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EXCLUSIVES + PLOTTING CALL !!  i’ve been wanting to make an exclusive/mains page for a while. that’s for both this and my other blog ( @equanimitiesx

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“Look, kid.” Yeap, it was time again for one of his rants. He could already tell the kid was already zoning out on him. If there was one good thing that Russel did was being quiet while Nate was the complete opposite. Non-stop talk from him, or if he didn’t feel like talking there were the CDs he had found throughout his travels. Anything to fill the silence, really. But today felt like a talking day. things have been laying heavy in his mind and he needed to let it out. And what best way to let it out then his own little diary, called Russ. ( Not like he barely said anything back in response anyway )

He clearly his throat. “You know, people are going to come into your life but then they quickly leave you in a blink of an eye. It’s amazing, really. Did you know I had a friend before I met you. I completely forgot his name….” He remember it, he remember that day all too much and just feeling lie the worse thing ever. “Some crack head shot him and then dare to fucking escape my clutches…..the nerve!”

Those feelings he felt were hard to pin point. Sadness….even recalling such memories brought it all back. It was like ripping off a bandage and boy did that fucking hurt. “…I chased after that fucker…..” He remember feeling rage, a blind angry, murderous rage taking control. He hunted them like a blood thirsty animal. “They knew what they were getting themselves into fucking with me and my friend. I don’t give a dam what were there reasons behind that shit…that’s not cool!” Killing others, was kind of HIS thing but yet when it directly impacted him, it was wrong. He knew him!

He knew what he was doing was bad now. But at the time it felt right to him. Revenge was only so sweet. Well…you see I tracked them down. I guess that cop really helped stop them. It stop me too…just fucking hell…had to put the op down. That seemed to calm the blood thirst because fuck I just killed a cop…but still…you know me….I never stop once I start. I pursue them and let’s say….” He looked down at his hand the cut imprint was still there as clear as day. “Fucker slammed the door on my hand which just pissed me off again because fucking hurt.”

Nate sighed, “In the end couldn’t get the fucker….but! Did find his buddy, just out and wandering about. Long story short, he was the guy I was looking for…and guess what I did. Honestly, you should make a smart guess, boy. I put a bullet though his eye. A life for a life….” Was the kid even listening still? Probably not. “…I would do the same for you if some fuckboy killed your lame ass.” He actually liked the kid alive and not dead. Even if they still had their fights, he still generally cared about him. He was just really bad at expressing anything that wasn’t anger.