kissingunderthemistletoews @littlerussianpanarin @luvdahawks @marianyossa @nerdbrook @officialmaxdomi @onlyfortazer @onyourtoews @otuukka @paanarin @panarin-toews @patchinthenetty @patrick-kanes-mouthguard @patrickkane @patrickkanedoingthings @pattytkane @peekaboopeeksy @periodicallytabled @pootrickkoone @price-almighty @puckingduchene @puckingincredible @pucknugget

Q-W: @queenteravainen @rosieclarinet44 @saadfathers @seabsieboys @segsymyboy @shawthing65 @sheercompulsion @shirtlesstseguin @shuffling-with-kaner @snipeshowtime @tazekane @tazer-tots @teamtoews19 @teamusahockeyaf @tehvoteravainen @terrorvainen @teuvoismysunshine @thats-so-lolo @the-italiangirl91 @the-jonathan-toews @thefinnishcold @themystryspot @thisisahockeyblog @toe-ews-me-bro @toews-fruity-booty @toewsharpy @toewsme1988 @toewstoews19 @trevorvanriemsdyk57 @ttoews @tyler-91-seguin @typaulseguin @victorygreenwithenvy @weirdbeth

Hey guys so this is long overdue, and I am really sorry.  I just finished up school and that’s one reason why I haven’t been able to do this.  So this will be my last follow forever for awhile because I’m going to start doing at every 500 followers.  

I want to thank all of you for following me, and making me laugh and smile with your posts.  Thank you all so much, I love you guys!

A- anttiraanta afieryvixen andrew-shawzie aaronekbald andrew-shawsanttisraantaandrewshawmademedoitandrewshawshankredemption andrewshawty 

B- brassardsbae babypattykane behm4 baby-crowdaddy  baesaad breadwing beautsandthemutt blackhawksonegoal believeintheblackhawks blackhawks-af bergeron-37 bb-belt bringmethehockey bbickell29 bbickells ben-smiths b-saad blackhawks-little-mutt blackhawkswags blackhawks-shuffle bvriemsdyk babykaner because-hockey 

C- captain-fucking-serious chrisdamnthomas chicagorunsonduncann captainchicago canadiens-not-canadians carey-price-31 captain–serious carddian chitownmadhouse canadianhockey-eh chelseaibelieve capt-benn chelseadaagger chicago-blackhawk captain-toewss chelsea-chelsea-i-believee chicago-runsonduncan  catlady31 carey-cash-money-price1988 craawford crowmygoodness chitown1988 coach-qs-stache captain-toewss 

D- drunkenkeith dunconn-keith dominiquepaigeee dylanstrome19 dreamingfortomorrow-today dunkankeith davidjohnnyoduya dunconnsmythe dontbesaad dangerouslyaddictivethings 

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So during Game 6 I hit my first thousand follower mark! So, I decided to go down the line and make a follow forever, so I can appreciate everyone I love on this website. I have heart eyes for everyone I follow, literally everyone. If you’re not on this list, it’s because I’m dumb and can barely remember what I had for dinner last night, so it’s hard to remember every single person I love. I’d also like to take this time to thank Scott Darling for existing, and to say that I’m still accepting apps for the Scott Darling Defense Squad, if you missed that earlier!

the defense squad: jamebenn pouliot somethingnerdythiswaycomes horseshitfuckingcall natesbeaulieu bunny-benny jamibenns saintcrow tazerschinbeard

a-e: ariantourage anttisraanta andrewshawmademedoit andrewshawshankredemption andrewshawty babykaner bbickells bennyandthestars becca-summers bennguinislife bittyjack blackhawks-shuffle blackhawks-little-mutt blackhawksstanleycupchamps2015 blackhawksandrevelations brandonsaaders chi-town-mistress cpcoulter crosbye crowwife crowmygoodness crowmydarling craawford daddyseabrook dunkankeith erikkarlsson65 ericstaalsmugshot 

