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Third Wheel

A Peter Parker x Reader Fluffy Drabble

#2. Peter (Parker) comes to your aid when you’re stuck as a third wheel on your friend’s date. Classic “I’ll be your fake boyfriend” situation. 

A/N: The story involves you sitting through a horror movie and the only one I could think of was Sinister so just pretend that’s a recent movie that came out. Also, I switched the story up a bit and it’s less like a fake boyfriend scenario but I think it’s still good.

“Thank you again.” You whispered to Peter as you walked behind your friends. “I really hate being a third wheel when they do date nights.”

“It’s no problem.” Peter smiled shyly. “Besides, I’ve been wanting to see Sinister.”

“Scary movies are…” You chuckled softly. “I’m not saying I get scared easily, but I apologize in advance if I scream at a jump scare.”

“It’s okay.” Peter nudged your shoulder with his. “Just remember that it’s a movie, nothing can actually hurt you.”

“Yeah, yeah.” You nudged him back. “Now, let’s go, the movie’s going to start soon.”

You followed your friends into the theater. Sara and Rebecca had decided to invite Sara’s sister along, Margaret, and her boyfriend, Ryan. That meant you had to find six seats together in a theater for a newly released movie. It wasn’t going to happen.

“There are four seats together and two over there.” Sara pointed to two seats in the back corner. “Rebecca and I can sit there if you want.”

“Well, hey, it’s your date night, (Y/N) and I can take those seats if you guys want to stay as a group.” Peter cleared his throat. “If you’re okay with that, (Y/N).”

“That’s fine with me.” A blush crept up onto your cheeks and you thanked the heavens that the theater was dark. “Have fun, guys.”

Peter looked tense as he sat next to you, he seemed anxious. You opened your mouth to question his mood but the lights shut off and the previews started. You scooted closer instinctively as the IMAX countdown began and the movie started. You were ready for to be scared. 

You couldn’t do it, something about the classic “new house horror” ruffled your feathers the wrong way. You made it halfway through the movie before you threw the armrest up and buried your head into Peter’s chest. You could hear is heart racing as your hands grasped at his shirt. He hesitated before wrapping his arms around you, not sure how you’d respond to it. You smiled and peered back out at the screen, pulling him into your own hug and never letting go until the credits rolled. 

“T-That was a decent movie.” Peter laughed lightly as you slowly loosened your hold on him. He kept his arms around you.

“Yeah, it was pretty scary.” You peered up at him and bit your bottom lip. “From what I saw of it.”

“Yeah.” Peter’s eyes searched yours, lighting up as the theater did. 

You saw his eyes drop down to your mouth before to the side, your friends were headed your way. He risked holding you a few seconds longer, returning his gaze to yours and not daring to look away until you could hear their voices. You both pulled apart before they saw and gathered your things, pretending like nothing had happened. 

Dinner was agreed upon and you went to a local restaurant. Cheap pizza was always a favorite after a movie. The six of you sat chatting, cracking jokes and laughing as the night went on. Peter stole glances at you and you at him. You wished to be back in the theater, arms around one another; you longed to hear his racing heartbeat in your ear as you tightened your hold around him and his steady breathing during the calm parts of the movie. 

You dropped a hand onto your lap. You were careful; if you were to get caught the two of you would never hear the end of it. If your parents knew, you’d be grounded- classic no dating until you’re eighteen rule. One you hadn’t minded until Peter came along. You held your breath as you slid your hand onto his lap, his eyes dropped down and over to you before he understood what you were doing. He smiled, not bothering to fight the rose blush evident on his cheeks, and intertwined his fingers with yours. 

The night went on, the conversations continued, the attention everywhere but on the two of you. Peter’s thumb rubbed the back of your hand softly every so often, drawing goosebumps to the surface of your skin. He offered you his jacket, you took it. The night ended with a stolen kiss outside Peter’s apartment after you offered to walk him to his door. Nobody questioned it, Rebecca lived in the same apartment complex and everyone had gone with her to say goodbye. 

His hands held yours delicately as he leaned his head down and placed his lips on yours. A giggle slipped out when Aunt May opened the door and caught the two of you. She vowed to keep it a secret. You thanked her and waved goodbye, catching a blushing Peter before meeting up with your friends. 

