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ok ok I loveeed a little nest and loved how u talked about the like actual identifying of their secondary genders bc Victor probably wanted to be an omega for The Babies

hahaha okay I was going to say actually there’s a running theme about how Victor wants kids but he wants to piss off Russian Federation, which aggressively wants Victor to have kids as soon as possible, more, but I realized in time that its only directly referred to once, in that snippet I posted of the Victor A/B/O fic. I think Victor is glad he isn’t an omega to be pressured even more into having the future of figure skating, but also he is kind of is eh on the expectations people have of him now, as an alpha. I don’t think I’ll ever talk about it more directly than I did in “a little nest” unless I actually write the fic about Yuri P presenting.

Alphabet Tag Game

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A - age: will be 24 next wednesday

B - birthplace: Moscow, Russian Federation

C - current time: 13:30 pm MSK

D - drink you had last: green ice tea

E - easiest person to talk to: i rarely talk to people, but at the time - my pals May and Juls

F - favorite song: “Falling slowly” by the Frames

G - grossest memory: ugh… i’ve deleted it from my head-drive probably

H - horror yes or no: no-no-no-no-no

I - in love? with bunch of fictional characters

J - jealous of people? depends

K - killed someone? only bugs IRL and mobs in video games

L - love at first sight or should i walk past again? walk past and then look back

M - middle name: ugh … we do not have these. We have this “the child of” in the middle and my dad’s name’s Nicolai

N - number of siblings: 2 - my sisters, who i mostly call ‘my kids’

O - one wish: financial freedom

P - person i called last: Grandpa

Q - question you are always asked: “WTF?”

R - reason to smile: clear sky, mom being satisfied, fav characters

S - song you last sang: “The End of the World” by Skeeter Davis

T - time you woke up: around 11:00 am these days

U - underwear color: flesh color

V - vacation: every day now, i’m in the middle of jobs

W - worst habit: spoilers

X - xrays: last year on my neck

Y - your favorite food: pasta

Z - zodiac sign: Taurus

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hply shit. Chechenya's (an autonomous region of Russia) recently opened concentration camps for LGBT peoples. 100 gay men have been captured and 3+ have died

I don’t even have the words for this.

Human Rights Watch states:

For several weeks now, a brutal campaign against LGBT people has been sweeping through Chechnya. Law enforcement and security agency officials under control of the ruthless head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, have rounded up dozens of men on suspicion of being gay, torturing and humiliating the victims. Some of the men have forcibly disappeared. Others were returned to their families barely alive from beatings. At least three men apparently have died since this brutal campaign began.

This chilling information was first publicised by Novaya Gazeta, a leading independent Russian paper. Their report came out on 1 April, prompting the spokesperson for Chechnya’s Interior Ministry to dismiss it as an “April fools’ joke.” Kadyrov’s press secretary immediately described the report as “absolute lies and disinformation,” contending that there were no gay people in Chechnya and then adding cynically, “If there were such people in Chechnya, law-enforcement agencies wouldn’t need to have anything to do with them because their relatives would send them somewhere from which there is no returning.”

Mass pro-Kadyrov rally organized by Chechen authorities in Grozny in January 2016.

Chechnya’s official news agency, Grozny Info, quoted numerous local commentators bashing Novaya Gazeta and other “enemies” of Chechnya and Russia for supposed attempts to discredit the Chechen people, “foster sodomy,” and undermine “traditional values.”

The information published by Novaya Gazeta is consistent with the reports Human Rights Watch recently received from numerous trusted sources, including sources on the ground. The number of sources and the consistency of the stories leaves us with no doubt that these devastating developments have indeed occurred. LGBT Network in Russia opened a special hotline to provide emergency support to those who find themselves in immediate danger.

The Russian LGBT Network has released a statement with stories about what has happened to some (obviously anonymous) men.

It’s really important to share the Russian LGBT Network’s statement overall:

The Russian LGBT Networks is highly disturbed and concerned about the information on the kidnapping and killing of people in Chechnya because of their sexual orientation. We are also outraged by the reaction of the officials of the Chechen Republic, who in fact justify the killings.  No national and/or religious traditions and norms can justify kidnapping or killing of a human being. Any references to “traditions” to justify kidnappings and killings are amoral and criminal.

The Russian LGBT Network makes every effort to contact the victims and to provide the emergency support. Taking into account the recent statements of the Chechnya officials, we believe that the only thing that can work out is the evacuation. We cooperate closely we the human rights defenders both in Russia and abroad, and ready to evacuate.

On Monday, the Russian LGBT Network will appeal to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with two claims. The one is the demand to investigate the information on the crimes, published in “Novaya Gazeta”. Another one is the claim to check whether the public statements of the Chechen officials made on April 1 and justifying the killings, contain the elements of the offence.

We are grateful to everyone who contacted us and asked how they can help. What do we need now?

