the rykani tapestry

After an endless hiatus, Nicki and I are thrilled to announce that The Rykani Tapestry is live and updating again!  New page every Monday!

The lost civilization of Rykani has been gone from the world for centuries. Its artifacts, of much interest to scientists and collectors, are evidence of a vastly advanced culture, both technologically and magically. Adventure hunters scour the globe, searching for its legendary wonders, but Rykani guards its secrets well.

Amelia Kulasingh is one of those adventure hunters. Her father, a famous explorer, labored his entire life to find the crown jewel of Rykani’s treasures, the great Flying City. And find it they did, along with a long dormant danger that claimed the lives of the exploration party. Amelia, the only survivor, fled the city with her father’s journal.

Pursued now by the agents of the Ventris Empire, Amelia is on a desperate journey to discover the secrets of the Flying City and to honor her father’s dying wish: that their benefactor, the Crown Prince of Ventris, must never know where the lost city of Rykani lies.

Go!  Read it!  Follow!  You’ll love it, I promise.

AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE AN ORIGINAL CHARACTER PARTY, COS I can pretty much just draw whatever, which is awesome.

This is Danya and Tic, who will be featured in one of the comics I’m drawing (and the amazing Mary is writing) for the Asheville Comic Expo this october. For those who followed Rykani Tapestry before the website IMPLODED (and will be fixed soon), these two are from that. Or will be.