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You know what.. fuck it. I can’t help but visualise Dark and Anti as Famine and Pollution from Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens. They suit each other so well:

Famine is well-groomed (‘took the form of a thin businessman man with black hair’), civilised and completely self-obsessed with his actions upon other people ( “If you pointed out the existence of starving children in Africa, he’d be professionally flattered that you’d noticed.”). He’s also very manipulative; when he walks into a room everyone feels his presence (starts to feel hungry) and the biggest fools are the ones who adore him. 

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(also how ironic that this Darkiplier tempts us with food: the dinner and the ice cream. :) ) 

Pollution (replacing Pestilence in the 4 horsemen after the discovery on penicillin) is young and rather childish in look (‘took the form as a young man with boyish features.’) and in nature; he’s attracted to industry and electronics. He can also manipulate electronics and chemicals (he turns off alarms with a blink of an eye when intruding power plants) and when he is weak he turns into a melting morphing pile of chemicals (mainly septic… :) ). Plus he’s also depicted as a punk (“bleached hair”, gauges in ears and tattoos)

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…I’m gonna have to draw it at some point just to get over it. :)

only lord knows how long it took me to do this

so it’s like 12am where I’m at and gods, I’m just so happy to finish this! i’m such a big shit when it comes to fonts and stuff, but i’m actually really happy about this one!

Here’s some fanart for Boyinaband’s new song, Spectrum ft. Cryaotic and RPGMinx. 

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April Fools Youtube Fandoms Update

Minx’s fandom: omg, she revealed her face, she’s so cuteee!!!
Phandom: sOFt and NEaT

If you are in all the fandoms: I CAN’T HANDLE THIS *Head explodes*

Okay, I was rewatching Don’t Starve Together series that Ohm played with Max, Minx, Renee and then also Mathas and then this happened:

Ohm: “You wanna see my dangerous cockwork?”

Max: “No, never. Actually.”

Ohm: “Nooo? Why?” 

Max: “I’ll tell you why, Ohm. Because RIP Maskedmexican.”

Ohm: “Ohhhh, you like it, Max.”

Ohm: “Well, I thought you told me that you print out the Tumblr stuff and you put it on your wall.”

Max: “Shh, that was secret!”

Don’t Starve Together, episode 50