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Our favourite composers have dropped another hint of where things are at! :D

Now, if you’re thinking… wait, didn’t they make a tweet about recording the finale? Yeah, they did. XD

TAG!’s production order tends to be very shuffled around. The end of S2 though wasn’t too badly shuffled, which is perhaps why they were able to put it on air when they did. (Legacy was the final production code, as well as final ep.) It’ll be interesting to see if one of these episodes they’re finishing now is an early episode with a late production code… time will tell! =Oa

Meanwhile, this is good news! All they have left then is to do the final mix of these last episodes. I’ll keep an eye out if they mention it. Legacy was completed a little over a month before it aired and 5 and 10 also was pretty close to the start of S2! So, guesstimating mid-August or September, perhaps


Fingers crossed for them. =D

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Do you have any book recommendations? Any genre, just books that you think are rad

boY, i’ve been asked this a few times but i want to make a proper list now, i wanna do it For Real, i’m feelin it

the orenda by joseph boyden the characters are so real, you’ll love and hate each one throughout the book and the way the author handles perspective is so tactful too. it’s also canadian lit so if ur canadian it’s like even better and it’s awesome to see the human side of the historical events and time periods you learn about in school, it’s a really well-researched book, give it a shot!!

hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy by douglas adams okay you goTTA, it’s sci-fi, it’s dry witty humour, it’s everythiungfngg, it’s hugely popular and is constantly referenced and i feel like you’re missing out if you haven’t read it, plus it’s fun, you’ll have so much fun reading the entire series. it’s rly simple, not insanely profound or anything but you’ll def enjoy urself

flowers for algernon by daniel keyes apparently some ppl had to read this in school and shit, which makes sENSE cos it’s good as hell, if u haven’t read it ples wyd

trainspotting by irvine welsh based off just the summary you can probably tell this is one of Those Books but LISTENFJ you’ve probably heard of the movie, it’s popular for a reason, the writing makes it a rly interesting and fun read and imo it’s totally worth your time

feather in the storm by emily wu this one will teach u a bit too, another one of those ‘exploration of human aspects of past events’ types of books, it talks a bit about the cultural revolution in china but more about how it affected the writer’s life and it’s a very interesting read

the poisonwood bible by barbara kingsolver oh mAN, it will crush you, again it’s historical so you learn a bit too!

forgotten fire by adam bagdasarian i have not read this one yet but a guy at work recommended it to me and it looks very promising, he said it was heart-wrenching so yeet i can’t wait to read it and dIE

the millennium trilogy by stieg larsson this is a rly popular series but if you haven’t read it then pls do!! i noticed a lot of this list was historical fiction and i needed to include at least one crime novel because i loooove crime novels too, and crime novels can often be done so fucking terribly here everything is incredible and reading the series was an absolute joy! shame the author died LOL, tbh i haven’t read beyond the initial 3 that he wrote but maybe one day i’ll read what comes after, which is currently being worked on by other authors, as far as i’m aware

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Hey I just ordered 2 shipments (?) Of stims for the first time! You have so many cute stims to choose from! Idk if it's already been suggested but maybe adding a bubble wrap kind of stim would be awesome! (Unless there's a stim toy that's like that that I haven't noticed) Thank you for everything you do!

I hope you love everything! 

For a while we carried the “bubble wrap” phone cases but they seem to have disappeared since the latest iPhone model came out. There are also some keychain fobs you can buy that have a similar function but they require a battery and make an artificial popping noise and I wasn’t a huge fan, but of course YMMV. 

I would love to have something that’s  a true bubble wrap substitute though. Bubble wrap is one of the best things ever. :)

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🦋- Tag three people you want to get to know better and state why! 

@undertrashimagines cause she’s awesome and is really sweet to me and she’s half of the reason why my blog has so many followers <3

@your-candy-coated-darling cause she’s a cutie and adorable and also the other half of the reason why people found my blog in the first place ;3

And @foreverabrokenfighter because she basically stalks my blog and has liked literally every single post I’ve ever posted (don’t think I didn’t notice! I just didn’t wanna single you out xD)