the rug rats


Wow :) what a nice family road trip :) Dad Kane and the kids just having a great time :) uh oh Kane the kids are arguing in the back :) you better stop those crazy rug rats before they hurt themselves :) ha siblings will be siblings amirite :) nothing wrong here :) feeling no pain absolutely none :) just all the familial love :)

Glompto/Promptio AU

My alternate universe is, just like any other. Lucis is a nation, Insomia is its city and Regis is a some sort of rich, high ranking official. Noctis is his son, and Ignis is Noctis’ caretaker, private tutor and a some sort of adviser.

The only difference is that Prompto and Noctis met on the streets, with Prompto living as a street rat in rugged clothes, dirty hair and unable to speak mostly because he doesn’t know how to. Noct convinces Regis to take Prompto in, officially becoming a Lucis Caelum in the process and has lived about six to seven years of his life with Noctis, Ignis and Regis.

Prompto, of course, falls in love (with Gladio, duh. . ) however, behind the scenes, he meets Aranea, Biggs and Wedge, who (no surprise) were with Prompto during his early childhood which he can hardly remembers. Aranea, though, knows who Prompto is, calling him as her ‘brother’ along with Biggs and Wedge. Curious, Prompto decides to search more about his past, with only the clues on his wrist and the side of his body as the leads. Eventually, he, Aranea, Biggs and Wedge all go back to Niflheim, going into the ancient parts of the Imperial Continent and selling themselves as slaves with plans to kill Verstael, the man who toyed with Prom, who is also his father, and other hundreds of children that got sold off to slavery with marks on their bodies as if they are products that are reproduced and sold to the masses; which is entirely the case. (I don’t want to include how the whole plot will progress because I’m still sorting that out).

I want to express is that Prompto easily forgets his past due to trauma from his early childhood, unable to ‘unlock’ his memories because he brainwashed himself (so to speak). The whole plot moves with a third-person perspective on Prompto; with a few third-person perspective on the others as well.

(Not entirely sure what I should call this AU…)


Hard for me to believe this little guy turned 16 months yesterday.

Insane amount of running, climbing, signing, babbling, and learning every single day.

Still, he and I get a few moments of calm together each day and I treasure that most of all. He’s 16 months going on 16 years (he thinks) but he’s still my little rug rat when he’s cozy in his towel and holding my beard.