f-m: flamespenguins fredscience gaudreauforcalder2k15 goallagher-galchenpuck go-back-to-ikea hellahawkey hey-hey-hayes hockeyplayerswithpets hockeyismyreligon hockeysruiningmylife hurrikane-hockey icedkaner incorrectnhlquotes itshockeybitch jakie-delusional jamibenns jgaudreau13 jiricupcakes johnnygaudreau53 jvr21 kanerbooty kanewewinit kanerboo kimwoobin-theredonethat kanering krisbryants literallyrad leafsheadcoachmikebabcock loscampband lindseylovesthedallasstars massholehackey marianyossa michalhandzus mikedadbabclock mycaptaintazer mynhljerseys

n-r: nhl nhlhockeywags ninjaomelet officialunitedstates omgcheckplease ofgeography officialpatrickkane officialhilaryknight ohmyscottdarling ohsweet-darling pattroughton pondhockeyfordays price-isright puckingincredible pucking-habs puckhiminthefivehole puckingchucky rundyblad rugaru2 rymcdonagh

s-z: sasssytuukka saadfathers saad-squad saaderday saaders seabsieboys sidmalkin sleepysaader so-hockey-eh sophiealdred sixpenceee swiggity-swagger-chelsea-dagger swedish-stork tazekane tazerschinbeard tazerkaners tazer-tots toewsaf t-o-ews topkaner toedrags toewsharpy toewses tvanriemsdyk57 tylernol-seguin tylerseguin-91 vanriemsdykbrendan warehouseagentnana we-came-as-leafs-nation whenthepuckdrops

first of all let me just say TONIGHT WAS FANTASTIC: i reached my goal of 1988 followers AND… WE WON THE FUCKING CUP!!! so proud of my babies :’) 

To start, special thanks to my 1988th follower! blackhawksbaby 

another little group of my friends from on here.. you’re all rad as heck: icedkaner , broadwayzacharysayle, hockeyismyreligon, patrickkaneswife, maattasaidknockyouout, mitchiworld, brandonhappy ebsnugehallsy

and we begin:

a-e: allpuckedup, anttisraanta, anttiraanta, antoinevermetteshair, a-bgally, bennmeover, bennguinforthewin, benngeron, bosstownsports, boston-hooligan, boston-strong-forever, bieksasjuice, captainfantoewstic, captaintoedrag  , coreyscrawford, crowkanershawzy, crowmygoodness, chicagostylehockey, chicago-blackhawks, crosbieksa, crosbye, crosberle, canadashockey, charliecoylecutie, dan-carcillos-missing-teeth, demerseguin, david-krej , david–pastrnak , davidrundbladsdaddytoews, deducing-that-ur-a-lil-bitcheatsleephockhey, eliaslindy, epoole88, ek-65, eternityinalake, eddielackert

f-k: fuckinrightchicago , forthehockeyfeels, glove hand, glassbanger21, gabriel-landesgod, gallylove, go-back-to-ikeagallylicious, galchenyum-gallawhore, galchenfuckk, gallaghenyuk, hockeyplayerswithpets, hockeyinspires, hawkeytime, hawksgirl, hawkeyislife, hawksoftheroundtable, horseshitfuckingcall, holtbyism, jonnysass, jonathantaves, jtoewss, johntortorella, johnnytavares, jeff-skinner, joffreylups, jordanstaalsmugshot, jtwinkletoewsjordanstaal, jorilehterajaketrouba, kingduchene, kanerd, kaner-con-queso, kane-you-shuffle, kaneandtoewsforever, kesselphil, kesler-crosby, kaner88-tazer19-crow50-hartman38

