the runaways edits

Runaway Land by daggerinrose - M, 103k

Louis is sure he’s stumbled upon a secret, underground nightclub, though that is far from the truth. He’s also pretty sure he’s stumbled upon Apollo, which… isn’t very far from the truth, actually.

Modern Greek mythology AU.

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Are you sorry yet? Sorry for what? That you came with me.


Sparkly gay(and pan/bi) girlfriends at first fight sight. 

(but seriously karolina is rainbow sparkling and julie is radiating the pan flag colours here)

Reluctant Royalty AU

Character A is a prince/princess who is running away, leaving their duties and their betrothed, Character B, behind in favor of exploring the world. Character A ends up falling in with a group of pirates, whose leader happens to be Character B, who left their throne for the same reason as Character A.