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Canadian judge rules in favor of forcibly adopted First Nations survivors
Government is responsible for trauma of 16,000 indigenous children removed from families in ‘Sixties Scoop’ between 1965 and 1984, judge said

After a bitter legal battle that has lasted nearly a decade, a Canadian judge has ruled that the government is liable for the harm inflicted on thousands of First Nations children who were forcibly removed from their families and adopted by non-indigenous families.

Between 1965 and 1984, around 16,000 indigenous children were fostered or put up for adoption in an episode which became known as the “Sixties Scoop”.

Ontario superior court justice Edward Belobaba’s ruling Tuesday found in favour of survivors of the operation and their families, who argued that the forced removal robbed the children of their cultural identity and caused emotional damage that has resonated for generations.

“There is … no dispute that great harm was done,” Belobaba wrote. “The ‘scooped’ children lost contact with their families. They lost their aboriginal language, culture and identity. Neither the children nor their foster or adoptive parents were given information about the children’s aboriginal heritage or about the various educational and other benefits that they were entitled to receive. The removed children vanished ‘scarcely without a trace’.”

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trump gets elected, then code geass writers decide to, after nearly a decade after the supposed ending of the series, release another season of their anime dystopia about revolting against a “parallel universe” totalitarian America ruled by imperialism, racism, nationalism and fascism… 

coincidence? i think not 

Like you read so many quotes by people where they saw voting for Trump as their last bid for financial security. Like so much of it is like “I’m didn’t know what to do, I had to look out for my family” or something like that.

And yes, it’s related to racism, or at least a myopic worldview.  But if that attitude isn’t racism perpetuated by the ruling class then idk what is?

And it’s not working out for them.  They can already see this. So like idk, I get why people (including myself) would want to hate on these people and mock them but like

We can do infinitely better than that.


NEW VIDEO: The Rules of Racism


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howdy! i made a network for fellow horrorkin who want a space away from adults! talk about kinstuff, chat with other people, maybe make a few friends n get some support!

adults are absolutely not allowed. if an adult is found, they will be kicked, put on the blocklist, and authorities may be contacted if necessary. this network is for people under 18.


-racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, and homophobia will not be tolerated

-anti-sjws, anti-feminists, TERFS, and “gender critical” people may not join

-be respectful of others

-use the chats accordingly and respect tagging!


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So much panic or “panic” or fear or “fear” or “hate” or “hate” or racism or “racism”. On the eve of inauguration, confusion rules the day.

There are the Trump enemies, who see him as, at worst, a dangerous racist and, at best, a dangerous clown. They hate him.

There are the Trump supporters, who see him as a victim, attacked by the left and the media. They hate all who hate Trump.

Some wring their hands and say the problem is with Trump supporters for believing Trump when he said they should be afraid and angry.

At the same time, these very people are afraid and angry; of the Trump supporters.

One thing is for certain. The country is more divided than it has ever been.

There are many, many reasons Hillary did not win, but I think the chief problem was that the Democratic party coronated her.

Hillary should never have been the nominee. She became the nominee due to the type of Tammany Hall politics the democratic voter could see.

Using political chits, first-lady status, Obama ties, Michelle Obama-quotes and the grimy olicharchic use of “super delegates”.

The country was ready for a change, both Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans chose an agent of change, the Democrats were blocked.

The Democrats knew who they wanted, knew the party with the best agent of change had the best chance, and they had the perfect man.

Bernie Sanders.

But Bernie was not the nominee foe two reasons. Interested Billionaires wanted Hillary. Bernie wouldn’t mention the e-mails until too late.

It takes a lot to lose an election when your opponent is Donald Trump. But Hillary managed it.

One reason was for that very reason. That once he won the nomination, she won the Presidency. This was her thinking.

And so she was silent, waited out the clock, salivating whenever Trump made another gaffe which she witnessed from an undisclosed location.

And then she made the worst comment in political history, when she described Trump supporters as deplorable and irredeemable.

Irredeemable is a concept not embraced by many Americans and certainly not Liberal ones.

People on Death Row are not considered irredeemable, nor should they be.

Hillary lost. She should never been coronated and no one ever explained to the Democrats why they were given no choice as to their nominee.

Trump beat 17 opponents. I believe Bernie Sanders would have beaten 17 opponents.

