the rumors are true

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I heard that Williams actor left the show any idea of this is true or just rumors?

Yes, he did. He left the show to pursue acting in other project, he’s playing a guy named Even (yes really) in a new show “elven” and he was probably really tired of getting chased by girls. His Russetid was ruined by crazy fan girls. Also a 50 year old woman proposed to him out of the blue. But he has also said it’s not impossible that he’ll return to skam…

  • tyler: josh is nice.
  • me: the rumors are true. we have all been fooled. tyler is in love with josh and we have all been too Blind to see. we were tricked. the government brainwashed us into believing the false reality that they are merely friends. i will be played with no longer. the evidence is all right here, lying before my very own eyes. i was once deceived, but i am no longer. the proof is right here, we must enlighten the rest.

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DK does stir the pot. She puts a filter over her cat now to make him look black. It's obvious.

She puts a filter over her cat now? This is the last I will give this nonsense. Diane could post a blank screen and some of you would still accuse her of trying to “stir the pot.” I find it so sad that a very select few of you feel the need to follow every move she makes yet claim to hate her It’s ridiculous. If you don’t like someone DON’T FOLLOW THEM, if you think a rumor isn’t true DON’T READ BLOGS/ARTICLES TALKING ABOUT IT! Some of you have taken things way to far and may want to consider taking a step back for a bit. If you find yourself leaving hateful messages on strangers ig accounts or nasty anon posts on Tumblr I’m talking to you. All rumors are still UNCONFIRMED and just SPECULATION. There is no need for some of you to be so upset or angry about something that may not be true. This is not a hate blog and won’t entertain wild or harsh accusations or comments. Anyone talked about on here or people that post on here especially the few that have enough guts to not post as anons will be given respect. This is my blog I will run it as I see fit. I welcome all and suggest if this blog and the people on it are not for you to please move on.

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honestly how likely is that Kai/Enzo/Bonnie rumor? i feel like there's not a chance it's true because it makes no sense. does Kai even know Enzo? why would Kai even be out of hell? is he even in hell or just dead forever? how do we know it's not some vision/flashback type thing? i just don't see Kai coming back and interacting with Bonnie and doing all those things because what would be the motive? I think it's pure bs

You know, I thought about this, and didn’t want to speculate my theory out in the open but then I remembered that it doesn’t matter anymore because they have already written all of the episodes for the season and nothing I say will change what will happen.

I can think of a scenario in which these rumors come to fruition. Here’s how I think it would play out: Bonnie wants to become a vampire to be with Enzo forever *gag* (honestly is there anything more pathetic?) but she remembers that if she turns into a vampire then it’s considered a loophole which would in turn kill both her and Elena, as Kai warned in season 6.

 So Damon goes to visit Kai in hell(that would be in keeping with those who saw Ian and Chris on set) Chris also said, and I’m paraphrasing: “Kai is trying to find his way out of hell”, so with that in mind, Damon tells him they need his help to break the loophole, because Bonnie wants to become a vamp. Kai will of course agree to help(he’ll be lying), he’ll return to Mystic Falls and that’s when he’ll stake Enzo. Enzo dies. It’s the rumor about Kai attempting to rape Bonnie I find so wrong and out of character but I can also see them sinking that low, and they don’t give a damn about characterization. So I guess this somehow disgustingly triggers her magic, she’ll probably kill Kai with it. 

Of course I hope I’m wrong as hell. But always expect the worst anyway.

also in case any of you missed it

According to the datamine, everyone will be getting a holiday themed spray, voice line and victory pose just like in Halloween. 

Widowmaker, Reinhardt, Mercy, Symmetra, Reaper, Sombra, Roadhog, D. Va, Ana, Soldier: 76, and Lucio have been mined to get either a costume, emote, or a highlight intro.

And then these characters will have two of either a costume, emote, and highlight intro: Winston, McCree, Mei, Pharah, Zarya, Tracer, and Zenyatta.

Lastly, Torbjorn is getting all three of an emote, costume, and a highlight intro  - which suggests the earlier rumors of Santabjorn being true.

Ten things I learned in 2016.

1) Memories will always be with you but you sometimes need to let go of certain people. Not everyone was meant to be in your life forever.

2) It’s alright not to be friends with everyone who want to be friends with you. You are your own and it’s okay if you didn’t want to associate yourself with this particular group of friends just because they were too loud.

3) Don’t believe in rumors. If someone who is rejected by others tries to talk to you and they seem fine, it’s alright to befriend them. Just be careful. The rumors might just be true but at least you gave them a chance to prove the others wrong.

4) No relationship will work if you don’t want it to work. It’s always two-sided, efforts should be coming from both sides.

5) It’s okay to say that you’re the happiest when you’re alone. You have the right to be your own best friend and not depend your happiness on others.

6) It’s normal to cry. Cry your heart out but don’t stay sad. Pick yourself up and continue the fight because you got a bigger war waiting for you.

7) Not all people will understand that you have a specific goal. They might call you a nerd or a loner but what they don’t understand is that while they are messing around, you’re building a solid base for your future.

8) Family is not just being bonded by blood or adoption. Family is the feelings of being protected and loved. And it’s alright to feel this with other people that you are not related to since birth.

9) Everyone is having their own battles and they will sometimes need help. However, putting others wants before your needs is useless and unhealthy. It’s not selfish to look after yourself and to take care of yourself first. How can you help others if you’re drowning?

10) Knowledge is made to be shared, not kept for oneself. Don’t be selfish when it comes to knowledge.

—  queenassbitxh 
If the rumors about a possible kiss in episode 7 are true, y’all better not spoil the raw scene one day before it gets released and ruin the surprise for everyone

I already got kind of pissed off at the spoilers of the forehead touching scene of ep6, but if their first kiss gets spoiled for me, I’m gonna be really really mad