the runwell



Badge 5/8 of my Pokémon Naturia run

Well, we’ve levelled up quite a bit since my last post cause you have to do the Mahogany Rocket Base before you can go to Olivine (and my god, following that I was not ready for Pryce, his team was like 60+ and beat me so bad) but eventually we got here, and the gym was FINE! Dahlia eats fighting types for breakfast. ANYWAY! Dogwood finally evolved and is like the current powerhouse of the team.

Also introducing the new friend, Daphne the gabite! I literally spent over an hour in Mt Mortar trying to find her, I think the encounter rate for gibles was like 1% and I often thought of just leaving and getting a drilbur (which would probably have been wise re: steel typing for Excadrill) but I finally found and caught her, and have finally completed my team! Now, back to Olivine now to beat Jasmine’s ass.