the rude awakening

If they repeal Obamacare, they are in for a rude awakening. I don’t think they want to get rid of health care for 21 million Americans. I don’t think they want to be those who say that if you have a disability, you can’t get insurance — the way it used to be before Obamacare. … They repeal Obamacare at their peril.

when u think about the real percival graves though, think about just how effectively grindelwald has crippled his life

  • his reputation is done for - how long before people can separate what percival graves did to what gellert grindelwald did?
  • the trust is gone - people will forever be tip-toeing around him, unable to truly trust him because what if, just what if grindelwald left some nasty surprises for them through graves himself, what if it’s something graves doesn’t even know? he’s no longer trustworthy.
  • his job is gone - they will undoubtedly take away his position as director of magical security, whether it’s putting him on medical leave indefinitely or quietly getting him to resign - how can they put him back into the job of defending the magical community and keep track of grindelwald when it has become very clearly that he couldn’t even defend himself from grindelwald or do anything to stop him
  • no one noticed - what kind of rude awakening would this be? grindelwald passed by all of them and no one noticed - think of the shame other aurors must feel at not noticing, and think of the wake up call to graves that he apparently behaved no different than the dark wizard for no one to truly even know something was wrong, that he could have just easily died bloodied and alone and forgotten and no one would have ever found out - just think what that does to a person psychologically when they realize that

this is grindelwald essentially dismantling his whole life - he’s got no reputation, no trust among the wizarding community and his colleagues, no job, and pretty much no friends who would have realized something was amiss - he would have just died alone and forgotten, that would have been his legacy

grindelwald has left him with nothing in the aftermath


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“Distract me”   best friend!calum. smut.

Rude Awakening   daddy calum. little y/n. no smut.

Tense.    daddy kink cal. choking. smut.


Bite Me.    vampire mikey. smut.


Six Feet Under   smut. ashton’s got money.


Soulmates   calum. no smut.

(Headcanons: Hardison’s a trans man. Eliot’s genderqueer and uses they/them. Parker is agender and uses she/her, mostly because she always has and doesn’t care much).

It’s not a secret, but they don’t seem to know, so Alec doesn’t tell them.

Eliot Spencer, good ol’ country boy, and Parker, sometimes sweet, but always poking at things other people might know to leave alone. Sophie Devereaux who exploits any weakness because that’s her job, and Nate Ford, who might be a good guy but there’s a whole lot of ruthless under there, and, besides, good guy doesn’t mean tolerant.

No thank you. Alec’ll keep his business to himself.

His IDs are iron-clad anyways. No one ever has to know. No one but Nana, and if any fool thinks they can make Nana tell them shit, they’re in for a rude awakening. Nana’s proud of her trans kid, tells Alec she’s proud of his strength all the time. The old woman marches in Pride every year, marches for her trans son. But she wouldn’t give away shit about him to strangers.

He passes well, evidently. And he appreciates that, the kid inside him who got the shit beat out of him one too many times appreciates it. He won’t lie, not if they ask, but they’re not asking and Alec’s not telling.

It might change too many things.


Eliot didn’t have words for what they felt until they were already past thirty. The words they knew were all slurs, thrown around in their hometown, in the military, in the mercenary groups they used to work with.

Eliot would have tried to explain it in long tripping sentences, except they never would have tried to explain it, because there was no one to say that to. Gender is confusing. They’re not sure what masculinity is except they’re expected to perform it. Sometimes it feels okay. Sometimes it feels wrong. Sometimes, they like the girly things, the things they’re absolutely supposed to hate, because they feel like it fits better.

(It was also well after thirty before Eliot understood that they’re not the only person in the world to see nothing wrong with long, well-cared for hair, soft makeup, and bloody combat boots and knuckles).

Eliot doesn’t breathe a word to their new crew, even if they’re pretty sure they understand the words now. This is personal, and crews aren’t for personal things. No one is, really. But the crew expects them to perform, so Eliot ditches the makeup and puts on the role.

