the rows of cherry trees

Old as dirt...

But still really good! The Rows of Cherry Trees is kind of like and odd cross between a picture book and a manga, so it makes for a really sweet and interesting read. It’s age actually stands out to its advantage, because not only does it has the same old-timey schoolgirl friendship that shows like Maria-Sama Ga Miteru try to capture, it was clearly made in the era before the standard manga format came into play, so it often breaks into more illustrative art scenes or otherwise just messes with it’s own format just to keep with the mood.

It’s one of those things that I read it and wonder “dang, why don’t people try more of this kind of thing today?” And if they do, hurry up and tell me! I need some more awesome stuff to read.

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things you said with no space between us + that boy in a pink sweater + a date on a spring day :) plssss

(photo cr.)

Part of the “things you said…” drabble series: Things you said with no space between us.

Seunghoon wasn’t going to bring it up, but she looks way too comfortable in something that isn’t hers and quite frankly, way too adorable for him to pass up.

‘’Is that a new sweater? It looks good on you.’’ Seunghoon asks with a faint smile, tipping his chin up to the bubble-gum pink sweater that complemented her so pleasingly.

She beams, stretching her fingers out of the too long sleeves and plays with the edges, ‘’Of course it does, it’s yours, Hoonie.’’

‘’I want it back, thanks. I don’t trust you and your clumsy ass.’’ He retorts, failing to mask the fact that he’s still admiring the oversized clothing.

In return, she rolls her eyes a little, mumbling something about how spilled things just happens, it’s not like I intentionally do it.

‘’Ugh, fine. Why do you love it so much?’’ She gives in with a loud sigh, then shoots him a knowing smile, almost too cheeky for him not to notice that she’s just mocking him.

She knew exactly why and Seunghoon scowls in response.

‘’I’m offended that you had the nerve to ask me that.’’

The memory plays visibly in the back of her mind, clear as the spring’s day she saw him first, exactly a year ago beneath rows and rows of cherry blossom trees as pink as his sweater.

And an over excited Italian greyhound that managed to tear off his leash, chasing her terrified dog with a mortified Seunghoon flailing after them.

“You know it was all Haute, the fluffy sweater was fortunately blinding enough to make you stand out and have me notice you, Lee Seunghoon.’’ She says, tone nonchalant as she scans the menu that sat between them.

“Okay, now you’re just being mean.” He mutters, making her look up to flash him an ear to ear smile that still does things to him.

‘’I’m kidding. How could I possibly miss you?’’

It’s nothing but the truth, Seunghoon indeed had her at hello.

“Haute! Come back here, you-”

Her eyes grew wide at the young man in pink, all legs and arms as he whizzed past her and presumably after his dog that took a liking to her own. Clearly distracted by his sudden appearance, it took her a little too long to realize that her dog had ran off for dear life, making her race after the three in a spur of panic.

They rushed along footpaths, across roads and down back-alley short cuts until they reached a dead end. Seunghoon was practically wheezing by the time he caged in Haute who was still filled with energy to the brim.

“I’m so sorry,” He heaved in between breaths, tucking the squirming dog in between his arms tightly, “He’s too friendly sometimes.”

She was midway of kneeling down, scooping her dog into her hold, “No, no, it’s fine. He’s adorable!”

She spun around to see a frown of concern on his face, beads of sweat lining his awfully soft hair parted through the middle.

“He scared your pup though.” Seunghoon sighed.

Her dog whimpered into the crook of her elbow and she made a face, almost apologetic, “Yeah, a little.”

He said nothing, remorse flooding his flushed face by the second.

“Was it Haute? Oh, you’re so cute.” She opted to lighten up the mood, perking him to look up at her, sharp hooded eyes that were nothing but tender.

No one could miss the way Seunghoon brightened as she reached out to tickle a pleased Haute under his chin.

“He takes after me-” Seunghoon bit back his tongue when her eyes flicked to him, “I mean, p-people say he takes after me.”

A laugh so hearty bubbled out her lips, bouncing against the brick walls of that alley way and Seunghoon was breathless for an entirely different reason.