l-p: longlivehockey, lack31, lars-hella, letangs, leafsnation42, lack-of-eddie, marchy-smitty-bergy, marchandmad, mikaelgranlove, morgrielly, marianyossa, massholehackey, mikhailgrigorenko, mouthymarchy, nationalhottieleague, nathansbeaulieu, newyorkrangersblog, nyhawkey, officialpatrickkane, originalsiix, oh-keptin-my-capatin, pensfan4lfe, penguinsplayhockey87, peekaaboo, peeksandtoews, penaltybox, pattytkane, paulmartinamericanhero, patricksharp, psharped, patrickkanesmullet, pkanes, pkane88jtoews19, pksubban76, pierremcguire

q-z: qandtheboys, queentoews, robertoluongo, rocktheredblueandgold, rundyblad, rubyredhawkeyheels, russianbear71, shattered-lens-photography, sharpkane, sharpietheshooter, shawzerz, saad-squatch, saadfathers , sleepysaadersaadyoulittleshitshawzys-little-mutt, sheercompulsion, subby-pricey-gally-chucky, sasssytuukka, samreinhart23, sabreshockey63, sabresinthetardis, showtime-kaner, typaulseguin, tylerseguin-91, tsegs91, tantantheglassman, tuukkasass, toewsharpy, toewsandpeeks, thisismydivisiontorontomaplelove, true-bromantics, trevvanriemsdyk, teuvotamborine, tylerxseguinvalnichushkin, whereisthemullet

seriously hope i didn’t forget anyone.. well, have a good night and enjoy the off season :) 

mini fic!

up on the screen

Nick Leddy, Brandon Saad, Andrew Shaw. For the hand holding challenge! And also for my broken heart.

Nick’s trying not to think too much. He wants to just go with the flow, but it’s somehow exhausting, waiting and waiting not knowing, even though it’s the nature of the business. Trades happen. He experienced it in miniature when he was back and forth between Chicago and Rockford, the upheaval and uncertainty, but he knew guys on both teams. He knows the Blackhawks, and if Nick’s honest with himself he doesn’t want to go anywhere. It took him a while but he’s settled in Chicago; he knows where he fits now, he won a Cup with this team.  


He turns his phone off. He’ll hear when he hears, whatever way things go, and trying to keep up with rumours via the hotel’s spotty wifi is making the wait worse. It’s weird. Nick was pretty quiet in high school, focused on hockey without room for much else and even more intense about it in college, and he’s never really been the subject of gossip before. It would be flattering, kind of, if it didn’t also suck. 


He sighs, stretches, then jumps when there’s a knock at the door. They’d all gone out after the game for a couple of drinks, but the guys had been tired, and they’ve got an early start, and Nick’s pretty certain he’s not brilliant company right now. He’s definitely not expecting late plans, though it is less surprising when he opens the door to Shawzy. 


“Why aren’t you answering your phone, dude?” Shawzy asks. 


Nick shrugs. “Turned it off,” he says, and Shawzy gives him one of those looks that still catch Nick off guard, even after living with the guy. It’s easy to forget how observant he can be when they’re failing to build dog furniture together and having marshmallow shooter fights around their apartment.  


“Come hang with me and Manchild, we’re gonna watch a movie.” 

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I said i was gonna wait to post my follow forever till towards the end of the playoffs and this is close enough so here we are. It’s been an amazing season and i’m glad to have gotten to know so many of you. 2100+ followers i don't deserve but it’s one of the few things that make me happy so thank you all! 

also special thanks to t-o-ews for helping with the graphic

now i’m probably gonna go on for too long about some people bc i cant shut up sometimes so the rest of this is gonna be in a read more

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wow such great editing skills, totally didn’t just use powerpoint

I recently hit 500 followers (how???) so I decided I would do a follow forever bc I love you guys so much and wanted to thank you for all of the sweet messages and support you’ve shown me! Even if we don’t talk, I still see you guys on my dash and reblogging my posts, and it means a lot! I’ve only had this blog for a month, but I’ve already made so many great friends and I’ve honestly never been happier! Thank you so so much, I love you all ❤️

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