Besides, words or no words, it’s confusing and the explanation following those words is still long. They wouldn’t understand.


Parker doesn’t get why people care so much.

She used to watch families, whether she was living with them or not, and people really, really like rules. Parker likes rules too, but she likes rules that make sense, and rules that say you have to do this or that or be this or that based on how your body looks seem silly and unnecessary.

They show only two options, but Parker’s always liked option number three, always chosen it when at all possible, so she draws what feels right from both, makes some stuff up, and creates that option for herself.

So she’s Parker. Just Parker. People call her she or her, like she fits in one of those boxes, but Parker supposes they can’t call her by her name all the time and doesn’t know what else they would call her.

Parker wishes the team would get it, would stop expecting her to fit into one of those boxes, would understand, but then again, they’re regular people, and regular people never do.


“Eliot!” Hardison calls, chasing the hitter down, who’s storming determinedly away. “Eliot, I…thank you. For punching him. For sticking up for me.”

Eliot does stop and turn at that. There’s blood on their knuckles still, and it’s not their own. It’s the blood of the bigoted asshole of a mark. Eliot probably shouldn’t have punched him, but they did anyways.

“I didn’t do it for you,” Eliot growls. “What the hell does that mean, sticking up for you? Why would I do it for you?”

“So…you did it for me?” Parker asks. They both turn, like she surprised them again.

Eliot’s brow furrows. “I did it for me,” they say, like the words are dragged out of them. “I should be used to hearing his shit and putting up with that shit but I did it anyways. There.”

“For you?” Hardison asks.

“Yeah, Hardison, I did it for my queer ass, happy now?”

Hardison blinks, then laughs. This, of course, does not engender the best reaction in Eliot, and Hardison’s smart enough to know it’ll cause problems.

“I’m not laughing at you,” he hurries to assure. “I’m…laughing at myself. That I didn’t tell you for so long because I was worried you’d react badly.”

“Tell me what, Hardison?” Eliot growls, clearly still a little hurt.

“I’m trans,” Hardison blurts. “I…yeah. I’m a trans man.”

Eliot stares for a few seconds. “Oh,” they say. They hesitate a few seconds longer. “I, uh. Sometimes I feel like a woman. I’m both. Definitely not just a guy. The word. It’s, uh. Genderqueer.”

“Thanks for telling me,” Hardison says, sincere as always.

“I don’t like either,” Parker adds, and they both turn to her. “I’m just…neither. I don’t care. They don’t matter to me.”

“Well, fuck me,” Eliot mutters. “We’re fuckin’ idiots.”

“Looks like it,” Hardison agrees. “Now, we can have a long talk about pronouns and what idiots we are over dinner, if you want.”

“Are you askin’ me to cook?” Eliot asks.

“Naw, thought I’d hit up a KFC, see what they have–” Hardison begins.

Eliot storms towards the kitchen, throwing a “fuck you, Hardison,” over their shoulder.

Parker and Hardison grin at each other. “We can plan jobs together now,” Parker says. “To steal from jerks like today.”

Hardison wraps an arm around her shoulders. “Like the way you think.”

She’s young, she’s fine.
She’s disciplined for creating things at the wrong time, but she’s fine.
The doctors think things should be looked into, her parents scream she’s fine.
She’s a wild child and reckless, everyone confirms she’s fine.
Maybe she’s just troubled, no she’s fine.
The rude awakening she gets when grades start to matter, she’s fine.
Her parents blame her for the failing letters, really she’s fine.
The tutors come and go but her grades never change, she’s fine.
The stress of money invested is burdened upon her, but she’s fine.
She slams doors, yelling she’s fine.
Her friends turn away, she’s fine
Barley a graduate, trust me now, she’s fine.
Her parents demand college, another burden to bury, still she’s fine.
She can’t finish anything, she’s fine.
She works 10 hours a day, I promise she’s fine.
Her mind is at a constant play and she’s a distraction to herself, but she’s fine.
Bosses bearing down and workload building up, she’s fine.
She’s tried to get help, the family says she’s fine.
They say she’s not trying, she tells herself she’s fine.
She begs someone to be proud of her but she’s been overlooked, now she’s fine.
She has no sense of time, everyone still says she’s fine.
She forgets things often, take this and she’ll be fine.

