the rows of cherry trees

Spring, Cherry Blossoms and You.

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Pt 1 / Pt 2

To you, spring was the most beautiful season of the year; the chilly wind, the blossoming new buds and the hints sweetness floated in the air. You stood by the end of the bridge that crossed over to the other side of the park and stared at the rows of cherry blossom trees that were yet to bloom. You were so in love with the idea of spring since it signaled a new beginning to a new year, a fresh start. A gush of wind blew and you pulled down your white knit sweater while allowing the wind to ruffle your hair, seeping through every strand. You observed the people that aimlessly walked by without paying much attention; family, friends, couples, kids and individuals. None of them seemed interested with their surroundings but you knew when the cherry blossoms began to bloom, they’d take their time, walking slowly and watch the petals fall and scatter on the ground. But for now, they walked on.

You could describe yourself as an odd girl: you were quiet when you had so much to say, you zoned out from conversations but paid very close attention to the things happening around you, you didn’t like your voice but you liked to hum endless melodies when you found yourself alone, and you were scared of changes but was always up for an adventure. People couldn’t really pin down who you really were.

Your hair bounced gently on your shoulders as you skipped forward to where the soon-to-be cherry blossom trees were. You were feeling extra cheerful today, maybe it was because of that cup of caramel macchiato you had. Who knows? You were taking your time before you heard a mob of screaming girls voices that seemed to get closer and closer. Feeling a bit nervous, you walked after, taking glances behind your shoulders from the fangirls that seemed to charge straight at your direction. Your breath hitched your throat as you began a light jog.

You kept looking back that you didn’t pay any attention to the front anymore and seeming that this was quite a crowded street, you were bound to run into someone. The back of your turned head bumped into a hard chest before you stumbled back a few steps. And with your amazing balancing skills, you fell right on your butt with an “mmf”. You winced at the impact.

“Woah there.” An almost sleepy yet husky voice came from above you. You slowly looked up and had a silent scream. In front of you, was the minty hair and pale skin that you could recognize from anywhere (which was odd because you didn’t see a minty head popping amongst the people). You know who I’m talking about. Him.

He had his mask pulled down under his chin as he held out a hand to help you up. You hesitated, but took it, I mean, you didn’t know when you’d get another chance like this to meet him in person.

“Sorry.” You barely managed out as he helped you up. You dusted yourself, not being able to look at him in the eye.

“No no I’m sorry.” He frowned. It’s been a while since he came to Japan and the last thing planned was to bump and push a girl down (that sounded better in my head).

“Are you okay?” He asked again. He wasn’t the best at talking with girls nor has he ever had a proper conversation with a random girl. But he honestly felt bad.

“Yeah, yeah don’t worry about it.” You finished dusting yourself up and was about to walk the opposite direction when you saw the group of fangirls, keeping their distance but kept screaming his name.

“Ah…shit..” You muttered. You were pretty sure all of them has already killed you 23 times mentally. You felt a tap on your shoulder so you turned to see a pair of tinted cheeks and a minty fairy licking his lips nervously.

“Do you want to walk with me for a bit? I – I mean only if you want to…” He scratched the front of his bangs. You would have broken out into a dance if no one was around.

“Um,” You looked back at the staring fangirls. It couldn’t be that bad right?

“Sure.” You finally answered with a small smile. You’ve been in Japan for about 3 years now and this was the first time someone had asked you on the spot, much less someone you just met.

“That’s great. He beamed. The corners of his mouth were tugged up and his gums showed with his perfect sets of teeth. You pursed your lips. Oh boy.

He covered half his face with his mask again and began walking, only to turn around to nudge you, signaling you to follow him. You walked very slowly since you liked to take in everything around you and he didn’t seem to mind walking at your pace. Actually, he enjoyed it. He enjoyed watching someone who he just met act so carefree around him. He watched you stare up at the sky. He was a bit confused at what you kept looking up to but it didn’t bother him. And you, without even realizing, began to hum. It wasn’t any particular song, but you hummed along with the passing breeze.

Yoongi didn’t know where he was leading you since he wasn’t familiar with this place but whilst walking, you both breezed past a small bakery. Retracing your steps, the both of you settled down. Finally, you felt the knot in your stomach. You were with one of your biggest idol crush. He was real, he was there, sitting in front of you and fidgeting with his phone before he tucked it away as the coffee and cakes came.

You took a sip of your bitter Americano. You didn’t know why you liked the taste when clearly, you weren’t very fond of bitter things. But it was the best coffee that worked with cakes and sweets. You noticed Yoongi take a small sip of his Espresso. Guess he liked bitter coffee too.

“So…” Yoongi started. You almost spat out your drink.

“Where should I start? Introduction?” He chuckled at his own remark. You managed to swallow down your drink. If he smiled again, you were pretty sure that you were going to start blushing.

“My name’s Su – Min Yoongi. My name’s Min Yoongi. Nice to meet you.” He looked at you shyly with his gummy smile. You couldn’t help but smile back.

“________. Mine’s ________.” You said shyly. And I guess that’s how your spring started. A minty fresh start that you didn’t know would continue on.

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