the rude awakening


… poseur.  xD  She’s not half the grump you are, ma’am.  xD


Brigitte “lost” her fur.

She didn’t lose shit all, actually, but dark skin in this game eats body hair.  I would love to know why.  It’s a TS3 thing.

Stacking SN fur with Carmen’s fur kinda gave her a fuzzy texture anyway.  …. It’s okay I guess, but not ideal.  I need to give her a new skin, tbh.  This shade isn’t quite right on her.  Pretty skin to the nth, but Brigitte is supposed to be more grey, not true brown.  :P

10 Days of EOS 10

Day 10: Favorite things about the show

  • the humor : dry, lots of sarcasm, lots of deadpanning, totally right up my alley
  • it still has a serious plot under all the absurd and hilarious situations and it doesn’t feel forced
  • the anti-vaxx episode belongs in a museum
  • the relationships between the characters : it’s evolving, it feels real and organic and it’s beautiful
  • ryan’s voice : it’s really soothing and it relaxes me when i’m commuting to work in the morning and i’m surrounded by stressed and rude assholes
  • the interface awakening and how it didn’t fell into overused clichés
  • levi’s steady rise to the top of the kitchen hierarchy
  • the way levi says “hello” and “good day” when it totally did something but pretend he’s totally innocent
  • urvidian being done with everyone’s bullshit but still caring for our favorite idiots
  • akmazian’s everything
  • jane and how she says really disturbing things in the most natural way and ryan’s like “i worry about you”
  • the online community, the creating crew, the cast, the fans
  • it’s my favorite show, i probably listen to it entirely at least once a month and i regularly listen to random episodes every few days
  • i can quote entire scenes from memory
  • i’m serious
  • i have an addiction to this show
  • don’t send help i like basking in my eos 10 obsession

Trump’s border wall will cost up to $21.6 billion, Homeland Security internal report says

  • A new internal U.S. Department of Homeland Security report evaluating the logistics of Trump’s border wall may be a rude awakening.
  • The document, first reported on by Reuters, estimates the wall would cost the government up to $21.6 billion and take nearly the entire length of Trump’s term to construct.
  • Officials are expected to present Trump’s administration with their findings — which include blueprints for a three-phase plan to close off the border by the end of 2020 — in a few days. After that, it’s up to Trump and his advisers whether they will honor the department’s recommendations. Read more (2/9/17 7:42 PM)
If they repeal Obamacare, they are in for a rude awakening. I don’t think they want to get rid of health care for 21 million Americans. I don’t think they want to be those who say that if you have a disability, you can’t get insurance — the way it used to be before Obamacare. … They repeal Obamacare at their peril.

when u think about the real percival graves though, think about just how effectively grindelwald has crippled his life

  • his reputation is done for - how long before people can separate what percival graves did to what gellert grindelwald did?
  • the trust is gone - people will forever be tip-toeing around him, unable to truly trust him because what if, just what if grindelwald left some nasty surprises for them through graves himself, what if it’s something graves doesn’t even know? he’s no longer trustworthy.
  • his job is gone - they will undoubtedly take away his position as director of magical security, whether it’s putting him on medical leave indefinitely or quietly getting him to resign - how can they put him back into the job of defending the magical community and keep track of grindelwald when it has become very clearly that he couldn’t even defend himself from grindelwald or do anything to stop him
  • no one noticed - what kind of rude awakening would this be? grindelwald passed by all of them and no one noticed - think of the shame other aurors must feel at not noticing, and think of the wake up call to graves that he apparently behaved no different than the dark wizard for no one to truly even know something was wrong, that he could have just easily died bloodied and alone and forgotten and no one would have ever found out - just think what that does to a person psychologically when they realize that

this is grindelwald essentially dismantling his whole life - he’s got no reputation, no trust among the wizarding community and his colleagues, no job, and pretty much no friends who would have realized something was amiss - he would have just died alone and forgotten, that would have been his legacy

grindelwald has left him with nothing in the aftermath


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“Distract me”   best friend!calum. smut.

Rude Awakening   daddy calum. little y/n. no smut.

Tense.    daddy kink cal. choking. smut.


Bite Me.    vampire mikey. smut.


Six Feet Under   smut. ashton’s got money.


Soulmates   calum. no smut.

“At least we’re not stuck with Hillary, she would have been just as bad!”

Shut the fuck up, no she would not have. Y'all so damn worried over a bunch of emails that you fail to realize that Hillary is actually much more qualified to be president than Trump ever could be.

You let an inexperienced, misogynistic, racist, ableist businessman take over our country over someone who’s been working in politics for over thirty years.

Enough with the bullshit excuses and just admit you didn’t vote for Hillary because you didn’t want a woman in charge of America.

(Headcanons: Hardison’s a trans man. Eliot’s genderqueer and uses they/them. Parker is agender and uses she/her, mostly because she always has and doesn’t care much).

It’s not a secret, but they don’t seem to know, so Alec doesn’t tell them.

Eliot Spencer, good ol’ country boy, and Parker, sometimes sweet, but always poking at things other people might know to leave alone. Sophie Devereaux who exploits any weakness because that’s her job, and Nate Ford, who might be a good guy but there’s a whole lot of ruthless under there, and, besides, good guy doesn’t mean tolerant.

No thank you. Alec’ll keep his business to himself.

His IDs are iron-clad anyways. No one ever has to know. No one but Nana, and if any fool thinks they can make Nana tell them shit, they’re in for a rude awakening. Nana’s proud of her trans kid, tells Alec she’s proud of his strength all the time. The old woman marches in Pride every year, marches for her trans son. But she wouldn’t give away shit about him to strangers.