She looked away a little too quick, a shy smiled etched on her face as she cooed closer to Haute and to him, “Sure they do. To be fair, I’d say the same.”

Of Public Sector and Golden Sukonbu

Title: Of Public Sector and Golden Sukonbu 
Fandom: Gintama
Pairing: Okita Sougo x Kagura / light implications of a certain BL pairing go figure
Rating: PG-13
Word Count (MS Word): 3,050

Warm-up fic since it’s been sooooo loooong since I wrote one. Not sure if I still have it ‘cause the plot went down the drain halfway into the story.

For @rinrinsamurai, because the ‘golden sukonbu’ term came from her and her phone auto corrected a certain word to ‘public sector’, causing both of us to laugh hysterically whenever we mention it.

Anyway, enjoy!

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Lost In Translation - (Chapter 10 FINALE) Sehun Scenario

Tuqburni (Arabic)
Referring to a love so deep you can’t imagine living life without your partner.

It was your 4 year anniversary and you stood patiently at the bottom of the stairs in the apartment you and Sehun shared.
“Hurry up Sehun. We’re going to be late!” You yelled, somewhat disgruntled.
You two had made dinner reservations in a fancy restaurant to celebrate the night, but if someone took any longer to get ready you wouldn’t be going anywhere.
Sitting down on the last step you sighed but you couldn’t stay mad at him. Not tonight. Tonight you could only smile. It had been 4 years since the anonymous message popped up on your screen, 4 years since Sehun had stood outside your house in the freezing cold with a stereo and just a little under 4 years since he had cried at your doorstep after your massive fight, begging you to take him back. You laughed at the memory. Everyone thought it wouldn’t last between you two - even you did at some points, but you had proved them wrong. 4 years on and the two of you were more in love than you had ever been before.
Sehun clambered down the stairs behind you and you stood up to meet him.
“Finally! What took you so long?” You asked.
“Oh, um nothing.” He said not making eye contact and walking straight past you. His usual stoic expression was nowhere to be found on his face - but instead was replaced with a nervous disposition. You raised a questioning eyebrow.
“Okay we have go.” He said motioning to the door. You scoffed. “I’ve been ready for an hour.”
Sehun opened the door, waiting for you to pass through before locking it behind him. The cold night air hit your bare legs as you walked to the car. Before you could reach for the handle, Sehun had intercepted you and held the door open.
“Why are you being such a gentleman?” You questioned.
He feigned shock, “I am always a gentleman.”
You threw him a look and he laughed.
“I just want tonight to be special.” Confused, you furrowed your brows but he had already began to walk around the car to his side, so you said nothing.

The restaurant was beautiful. It was a large golden room with windows stretching from floor to ceiling. Fairy lights were draped from the roof, casting an iridescent glow on everything their light touched. The tables lay in perfect rows dotted in between fake pink cherry blossom trees and water features. The sound of running water relaxed you. In the corner of the room a group of violinists played a soft tune, adding to the atmosphere of the room. Sehun had really pulled out all the stops tonight. The food was delicious too. You put your fork down and tried to savour the last mouthful of desert on your tongue. However Sehun didn’t seem to be enjoying it as much as you were. You looked up concerned. His eyes glanced quickly around the room, settling on an object for no more than a few seconds. Yes Sehun wasn’t the most tentative person you had met, but he had been distracted all night. His fingers tapped on the top of table in a broken rhythm.
“Are you okay?” You asked infiltrating his anxious daydream, causing him him to look directly at you.
“Me?” He replied.
“No the other man at the table.” You joked. He laughed but it came out sounding strained and nervous. He fidgeted with his fingers again.
“Actually” he began slowly. “There’s something I want to tell you.”
Immediately your mind jumped to the worst conclusion. Your mouth was dry when you spoke.
“What is it?”
He paused for a few seconds.
“The reason I took so long to get ready tonight was because I was writing this.” He took a folded piece of paper out of his blazer pocket with shaking hands and stood up. A few other costumers looked up from their meals to watch confused as to why the young man had rose to his feet.
“Sehun what are you doing?” You hissed but he ignored you, clearing his throat. The room went silent. He began to read.
“On our first date I brought you flowers and I waited before knocking because I was too nervous to enter. I shook your dad’s hand and I looked him in the eye but when your gaze landed on me I stopped breathing, and it was in that moment that I knew. I knew that you mattered more than any of the other things in my life. I fell in love with the way your freckles compliment your face. I fell in love with the fact that at five in the morning when you got my text, even though you were half awake you still replied. I fell in love with the scar on your right thumb despite that you don’t know how it got there. I fell in love with the way your eyes sparkle when I talk about our future and the small smile that teases the side of your lips when I get excited. I fell in love the first time I hit send on that initial message four years ago, and I’ve been falling for you everyday since.”
Tears brimmed in your eyes as you stared at the man standing before you. Whispers broke through the room as the other customers gushed at his romantic outburst. You were about to speak when he reached into his pocket again, but this time he didn’t pull out paper - he pulled out a small velvet box. Your words stuck in your throat. It was as if time had slowed down. You knew what was coming next. Sehun smiled a brilliant smile, his white teeth shining. He slowly opened the box to reveal a sparkling diamond ring. You were unable to make a noise as tears fell from your eyes. He dropped to one knee in front of you. Gasps rang through the room.
“So with that being said” he paused.
“Will you marry me?”

