the rover is dead

I don’t ask for much in this world, I mean, I just want my otps to express their undying love and live the rest of their lives with like 20 kids ‘cause they enjoy making them and they are always happy and nothing goes wrong and they smile all the time. 

Dear Podcast Enthusiasts,

I am hoping that you can give me some podcast recommendations. I’ve listened to many podcasts and looking for some more. Here is a list of podcasts I’ve listened to in no order off the top of my head. (I’ve probably forgotten some.) ○Welcome to Nightvale ○The Penumbra Podcast ○Alice isn’t dead ○Within the wires ○Mabel ○Rover Red ○Ars paradoxica ○The Alexandria Archives ○Lore ○The Bridge ○The orbiting human circus ○King Falls AM ○The Bright Sessions ○Wolf 359 ○Tanis ○The Black Tapes ○Kakos Industries ○Archive 81 ○The Deep Vault ○The Message ○EOS 10 ○Limetown ○Help Me ○Sabel ~ ~ Here is a list of podcasts that are on my “To Listen to” list ■Hello from the magic tavern ■Wooden overcoats ■Myths and legends ■The Lift ■The Magnus Achive ■Darkest Night ■Tales of Thattown ■Unexplained @iceboysinlove @roverredpodcast @thebridgepodcast @thebrightsessions @arsparadoxica

I had a Voltron dream where Lance was separated from the group with blue bc zarkon had made weapon s specifically to overpower specific lions, so Lance is gone for like 6 months bc they want to keep him prisoner to see if they can find out how to sever the tie between paladin and lion. So the other 4 + corran and allura are looking for him until they get a PDA from zarkon saying if they see any of the Lions or the castle they won’t hesitate to kill Lance. Anyways further along pidge sends out a little thing like Rover to help Lance escape, but blue is like practically dead so all they can do is power down the main ship and slowly run away. So 3 months later he finally arrives at the castle and everyone is like crying and super happy and Keith just LAUNCHES himself at Lance and starts giving him a lecture while all four limbs are wrapped around him and they all just go in for a group hug and ugh. And Lance and Keith cried together and kissed and Keith slept on the floor in Lance’s room for a long time bc he was too nervous that Lance would disappear again. And yea-

Brave New World

written by: @dropshipking | Brianna

prompt: ‘After Clarke is out of the COL, the delinquents are on their way to Arkadia. Clarke is exhausted and as she walks suddenly she collapses, but before she hits the ground Bellamy catches her and carries her back to their home.’ for anonymous

word count: 1101

It was just their luck that after everything, the Rover would be dead. Bellamy offered to lead a group to Arkadia to bring back a battery but Abby refused, wanting to get their people safely behind the walls as soon as possible. The Grounders weren’t actively seeking war against them, but there was enough tension that it was better if everyone went their separate ways as soon as possible. So they were walking, looking even worse than the group of people who came back from Mount Weather a month ago.

Bellamy walked in the middle of the group, unwilling to stray from Clarke’s side. It wasn’t that he thought she would leave, though the situation did stir up old feelings of loss and hurt from the last time they made a trip like this, and she left him standing at the gates. It was her pale complexion and the slight hitch in her step that betrayed her exhaustion. Octavia was at the front of the group, her sword held tightly in her hand, still stained with Pike’s blood. She frightened him. Bellamy never expected to even think those words, much less believe them.

“Clarke you should drink something,” Abby tried to encourage Clarke from the other side, holding out a canteen of water.

“I’m fine,” she said, pushing it away from her. “Other people need it more than me.”

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