Depression, she’s fine.
Anxiety, she’s fine.
Eating disorders, she’s fine.
Drugs, she’s fine.
Abuse, she’s fine.
Rape, she’s fine.
Suicide, she’s fine.

Help, she screams in her mind.
But I whisper I’m fine.

Barefoot and Broken (Chapter 1 of 3)

A/N: Carve Me Open is from your point of view. This story is from Sebastian’s point of view and that’s all I will say because I don’t want to give anything away. 

You and Sebastian have identical iPhones. Rushing out of the house in the early morning to make his photo shoot and late show taping, he accidentally grabs your iPhone. He is in for a rude awakening.


It was  3AM, my mornings have been getting earlier and earlier, but I can’t complain, it’s the lifestyle I signed up for. I opened my eyes and stared into the darkness, I blinked a few times as my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I sat up slowly uncurling her from my side. She stirred slightly, turning unto her stomach, I smiled as I remembered our conversation about the crazy day I had ahead, I knew she was half listening but it was my own fault as I remembered the sweet and deep assault I put her body through the night before. The blood rushed to my thighs as I thought about her legs wrapped around my waist and her quaking voice in my ear pleading for me to fill her to hilt. I groaned as I padded across the room into the bathroom fighting against the erection. Twenty minutes later, dressed and ready, I tried, but failed to nudge her out of her sleep.

“Doll,” I whispered in her ear. “I’m heading out.” She stirred, lifting her head from the pillow to look at me. I kissed her lips, slowly and tenderly then rubbing the pad of my thumb across her cheek. “Dinner, tonight at Santorini’s.” She nodded. I kissed her again and she fell back gently unto the pillow. I grabbed my phone and car keys from the night table and head out.


It was 4:15AM, when I sat in makeup and hair. Today’s shoot would take me throughout the city and I doubt we will wrap before two, from what Kev, my assistant told me, it looks like we will wrap around 4-5PM, giving me a short window to get ready for the tonight show taping with Jimmy Fallon to promote my new movie. While they fussed with my hair, I pulled out my phone and placed my thumb across the trackpad, it buzzed saying I needed to enter my passcode. I typed my six digit code and it buzzed saying it was incorrect, I input the code again, but it buzzed again saying it was incorrect. I typed in her passcode and the phone opened.

“Fuck.”I say to myself a little too loudly as the makeup lady looked a little taken aback at my outburst. “Sorry.” I say. “I grabbed my girlfriends iPhone.”

I went into the messages and sent myself/her a message. We were currently at location number two on top of a rooftop taking shots with the sunrise in the background. As we were wrapping and heading to the next location her phone vibrated and I clicked on my name. I saw the three screenshots I asked her to send along with a message:

Do you want me to meet you to switch phones?

Ten minutes later as we were driving to the next location I replied:

No need, we’ll just switch at dinner. Have a great day xx

She replies:

Should I wear that dress?

Fuck, no I say in my head as I imagined what I would do to her in that dress.

Yes, if you want the restaurant to have a front row view of your derriere as I bend you over the table.

Lol, you wouldn’t.

I hung up the phone after my quick conversation with James and replied to her message with a photo:

I would.

Bye, Sebastian xx

Later babe…wear anything, but that dress.

The current shoot was in The Breslin and as we breaked for lunch I decided to have some fun with her phone. I snapped a photo and uploaded it to her Instagram page.

