the royal hunt of the sun

Hopelessly Waiting

Summary: When a well respected Lord Rumlow takes interest in you, will your Prince Charming come rescue you?

A/N: Here is that Steve “candy” I promised @poe-also-bucky Its pretty angsty though soooo

Word Count: 2367

Smoothing out your dress you looked at yourself in the mirror once more, still not used to the reflection that stared back at you.

This didn’t look like you, you never wore fancy dresses or lots of makeup- you were just the local seamstress in your small village. But when Lord Rumlow decided you were to be his wife after he visited your village, your father readily agreed- for it would bring your family money and honor to your name.

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If the Stars Align - Chapter I

Summary: The Musketeers AU. Danger lurks around every corner in the French court and as a Musketeer in service of the royal family, Killian’s duty is to protect them from any and all threats. As his relationship with Queen Emma develops into something more than just friendship, threats against the queen escalate and place everything they both hold dear into jeopardy.

Rating: M

Content warning for the story: violence, mature themes, minor character death.

Thanks to my beta-reader @throughcnidarianeyes for letting me rant about this for hours and hours, and thousands of thanks to @hook-and-star-ink , @acaptainswaneternity and @seastarved for all the glorious artwork they did. 

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It’s the day Killian Jones has been dreading for weeks.

On any other occasion, he would be happy to spend the day in the French woods, under the canopy of birch trees with their quivering leaves and swaying branches, the sun filtering through the canopy and casting a soft, pleasant light all around. Though its only early April, the air is heavy and hot as if it were summer itself, and under the trees it’s not as sweltering as it was back in the palace gardens.

So Killian should be thrilled that his duty today is to escort the royals and several courtiers into the shaded woods for a hunt, a day where he’ll probably spend most of his time crouched in silence as the king and court wait for an ever elusive deer. But no, he is not delighted or relieved that today is going to be laidback because on the contrary – today is the day everything changes.

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Originally posted by jiminrolls

Summary: He was born with a disease that affected his life as a vampire. So you, filled with great intelligence wanted to help him. But are you willing to give up one of the most precious thing that makes a vampire a vampire?

Member: Park Jimin

Genre: ♡ Fluff ∥ ☾ Angst ∥ vampire!au

Word count: 7.4k

Our lives were not always the same. We as vampires once never got to enjoy ourselves in the sun. And that changed with my Great Grandmother’s intelligence, when she invented a cure that made all vampires adapt to the light. But even then, we were still attached to the dark. It wasn’t weird. It was just a vampire’s thing. My family wasn’t from a royal family, but we were then respected deeply after Great Grandmother’s antidote. Because of her, we were able to hunt whenever we wanted. We didn’t had to wait when the sun disappeared or be cautious of curfew when dawn–or as I like to say it; the aurora–had arrived. It changed our lives.

Except for one.

The prince of a wealthy royal family couldn’t get out of the dark. He was stuck there forever as born with a great disease had cursed him. While everyone else got to enjoy themselves in the sunlight, he stayed in his room, only able to cast covetous eyes as some passed by flying in their bat form. Many tried almost everything to help the poor guy, but none of the efforts had succeeded.

I grieved for the prince as all he could do was stay inside his home. We had met when I was flying and saw him looking out like he wanted to say something. I postponed flying with my friends and stayed to wave a hello.

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I just wanna think sappy things about Thor and Loki in the early stages of making their relationship romantic

like Thor being absolutely beside himself with happiness when he discovers that after sex Loki is actually very clingy and cuddly for awhile

and Loki giving Thor magic presents that he enchanted himself

and Thor kissing Loki on the forehead in public and Loki sort of reacts exactly like a moody cat, but in private Loki is the one kissing Thor’s forehead but always with a guise of grumpiness, just to save face

the two of them lazily and happily fucking, early in the day with the sun shining gold on their mussed bed covers, then afterward Loki goes off to bring them back some food (because he’s the picky eater so he has to look at it and choose it) and then they feed each other small morsels while talking about boring daily things like royal counsels, or sparring grounds maintenance because Thor’s lightning destroyed one the night before while they were fucking like rabbits instead of fighting

Loki realizing he doesn’t get defensive or self-loathing feelings if Thor sees his Jotun appearance

Thor going off on long trips and hunts to bring back rare artifacts for Loki to collect, and kissing Loki goodbye like they’re married while others in the background roll their eyes and urge Thor to hurry up so they can leave

and one day Loki goes out to meet Thor as he returns from a hunt, and Thor’s come back with a very obviously matrimonial assortment of gifts, and proposes before he even gets all the way through the palace gate because he’s waited a thousand years and can’t wait a second more ~

Some Steggy fic recs

For @carterrogers <3

(This is by no means a comprehensive list, or in any particular order, but just a few of my many faves)

All summaries come from the fics themselves

Don’t Stop Me NowAfter three years of rooming with Steve Rogers, Clint has discovered that the best thing about him is how he is absolutely, pathologically, unable to turn down a dare. Wherein Clint and all his friends take to meddling in Steve’s love life because they’re terrible people. (I adore this AU. So much.)

