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Ruben carries a little pink backpack oh my lord

Speaking of that why doesn’t anyone ever think of Ruben and his sisters I thought that was cute AF

grimkipp  asked:

What is the relationship between ruben and virus? *takes out pencil and paper for notes* :3c

their relationship it’s somehow interesting, Ruben has an unusually high soul energy, since he is a human and still is the son of an entity, this is actually rather common on offsprings of an entity and a human, the soul energy is the onewhich virus feeds of and grows stronger with to form his own body, when he became an imp, he became pure energy, he needs enough energy to become material once again, which would also make him incredibly powerful. Virus lives in a semi astral plane, we are unable to see him, but he can get into someone’s body and mind.

However when he met Ruben, it was a somehow different connection, he felt something he hadn’t felt since he fell into darkness, this confused him and made him curious and rather enraged at not being able to understand why. Ruben reminded him of something, or rather, someone unknown.

Virus decided to use Ruben as a source of energy instead of sucking him dry and leave him to a possible death, he also uses Ruben’s body and mind to claim as his own, however Ruben (with help) is strong enough to stop those effects And send virus’s actual being to his old Limbo realm so he doesn’t keep drying people out of their souls, however once the connection is done is very hard to eliminate it, so virus still “Lives” and communicates on Ruben’s mind and torment him, while still being infatutated with him and trying to drag ruben down once more so he can get out of the limbo again, and go on with his old schemes, now using ruben as a body to live in until he is strong enough. 

its very complicated stuff, very dark and scary over all.

Alexander Hamilton
2017 Tour Cast

alexander hamilton - hamilton, 3/14/2017, first national tour, san francisco.

joshua henry as aaron burr, michael luwoye as alexander hamilton, ruben j. carbajal as john laurens/philip hamilton, jordan donica as marquis de lafayette/thomas jefferson, mathenee treco as hercules mulligan/james madison, solea pfeiffer as eliza hamilton, isaiah johnson as george washington, emmy raver-lampman as angelica schuyler, amber iman as peggy schuyler/maria reynolds

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