the rug and all

television history???

if there is no ep4 then where was the history? 

why the “rug pull” quote?

why the radio silence from all the producers?

why did aty , the radio times, ect repeatedly mention the “secret ep” and promote the idea of a 4th ep ?

why was TFP lacking in all previous plot arcs and character developments?

why call it TFP if not to draw attention to the consequences it cause back in the day?

the “tranquilizer” gun ?

the rope ??????

I’m just confused, if there isn’t going to be an episode then can the BBC make a formal declaration of it just so that all hope can be dispelled and we can return to cannon fanfics? 


it either means that there is going to be some kind of extra footage release, or this is all some sick marketing ploy to boost ratings 

Sherlock Episode 4

Guys, what if they’re making us wait two weeks so that it’ll be like John waiting two years for Sherlock? (And I’m severely hoping we don’t have to wait 2 years either)

What if they’re making it so we are the story? There are lots of queers who are suffering emotionally because of the sucky ending, and many more fans turning into Anderson.

What if they’re just bidding their time? That’s why the producers aren’t saying much on Twitter.

“One word to let me know you were alive.“

They’re playing it out.

We’re all John Watson (suffering) and/or Anderson (conspiracies). We’re a part of our own real life Sherlock, and we might end up giving up on the show entirely, only for it to come back.

If Mofftiss pulls this off, saves Sherlock, fixes all loose ends, and gives us the largest rug pull of a lifetime, they really will make television history.

So we either wait for March 8th (the date that was flashed on a billboard and was also the date that ACD sat down to write Sherlock), next week which is January 29 (the date Sherlock and John met), or literally, two years later (praying that’s not the case; we’d really die then).

This is the only way that Moffat and Mark Gatiss can save their show.

One more miracle.

so like I don’t want to be insensitive at this moment of crisis but I would just like to say that when you guys who grew up in the sherlock fandom write your own gay media, which I have no doubt you’re going to do because you’re a very smart and talented group of people, you should try as hard as you can to break free of the model of gay writing that’s evolved over the past century and a half, in which you can only tell gay stories through subtext. pretending to tell one narrative while actually telling another one is not good storytelling, and the idea that gay themes have to be hidden in symbolism and subtle acting choices so that straight audiences don’t see them is a relic of a time gone by. so in other words, even if the writers of sherlock had been planning a “rug pull” in which all the subtext they’d been writing suddenly became text, they still would not have written a good love story. a good story is told partly through text and partly through subtext, not hidden away inside of another narrative.

I’m guilty of this myself as a reader; I’ve gotten very skilled at reading queer subtext out of necessity, and as a result I do understand the he pleasure that comes from being able to read the hidden queer stories that straight audiences can’t see (whether the writers put them there intentionally or not.) problem is, the whole tradition of reading and writing queer subtext is itself the product of homophobia. there is no reason to continue clinging to that style of writing, even if you are planning to subvert it at the end by making the subtext into text. there is no reason we have to continue treating the reality of our lives as something scandalous and shocking that has to either be hidden away or revealed suddenly for its shock value. there’s nothing sordid or shocking about being gay, and there’s no reason we have to continue hiding.

I don’t know the words for what I see happening in #Aleppo. I don’t know how to make it make sense and I don’t expect it ever will. How did we let it come to this? How did blind eyes get turned for so very long, how did we give headline space to Donald Trump and his circus over this crisis? How do we still. I am heartbroken by every piece of every news coming from Syria, I am destroyed with every image of every bomb dropping, every person killed, every child displaced. It is too much. It is too far. We must stand up and let our voices combine and speak about this. We must help. We must stop brushing under the rugs all things that make us uncomfortable, we must erase the notion that out of sight can mean out of mind. We are here, together, and we are wasting our precious time killing one another for our differences rather than loving because of them. No more. No more. Still, words are hollow if not given shape with action, and so we must act. I have tagged numerous charities that are on the front lines of this tragedy and all of whom need our help so desperately. Give. Please. #StandWithAleppo and put your money where your heart is. Support this global refugee movement and open doors instead of slamming them shut. Help. Watch. Research and learn. Please.

Give to @unicef give to @white.helmets give to @doctorswithoutborders to @icrc or @unitednations and @savethechildren Just give. Help.