“Hey, mind if I invite Peter along for the next date night? We- he had a lot of fun and wanted to do it again sometime, said it was kinda fun being the third wheel of the group.” 

The group nodded and chuckled. They knew, they knew that you two had something going on, but they left it alone. It was your secret, not theirs. 

A/N: I hope you guys liked this! I actually had a lot of fun writing it. It was a really great throwback to going on movie dates in high school and the awkward fun cuddling and hand holding :)

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Matsuhanaiwaoi #25 with iwaizumi saying it please

“I’m fine.”

Read on AO3:

The last thing any of the younger years would expect was that their senpai spent every Friday night in the gymnasium after hours.

Until midnight.

Perhaps entrusting Oikawa with a key hadn’t been the wisest idea, but at least on Friday, he was never left alone. He and his fellow third years would sneak in about 8pm, set up the net, and play 2 vs 2 for the whole 4 hours, occasionally switching things up in their teams.

Currently, Iwaizumi and Matsukawa were on one side of the net and Oikawa was setting to Hanamaki on the other.

“Take this!” He spikes hard and fast, but Iwaizumi is already leaping into position, having guessed the trajectory, and receives it with ease. The ball goes high, but Matsukawa is there, and instead of setting, he dumps it over the net right at Oikawa’s feet.

It surprises him so much that he startles, and fumbles his volley. It touches the top of the net and Matsukawa just has to tap it for the ball to fall again.

But the duo have prepared for this. Oikawa jumps backwards at the same time as Hanamaki lunges forwards, hand flat against the floor and saving the ball with a pancake.

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What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black What shall I tell my children who are black.

Of what it means to be a captive in this dark skin?What shall I tell my dear one, fruit of my womb,of how beautiful they are when everywhere they turn they are faced with abhorrence of everything that is black.The night is black and so is the boogyman.Villains are black with black hearts.A black cow gives no milk. A black hen lays no eggs.Storm clouds, black, black is evil and evil is black and devil’s food is black…

What shall I tell my dear ones raised in a white world
A place where white has been made to represent
all that is good and pure and fine and decent,
where clouds are white and dolls, and heaven
surely is a white, white place with angels
robed in white, and cotton candy and ice cream
and milk and ruffled Sunday dresses
and dream houses and long sleek Cadillacs and Angel’s food is white… all, all… white.

What can I say therefore, when my child
Comes home in tears because a playmate
Has called him black, big lipped, flatnosed and nappy headed?
What will he think when I dry his tears and whisper,
“Yes, that’s true. But no less beautiful and dear.”
How shall I lift up his head, get him to square
his shoulders, look his adversaries in the eye,
confident in the knowledge of his worth.
Serene under his sable skin and proud of his own beauty?

What can I do to give him strength
That he may come through life’s adversities
As a whole human being unwarped and human in a world
Of biased laws and inhuman practices, that he might
Survive. And survive he must! For who knows?
Perhaps this black child here bears the genius
To discover the cure for… cancer
Or to chart the course for exploration of the universe.
So, he must survive for the the good of all humanity.

He must and will survive.
I have drunk deeply of late from the fountain
of my black culture, sat at the knee of and learned
from mother Africa, discovered the truth of my heritage.
The truth, so often obscured and omitted.
And I find I have much to say to my black children.
I will lift up their heads in proud blackness
with the story of their fathers and their father’s fathers.
And I shall take them into a way back time
of kings and queens who ruled the Nile,
and measured the stars and discovered the laws of mathematics.
I will tell them of a black people upon whose backs have been built
the wealth of three continents.
I will tell him this and more.
And knowledge of his heritage shall be his weapon and his armor;
It will make him strong enough to win any battle he may face.
And since this story is so often obscured,
I must sacrifice to find it for my children,
even as I sacrifice to feed, clothe and shelter them.
So this I will do for them if I love them.
None will do it for me.

I must find the truth of heritage for myself and pass it on to them.
In years to come, I believe because I have armed them with the truth,
my children and their children’s children will venerate me.
For it is the truth that will make us free!

Margaret Burroughs

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hyuga + imayoshi: taking care of their innocent lil first year kohai?

