the rumors are true

March 22, 2017

Kim Go Eun’s Agency Clears Up Break Up Rumors 

Following reports of Kim Go Eun and Shin Ha Kyun’s recent breakup, rumors about Kim Go Eun breaking up with Shin Ha Kyun because of Gong Yoo have been brought up once again. Previously, rumors first arose when Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo were filming “Goblin.”

A source from Kim Go Eun’s agency addressed the rumors and said, “There are suspicions about her relationship with Gong Yoo but it’s not true.”

The source continued, “They just worked together through a drama. Her breakup with Shin Ha Kyun was because of her schedule and not because of someone else.”

The president of Gong Yoo’s agency previously addressed the rumors through his personal Instagram and said, “Creating rumors about things that are not true and things that did not happen like this and that. Who is scribbling so preposterously. There’s no truth, but there are rumors. And a lot of it.”

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do you think all these good haylijah scenes are only leading up to us being heartbroken by one of their deaths or some reason that they can't be together? do you think the haylijah wedding rumors are true? what if the haylijah scene in the clip is misleading and is some sort of false hope or something? I'm so excited for our ship but I'm scared the writers are gonna shatter me

Truthfully, I don’t know. I very much doubt either Hayley or Elijah will die, or…stay dead. They are key players in the story. But things will happen to them as individual characters throughout the course of the season. That is the nature of the story. And this IS a story. Things will change. 

But don’t let that impact your good feelings now! Embrace this! We’ve waited a long time for this. Don’t let the What IFs taint your What ISs. 

Meanwhile…A wedding would be beautiful. Not gonna lie. I don’t care if everyone is covered in blood soon thereafter. I will be ecstatic.  

BigBang reaction to accidentally hurting you in a fight

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You two were fighting because Seung-hyun heard rumors that you two were going to break up and got nervous. He knew that this wasn’t true but still let the rumors get to him. He asked you about it and you just bursted into laughter cause you thought he was kidding. When you saw he was serious you got mad because you couldn’t believe he thought the rumors were true. It turned into a big argument with him saying that you were always so secretive. The thing that ticked him off was that you yelled “FINE! If you think that I’m lying I will just leave and never come back!” You started to walk off when all of a sudden he grabs your arm jerking you back around. You yelp in pain and he instantly lets go. You grab your arm and look at him with fear in your eyes. He looks down at the now red and sore spot you were holding. “Jagi I’m so so so sorry.” He snaps out of him rage and is now looking at you making sure you are okay. He is so pissed at himself for hurting you and never intended nor wanted to. It will take some forgiving from you for both the arm and the fight but in the end of the day you two are back and happy and Seung-hyun makes sure you know how much he loves you.

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You two got in a pretty heated argument when Tae found another guy’s contact in your phone that you have been messaging a lot (not realizing until after he hurt you that it was your brother) and was pissed. When confronted about it he gave you no time to speak and immediately started yelling at you. Shots were being fired and you knew he was just being protective but wasn’t going to take any of his bullshit and fought back. He got so mad at one point and shoved you not realizing how hard he did and you fell back into the wall. His facial expression changed into a concerned look. He tried to help you up but you waved him off. With tears in your eyes but not letting them fall you yelled “HE IS MY BROTHER!” He is trying to apologize to you but you stormed out of the door. He was so afraid of loosing you but knew you needed time to cool off so he gave you a few hours. When it was 9:00 pm and you still weren’t back he became even more worried. He went to your friend’s house only to find you weren’t there, He was walking around trying to find you when he came across you sitting on a park bench in the dark. He goes and sits with you and before you can leave he pulls you into a tight hug and doesn’t stop holding you until you forgive him. He makes sure you know how much he loves you by being overly kind the next few days.

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When rumors had been going around that Seungri’s girlfriend had been cheating he got PISSED. Now these rumors got started when Y/n was spotted with another guy, but the guy wasn’t an idol which made fans curious. What fans didn’t know was that this guy was actually just your uncle who was only 5 years older then you so he looked your age. Seungri did not know this as you wanted a few days for just you and your uncle to just have peace and quite. You were planning on telling him and letting the two meet tomorrow but you didn’t know you had been caught by fans. When confronted, Seungri did not want an answer from you until he was done talking. (also known as yelling xD) When he was done all the anger was built up and he had grabbed a glass and thrown it against the wall. He didn’t hit you but was close enough to have one of the shards land in the top of your foot. You screamed out in pain (if you guys have ever had glass in your foot you will know why I said screamed) and he didn’t know what he had done. When he gets closer to you he sees you holding your bleeding foot with the glass shard in it. (It was a pretty big shard) He rushes to grab some tissues and some tweezers. He helps get the shard out and hates himself for ever hurting you. When your foot is all wrapped in bandages you say “It was my uncle Jackass. That guy is my uncle” Already hating himself for hurting you he now wants to kill himself for even yelling at you. For the rest of the week he is non stop apologizing and skipping out on any practices just to take care of you. You of course forgive him and still love him to death.