Cherry Pie

I promised you guys Spacedogs tummy love, so here it is! Using Anon prompts “cherries” and “wet,” @toffeecape‘s prompt “lollipop,” and @nurselecter‘s prompt “tummies” (but that one was a given, haha). Largely inspired/enabled by convos with @fat-hanni-anon and @weconqueratdawn <3

Read on Ao3 here.

“Turn left here.”

“Tur – babe, I don’t see anything there, I can’t turn there.”

“You just missed it, it was behind that bush. You’ll have to u-turn and come back from the other way.”

“I could be coming a few other ways right now if we were still at the hotel room,” Nigel said under his breath.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, babe. Let me know when you see the turn-around.”

They’d come upstate to celebrate their anniversary weekend at a small bed and breakfast in the Catskills – Nigel had done all the work in advance to make sure the food was up to Adam’s standards, and that the rooms were clean and the room service reliable. He’d brought them up here with the intent of not leaving their suite all weekend, but it seemed that Adam had planned a small itinerary for them of his own accord. He’d brought a whole folder of pamphlets and schedules. There were color-coded flashcards.

“Nigel, why would you travel to a new place if you didn’t even want to see anything new?”

“Well, I’ll be seeing some of the same old things I like, just in a new bed, how does that sound?”

“There will be plenty of time for you to look at my ass in the hotel room, but you have a refractory period of at least half an hour, Nigel. We’ll have to fill that time somehow.”

“Is that a challenge, little bird?”

“No, it’s a fact of physiology. You can’t be hard for three full days, it’s not feasible or healthy. And it’s stupid to waste that time waiting on erections when we could be doing other things.”

“Challenge accepted.”

Adam had, of course, been right. After they’d arrived in the early afternoon Friday, they’d had a good long fuck before dinner, but only managed a lazy mutual blowjob afterwards. Nigel blamed their low stamina on the long drive, while Adam wondered aloud if it was too early to see Mars emerge.

“You can’t even see it from the city, Nigel. Quit making that face, we have two more days to have orgasms, which we can do at home anyway. Let’s go outside and look!”

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The Cherry Farm (Jumin x MC)

You and Jumin go to visit a cherry farm together. 

Word Count: 589

This was a request made by @liani (Who is an absolutely precious person!) I hope you enjoy and have a fantastic day!


You walked beside your husband as you both explored the countless rows of Cherries trees decorating the plain.

“You know, these are actually Balaton cherries specifically,” Jumin remarked, grinning. “and I think you’ll quite like them.” 

“You think this is going to change my mind?” You asked, tipping your head curiously to the side.  

“I most certainly do.” He chuckled softly. “I don’t understand why you disliked them in the first place dear. Something had to be wrong when you tried it.” 

“Maybe I’m just not a cherry person.” 

“Would you be willing to try again, maybe?” He raised his brow. “I don’t think it would hurt.” 

