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Nerdisms Podcast - Ep. 4: Ladies of Sherlock Round Table

It is with great delight that I share with you the very passionate round table episode I did with a great many lovelies that you’ll recognize to discuss all the women in BBC Sherlock canon. It was such a refreshing late night chat (during 221b Con) talking about barely any men - the ladies are pretty damn important no matter what anyone says. Okay so there we a small mention of Mycroft but it’s hard not to talk about the eldest Holmes. He’s a dear. It’s minimal.

Eurus, Molly, Mary, Sarah, Soo-Lin, Mummy, Anthea, Janine, Irene, Kate (from His Last Vow) all got their moment to shine.

As an added and rather impromptu measure we also spent a little time talking about what others think and say about Sherlollians that is pretty inaccurate. This was enlightening for me considering I did not know half the stuff that we all shared as a collective about this. I try to stay to my lane but oddly talking about this made me chuckle a lot. We’re all unique but somehow it all brought us together in the best way.

That’s actually something I really loved so much about doing this. It brought us together for about an hour and a half hehe.

Before anyone asks we’re planning to do another round table next year, the topic I haven’t quite penned down yet but there’s another one of these fun things to look forward to. If anyone has any suggestions please do feel free to message me.

So I hope you enjoy this, and please do let me know what you thought.

The Ladies of the Round Table: @damselindeduction @o0katiekins0o @mizjoely @sherlollysmooch @mollyandherjumper @holybatch @sherlolly @stlgeekgirl @soyeahso @thisjustsortofhappened @geekyangie

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! WE ARE ONE YEAR OLD! Holy mackerel, what a ride it has been. To celebrate our anniversary, as well as hitting our 50,000-downloads milestone, we decided to do a roundtable for Meta Station fans to come hang out with us and get a chance to talk about YOUR most burning questions. Joining us are Meta Station fans Caitlin (@comingupcait), Shannon (smrmiller on Twitter), and Danielle (@samsjazz).  Our fourth guest, Kelly (@falafel14), apparently made a powerful enemy of ALIE and some technology issues with her microphone forced her to have to drop out before we started, but she stayed on the line with us via chat and sent in messages for Erin to read out so she could still participate, SO SUCK IT, ALIE

Anyway, we love you all and we’re insanely grateful to have such a fantastic crew of nerd fans, many of whom have become real friends, over the course of this year-long adventure in podcasting. You guys are what make this experience great, and we love each and every one of you from the bottom of our sappy little hearts.

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Buckybabs’ Podcast Recs

Hey Podfam,

I made a list of my current podcast recs. I’m maintaining it >> here <<. The link can also be found in the description on my page.

This list is by no means comprehensive of all the podcasts I currently subscribe to or have subscribed to in the past. More will be added as I get a chance to listen. My favorites are marked with a star. 

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This Sunday the awesome roundtable episode of the Nerdisms Podcast goes up.

As most of you know it featured a bunch of talk about the various Ladies of Sherlock. We actually talked about them all and yeah I’m just sitting at my computer spazzing and hoping everyone enjoys it when it drops in a few days.

Plus a special little thing we did before that that I’ll talk about more when I do my big post for Sunday.

Anyways here’s a little reminder about that.

Also here’s the previous episode with sempaiko if you haven’t gotten around to listening to it yet.

See you all very soon.

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look at indeimau5 firing at the entire roundtable podcast team

EPISODE 37 - CRJ Roundtable

Welcome back to #SWOONSTEP, the #1 podcast for super cuties and singalong choruses. This week is an extra-special episode, months in the pipeline. That’s right, a Carly Rae Jepsen roundtable, dedicated to the release of E·MO·TION. Crystal and Megan are joined by Kyrell and Michelle for giggling and matchmaking, as well as an in depth discussion of the album’s highs and lows and some speculation about Jepsen’s marketing strategy.

Thanks for listening, Jepfriends!

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