Caption: Hacked


It was now a little after four pm and we wrapped for the day. Kev and I were back in midtown, walking into Rockefeller Center for the late night taping. I felt the phone vibrated, expecting it to be a message from Dollface because I haven’t heard from her since this morning and I’m usually good at checking in, but today was pure madness. The phone beeps again and I input her passcode, I clicked to the messages:


Babe, you looked magnificent. Lunch was amazing, you still have the glow and shine that I fell in love with the first time we met. Seeing you brought back memories that made me realize how stupid I was to let you go. I never stopped loving you.
C ;)

I stared at the phone not quite registering what I just read. I felt the anger and betrayal stir in the pit of my stomach. And almost immediately her phone vibrates, my stomach tightens thinking it could be him, but I exhaled deeply when I saw my name and a picture of the both of us making funny faces flash across the screen. My finger hovers over the decline button, but I thought against it watching as the screen dims and lights up showing a missed call. The phone vibrates again, she’s sent a message. I slipped her phone in my pocket and quickly swallowed my emotions and smiled ready for the camera. I walked unto the stage to deafening applause and screams.

The  taping was an hour and it was an absolute blur. The  only thing on mind was getting to this moment. I arrived at Santorini’s a bit early, trying to figure out what I would say to her. It was 7:50p when she walked through the doors and was led to where I was seated.

“Sorry, I’m late.” She beams, kissing me lightly on the lips; removing her jacket to reveal a peach sweater and leather pants.

I smile, “don’t worry about it.”

She sat across from me as the server filled her glass. “Thank you.” She smiled.

“ I ordered appetizers for us.” I say taking a sip of the water.

“Good because I am starving.”

My mind whirred as she spoke about her day and I filled her in on the multiple shoots around the city.

She doesn’t know he sent a message, so maybe it’s nothing, but something is nagging me about this, something feels off and I have every right to know. I smiled at her stories, interjecting when it was appropriate, but I wasn’t listening. The appetizers came and she lifted food from the bowl and placed it on a plate and handed it to me. I laid the plate down in front of me.

“Sebs is there something wrong? You haven’t said much.” I reached into my pocket, not taking my eyes from hers and handed her the phone. “We don’t have to do this now, you can give it to me later.” She gestures nonchalantly taking a bite of the dinner roll.

“No, you should take it.” I say slowly.

“OK.” She looks at me then hesitantly takes the phone.

She breaks our eye contact and I looked down at my plate thinking of all the food that was about to be wasted because my appetite was currently non-existent and hers was about to follow suit.

“How was lunch?” I asked, gazing at her evenly.

“Fine.” She answers.

“Just fine?” I asked feeling the blood in my veins turning into ice as I gripped the glass of water.

“Yes, Babe. Lunch was just fine.”

I laughed. “Babe…hmm…Okay. Maybe you should read your message and then we’ll try that again.” I state in a clipped tone as the server placed our plates in front of us.

**Chapter Two will be up at midnight tomorrow.**

Persephone {pt.2}

Type: Miniseries Continuation; 7th Sense | One | Two | Three 
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Fluff, Suggestive (NO SMUT), Demon!AU, Witch!AU
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 2,534
A/N: Kind of had too much fun writing this chapter and kind of got carried away…😈 *hides in bush*

You stroll down the produce aisle with your hand wrapped around the long handle of a cart. You should have been keenly looking for the produce the headmistress requested for but instead, you wandered around. Sighing, you blankly stare down at the heads of lettuce in an array of greens.

Just what really happened last night?

Usually, you woke up early in the morning to fetch groceries, but the headmistress let you sleep in another hour. Instead of her usual rude awakening whenever you overslept, she sent the other apprentice to wake you up. You thought you would find the headmistress sitting in the garden out back, sipping tea and enjoying the crisp morning air, but she wasn’t there either. The other apprentice informed you that the headmistress still wasn’t feeling well from last night and decided to rest some more in her bedroom.

You have never seen the headmistress so shaken up before. She was the coldest bitch alive. She had no fears- at least up until last night’s events. Obviously, something happened to her, something even she couldn’t handle.

Just what could it have been?

“Dear?” A gentle, raspy voice calls. You snap out of your thoughts and turn around. In front of you stood a stubby old granny with a large, floppy sun hat that had a sunflower tucked in the ribbon lined around the rim. She looks up at you with her almond eyes and has a kind smile on her lips.