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Jiyong and you NEVER fight but today was just a very stressful day for you. You came home one night after a long day at the studio. You had 3 dance practices because you were a backup dancer in a MV, one for your new group song, and one because you and another member had your guy’s own dance break. On top of that you had an interview earlier and worked on your new song. So when you got home you were stressed and just wanted to sleep. But that did not happen because when Jiyong-oppa saw you come through the door looking like the walking dead he was so concerned. You just told him you were tired and waved him off. That did not stop there though because he continued pestering you with questions about what is wrong and how was your day. You got so fed up with it to the point where you just told him “F*ck off will yuh” Now you don’t normally cuss unless you are truly pissed. He went off once you cussed at him. He was firing shots and you were too. He got so pissed that he shoved you and that resulted in you falling on to the floor. He was soo pissed that even seeing you hurt didn’t snap him out of it. He just left the room so he wouldn’t do anything more. You got up and left so when he came back you wouldn’t be there. When he did come back he wanted to apologize so bad but when he couldn’t find you he knew he had messed up bad. All he wanted to do was get you back. He went to your place and knocked on the door. You answered and once you saw it was him tried to shut it but he stopped you. He was non stop apologizing and saying how he made the biggest mistake in the world. He was saying how much he loves you and how he will never do that again. You apologized to for being in a bad mood and the rest of the night he didn’t leave your side.

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That day was horrible for both of you. You both were picking little tiny fights. That night while eating dinner another tiny fight started over some stupid crap that happened early that day. One thing led to another and now you two were full on screaming at each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors could hear you guys. You were standing behind the kitchen table while Daesung was on the other side. He pushed the table out of anger not realizing how hard he did and it shoved against you stomach. You yelped in pain and he snapped out of his anger and instantly rushed to your side. He first checked to see if you were okay and once you said yes he started saying sorry and how he loves you so much. He said he never meant to hurt you and he was saying all of this with tears in his eyes. You both declared it was a bad night for you both and went to bed in his arms. 

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Should the worst come to pass for Rumbelle, would you keep writing? I'm so scared that these rumors will be proven true and our entire fandom will fall apart.

Yes, even if the worse comes to pass, I will keep writing. That’s the wonderful thing about fandom, Anon–no one can take Rumbelle away from us. As long as we love, discuss, make art, and write about them, they will never die. Their story is, and will remain, timeless. 

I know it’s hard and every day there is a new set of rumors circling, but it’s all just speculation until official announcements are made. For now, may I humbly suggest not worrying over maybes? Enjoy the Rumbelle we have right now! :-) *hugs*

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BF Anon: Is that Li Shang rumor true??!! Because if so I'm going to be SOO FUCKING PISSED. Like for realz??!! Why would they do that!!??? Li Shang is so iconic to the story of Mulan now that they would destroy the freaking story if they replaced him. Also as an Asian female, Li Shang was especially iconic as he was the very first Asian male depicted in an attractive way in American cinema. So to delete is character is just AARRGGHH!! (*Flips table in anger.)

Omg hello BF anon it has been so long!!

And I have no idea beyond what I saw in that tweet, but IA, why can’t they seem to get Mulan right? Why is BATB nightmare town the one we’re going to get a shot for shot remake of but Mulan, which is pretty much primed and ready to go, is going to get cut to hell?

God especially after all their back-patting over fucking Lefou, cutting Shang asfhalwrhwar OKAY, DISNEY.

Yes, the rumors are true. Beyoncé is the first woman in history to ever be pregnant with two babies at once. Sources are calling them “Twins”. When asked about it, Beyoncé had this to say:

How to tell if your partner “who loves you so much” is racist:

  • Unwilling to learn the  basics of your language to speak with (typically older) members of your family. 
  • Reminds you constantly just how different you are from others of your race.
  • At the beginning of your relationship they question if the ‘rumors’ of people from your race are true. I don’t fucking know Deborah Anne because I am in fact human and don’t know what a jungle cat would be like in bed.
  • Makes excuses to not participate in events that are typical of your culture.
  • Speaks about how exotic and different you look compared to others. Listen here Charles, I am actually not a snake or a condiment, fuck off. 
  • Tries to stop your from wearing things that are associated with your race and culture “Come on baby why are you wearing hoops you know only chongas wear hoops” Pues clearly to wrap them around your neck and strangle you, Susan.
  • Constantly ask ignorant questions followed by “But I’m just trying to understand, baby” there’s a thing called the internet Christopher James, it’s not my job to reform you of all your nasty white habits. 

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The rumors are true!  BRAND NEW Star vs the Forces of Evil ALL this February!  Starting next week! Don’t miss it!  You won’t be disappointed! I promise! <3  

baby: c- C-

parents: cat? cake?

baby: C- Cross Gene works just as hard as any other group and they have amazing vocals and choreo and I know they have a lot of fans so the fact that they haven’t gotten their first win despite being an older band is quite frankly bullshit

parents: *wiping away their tears* you’re right