Time Heals All Wounds: The story spans the time period from 1943 to 1953, but references the entire MCU timeline (at least through AoU and the first half of Agent Carter, S2). Several years post AoU (it’s surely AU after that) Steve Rogers is sent back to 1943. “The smallest change could have enormous impact.”

The Good Doctor: Steve needs to know if Peggy knew about Zola. She did, and her cryptic words lead Steve on a hunt for parts of his past that he never thought he’d see again. 

Peggy and the Reds:  The one where Peggy, Pepper and Natasha are college roommates. (I’m a sucker for College AUs sorry)

And the Sun Hits Ground:  An AU of the Agent Carter episode Iron Ceiling.

Casino Royale:  A ruthless killer. A legendary lover. And the world’s only hope against total annihilation. When Agent Margaret Carter, recently awarded her Double-Oh status for the extermination of two important threats, is sent into a high-stakes poker game against a criminal known only as the Red Skull, she isn’t entirely pleased to have an American pretty-boy as her only back-up on the job. But Steve Rogers isn’t just the money—he’s an important ally. And by the end of it all, Steve might be all Carter has to keep her alive.

in search of silver linings (we discovered gold):  Steve asks Jemma a favour, and things don’t go as planned. (Or: Jemma defies the laws of nature.)

Through Dangers Untold and Hardships Unnumbered: Set post-Captain America: the Winter Soldier. Steve’s been lost since they thawed him out. When he discovers Peggy Carter is still alive, he’s even more lost. Sometimes reuniting with the love of your life isn’t happily ever after. Sometimes, it’s the very beginning of the hardest thing you’ve ever done. ((or, that one fic where Bucky’s medical records are missing. Tony thinks Fury’s growing super soldiers. Fury thinks Steve has an illegitimate daughter. Natasha knows a lot more than she’s saying. And everyone’s afraid of Peggy.)) 

patron saint of shiners and showgirls:  The USO girls are Steve’s Howling Commandos. Bucky’s died and gone to Heaven.

Tonight, We Are Young: “I might have made a wish on the Tesseract that could have had something to do with Peggy getting younger.” Steve and Peggy get a second chance to live a lifetime together. There are a few details to work out first.

Above and Beyond:  In February of 1944, Captain America fought his way through a blizzard and broke apart a HYDRA blockade in central Italy that was choking the Allies. Those closest to him tell the tale of this act of heroism, which saved the lives of over a thousand soldiers and inspired them to stay strong in the face of the toughest adversity.

Snapshots in Memories:  Six moments in the love story of Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers.

A Whole New World:  Sequel to The Ones Left Behind. Peggy Carter is undercover in Tibet. Steve Rogers is waking up in the 21st century in New York. At some point, they will get their happy ending. That is, if they can navigate exploding bases, aliens invasions and Tony Stark.

Burning With A Deadly Heat:  Howard Stark never stopped looking for Captain America, but no one ever expected Stark to find him.

if this is home:  Steve keeps waking up in the wrong place

Flames We Never Lit:  Peggy Carter is frozen in 1946 and awakened by SHIELD in 2012.

And to toot my own horn a little

We Tried the World:  Moments in the post-war lives of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

I chose to just pick completed ones that I found in my bookmarks. This isn’t all of them, and there are certainly tons more that I have loved, but here’s a few. If anyone has more, feel free to add them!

Are we being watched? Tens of other worlds could spot the Earth

A group of scientists from Queen’s University Belfast and the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany have turned exoplanet-hunting on its head, in a study that instead looks at how an alien observer might be able to detect Earth using our own methods. They find that at least nine exoplanets are ideally placed to observe transits of Earth, in a new work published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Thanks to facilities and missions such as SuperWASP and Kepler, we have now discovered thousands of planets orbiting stars other than our Sun, worlds known as ‘exoplanets’. The vast majority of these are found when the planets cross in front of their host stars in what are known as 'transits’, which allow astronomers to see light from the host star dim slightly at regular intervals every time the planet passes between us and the distant star.

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Hey I was wondering what the 2ps would do/think if they saw a cute girl with small tits but a big shaped ass and legs?

(aH like pear??)

