the royal hue

Star-Crossed (M)


☆Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut || CEO!Jimin

☆Pairing: Jimin x Reader

☆Length: 22.7k

☆Summary: Like a constellation hung from the skies above, he who had once illuminated the lackluster night sky of the bustling city appeared to you like  a meteor shower raining upon the pitch black horizon, And just as quick and abrupt as the celestial display had graced its way through the lonely skies above, he left just as suddenly as it had arrived. But you should’ve expected this ill-fated story, a waitress struggling to get by had never been fitting of an heir-to-be CEO. What was written in the stars was written into history, and history is an irrevocable phenomenon that cannot be reversed.

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Timed Prompt (10 min)

  • Prompt: Photo (below)

Music drones in his ears as his last note comes to a close. Heavy, passionate eyelids open to welcome the blinding lights hailing above in opulent shades of lime green, lavender and royal blue hues. Kyungsoo’s lips fall onto to the mic once more for the subtle adlibs to end the song before the music cuts off. It’s over, and the crowd encompasses him in a roaring applause.

He almost forgets; forgets that they are on stage in the face of millions. But the passion swarming just below the surface takes him elsewhere. He berates himself, because how could he forget? How could he forget that while enjoying the unyielding influxes of praises, Jongin sits on the side of the stage in his lonesome. An injury he has, one which doesn’t allow him to stand among his band mates, but that doesn’t stop him and Kyungsoo is proud of that.

Before he knows it, he’s walking toward said male who sits on a round ivory stool. Curled eyes and a bright smile greet him as he draws near, and once again, he hears his conscious buzzing about his lack of mental capacity.

Jongin mouths something that he can’t quite hear, and Kyungsoo removes the earplug in his ear and bends over to listen closely. A nod of understanding later, he smiles before leaning over to listen to Jongin once again.

Apparently, something is wrong with Jongin’s mic as he fiddles with the cylindrical object in his palms. Having sparse knowledge with stage technology, Kyungsoo isn’t well equipped to handle such a task. But the concentration exuding from Jongin’s face is irresistible, and he sticks around to see if he’ll be able to fix the problem.

Jongin crosses a leg over the other as he sits up, and Kyungsoo bends his body to accommodate the large distance again.

“Jongin,” he says, though the man doesn’t make any movement to acknowledge he’s heard anything, “Jongin,” he calls, but the other lacks a response again. Kyungsoo chuckles, hands luring to the object of Jongin’s obsession. “Let me see…” he takes it and works with the mic, but to no avail.

Winter Polish

15 festive nail polishes for the holiday season

Here at Wantering, we’ve covered the season’s best holiday dresses and accessories, but let’s not forget about the last detail of any look - nail polish. When seasons change, so do polish colors, and while we’ll always love the basics, the holiday season allows us the chance to switch up our go-to lacquers. From red and royal hues to metallic and sparkle glazes, scroll down to see our picks of the prettiest nail polishes that you can wear all season long!

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It’s Always You

In which the good/evil reversal results in Killian the upstanding Captain of the Royal navy and Emma his not-quite-as-upstanding wife.  Based on this that I made the other day because lenfaz and various anons requested a fic.

Thanks to Lanni for betaing!

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It is not the first time she has stumbled back to his ship in the dead of night with shaking hands and rum on her breath, eyes drooping and wild. It is more a routine, truly. It is not the first time he has sat out on the deck in the milky moonlight anxiously awaiting her return, either. He sits on the steps to quarterdeck with the top buttons of his uniform undone and his hair surely stood up in every direction, becoming further acquainted with the stars as he tries to distract himself from her absence—letter clutched tight in his hand.

He knows she is more than capable of caring for herself (he knows he should fear more for whoever dares cross her bloody path), but he cannot help but worry ceaselessly for her every night, till he catches a flash of bright blonde from the corner of his eye and can breathe easily again.

Tonight when he sees her, though, the fears do not melt out of his chest, and the paper clenched between his fingers seems to grow heavier.

She stumbles onto the deck and he rises to meet her, heart heaving in his chest as she slips out of the shadow of the mast into the rays from the moon—and he can see how her hair is tangled and her eyes dark and her hands tremble.

She catches sight of his eyes drifting concerned over her, and buries her hand into the material of her dress as she takes half a step back, sinking back into the darkness.

He follows, and when her eyes fall to the deck and the shaking of her hands become too much for the heavy leather folds of her dress to hide, he reaches out and tangles his fingers round her quivering wrist.

“Alright, love?”

She shrugs and he feels her muscles tighten beneath his hold, but she does not move to pull away. Her eyes slowly rise to his, and through the shadows he can see just how bright and full and green they are—pupils mere pinpricks.

“I’m fine.”

He sighs, heart clenching again, and he grips her wrist tighter—before raising the crumpled paper for her to see.

“I received a concerned message from the court today,” he says softly, voice scratching through the quiet night—and he does not have to explain further, because they both know precisely what the message is about.

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TPoH fanfic: My Hero

Obviously I do not own The Property of Hate nor the characters. You can also read this on fanfiction . net. Except for the ‘stubborns’-bit of a fan-er-monster I created.

Genre: Friendship and mild drama, K+

Summary: RGB wasn’t a hero. That was what that innocent girl, Hero, was for. He was just a coward acting as her charming guide to save his surreal world. However, in a harrowing series of events that puts their lives at risk, the roles within the unlikely duo become blurred and compromised.

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