Hi! Thank you for requesting, I hope you like it! I’m sorry this is a bit short T T - Rin

Hyuuga Junpei

• He’d be like the responsible big brother taking care of his little sister. He has been fond of you ever since he met you, which is why he makes sure you attend your classes, you’re happy, nothing and no one’s bothering you, and you don’t skip your meals.

• Since it doesn’t bother you, he likes being able to be with you whenever he gets free time on his hands.

• He gets a little strict sometimes too, as he can get a bit carried away since his ‘captain’ persona is natural.

• He texts you even though he doesn’t use his cellphone often; he just wants to hear updates from you every once in a while to know what you’re up to.

• He’d walk you home every single day, and during these times, you see his carefree, easygoing side. He’d tell you a lot of interesting things and he’d even make you laugh.

• When you two arrive in front of your house, he’d ruffle your hair and say he’ll see you tomorrow with a small smile. You love this part about him; he never gets tired of seeing you off and being with you again the day after.

Your parents are also used to seeing Hyuuga being around you, and they don’t mind one bit. They’re even glad that a trustworthy gentleman like him is there for their adorable daughter.

Imayoshi Shoichi

• Imayoshi would have a pretty twisted way of showing his concern, but you’re used to it.

• He’d tell you all about how make people follow you, ways to know if someone is lying to you, or how to tell if a person is genuine or fake. He wants to show reality to you as early as possible; this way, you’d grow into a strong lady that can handle herself.

• He wouldn’t go too far though– He just doesn’t want his cute innocent kohai to turn out like his teammate Aomine, who’s changed because of his past experiences.

• He can be brutally honest to you about your mistakes as well, but it’s simply his way of teaching you. 

• He secretly judges all of the friends you introduce to him too; He doesn’t want you to end up in a circle of friends full of bad influences. He knows which is which. Really.

• He’s comfortable with showing his real personality in front of you because you think he isn’t that bad. Your genuine character really amazes him; and he wants to keep you that way. He’d do anything for you to stay the way you are– cute, innocent and kind.

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Can I request "Come Here" with Bucky Barnes or Cisco Ramon. Or Audrey Jensen. Whichever you feel most comfortable writing with. :)

A/N: I did this for Cisco because I’ve missed writing for him (also, I couldn’t have done it for Bucky because I don’t write for Marvel). I hope this is alright for you. And thank you for the choice of comfort with it :)

‘Come on!’ pleaded Cisco, you could hear the pout behind his voice but kept walking. You were ahead of him, had jogged a little so as to make it that way.

His argument that Ravenclaw was the best house had ruffled your feathers slightly, if only for the fact that he seemed to be likening it too closely to school-based knowledge rather than the links to strategy, to creative thinking, and all the other ways that a person could be smart. You both knew that he was doing it deliberately, but the mock sulk that you were currently carrying out was all part of the charade.

‘Seriously? You’re gonna keep ignoring me?’  he asked.

When you didn’t reply he heaved a deep sigh.

‘Come here,’ he said softly.

But, before you could complain about the slight order behind comment, his hand had found yours. He span you around so that you were flush against him. There was a smirk on his face.

‘Still not talking to me?’

You shrugged dismissively. ‘If someone were to admit that they were wrong,’ you said, addressing the air over his shoulder, ‘then it might make for a better conversation on the way to the cinema.’

He heaved a deep breath. ‘OK,’ he conceded, ‘so maybe all the houses are equal.’

You grinned at him, shifting so as to place a quick kiss on his cheek. You moved away from him, starting back on your journey to the cinema, hands still linked together, fingers intertwined. This was going to be a fun day to say the least.

Dialogue Prompt List

My Family’s Keeper

AN: Thought about this for a while and finally decided to write it all down. Mentions of past child neglect, child abandonment, and spousal abuse. Sorry. I do hope you will enjoy


Your name: submit What is this?

Word Count: 2,132

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Hello Clownblr!

I recently picked up this cutie when I saw him lost, and it looks like he doesn’t belong to anyone (there isn’t a single thing on him that may say he ran off). The thing is, I’m pretty new to this and have never owned a clown before him. I do plan on getting the right things to take care of him, but I can’t really pin what breed he is.