2P!Italy: *slides into dms like a suave motherfrickfrack*


2P!Germany: “hey there hot stuff, no that’s not a gun in my pocket that’s my raging boner ; )))))”

2P!Prussia: helo it is i the blush bitch, welcome to my royal cavern of stutters and compliments   

2P!Japan: “i’m sinnin’ tonight”

2P!America: y e a h i g o t a t h i n g f o r y o u a l r i g h t 

2P!England: “wowie what a beaut!!” *hunts the boot* *the beaut boot*

2P!France: *tries to puff smoke out in shape of heart* *gets shot down and never tries again*

2P!Russia: *tries to do a flirt flort* *does a sweat swat instead*

2P!China: *has successfully slid into dms and out of pants*

2P!Canada: *admires from a distance while dying inside*

Meant To Meet

So, with a terrible delay, I wrote a thing for @captainceranna. Guys, her Children of the Champions is one of the most interesting things we have in this fandom about a future after Inquisition! And, her amazing art make everything even more charming! Everytime I read and see something about this universe, I’m deeply happy.
Thank you for letting me play with your OCs, I hope you’re going to like this, dear!

Laneda Rutherford X Kieran 

The first time Laneda kisses him, she has the advantage of the surprise. And Kieran gently pushes her away, ignoring her frown and -that was definetely harder - his desire to throw his supposed good sense outside the windows and kiss her back, instead. Slowly. Deeper.
“Why?” the young woman inquires, crossing her arms in a way that reminds him her father, as he had often seen Commander Cullen doing in Skyhold, years ago.
“Because it’s wrong.”
For her. For their mission to save the world.
Kieran mouth twitches in a sour amusement. People has started to call their rundown group the Children of the Champions. And they truly are. A bunch of children determined to step away from their parents’ shadows. The children of the Hero of Ferelden, the Champion, the Inquisitor. Children barely aware of the implications of their mission. The nickname does not apply to him, the son of an unknown witch of the Wilds. He doubts he has ever been a child in the tradtional meaning of the word. But the others? They still are, even if they can’t see it, even if their ages tell him differently. They’re children who picked a path not fully understanding the implications and the dangers. If someone has told him he was going to join them, Kieran would have laughed.He had no wishes to be stuck babysitting them, but then Lea appeared, tousled, angry and willing to let her royal life behind. He wasn’t selfish enough to turn his back on his own sister. Well, a half sister who doesn’t even know they have the same father. But it doesn’t matter, as long she’s there, he will.
How can he explain all of this to Laneda? Tell her that she - and all the others - weren’t supposed to be there, with him? That his mother has trained him for hunting and stopping the Dread Wolf alone? 
He’s a hunter, neither a companion or a hero. His world is different from hers. Darker. Colder. A place the sun doesn’t reach for kissing her golden curls. A place where her laughter risks to disappear. She deserves better.
“I’m too old, Laneda.”

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My favourite films to date

12 years a slave
The Act of Killing
American beauty
American History X
The big short
Being John malkovich
Black swan
Catch me if you can
Children of men
City of God
Dark Knight trilogy
The Departed
Donnie darko
Empire of the sun
Fight club
From dusk till dawn
Ghost in the shell
Glengarry Glen Ross
Good will hunting
Green room
Guardians of the Galaxy
High Fidelity
Hell or High Water
In the loop
Inside job
Inglorious basterds
Jerry maguire
Look of silence
Little miss sunshine
Manchester By The Sea
Miles ahead
Mr. Nobody
Mystic river
Night crawler
No country for old men
Office space
Pans labyrinth
Pineapple Express
Pulp fiction
Punch drunk love
Raise the red lantern
Raising arizona
Requiem for a dream
the royal tenenbaums
Shallow grave
Silver linings playbook
Slumdog millionaire

Day dawned bright and early on King’s Landing, the air held the hint of a chill which hinted that perhaps Summer was finally coming to it’s end. The sun still shone bright however, filling every corner of the Red Keep with light.

Much had been done this day, a feast planned for the night with meat that would be brought back from her royal husband’s hunt. With luck, an arrow would go astray. or he would fall from his horse or a lion would savage him all to pieces and she could savour her food that much more.

The queen looked up from her needlework when her door opened, her eldest son coming into the room. Myrcella let out a cry of delight and ran to him, throwing her arms around his middle. “I thought you would be with your father, the hunt is to start soon is it not?”


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They must have done something with shiny chances cause me as well as a bunch of others are finding shiny wild Pokémon like super easily wtf

the shiny encounter rate was lowered A LOT. the original encounter rate was 1/8192 and in x/y and sun and moon it’s lowered to 1/4096. There’s that one squatting delinquent in the royal avenue that confirms this saying its “a 1 in about 4000 chance” so happy shiny hunting!

put a smile on your dial - a mix to make you happy when you’re feeling down (x)

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