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CTH Imagine: You hate him after a breakup but he still loves you

Hi, hello, it’s me again. So according to quite a few people I’m really good with angst type imagines and I honestly agree. I wasn’t sure what to title this so I kept it simple. This imagine was requested as a series by a anon so I hope you all enjoy.

You groaned at the sound of your phone rudely awakening you from your much needed sleep. You had been at work the whole day after being forced into overtime, so you only had been asleep for no more than two hours. The sound of your ring tone was bouncing off the walls, seeming to grow louder and louder by the second.

“Oh my fucking gosh.” You unplugged your phone from the charger, giving the anonymous person an angry, “Hello.”

“Y/N!” Someone yelled and your eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Who’s this?”

“It’s me, Calum!”

Your eyes widened for a split second before they lowered into slits, glaring at the white wall in front of you.


That name left an ache in your heart and unwanted memories in your brain. You two were in a relationship for a year and a half when you found out that he met someone else; that he didn’t love you anymore. Sure, you were hurt for weeks on end, but you were never one to drown in your feelings forever. You decided one day that you’d hate your first love until you died and forget about him and you were doing fine…at least until now.

“Y/N! You still there?!” He was yelling and you could hear the faint sound of music in the background, letting you know he was probably drunk out of his mind.

“Why did you call me?”

He didn’t reply and instead you just heard his soft breathing come through the phone, the sound of the music disappearing. Apparently he was walking.

“What do you want, Calum?” You asked him, now annoyed that he hadn’t answered you.

“You.” He said confidently and you snorted.


“Yeah..I want you, Y/N, I’ve always have.”

“Oh, really? Is that why you cheated and left me?”

“Yes,” You gasped in offense and he quickly stuttered out,“ I mean no.”

“Bye, Calum.”

“It wasn’t like that, Y/N, I-”

With that you hung up in his face. How dare he call me drunk and say he cheated on me for me? What kind of fucked up logic is that? As you placed your phone back on the charger it began to ring once again, the unknown yet familiar number appearing on the screen. You quickly muted it, deciding that you weren’t going to deal with him tonight. You worked too hard to build yourself up again, and you’re not letting him ruin you again.

As you were slowly dozing back to sleep a loud banging sound echoed throughout your apartment. This time you flipped onto your back and stared at the ceiling with a pained expression on your face.

“Why me? Why does everyone want to bother me? Why can’t I get sleep?”

The banging sounded again and you got out the bed, pulling down your large tshirt and marching towards the door.

“What do you ne-” you paused as you swung your door open, eyes widened in shock at the guest.

“Hi, hello.” He giggled as he leaned against the doorframe.

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you, duh.” He booped your nose and you looked at him as if he had two heads.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

“Go home, Calum. ”

“I lost my key.” He gave you an excuse.

“Call the boys.”

“I left them at the party.”


“And they’ve all got girls and are completely wasted like me, they’re not leaving.” He slurred and you let out a frustrated sigh.

“I don’t have anywhere to go and I-” he hiccuped, reaching up to rub his bloodshot eyes,“ I missed you.”

“That’s funny.”

“What’s funny? It’s something on my face?” He then began to rub at his puffy red cheeks and you snorted at how lost he was.

“Nothing, just.."You trailed. You knew you couldn’t just leave him out there in the cold drunk. There’s no telling what would happen to him. I mean, you hated him, but not that much. "Come in,dickhead.”

“Ha, dickhead.” He laughed at the insult, almost falling over his feet as he walked in.

He stood and watched your every move as you got the couch ready for him. He was captivated by how much more beautiful you’ve seem to be since the last time he saw you. It was crazy because he always thought you looked better when you woke up. Hair messy, slouchy clothes, and face just a tad bit puffy. You tossed a pillow on your couch and spun around to see him already staring at you.

“Well, here you go.”

“You’re so beautiful.”

“I know.” You rolled your eyes, spinning on your heels to head to your room.

