the rpgminx

only lord knows how long it took me to do this

so it’s like 12am where I’m at and gods, I’m just so happy to finish this! i’m such a big shit when it comes to fonts and stuff, but i’m actually really happy about this one!

Here’s some fanart for Boyinaband’s new song, Spectrum ft. Cryaotic and RPGMinx. 

you can repost but please credit me


Spectrum - A song for the people that can’t come out to anyone.


THE MAN IN THE WALL - Short FanAnimation

by: Netty Scribble

Original Video - Ken’s perspective

Let’s Players Playing Slime Rancher:

Markiplier and Jacksepticeye: Take the game halfway seriously, both compliment it on its art style, and seem to find the slimes overall cute.

MangaMinx: Literally calls her video “Slime Enslaver”

Mangaminx: Treats slimes like prisoners serving life sentences

Mangaminx:  Flings multiple slimes into the ocean for shits and giggles