  • Help us to spread the information about the fact that the Russian LGBT Network is ready to evacuate people. Please think for whom this information can be useful. You can spread the information publicly or personally. Everyone who needs help can contact us by email or call the Hotline (8 800 555 73 74). The call is free all over Russia.
  • In accordance with the Russian legislation, every citizen can apply to the Investigative Committee with the demand to investigate the information about the crime published in mass media. We encourage everyone to apply (the template of the claim will be published tomorrow).

We understand that many people want to help those in need. But please remember that any uncoordinated actions can put in additional danger people in need and those who are ready to help. Therefore, we do not recommend to collect the addresses of people who are ready to provide temporarily shelter.

Be aware, that the situation with the human rights in the North Caucasus is truly difficult. Now people’s lives are endangered and the only way to help is the evacuation. The Russian LGBT Network has the necessary resources to evacuate people, there is a team that already makes every effort to safe lives. That is why we ask everyone to share with us the information about people in need and any offers of assistance.

Again, their contact information is here for all Russians, and the number is free to call.

This is very real, modern day evil and this information needs to be shared.

There has been two bomb explosions in Saint Petersburg’s (Russia’s the second biggest city) underground subway. 

Please keep people of St. Petersburg in your prayers, because this is really scary.

Here’s hotline numbers:

+7 (812) 299-99-99 — crisis hotline of State Institution of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for St. Petersburg
+7 (495) 983-79-01 — help desk of State Institution of Emergence Situation
+7 (499) 216-99-99 — helpline of State Institution of Emergency Situations 


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Frank talking about “satan cat” and something about a big lake - Frank Iero and The Patience at Rock n Roll Pub, Irkutsk, Russian Federation - March 20th, 2017

Gay men are reportedly being arrested, killed in Chechnya

  • Authorities are rounding up and killing gay men in the Russian-controlled region of Chechnya, according to a report from a Russian paper, covered by the New York Times

  • Novaya Gazeta reportedly spoke with federal Russian authorities, who confirmed that local law enforcement was detaining closeted gay men “in connection with their nontraditional sexual orientation, or suspicion of such.” The paper named three murder victims, and made the educated guess that there had been many more, as more than 100 men have been arrested so far. Read more. (4/2/2017 6:02 PM)

The Lord of the Wedding Rings: The Return of the King - iguana’s 2017 HELLsinki Worlds recap

This is it guys, the last big competition before the Olympics. So much potential for great skates, great disasters and great distress; this competition did not fail to deliver. Nor did the announcers, who were screaming out names and scores as if it were a wrestling match. And it was, in one way or another. Albeit a sparklier one. For a brief couple of days, we thought Javier Fernandez was gonna win his 3rd consecutive World title and I almost had those memes ready but at the same time I knew coming from behind like a wrecking ball was Yuzuru Hanyu’s specialty. To nobody’s surprise Evgenia Medvedeva broke a record; to everyone’s surprise, she only broke it in the long program. Meanwhile, Wenjing Sui and Cong Han’s blues for koolk brought the pairs crown back to China and Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir purple rained on Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron’s parade. Let’s start the recap!

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God but since Victor is there at World Team Trophy as a coach, as he’s clearly not skating (not only is he not in skates, but there are already two Russian men there), does that mean he’s with Team Japan? Because I’m like… laughing at the thought. 

Russian skate fam being like oh my god are you serious but lol w/e. Georgi thinks it’s romantic. 

Victor is just like ‘I’m here for my fiance student who happens to be Japanese okay.’ And really it isn’t much more than that (of course he’s with Yuuri!), but  Victor keeps appearing in the Team Japan pictures (because as we see in the series, Victor hangs out with the other skaters, not the coaches, which makes sense as they’re much closer to his age) on instagram and twitter and shit and the Russian Skate Federation is like ‘Victor Nikiforov, despite not actually competing, remains maddening to us.’
It’s now illegal in Russia to share an image of Putin as a gay clown
Warning: This post contains various images of Putin as a gay clown, and may therefore be illegal to share in Russia.

Russia has banned a picture depicting President Vladimir Putin as a potentially gay clown.

Russian news outlets are having trouble reporting exactly which image of the Internet’s many Putin-gay-clown memes is now illegal to share. Because, you know, it’s been banned.

But the picture was described last week on the Russian government’s list of things that constitute “extremism.”

Item 4071: a picture of a Putin-like person “with eyes and lips made up,” captioned with an implicit anti-gay slur, implying “the supposed non-standard sexual orientation of the president of the Russian Federation.”

The building of the General Staff, and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. St. Petersburg

Здание главного штаба и Исаакиевский собор. Санкт-Петербург



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Russians gathered in front of the Russian embassy in London to protest corruption and make Dmitry Medvedev respond.

Recently, it was discovered that Dmitry Medvedev has insane amounts of expensive luxury properties and he still hasn’t said a thing about that.

The Russian government tried it’s best to cover this mess up. Today we’re fighting them and trying to make them pay for stealing so much from us.

This is the reason why the salaries are so low, this is the reason why our healthcare is so shitty, this is the reason why old people aren’t paid enough to survive.