You had decided that your were going to pee before bed and as you did so, you heard shuffling in the hallway. You massaged your temples lightly knowing that you were probably going to have to deal with him all night long. When you stepped into your room, Calum was on what used to be his side of the bed curled into a ball.

“I put sheets on the couch for a reason.”

“But now that I’m here why sleep without you?”

“Because we’re not together anymore. You made that pretty clear four months ago.”

“Those four months were hell.”

“Who’s fault is that? Now, get out of my bed.”

“Please, Y/N.”

“I’m not going to tell you again.”

“I don’t want to sleep without you anymore.”

“I’ll pull you out myself if I need to.” You stayed firm. You weren’t going to let him in, not again.

Calum sighed and slowly got out of the bed, trudging towards the door. He stopped in front of you and examined your face for a few seconds, noticing the few differences since he left. How your face seemed to mature a little in just those four months.s

“I still love you, yanno?”


“I do…I never stopped.”

“Get out.”

In a split second Calum’s lips were on yours and you stood there frozen in shock. He gripped your waist tightly, pulling you closer to him and that’s when you just decided to give in. Your hands wrapped around his neck, playing with the baby raven curls at the nape of his neck.

Wow, Y/N. You scolded yourself. You spent at least two months getting over this asshole and for what? Just to run back into his arms and kiss him?

You quickly pulled back, pushing Calum away from you and causing him to stumble. He stood there staring at you with a dazed look in his eyes and the slightest smile on his lips, his fingers raising up to lightly touch his lips.

“You need to go.”

“Goodnight, Y/N. I love you.” He spoke quietly as he walked out of your room.

You slammed your door shut and turned the lock, climbing into your bed and tugging the covers over you head. You could feel your lips tingling and your body just a tad bit overheating. His words replaying over and over in your head.

“I still love you, yanno?”

“I do…I never stopped." 

You let out a frustrated sigh, burying your face into your pillow before groaning out,” What the fuck.”

anonymous asked:

Hau, Lillie, and Gladion's reaction to their s/o fainting please

- he’s got some pretty good reflexes, so he probably catches you in time before you hit the ground, confused and stressed. he probably takes a few seconds to try and wake you up before finally deciding to take you to a motel and keep you there til you wake up
- when you finally wake up, expect to be scolded a bit. why didn’t you tell him you were feeling funny? yall could have took it easy that day. he may seem angry but he’s genuinely worried, and it shows in his tone

- she doesn’t notice you’re swaying until you actually hit the ground, where she rushes to try and wake you up. instead of calling a charizard or something, she decides to call out your nearest water pokemon and douse you to try and shock you awake
- even though she means well, its a p rude awakening. after that she probably helps you get to someplace safe while you recover, like a cave or (if you’re close by) a motel. she fusses over you days after the incident, all too worried it’ll happen again

- he’s not sure when exactly you go down, but one moment you’re next to him, next you’re face flat on the dirt. he probably tries to carry you back to a care center himself, but in the end gets some help from people who spot him trying. you end up at a pokemon center, people around you trying to wake you up
- he’s the first to try and get you to talk about what happened. were you sick? do you need a hospital? nurse joy is able to tell it was just exhaustion, but hau is dramatic and fears its much worse. he insists you at least rest a day before continuing your journey, just in case

Oh boy here we go, the bomb is about to dop.

Also this is definitely a way to tell the fans “Yeah, it happened. Look, have a visual witness.”


Guess it’s confirmed. Rose killed Pink Diamond.

I’m guessing that’s the reason she swore to herself never to shatter anyone again.

Oh… fuck

For a moment I forgot Steven was there.

Yeah… yeah.

Oh hey, second time Steven’s said his mother’s full name.

And it’s just as heartbreaking as the first time.

This is a rude awakening. Poor little guy.

That’s a confirmation right there.

Pearl saw it happen too. She was PD’s Pearl I presume.

Jeez. This is… rough.

I feel so bad for Steven. He does not deserve all the shit his mother left for him to figure out.

Oh, I was wrong.

Look at that face, Amethyst knows.