Hes very hyper and affectionate, and he hasn’t been aggressive to my cat (in fact he was pretty curious about her and played with her for a bit, but she didn’t take too much of a liking towards him), and he also likes to climb walls and different things which of course makes me think he has some acrobat in him.

He’s also very short but pretty thin, and on top of that he’s pretty confident and loves to show off his tricks with what things I already have at the house. His ruffles seen to expand as well? When happy its pretty puffed up, but when I first got him it seemed smaller from what I remember.

If anyone could help me out and give me suggestions I’d really love to hear them!

Also for now, I’m still trying to find a name he likes since he doesn’t respond to a lot I’ve chosen :0 so he goes unnamed at the moment. Updates on name, health, etc. will be posted as I learn more!

Shatter me again

Title: Shatter me again

Author: @deanwinchesterxreader

Beta-reader: @eyesxsewnxopenx

Summary: Dean has been living a normal life with his girlfriend Lisa and her son Ben for the past year. Everything seems to be going well until his past comes knocking on his door.

Type: multichapter

Chapter: one

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 3891

Warnings: angst, swearing, violence.

Your name: submit What is this?

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thesarahchronicles  asked:

Scenario with Ten please. You've been dating for a year and he takes you to visit his parents for the weekend but his mom doesn't approve of you. So he tries his best to reassure you that you're the only one for him. Please make it a bit angsty.

Sorry for the really long wait!! Hope you like it, I tried to make it angsty but not overly cheesy or anything. Enjoy! ♡

Listen: x


You were having the time of your life in Thailand. Ten was gearing up for his debut, but during this time he also filmed NCT Life in Thailand with the other NCT boys. He invited you along to Thailand since he wanted to show you where he grew up; he didn’t know when his next visit would be. You agreed and travelled to Thailand with him.

The two of you met during the time he trained in Korea. You worked at SUM Market, the new convenience store that had opened at the SM building and would bump into him every now and then. Not that many celebrities visited the shop often, but trainees would visit all the time especially during the late hours. Ten was one of the trainees who stayed late to practice and he would always drop in for a snack. The two of you always exchanged shy glances but apart from the usual greetings you didn’t talk about anything in particular. One night around that time there was a group of foreign fans who came to visit the store. They were friendly but asked a lot of questions regarding the products and it was hard for you to explain it to them using your limited English. Ten was in the store around that time and when he saw you stuttering, he came over to help translate. From then on the two of you spoke more when he visited, took the subway together after work and training, then started going on dates together. Before you knew it the two of you have already been together for one year.

The trip to Thailand had been somewhat magical to you, having never imagined that you would travel to such an amazing vacation destination. You stayed at the same hotel as Ten and after his activities were done for the day he would meet you late at night and take you around to fun places such as the Bangkok Floating Market, Grand Palace and Paragon Mall, his favourite place to hang after school.

It was now the last day of Thailand and Ten had stayed a day behind to have some time alone with his family. Today was the day that he was going to introduce you to his family members. You were a bit nervous after hearing from the members that Ten comes from a very wealthy family in Thailand, having gone to a prestigious academy and even rumors about his home having enough room for a hundred people. However, Ten reassured you that they were nice, friendly and casual and would like you.

After wearing the summer dress you were most confident in you proceeded to put on some light makeup and combed your hair. You heard a knock on the door and saw Ten in casual shorts and a t-shirt with a black cap.


He looked at you eagerly as you nodded and followed him out of the room. Less than half an hour later you arrived at his house, eyes widened in awe. He laughed at your expression and ruffled your hair.

His house really was as spacious and beautiful like the other members had said. He held your hand and walked you in to the house.

“Ten, where’s the washroom?”

“There’s one on the second-”

Before he could continue you heard squeals from the second floor.

“Ten! Is that you?”

You heard laughter and running as his younger sister ran into his arms and your hand separated from his. You bit your lip and put your hands together, standing at the side awkwardly as the close siblings chatted excitedly.

A lean figure then walked out of the kitchen area.

“Mâe! Ten’s home!”

His sister excitedly shouted and Ten’s mother walked over to embrace him in loving arms. He closed his eyes, happy to reunite with them again.

“Where’s Pôr?”

His mother told him that he had business to do but will return for dinner with them. Ten nodded and realized he hadn’t even introduced you yet.
He reached out to hold your hand and you shyly took a step closer.