Trump began in two full poker tables, where he played one off the other, collecting more and more of chips each time a rival busted out.

Hillary was in a game of heads-up, with a massive chip lead from the beginning and all the fellow pros cheering her on from the rail.

America wanted their next President to be an outsider. Trump vs. Sanders would have electrified all voters, not half of them.

But now it is over and the President will soon be Donald Trump.

Many people think Donald Trump is legally unfit to be President. if this is true, articles of impeachment should directly be drawn up.

Most reasonable people do not believe this.Many reasonable people hope that something from the President’s past or immediate future stop him

It is hard to know how many Democratic voters would prefer if Trump was a successful President good for the country and how many would not.

What really seems to disappoint the left is the vast amount of their fellow Americans who they feel were either duped by a mountebank or…

who share his “hatred” and “misogyny” and “cruelty” and so on.

Most, i feel, think the latter is the case. that desperate people bought snake-oil.

The people who believe the former, hat half the country are irredeemable racists,truly hate their neighbors,but I think this is a myopic few

So, then, they are profoundly disappointed that tens of millions of their fellow Americans were duped into scapegoating and worse.

“Wait until Trump’s base realize he will not do what he promised”, they warn.

This makes you wonder if they want Trump to act on his more outrageous rhetoric or not. Which would make them more unhappy.

They are convinced that they must be unhappy with a Trump Presidency. They simply have too much invested in its failure.

To put it another way, Trump is too big to succeed.

Obama faced the same dilemma. Some would rather see him fail than the country succeed.

Many on the left are shocked that America is still a racist country.They are not racist.So for the country to be racist, all else just be.

Of course half the country do not like to be condescended to by the other half and do not feel like they need to be told why they voted.

To be called deplorable is obscene but to be called irredeemable is profane.

No one knows what the next four years will bring.

But the losers in this cycle worry about hate becoming the prevailing emotion.

The answer is not to hate those who voted for a different candidate.

The answer, and it is the only answer that ever has been or ever will be, is not to hate but to love. And the greatest love is of your enemy.

—  Norm MacDonald

looking for muslim/hindu and/or south asian artists and writers to submit to PUNKJABI zine– a creative space fr people of the above mentioned groups. email submissions to with your name and the subject header “punkjabi zine submission” 

rules: no sexism, no racism, no homophobia, no transphobia

Dear Misandrists

Hi, fellow feminist here :) you’re against sexism, right? Well believe it or not, men are affected by sexism, white people can be affected by racism, etc. so here’s a rule of thumb.

Take what you’re about to say and replace man with woman, straight/hetero with gay/lesbian/homo or white with black.

For example, “all men must die”. Replace “men” with “women” and you get “all women must die”, right? That’s sexist, correct? For example, “all cishets must die”. replace it with “all nonbinary and trans people must die”. That’s transphobic, right?

Well if it sounds hateful when you replace your word with a minority, then it is a hateful sentence.

The purpose of feminism is to support EVERYONE, not just people like you. So stop being whiny hypocrites, put on your big girl panties, and don’t just be a feminist, be a feminist who promotes equality for ALL.

Love, Lucy (a fellow feminist)

UPDATE: in feminism, women should be first. The woman is top priority. What I’m trying to say is i don’t believe in fighting sexism with sexism.

This antagonism [to immigrants] is artificially kept alive and intensified by the press, the pulpit, the comic papers, in short, by all the means at the disposal of the ruling classes. This antagonism is the secret of the impotence of the English working class, despite its organisation. It is the secret by which the capitalist class maintains its power. And the latter is quite aware of this.
—  Karl Marx, Letter, 1870.

PoC revisionist tumblr please make Hitler a poor black man that was just rising up against institutional racism perpetuated by the ruling class of jews and capitalism

Negrita Americana

On the surface, I am a Black American. Many of my values and ways of being are rooted in Black American culture. I grew up in the Compton-Long Beach area of Southern California and my parents worked hard to make ends meet in whatever ways were available to them. I ate homemade fried chicken almost every Friday, and we had Sunday dinner every week that consisted of either Southern/Soul food or Mexican food. I went to a Baptist Church and the Kingdom Hall thanks to my parent’s polarizing religious beliefs. I grew up Black. I was conditioned in the American way. 

 Expect one thing. My mother’s grandmother was Mexican, Native American, and Black. Her mother was Black and Native American, and her father was Mexican. She was born in Tampico, Mexico on January 28th, 1908 to Katie Fisher and Jesús “Jesse” Gonzalez. She was named after her father, Jackie “Jesse”. Jesse married a man who was just as racially ambiguous as she was. Looking at family pictures for the first time recently at my grandma’s house, it was hard to tell her apart from the Whites and Latinos also pictured next to her. My family hardly ever talked about our heritage and history, well until I started bringing it up in every conversation. 

 Knowing my ethnic and cultural background has been important to me since the first time someone questioned me about the racial ambiguity I didn’t even know I possessed. “What are you?” “I’m Black.” “Yeah, but what else? That’s not it.” At 12, I had no idea how to answer this question, let alone, what it really meant. It has been a struggle ever since. People have took it upon themselves time and time again to assign a racial and ethnic medley to my brown body, always more fascinated by the non-Black parts of me. Its easier to just say “I’m Black”, but the conversation never ends there. 

Not knowing enough about my heritage has consequently placed me in positions of not always being able to defend myself. I am othered as a Black American and as a multicultural American. In the Black community I am not “really Black”. In the Latino community, I’m not authentically Mexican. In America at large, I’m exotic or “one of them”. And honestly, its hard to find an appropriate comeback when I don’t know shit about my heritage and family history, save a few facts my granny told me. In a country that systemically ascribes to the “One Drop Rule”, I have been denied any true opportunity to be anything other than Black, to be able to claim all that makes me me. I guess I have the same fate as those who came before me. My grandmother’s light skin and white folks praise of it forced her in positions that didn’t allow her to be truly Black. Its 2015, my story is hers.  

Through writings and reflections I aim to explore complex issues as such, hashing out what it means to be Black and Latin and born in America. This blog is for every girl who shares a similar struggle, and has a desire to build community, love, and support and these complex issues. THURL stands for Think, Hustle, Understand, Really Live (Love). This concept will be the backbone for Negrita T.H.U.R.L., and my tool of choice for building caring and supportive communities. Socially Conscious I am. 

Negrita. Beautiful Black girl. Azteca Negra. Afro Mexicana. Identities I am learning to claim and love. Looking back to what was lost in the devastation of colonialism and white supremacy. Creating a future I can be proud of.

Court rules firing a black person because of their dreadlocks isn’t racial discrimination.

In 2010, Chastity Jones had her job offer rescinded from Catastrophe Management Solutions in Alabama, because of her hair. Jones had dreadlocks which, the company stated, tend to “get messy.”

After receiving a complaint from Jones, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against the company on her behalf. They argued that “prohibition of dreadlocks in the workplace constitutes race discrimination.”

But on Thursday, a U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a ruling from a district court that it wasn’t racial discrimination because hair is apparently different from other characteristics.

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woaaahhhh wow a skype chat………………………………………….

hello pd/bd/daily jojo community!!!!!!!! me and my bf @badlydrawnkoichi have been here with all of u guys for over a year now and we met through the community! while we met a lot of nice people in the community, not everyone has been… pleasant to be around (not naming names of course! but we have had some bad members of the community in the past)

we decided to make a safe space for minorities/abuse survivors! this chat will provide a pleasant environment where you can just hang out, make friends, and have lotsa fun!


  • no homophobia
  • no racism
  • no transphobia
  • no ableism
  • no talk/endorsement/pictures of pedophilic, incestuous, or abusive ships of any kind
  • no bullying
  • no nsfw (its ok to ask people if they wanna see it and send it in pm tho just not in the group chat)
  • pls dont join if you draw nsfw/sexual art of minors (any character under 18, like part 3 jotaro, kakyoin, josuke, or giorno)
  • no terfs/swerfs/truscum
  • no jokes abt rape, sexual harrassment, parental abuse, physical abuse, etc.
  • be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when you break the rules the first time you will get a warning. if you break the rules a second time, depending on how bad it is, you may or may not get kicked. if you break them a third time, you will be kicked.

message me or @badlydrawnkoichi (we are the mods) and give one of us your skype info so we can add u to the group! we’re gonna have fun good boy/girl/person times like vidya games!, drawing!, group calls!, and much! much! more! when u join our FUN GROUP YEAH! YAY