the ruin of the nephilim


Favorite fictional characters: Will, Tessa, Jem;

the damned, the ruin of the Nephilim, the dying little boy;

  • Sebastian: *threatens to burn down the world*
  • Sebastian: *takes Jace captive*
  • Sebastian: *sexually assaults his own sister*
  • Sebastian: *murders random people and laughs while they die*
  • Sebastian: *plans and attempts to take over the entire Shadowhunter race *
  • Sebastian: *has a relationship with the Seelie Queen while helping ruin the Nephilim*
  • Sebastian: *reigns over hell for fun*
  • Sebastian: *goes to clary's bedroom in Idris home of Shadowhunters*
  • Jace & Clary: wtf are you doing here
  • Sebastian: i came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now