“Love conquers all”
“Making history”
“Wish fulfillment” “Pulling The Rug”
“Most intense”
“Proving them wrong”
“I f w e c a n p u l l t h i s o f f,,,”

“What is this, some kind of trick?”
“This isn’t a trick; it’s a plan”


Most of the new furniture (excluding miniatures) in order: 

Fortemps Manor Interior Wall (crafted)
Tribunal Flooring (crafted)
White Interior Wall (purchased- housing npc)
White Partition (purchased- housing npc)

Pendant Lamp Planter (crafted) 

Merchant’s Shelf (crafted)
Yarn Basket (crafted)
Riviera Breakfast (crafted)

Ivy Pillar (crafted)
Forever Friends (company credits)
Grade 3 Picture Frame (crafted)

Topiary Paissa (crafted)
Moongrass Plot (purchased- company credits /can be listed on mb)

Paissa Floor Lamp (uses cloud acorns- purchase seeds from material supplier can be planted indoors or outdoors)
Cherry Blossoms (shroud cherry sapling can be purchased from material supplier and planted indoors)
Exotic Throw Rug (source??)
Grade ½ Picture Frames (crafted)

I always like to make all the new housing stuff asap haha, hope this helps someone!

I can recognize the problems within saphael atm, but I won’t be “anti-saphael” or put one character over the other. Raphael has been on some bs, but not enough to be demonized. 

Raphael’s family is at a constant threat because of Camille. His people are dropping like flies because of Simon’s decisions. And I think it’s so ridiculous to come for Raphael’s character, all while ignoring why it’s come to this???? 

Raphael trusted Simon. Appointed him to advisor all to have the rug pulled from under his feet, when Simon betrayed the clan to let out his abuser. And people are trying to justify Simon’s actions, and setting Raphael up to be this monster, when he’s just trying to protect his people! He’s a leader! One that took care of Simon, giving him a place to stay, and food to eat, and a chance to hone his skills. 

Simon is Raphael’s last chance at stopping Camille. Everyone else has rallied up with Camille, and Raphael has to stop a civil war. And he needs Simon’s help. Raphael knows that both Simon and his mother, Elaine, are worried out of their minds for each other. So Raphael comes up with a lie that sets Elaine’s mind at ease. 

And people are painting him to be vicious and out to kill and drink Elaine????? Like she invited Raphael to her house. Do you know how charming he must have been? To convince her??? He’s not in it to kill a mundane. The clave is already at his head because of vampire den.

 But I do think Raphael did make comments that were inappropriate. Like bringing up Camille, Simon’s abuser, to intimidate Simon. 

Another point I’d like to make: what is this “Simon simple sunflower” thing?? I get it. We love Simon. But we cannot ignore how damaging his decisions are sometimes. And another thing,,,, Simon has been wronged by



Not Raphael. 

CAMILLE is his abuser. CAMILLE drugged him. CAMILLE killed Simon and left him for dead. The SHADOWHUNTERS abused their friendship with Simon. The SHADOWHUNTERS convinced Simon to betray his people. 

The SHADOWHUNTERS are the reason he is at lost of a home. That’s all I have to say about this rn. I just couldn’t not say anything while one character is berated over and over, while the other one is praised. Especially on some bs. Lol, sorry, the post is so long.

the most relatable thing about Mystic Messenger is how Seven will sometimes come into the chatroom late at night and be depressed and say how worthless he is and how much he hates himself and then leave and then the next morning comes back and is all like “aHahahaha well THAT happened *brushing it all under the rug with a broom and dustpan* let’s never talk about that again who wants a meme??”

Okay I know I said I wasn’t gonna post about it anymore, but people are getting so distraught and worked up over this I feel the need to reassure you all. Johnlock IS go. It is a strong possibility that the screening was edited shorter, or they may have added/taken away some scenes. REMEMBER: They HAVE said before that they film red herrings for the audience. They are just trying to get us so upset that the gratification will be fucking amazing. They are playing one last mind game with us, so even the TJLCers get the rug pulled out from under them. Johnlock is go. Love conquers all. Be a part of making history🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

BEAUTIFUL by Mark D Sikes

This room, another I designed in California, is all about elegance. The art, the abaca rug, the French chair, the leather chaise, the mid-century tables—there’s something for everyone. The right mix will read as easy, relaxed, and yes, even elegant. —@markdsikes | Photograph @amyneunsinger @archdigest #BEAUTIFULbook #makeitBEAUTIFUL -