He passes well, evidently. And he appreciates that, the kid inside him who got the shit beat out of him one too many times appreciates it. He won’t lie, not if they ask, but they’re not asking and Alec’s not telling.

It might change too many things.


Eliot didn’t have words for what they felt until they were already past thirty. The words they knew were all slurs, thrown around in their hometown, in the military, in the mercenary groups they used to work with.

Eliot would have tried to explain it in long tripping sentences, except they never would have tried to explain it, because there was no one to say that to. Gender is confusing. They’re not sure what masculinity is except they’re expected to perform it. Sometimes it feels okay. Sometimes it feels wrong. Sometimes, they like the girly things, the things they’re absolutely supposed to hate, because they feel like it fits better.

(It was also well after thirty before Eliot understood that they’re not the only person in the world to see nothing wrong with long, well-cared for hair, soft makeup, and bloody combat boots and knuckles).

Eliot doesn’t breathe a word to their new crew, even if they’re pretty sure they understand the words now. This is personal, and crews aren’t for personal things. No one is, really. But the crew expects them to perform, so Eliot ditches the makeup and puts on the role.

Besides, words or no words, it’s confusing and the explanation following those words is still long. They wouldn’t understand.


Parker doesn’t get why people care so much.

She used to watch families, whether she was living with them or not, and people really, really like rules. Parker likes rules too, but she likes rules that make sense, and rules that say you have to do this or that or be this or that based on how your body looks seem silly and unnecessary.

They show only two options, but Parker’s always liked option number three, always chosen it when at all possible, so she draws what feels right from both, makes some stuff up, and creates that option for herself.

So she’s Parker. Just Parker. People call her she or her, like she fits in one of those boxes, but Parker supposes they can’t call her by her name all the time and doesn’t know what else they would call her.

Parker wishes the team would get it, would stop expecting her to fit into one of those boxes, would understand, but then again, they’re regular people, and regular people never do.


“Eliot!” Hardison calls, chasing the hitter down, who’s storming determinedly away. “Eliot, I…thank you. For punching him. For sticking up for me.”

Eliot does stop and turn at that. There’s blood on their knuckles still, and it’s not their own. It’s the blood of the bigoted asshole of a mark. Eliot probably shouldn’t have punched him, but they did anyways.

“I didn’t do it for you,” Eliot growls. “What the hell does that mean, sticking up for you? Why would I do it for you?”

“So…you did it for me?” Parker asks. They both turn, like she surprised them again.

Eliot’s brow furrows. “I did it for me,” they say, like the words are dragged out of them. “I should be used to hearing his shit and putting up with that shit but I did it anyways. There.”

“For you?” Hardison asks.

“Yeah, Hardison, I did it for my queer ass, happy now?”

Hardison blinks, then laughs. This, of course, does not engender the best reaction in Eliot, and Hardison’s smart enough to know it’ll cause problems.

“I’m not laughing at you,” he hurries to assure. “I’m…laughing at myself. That I didn’t tell you for so long because I was worried you’d react badly.”

“Tell me what, Hardison?” Eliot growls, clearly still a little hurt.

“I’m trans,” Hardison blurts. “I…yeah. I’m a trans man.”

Eliot stares for a few seconds. “Oh,” they say. They hesitate a few seconds longer. “I, uh. Sometimes I feel like a woman. I’m both. Definitely not just a guy. The word. It’s, uh. Genderqueer.”

“Thanks for telling me,” Hardison says, sincere as always.

“I don’t like either,” Parker adds, and they both turn to her. “I’m just…neither. I don’t care. They don’t matter to me.”

“Well, fuck me,” Eliot mutters. “We’re fuckin’ idiots.”

“Looks like it,” Hardison agrees. “Now, we can have a long talk about pronouns and what idiots we are over dinner, if you want.”

“Are you askin’ me to cook?” Eliot asks.

“Naw, thought I’d hit up a KFC, see what they have–” Hardison begins.

Eliot storms towards the kitchen, throwing a “fuck you, Hardison,” over their shoulder.

Parker and Hardison grin at each other. “We can plan jobs together now,” Parker says. “To steal from jerks like today.”

Hardison wraps an arm around her shoulders. “Like the way you think.”

She’s young, she’s fine.
She’s disciplined for creating things at the wrong time, but she’s fine.
The doctors think things should be looked into, her parents scream she’s fine.
She’s a wild child and reckless, everyone confirms she’s fine.
Maybe she’s just troubled, no she’s fine.
The rude awakening she gets when grades start to matter, she’s fine.
Her parents blame her for the failing letters, really she’s fine.
The tutors come and go but her grades never change, she’s fine.
The stress of money invested is burdened upon her, but she’s fine.
She slams doors, yelling she’s fine.
Her friends turn away, she’s fine
Barley a graduate, trust me now, she’s fine.
Her parents demand college, another burden to bury, still she’s fine.
She can’t finish anything, she’s fine.
She works 10 hours a day, I promise she’s fine.
Her mind is at a constant play and she’s a distraction to herself, but she’s fine.
Bosses bearing down and workload building up, she’s fine.
She’s tried to get help, the family says she’s fine.
They say she’s not trying, she tells herself she’s fine.
She begs someone to be proud of her but she’s been overlooked, now she’s fine.
She has no sense of time, everyone still says she’s fine.
She forgets things often, take this and she’ll be fine.

Depression, she’s fine.
Anxiety, she’s fine.
Eating disorders, she’s fine.
Drugs, she’s fine.
Abuse, she’s fine.
Rape, she’s fine.
Suicide, she’s fine.

Help, she screams in her mind.
But I whisper I’m fine.