You scrunched up your nose, trying to hide the small smile tugging at your expression. “…Maybe.” 

He wound an arm around your waist, leaning down to lay his forehead against your own. “Please?” 

His gentle tone caught you.

A small bit of laughter escaped you has you crumbled, giving a faint nod. “Okay, okay, I guess a bite or two wouldn’t hurt.” 

He pressed a tender kiss to your temple, murmuring a small thanks before turning to face the massive, ripe cherries. 

These specifically were of a dark color, the skin coated in a glistening shine and fresh stem.

He wrapped a hand around a couple, tugged gently, a feeble snap being heard as the stem parted from the tree. 

“They look nice.” He hummed. “I was told these sorts were in the best possible shape.” 

“Let’s hope they taste good then.” You replied. “And maybe you’ll make a cherry fan out of me yet.” 

You parted your mouth to take a small bite, avoiding the pit. 

It was an odd combination of contradictory flavors that filled you.

An odd tang drenched you, however, it was quickly followed by a richness that softened the blow. 

Your eyes widened to the size of saucers with slight confusion, your lips folding awkwardly as you processed it all.

“Darling, you seem…confused.” He laughed softly. “How long has it been since you’ve had these?” 

You finished, huffing. “A long time actually.” 

“It certainly does seem to have left an effect.” He said. “Is it a…good kind?” 

“I… think so.” You took another bite, loosening comfortingly. 

As you soaked in the taste a bit more you eventually sighed, dropping your shoulders as you swallowed your pride

“It’s a good kind.” You muttered. 

“Does that mean what it thinks it means?” He chimed. 

“And what do you think that means?” 

“I made you a fan?” 

“You could say that.” You snickered, as he kissed your nose. “They’re much better than I remember.” 

“It must have been rotten.” He exclaimed. “We’ll just have to be sure that we take only the ripest home I suppose.” 

“Are these your favorite fruit?” You asked, laying your head against his shoulder as you continued to walk. 

“Maybe, but there’s something that I like far beyond these.” He began. “In fact, I’d say I love them.” 

“And what’s that?”

He turned to face you, wrapping a fond hand around your own, a delicate thumb running over your knuckles. 

He didn’t even have to think of his answer, as though he knew it better than he knew himself. 

“It’s you of course.” 

Suki Kirai - Chapter 1

At long last, I started working on translating the Suki Kirai light novel. Like before, this is a speedy translation with awkward phrasing and probably a handful of mistakes in it, so keep that in mind while reading. I’ll try and keep a weekly pace with getting out new chapters.

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Cherry Blossoms and Fishing. 

When people bring out their folding adirondack chairs and fishing rods to the Charles River Esplanade, you know it’s spring.

But if you were in doubt, you’d see rows and rows of cherry blossom trees that line up the river, and wish it was always springtime in Boston.

Photos by VJ Singh | Far/Back | Boston, May 2014.

Spring, Cherry Blossoms and You.

A/N: Hello guys!!! So sorry that these few days updates has been poop ;w ; I had so much school work that I just got side tracked ugh ;w ; Anyways~ Here’s a new series for you (literally broke my heart) but you wont know why till later huehuehuehue Hope you enjoy~ Suggestions and comments would be much appreciated!!! 

Pt 1 / Pt 2

To you, spring was the most beautiful season of the year; the chilly wind, the blossoming new buds and the hints sweetness floated in the air. You stood by the end of the bridge that crossed over to the other side of the park and stared at the rows of cherry blossom trees that were yet to bloom. You were so in love with the idea of spring since it signaled a new beginning to a new year, a fresh start. A gush of wind blew and you pulled down your white knit sweater while allowing the wind to ruffle your hair, seeping through every strand. You observed the people that aimlessly walked by without paying much attention; family, friends, couples, kids and individuals. None of them seemed interested with their surroundings but you knew when the cherry blossoms began to bloom, they’d take their time, walking slowly and watch the petals fall and scatter on the ground. But for now, they walked on.

You could describe yourself as an odd girl: you were quiet when you had so much to say, you zoned out from conversations but paid very close attention to the things happening around you, you didn’t like your voice but you liked to hum endless melodies when you found yourself alone, and you were scared of changes but was always up for an adventure. People couldn’t really pin down who you really were.

