the ruins


‘Found anything?’

Evvy startles away from the telescope. 'You scared the life out of me!’

Aiden chuckles, reaching around Evvy to take the telescope and press his eye to it. 'Wow,’ he breathes, tilting it to view the Moon. 'Have you seen?’

Evvy smiles at the excitement on his face. 'I have.’

Aiden offers the telescope back to Evvy. 'Wouldn’t you love to go? Imagine being up there on the Moon, looking back at the Earth.’

'If there’s ever a chance for the public to go, I’d be the first one on the shuttle,’ she replies. 'Look, I think this is Venus.’

'If I get the chance first, I’d make you my plus one.’

Evvy grins widely and nudges him with her hip. 'I’ll hold you to that.’

Aiden regards her as she scurries off across the garden, barefoot on the short grass. She beckons to him and, obediently, he follows.

'What are we doing?’

'Star gazing,’ Evvy pats the ground beside her, laying down to get a view of the sky. He complies, settling down onto the hard earth and extends his arm so she can use him as a pillow.

'You ever wonder about what’s up there?’ Aiden turns his face to Evvy.

'All the time.’

'I mean, there could be two people in another galaxy talking about the exact same thing right now.’

'You think they’d look like us? Look!’ She points excitedly as a star shoots across the sky.

Aiden follows it until it disappears. 'Possibly. Maybe they’d look like krogans. Perhaps there’s an actual Citadel up there somewhere, and we have no idea. Wouldn’t that be crazy?’

Evvy laughs and the sound comforts him. 'Don’t you think it’s sad that we won’t be around to see if we ever did find life out there? In a hundred years from now, when we’re really, super dead, it could happen. They could colonise Mars and we’d never know. I wish I’d be around to see it.’

'You never know, maybe we will be.’

Aiden feels her eyes on him as she answers. 'I won’t get my hopes up. I’ll be waaayyy dead by then.’

'How did this conversation get morbid?’ he wonders. 'You can’t die for a long time anyway - it’d be an awfully empty galaxy without you.’

okay following the popularity of my post on the abandoned asylum yesterday, I thought I’d post this one too. It’s a short video and article about a man who sets out to find the actual Peregrin’s Home for Peculiar Children, a book which a lot of you may have read! The video itself is cool though because you get a glimpse into a lot of really cool, old abandoned houses!  

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:I don't understand why Disney Channel didn't pick up the Phil of the Future movie that the writers had planned where Phil and Keely end up together, especially because fans of the show wanted to see them endgame, not watch them leave each other. Was it because the cast didn't want to reprise their roles or because Disney Channel didn't think people would be interested? Why weren't Phil and Keely given the ending they deserved that played out on screen?

I’m kind of stuck at the hospital for the next few hours (nothing life-threatening, little brother was in a car accident, I provided transporation so his girlfriend could stay home and take care of their baby) so I’m gonna spew headcanons about things to occupy myself.

Laurel spends entirely too much time thinking of a present for Cullen, especially since she has months before she even needs to start worrying about it. Crushes are weird that way. It’s through a conversation with him where he starts talking about the education he received from the order, and the subjects he lingers over when she lets him run away with his story, that she finally figures out what she’s going to get him.

By the time the Inquisition arrives at the Arbor Wilds, they’ve been fighting this war for near a year and a half, and Laurel and Cullen have been an item for just over a year. And she’s looking at him as they’re preparing their troops the morning of the attack and thinking of how much she fucking loves this stupid, blonde man. How much they’ve risked, and how much more she’d risk to keep him safe, as stupid as it sounds, as ludicrous as it is because he’s a soldier and more than capable of taking care of himself. 

And before she knows it, she’s walking towards him, her mind set. After all they’ve been through together, and what they’re going to face together, she knows there’s no one else she’d rather do it with - and she feels the burning need to tell him that, to make sure he knows.

When she walks up to him, she blurts out, “I want to marry you.”

And that’s how the Herald of Andraste proposes to the Commander of the Inquisition.

Of course he says yes.

She stuff the little leather journal Cullen gave her for her birthday with his letters. Mundane reports, clarifications of military tactics, advice… and later, more friendly, personal ones. All those loose pieces of paper he’d noticed? Half were from him.

She loses the journal after Haven is destroyed, when she’s thrown clear of the blast that separates her from the few that had accompanied her to the catapult. When she faces Corypheus and his dragon. Some of Cullen’s men find it later and, seeing the embroidered lion, thinks it’s his. So they hand it over to him.

A piece of paper slips out and he kneels to pick it up - and sees it something he wrote. When he slips it back inside, he notices more letters. All from hi. All of them preserved.

It warms his heart more than the fire at his fingertips.