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character hate in the choices fandom

i’ve been inspired to make this post by some things i’ve seen recently regarding dislike for some characters.

it’s okay to dislike someone!! not every character is going to appeal to you and that’s alright! everyone is different in regards to what they’re attracted to (romantically or platonically) and what they aren’t. whats NOT okay is making nasty and hateful comments about that character.

i’m not saying it’s not okay to dislike a character because that is 100% within your right. but there’s seriously no need to make that dislike known with toxicity and nastiness. there are members of this fandom who may really love that character and content creators (writers, visual artists, ect) who put a lot of effort into making things about or inspired by that character. it’s upsetting to see so much love for a character in one post and then scroll down to see that same character getting called names or being made fun of in really hateful ways. it’s disheartening to those who love / are inspired by / relate to that character. 

from what i’ve seen, everyone in this fandom is exceptionally kind and supportive (save for those racist anons). i think we have the potential to make this little corner of the internet a safe and accepting place (because god knows how few of those there are) where everyone can gush about the things they love without having to see other people stepping on it. and i think we can do that by being a little more respectful of each other’s interests. 💖



Henry’s body was slender but well built and strong; his height above the average, tall. His appearance was attractive and his face was cheerful, especially when speaking; his eyes were small and blue,” (piercing’ as Thomas Penn reports it): so Eva Green with her haughty and distant look fits my headcanon.

Elizabeth “was one of the beauties of her age” with her classic English Rose looks – blonde, red hair, fine eyes and fair skin – and she was also “singularly attractive as a character too”, in that “she was a healer and reconciler”: i wanted a ginger or blonde-venetian with ‘innocent’ features, and Eddie Redmayne is perfect.


AU wherein Quark makes a deal with a malcontent Vorta (Weyoun 6?) to get ketracel-white at wholesale prices and starts distributing it to the Jem’Hadar. The Jem’Hadar proceed to start worshipping the Blessed Exchequer instead of the founders

@aprillikesthings I saw this and couldn’t help myself!!!! I seriously hope tomorrow’s a better day! Until then, have some cute fluff (I hope it’s fluffy enough, at least!). 

Peridot looked at the chalkboard. Though it was late at night, an old lamp Steven gave her for nights like this illuminated the entire barn. Simple sketches, they were, ideas to look over and discuss with Pearl for the future should they need them.

She heard the warp pad come to life and turned. A flicker of worry ran through her, but it did not last long. Amethyst dragged herself and sighed. Pulling back her messy hair, she revealed a bruised face and half lidded eyes. She waved with a weak smile. “Sup, dude?”

Peridot frowned, eyeing Amethyst’s torn clothes and slouched posture. She knew what this meant. It was that kind of day. She placed the chalk onto the board and approached Amethyst, wrapping an arm around her. “What was it this time?” she asked as she guided Amethyst further inside the barn and towards her couch.

“There were four of them,” Amethyst whined. She threw her arms out. “Four too many if you ask me. And they all had these… weird ray guns. One of them had a good arm, too! So lame,” she finished under her breath.  

“Are they still… around?” Peridot sat Amethyst down on the couch, beside an arm of the couch. She walked off for some things nearby. Things kept in the corner that had become commonly used on nights like this.

“Nah, we bubbled them all. But man, they were hard to poof. They put up a fight.” Amethyst leaned back.  

“Don’t worry about them, then. As long as there aren’t any more ships to worry about, right? Though you didn’t happen to grab one of their ray guns, did you?” Peridot couldn’t help but ask.

She returned to the couch, where Amethyst was grinning. “Actually, Garnet snagged one. Probably has it somewhere in the Temple. You can ask for it tomorrow, if you want.”

“I haven’t used anything similar to a ray gun in so long! I most certainly will” Peridot said, wrapping the blanket in her arms around Amethyst and tossing some snacks that she… borrowed from the Temple beside Amethyst. She placed a video in the television in front of them. 

Amethyst’s smile was small and warm as she took a bag of Twizzsticks. “What movie is it this time?” she asked Peridot, who jumped onto the couch and lay there beside her. 

“Something called The Big Talon,” Peridot answered as she threw an arm around Amethyst.

“A true classic. You’ll love it.” Amethyst snuggled closer to Peridot, moving the blanket to share it between them. “Start!” 

The movie was old-movie cheesy, black and white, and the effects made them giggle with laughter. It was the perfect, typical movie for them to watch on nights like this where Amethyst crashed at Peridot’s barn. Amethyst just said it would get better, but Peridot doubted the use of the word “better.” 

“This one looks so old… and the effects pale in comparison to newer films,” Peridot pointed out late into the movie, long after the giant, bird, clearly a badly designed puppet, made its appearance. By now, the giggling morphed into great cackles. 

“Old rummaging through my garbage piles can find the best stuff,” she murmured with a yawn thereafter. 

“We can turn it down if you’re tired.”

“Nah, I’m good.” Her eyes, slowly closing, wandered up to Peridot. “You’re the best, Peri. You know that, right?” 

Peridot blushed. “From what we’ve been facing, war is exhausting,” Peridot admitted quietly. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a night to ourselves, right?” 

Amethyst, eyes now shut completely, nodded. Peridot looked down at her. 


And she started snoring. Peridot quietly gave her props for falling asleep that quick. She also covered her mouth so she wouldn’t laugh. Because of course Amethyst was tired, but… stars, her snoring was incredibly adorable! 

Peridot rested her head atop Amethyst’s, letting rest of the movie play as she, too, eventually drifted off to sleep.