Your hair bounced gently on your shoulders as you skipped forward to where the soon-to-be cherry blossom trees were. You were feeling extra cheerful today, maybe it was because of that cup of caramel macchiato you had. Who knows? You were taking your time before you heard a mob of screaming girls voices that seemed to get closer and closer. Feeling a bit nervous, you walked after, taking glances behind your shoulders from the fangirls that seemed to charge straight at your direction. Your breath hitched your throat as you began a light jog.

You kept looking back that you didn’t pay any attention to the front anymore and seeming that this was quite a crowded street, you were bound to run into someone. The back of your turned head bumped into a hard chest before you stumbled back a few steps. And with your amazing balancing skills, you fell right on your butt with an “mmf”. You winced at the impact.

“Woah there.” An almost sleepy yet husky voice came from above you. You slowly looked up and had a silent scream. In front of you, was the minty hair and pale skin that you could recognize from anywhere (which was odd because you didn’t see a minty head popping amongst the people). You know who I’m talking about. Him.

He had his mask pulled down under his chin as he held out a hand to help you up. You hesitated, but took it, I mean, you didn’t know when you’d get another chance like this to meet him in person.

“Sorry.” You barely managed out as he helped you up. You dusted yourself, not being able to look at him in the eye.

“No no I’m sorry.” He frowned. It’s been a while since he came to Japan and the last thing planned was to bump and push a girl down (that sounded better in my head).

“Are you okay?” He asked again. He wasn’t the best at talking with girls nor has he ever had a proper conversation with a random girl. But he honestly felt bad.

“Yeah, yeah don’t worry about it.” You finished dusting yourself up and was about to walk the opposite direction when you saw the group of fangirls, keeping their distance but kept screaming his name.

“Ah…shit..” You muttered. You were pretty sure all of them has already killed you 23 times mentally. You felt a tap on your shoulder so you turned to see a pair of tinted cheeks and a minty fairy licking his lips nervously.

“Do you want to walk with me for a bit? I – I mean only if you want to…” He scratched the front of his bangs. You would have broken out into a dance if no one was around.

“Um,” You looked back at the staring fangirls. It couldn’t be that bad right?

“Sure.” You finally answered with a small smile. You’ve been in Japan for about 3 years now and this was the first time someone had asked you on the spot, much less someone you just met.

“That’s great. He beamed. The corners of his mouth were tugged up and his gums showed with his perfect sets of teeth. You pursed your lips. Oh boy.

He covered half his face with his mask again and began walking, only to turn around to nudge you, signaling you to follow him. You walked very slowly since you liked to take in everything around you and he didn’t seem to mind walking at your pace. Actually, he enjoyed it. He enjoyed watching someone who he just met act so carefree around him. He watched you stare up at the sky. He was a bit confused at what you kept looking up to but it didn’t bother him. And you, without even realizing, began to hum. It wasn’t any particular song, but you hummed along with the passing breeze.

Yoongi didn’t know where he was leading you since he wasn’t familiar with this place but whilst walking, you both breezed past a small bakery. Retracing your steps, the both of you settled down. Finally, you felt the knot in your stomach. You were with one of your biggest idol crush. He was real, he was there, sitting in front of you and fidgeting with his phone before he tucked it away as the coffee and cakes came.

You took a sip of your bitter Americano. You didn’t know why you liked the taste when clearly, you weren’t very fond of bitter things. But it was the best coffee that worked with cakes and sweets. You noticed Yoongi take a small sip of his Espresso. Guess he liked bitter coffee too.

“So…” Yoongi started. You almost spat out your drink.

“Where should I start? Introduction?” He chuckled at his own remark. You managed to swallow down your drink. If he smiled again, you were pretty sure that you were going to start blushing.

“My name’s Su – Min Yoongi. My name’s Min Yoongi. Nice to meet you.” He looked at you shyly with his gummy smile. You couldn’t help but smile back.

“________. Mine’s ________.” You said shyly. And I guess that’s how your spring started. A minty fresh start that you didn’t know would continue on.

