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You know that scene in Over the Hedge (I’m probably showing my age just talking about this lmao) when the squirrel drinks a soda and gets such a sugar high that the rest of the world freezes around him? That’s basically what Anti’s doing while Dark hopelessly runs around trying to wrangle him in a big net.

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this was tangentially inspired by naked ambiton, is my first “fic” in approx 47593 years, is both my first ever check please fic and bitty/jack fic so here we go, also i’m always on mobile so i can’t do a read more sorry

At first, Jack is a little weird about his body.

He’s not ashamed of it, per se; it’s more that his relationship with his body is complicated. Jack works really hard. He needs his body to be strong and fast. He’s constantly naked around other people whose bodies are also strong and fast.

He just, you know, doesn’t really want people to look at him.

All Bitty does is look at him.

The first few times they have sex, it’s rushed in the dark. It’s always been a while since they’ve seen each other, Jack reasons. It’s always a lot of pent up longing and only a little time for romance. Jack likes the feeling of Bitty’s body againt his. They fit. He just doesn’t necessarily want Bitty to see it.

But Bitty’s always looking.

It’s mid-morning and Jack is trying to sleep in on a very rare day off. His curtains are a gauzy medium grey and they let in a gauzy medium light. Jack’s on his back, sheets pulled up to his navel. Bitty’s eyes are closed and his hand is tracing circles across Jack’s ribs.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Bitty murmurs, almost to himself. Jack feels his face warm. “Truly a masterpiece.”

Bitty trails his hand trails down Jack’s stomach, sliding the sheets out of the way. Jack tenses, a small thing, and Bitty’s fingers still.

“Hey, Jack,” Bitty says softly, eyes still closed. “Hey.”

Jack swallows. Says, “I, uh.” Stops.

Bitty’s fingers start moving again, slowly. He hums, waits for Jack to continue.

“I just don’t really.” Pauses. “Ah, I don’t.”

Gently, Bitty curls in a little closer to Jack, rests his forehead on Jack’s ribs.

“I don’t like the stretch marks,” Jack whispers, eyes squeezed shut. “They’re ugly”

Bitty hums again, softer this time. His fingers trip over the worst of them, right on Jack’s hips. They’re a faded silver now but Jack will always remember the angry red they were, stretched tight and deep. He tries very hard not to twitch away from Bitty’s fingers but God he wishes, fiercely that it was night again. He thinks Bitty’s eyes are open now, looking, and he wishes it was too dark to see.

“Jack,” Bitty whispers, “Honey, you’re perfect.”

Jack’s breath catches in his throat.

“You’re so perfect,” he says again. “Strong, because you need to be. You’re so strong and so capable and your body is everything but–but ugly.”

Bitty sounds almost offended on Jack’s body’s behalf and Jack can feel a small tear roll down his cheek. Both of Bitty’s hands are on him now, smoothing over Jack’s skin as he places tiny kisses across Jack’s ribs.

“You’re everything, Jack. You’re everything good in this world. No part of you is ugly.”

Jack can feel tears caught in his throat and he tries to swallow them down, drown them with big, steady gulps of air. One of Bitty’s arms is tucked under Jack’s back, the other across his stomach in a soft sideways hug. Jack snakes a hand down to hug Bitty closer to him. Takes another steadying breath.

“Now turn over so I can objectify you from a different angle.”

Jack snorts, caught a little off guard, and doesn’t let Bitty go as he flops over onto his stomach. Bitty is laughing, tangled under the mess of blankets and the heat of Jack’s body. When Bitty finally emerges, pink-faced from struggling, laughing and bright-eyed, Jack is grateful for the soft golden light filtering through the curtains.

“ White chocolate or Dark chocolate? Take your pick.”


I haven’t done any Mystic Messenger fanart before and I just had to after playing the Valentines Day DLC.

What Are You Wearing?: ArchiexReader! Oneshot

heeeey my friends, sorry for the lack of writing recently. here’s a quick lil oneshot I threw together, which is kinda similar to the Goodnight Texts:ReggiexReader! that I did :) this was a request, so I hope its okay?! Also, really sorry that its so short! More Archie stuff coming soon (including smut)!


Summary: Archie can’t sleep so decides to text his girlfriend…

Warnings: Swearing, a little bit of smut. 

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The Sun and The Stars {1}

Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1865

Warnings: none

A/N: New fic! Enjoy xx

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Adrenaline. Pain. Fear. It’s all you feel as you sprint through the seemingly empty woods, the loud howling of dogs on your tail sending bolts of panic to shock through your spine. You glance behind you to see the group of men, not too far from you, chasing you and the rage on their faces is unmistakable. You know why. If they lost you on their watch, HYDRA would have their heads. You haven’t felt the fresh air in so long but you can’t enjoy the chill of the night air. All that’s on your mind is escape as you run through the woods, narrowly avoiding the low hanging branches as you sprint. You feel like you’ve been running for days but you know you can’t stop, not now when you’re so close to permanent escape, The thin shirt that never provided much protection sticks to your back from the sweat and the pain in your side from where your handler shot you is bleeding more profusely the faster you run. You don’t have much left in you but you can’t go back. You can’t return to the iron grip of HYDRA.

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Maybe He Did Love The Rain

A/N: So I had this sudden idea and it turned out to be a little cheesy and stuff but I REALLY loved this. And since all my work was suddenly DELETED, this is the first fic i’ve started and finished. I hope you like it!!

Requests and Headcanons are Open! Ships are closed

Request/Prompt: Nope! Just a simple idea I had

Summary: It rains for the first time in months, you immediately take this opportunity to have some fun  

Relationship: Damian Wayne x Speedster!Reader

Warning(s): XX

Word Count: 500+

Note: XX

Damian stood at the door opening up to the backyard, leaning against the frame with his arms crossed, Titus was seated next to the teen with his ears perked as he listened to the rapidly falling water pellets hit the ground. Damian hated the rain, mostly because it distracted him from doing anything else, with the constant sound of water hitting his window or the crashes of thunder interrupting silence. However there were times when the rain was relaxing, rather calming with the humid air and light drizzle, on days he’d find himself outside with a book or even his sketch pad, but that didn’t mean he necessarily loved it.

“Titus,” Damian called down to his dog, his head resting against the doorframe as he thought about the things he could do. He looked down at the large great dane next to him as he felt his companion nudge his leg.

“Let’s go an-” He was suddenly cut off by a hard gust of wind and a dark figure rushing past him into the rain, laughing and squeals could be heard from the sudden figure. He quickly grabbed Titus’s collar to prevent the canine from running off towards the certain speedster.

“Y/N… What’re you doing..?” He watched as you twirl around, letting yourself become absolutely drenched. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight as you topple to the ground with a laugh.

“Damian!” You call out to your friend, speeding towards the other teen and grabbing both of his hands in attempt to drag him outside, “Come on! Have some fun!”

“Y/N… I think my definition of fun is far different than yours”

“Oh shush it! Come on, It’ll be fun I promise!” You tugged him into the rain, feeling him struggle as you throw him onto the wet grass. Giggling as you block out the sound of him complain about how you’ve probably gotten his shirt dirty.

“Damian! You’ve got to relax and take in this moment! You’ve been cooped up in your room or the batcave for the past month and we’ve barely had a full on conversation!” You twirl around the face the teen, smirking at his hard glare he gave you, “Oh stop your glaring, let’s dance” You reach your hand out waiting for him to take it.

For a moment you thought he would smack your hand away and march back into the manor, however it took you by surprise as you grabbed your hand and pulled you down next to him. You squeal and lightly punch Damians shoulder, heavily breathing while giggling like a hyena.

Damian simply watched and roll around in the grass, laughing uncontrollably while you try to stand once again, only to slip. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling, watching as you successfully make it back up to your feet, prancing all about the backyard.

He had sudden second thoughts, maybe he did love the rain. Well as long it was with you of course he’d love the rain.

Today at work

so I arrived to work today with an empty bladder, knowing that my 7 hour Starbucks shift would be too long for me to hold throughout. I worked on support through the first 3 hours- cleaning, making coffee, restocking, before my first break. It’s only a little 15 minute so I decided to prioritize getting a muffin as my bladder wasn’t urgent yet. After my break I ended up going on cash, and it was fine until about an hour later (4.5 hours into my shift) when I started to feel my bladder twinge. I tried to just smile and stand as still as I could but I was filling up FAST. I lasted maaybe another half hour before I actually needed to go (still a 6.5/10, but enough I couldn’t stand completely still on cash) and went to go ask my supervisor if I could dart to the bathroom quickly before this HUGR rush of people came in. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to leave until they were through, I stayed on cash, and thankfully I don’t think anyone noticed me starting to shift and bounce in place. With 1.5 hours left, my supervisor came to tell me that she was so sorry she’d forgotten to schedule my break and that she couldn’t afford to do it now but would let me leave half an hour later. At this point my bladder was at about an 8/10 and all I could think about was just lasting another hour before I could let go. I almost didn’t hear her when she told me to go run bar. Making drinks on bar when you need to pee is hell normally. Making a bunch of shaken iced teas when your bladder is starting to bulge against the waistband of your khakis is torture. I was almost shaking near the end of my shift. With roughly ten minutes left there was no way I could stand still and i was terrified I’d lose control on the floor. When I finally clocked out I went and grabbed my bag from the back and darted towards the bathrooms, only to see a line of 6 people waiting. By this point I know that if I stayed I’d be dancing and holding myself, and I didn’t want to do that in front of my coworkers so I went to my car instead to drive home (I only live about 10 minutes away). Every bump was torture and I leaked about 3 times, 2-3 seconds each. By the time I reached my apartment my crotch was obviously darker than the rest of my pants. I went inside, frantically pressing the button for the elevator and after what seemed like hours, the doors finally opened and I could press the button to go up to the 4th floor. All alone on the elevator I couldn’t stop myself from dabbing my crotch and rocking back and forth, but when the doors opened I all but ran down the hall, struggling to hold myself as i shakily unlocked the door. Once i got inside, i froze, as I started leaking. Pee started leaking down my legs, into my shoes, the rush evident by the dark lines running down my pant legs. After about 8 seconds I finally got it under control. Peeled off my khakis and put on a nice pair of light grey pants instead. I’m currently at home now, admiring my swollen bladder and teasing myself to see how much longer I can hold this…..


i had this in my drafts for like a week i think idk bc i wanted to edit/fix it but oH Well just take it [x]