“This is _____, my girlfriend from Korea.”

You bowed towards the two of them.

“Nice to meet you.”

Soon, his sister turned to look at you with wide eyes.

“Oh you’re the girl Ten talks to me about! Did you know that he noticed you even before you got together? He told-”

Ten covered her mouth and smiled awkwardly at you leading his sister away from you and his mother.

“Didn’t you say you have something to show me? Let’s go! Mâe, take care of _______ for me okay?”

Soon it was just you and Ten’s mother. She didn’t smile at you but lead you into the kitchen quietly offering you a plate of fried flowers and a cup of Thai iced tea.

“Thank you.”

She nodded at you and took a seat across from you.

She took a sip of her tea elegantly before glancing at you and asking a question.

“So, how long have you and Ten been seeing each other?”

You gulped before answering.

“For about a year. We met at the convenience store under the SM building.”

She arched her brow slightly.

“You bumped into him there?”

You nodded.

“I work there.”

She glanced at you again and took another sip of her tea before standing up.

“I’ll be back in a moment. Please enjoy your tea.”

You thanked her as she started walking towards the second floor.

“Umm excuse me-”

She already disappeared up the steps before you could ask her where the washroom was.

You sighed as you slowly got up to look around. Ten mentioned it was on the second floor so you made your way up the steps.

Before you could find the washroom you heard talking coming from one of the rooms near the stairs.

“What do you mean I should break up with her?”

You heard Ten’s familiar voice. Break up? Were they talking about you?

“Ten, don’t get angry, listen to Mâe. She seems like a nice girl but I don’t think she’s a good fit for you. I don’t really think that it’s time to be dating right now since it’s so close to your debut. When you first told me you were dating I assumed it was with a trainee or a celebrity, someone who could understand your situation. And when it comes to marriage, I think a nice Thai girl could do-”

Before she could continue you noticed his sister standing in front of you with a plate of cookies.


She said your name out loud and you realized tears were running down your face.

You wiped them quickly and gave her a small smile before running down the stairs and out the door.

You looked around in confusion, you weren’t sure where to go from here. Your head was spinning and you tried your best to choke back tears although they streamed down your face anyway.

You knew everything that Ten’s mother said was true, you didn’t blame her. Coming from a wealthy family and debuting as a star soon it was obvious that he deserved better than you.

You saw a taxi approaching your way and waved it down as it arrived in front of you. As your hand reached for the door handle you felt yourself spun around and landing into warm familiar arms.

No words were exchanged as the taxi drove away, just Ten’s steady breathing and your silent tears falling down your face. When Ten finally loosened his grip around you, you backed away to take a look at his sad face. He wiped your tears gently and smoothed down your hair.

“My sister told me you heard everything we said.”

You gave him a small nod as he sighed.

“I’m sorry you had to hear that. My mother is very nice and caring, she’s just worried about me and unfamiliar with you. You should’ve stayed for the second part of the conversation though.”

You looked up into his eyes, unsure of what to feel.

“Ten it’s okay, you don’t have to explain. Your mother was right-”

“______. Listen carefully. I love and respect my mother but I told her that you were the only one for me. You’re caring, thoughtful, beautiful and most importantly; you understand me a thousand times more than then any trainee or celebrity. I don’t know what the future holds but I’m sure that we’ll be together for a very, very long time.”

Another tear slipped down my face as Ten kissed my forehead sweetly.

“That’s it, no more crying.”

I smiled at him as he walked me back to his house hand in hand.

“I’m actually really happy and grateful that you came back to get me.I had no clue where to go…”

Ten smiled at me brightly and ruffled my hair.

“My silly girl.”

gif cr: 10loveten


I’m not sure if this will get to you, or if you will even care to read it as you do not know me, but I thought you should know that I think you are beautiful.




“Hey, Sammy,” Dean grins, staring down at the slip of paper in his hands, “Guess what!”

Dean hears a crackly sigh from the other end of the line and grins even harder when he imagines the accompanying eye roll. “What?”

“I have a fan!”

Dean can almost hear the bitchface, “Dean, you have people crowding the stage door every night, this really isn’t news.”

“No, I mean like an actual fan! He left me a note and everything!”

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