A/N: Next Update - Unknown 

“Do Min Joon” Biography, the one and only Kim Soo Hyun (3)
The Bund

Reporters who visited Dankook Middle School, they are also greeted by familiar sights. The school being hidden in a tree-lined public leisure zone, while walking, sound of students frolicking can be vaguely heard in the distance, through a row of leafless cherry trees they are able to see the gate to the middle school, and inside the campus, at the football stadium, a group of boys are currently playing football.

As they are walking along the corridors with the academics director, the students that they met would immediately stop in their footsteps and bow and greet. When the director showed the reporters one of the classrooms, the number on the door reads Year 3 Class 2. He said that this classroom is once the classroom where Kim Soo Hyun was in before. He was also Year 3 Class 2 then. 

At one side where a few boys saw the reporters using handphones, not only are they not afraid of strangers, they even walk up to the reporters to greet them. Dankook Middle School’s Principal told the reporters, the school is actually unlike what they thought an elite school should be like.  The students are mostly children from ordinary families. South Korea made education to be compulsory, so junior high schools made tuition fees and also meals to be free of charge, but high school year’s tuition fees is only around 1 million won (equivalent to 5823 yuan).

In Kim Soo Hyun’s junior high year 1 teacher’s impression of him, Kim Soo Hyun is a ‘quiet boy, loves to laugh, when he laughs, he is very cute". She never thought that the quiet boy from the past would become a big star today. The Kim Soo Hyun in her memories, she used a four letter word 'It’s only like that’ : “Most of my impression of him is only like that”

When Kim Soo Hyun is being interviewed, when he brought up the topic of his school years when he was young, his description of those years were also just probably so: “I am always sick when I am young. I’m diagnosed with arrhythmia ( a problem with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat.) and also tachycardia(a heart rate that exceeds the normal range.). I’m also one who easily cries. When I meet strangers, I don’t dare to look at them in the eyes, more so towards girls." 

His parents were busy with work, Kim Soo Hyun would always stay at home alone. Watching television alone, eating his meals alone, playing games by himself.

Dankook Middle School’s junior high department have put in place many extra-curricular activities after lessons, which lets students to develop their interests and hobbies. One of the extra-curricular activities are football, ice hockey etc, these clubs achieved impressive results in high school tournaments in Korea. But these extreme sports are non-related with Kim Soo Hyun. The reporters checked the records of the school, and they discovered that after classes, Kim Soo Hyun usually linger in the manga and movies societies. 

However, when he entered high school, Kim Soo Hyun’s life underwent a big change. He once wrote in NAVER 'Star Column’: "Actually i didn’t have any dreams when i entered high schoool, I only kept on passing the days by going to school or staying at home. I think that is why my mother is very worried because of this. She don’t like boys with timid, introverted personalities. Thus, Kim Soo Hyun’s mother gave him a choice : Go to a drama school or a speech school to learn. Kim Soo Hyun asked himself that he is unable to speak up and do a speech in front of many people, thus he decided to give a try at acting. And during that time, he only had the 'i’m only trying it out’ attitude.

Kim Soo Hyun started to attend drama classes in the drama school, he felt that as compared to normal schools, he felt that he is more able to naturally relate to the people there. He loves to play together with the seniors there, cheerfully calling them 'hyung’, 'noona’. And one of the 'hyungs’ is the alumni in Yonsei University Theatre Club, it is with his recommendation, Kim Soo Hyun started to participate in the troupe’s rehearsal.

Lee Ji Hyun (Transliteration), is the president of Yonsei University Theatre Club, she greeted the reporters and introduced the club. She said that the student composition for the theater is not fixed, its usually in preparation for an upcoming drama they then start to recruit cast and crew, but its only for students at Yonsei University, for Kim Soo Hyun this member who is not from Yonsei University, it’s usually very hard to join and perform in the club.

It can be easily imagined that, to bring in someone not of this school to join in with the drama cast, it is not as easy as it sounds. When Kim Soo Hyun received recognition, "He was very happy till he cried, that time he really cried a lot, and kept on bowing, giving thanks.”

to be continued - 5 more pages left T_T
Eng trans: