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Drabble: Hansung and Y/N

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You could see Hansung from a distance in the court yard talking with Yeo Wool, showing him his best fighting stance; making a fool of himself. You couldn’t help but laugh at him as he continued. He soon spotted you, leaving Yeo Wool standing on his own looking dazed as he ran towards you. You stumbled back as he embraced you, both of you laughing with a grin from ear to ear.

“Y/N! Ah I’m so happy you’re here!” Hansung was completely overwhelmed to find you in the court yard when he assumed you’d have better people to visit like Sun Woo or Ban Ryu.

“Of course I’m here, I haven’t got any jobs to do at Hwarang House today.” You laughed, observing the huge smile that crept onto Hansung’s face the moment you arrived.

“We have to do something today! You never get any free time, I’m going to show you how great it is to be a Hwarang!” His enthusiasm was almost over powering, you couldn’t help but try to match his excitement.

“Teach me how to ride a horse.” You asked, the large smile on your face still remaining.

“Really?? Y/N this is so exciting!!” He jumped up and down on the spot, embracing you in a hug as he did so.

“Hansung calm down.” You giggled, holding his arm and bringing it down to his side to try and calm his excitedness.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry, it’s just we never get any chance to see each other apart from on days like today. These days are my favourite days.” He smiled, settling down.

“I’ll make it my job to get more days like today where we can go on adventures, okay?” You asked, meeting his eyes. You both smiled as Hansung nodding his head.

“Come on, follow me to the palace and we can get the horses and ride down to the nice forest, the one with the lake! Last one to the palace has to clean the stables when we get back!” He announced before running east towards the palace, leaving you flustered and hurriedly chasing after him.

It was Hansung who arrived at the stables first, not a surprise to either of you. You laughed, out of breath, as Hansung opened the gate to where his horse was. “Meet Dong Yul, my personal favourite horse!” He ran into the training ground, grabbing his horse by it’s reins and pulling it along with him. You followed after him, stroking the chalk white mane and soft chestnut fur.

“Dong Yul is such a beautiful horse” you spoke, staring into the horses beautiful eyes, “is he yours?” “Yes, I’m very proud to say he’s my horse, he’s one of the most beautiful here.” Hansung responded, walking back into the stable to get another horse. When he returned with another horse, he saw how enticed you were with Dong Yul, stroking his soft fur and brushing your hands over his head.

“You can have Dong Yul today, I’ll take this horse.” Hansung spoke as he walked in with a pale grey horse with a jet black mane.

“Really? Are you sure? Dong Yul is your horse, not mine.”

“I’m sure, don’t worry! You two seem to have a really strong bond.” Hansung reassured you and you smiled politely back, bowing your head.

“Careful now, just step up onto the saddle.” He held your arm tightly as you attempted to get up onto the horse for the third time.

“Y/N there’s nothing to worry about, I’ve got you!” But you fell down again. This time, Hansung couldn’t hold back his laughs.

“Hansung his isn’t funny you should be helping me!” You exclaimed, standing back up off the hard ground.

“Okay okay, try getting on it again.” He said, helping you brush a mixture of sand and mud off your hanbok.

You took a deep breath and stepped up onto the horse again, trying hard to keep your balance, and sat yourself down on the saddle.

“Y/N you did it!!” Hansung cheered, applauding you, the grin on his face growing even wider.

“Now stay there while I go and grab our picnic bag.” You held firmly onto the reins firmly as Hansung left the stables, only briefly to grab some food he managed to sneak from the Hwarang’s when they were eating.

Out of no where, the horse bucked wildly. You yelped and kept your grip on the reins tight as the horse began to run all round the stable at a speed faster than you thought it could go at. It began heading for the stable doors, the ones Hansung had left only minutes ago. You called out for Hansung once you were in the courtyard again, but you could only see other Hwarang’s looking startled as the Dong Yul wouldn’t stop running no matter how hard you tried to slow him down. Suddenly, the horse bucked for the second time, this time not giving you enough warning to grip the reins as you felt yourself falling back, and no one was there to stop you.

“Y/N!” You heard Hansung call out to you and before you knew what was happening you, you were in his arms.

You panted, out of breath from the panic and on the verge of tears. You wrapped your shaking arms around his neck and whimpered into his neck, still trying to calm yourself.

He slowly settled you on the small grassy area nearby along with himself.

“You’re okay now, you’re safe.” He rubbed his large hands across the back of your head, trying to reassure you that you were safe and out of harms way.

“I thought I was going to die.” You muttered shakily. “I’m here now Y/N, I’m not going to let anything happen to you ever again, I’m so sorry for putting you in danger, this is all my fault.” Hansung rambled, close to fretting.

“Don’t feel bad Hansung, please. I don’t blame you for anything, it was m-” before you could finish your sentence, you noticed his plump lips pressing against yours, moulding perfectly. Hansung placed his hands on your cheeks, catching the small tears that still fell from your glazed eyes. Euphoria filled both your bodies, a true connection being formed. Hansung pulled away breathlessly, hands remaining on your tear stained cheeks.

“I’m sorry I put you in danger Y/N, I love you.” He muttered, staring deep into your eyes. This was a different to the giggly Hansung you knew, this was lovestruck Hansung, but you knew every word he spoke was true.

“I love you too.” You wrapped your arms around his shoulders again and pulled him into a hug, smiling into his neck.

This was where you wanted to be; in Hansung’s arms.

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The Number Five

The number four, in Lucas’ opinion, had always been an excellent one.  It wasn’t that he didn’t like the number three- it had suited him just fine- but the number four felt more rounded-out, more stable.  The transition from being a group of three to a foursome had been almost too easy.  The mop-headed, toothless kid that gave cookies to the girl he liked and laughed louder than he meant to in class seemed like the perfect addition.  And while he did get on his nerves more times than Mike and Will combined (well maybe not Mike and Will combined…more like two or three or four Wills all combined), Lucas had to be happy with Dustin as his friend.

The number four was perfect.  There were just enough seats around the table in Mike’s basement to accommodate each of them.  Most teachers told them to find groups of four for all group projects, and when it was just partnerships the four could split into perfectly even twos.  Beyond the stability that came with having an even number was the way all four could fill roles within the group.  Lucas liked to think of himself as the dependable logic.  Will was direly needed as a peacemaker.  Dustin was the laughter and the spontaneity.  Mike was the intuitive mind.  They all bounced off one another’s ideas and learned one another’s quirks and downfalls.  The number four was truly the best number Lucas knew.

He would never find the right words to describe how much he hated the number five.  There were very few benefits to it- he could use one whole hand to count it out, he’d always had fun learning the five times tables in elementary math, and a number like five could be paired to ‘fabulous‘ or ‘fantastic‘ and sound wonderful with it.  Then again, he reasoned, he could also do that with the number four.

So five was a bust.

Or at least, he thought it was a bust.  He was just starting to get used to it when the number got slapped back down to four.

Somehow the number five was worse the second time.  When their new number five Max proudly presented herself as a friend and proved it time and time again with her spunk, endless store of knowledge and blatant, if not brutal, honesty, Lucas is thrilled to have her.  Max would never be what was wrong with the number five, even when she teased him to shame and interrupted him in the middle of a sentence.  Max was the ideal number five.

The problem with the number five was with Nancy’s dusty pink bike in the Wheeler’s garage.  The problem with the number five was with Mike taking days off from school when he wasn’t really sick and just sleeping all through the day.  The problem with the number five was with the nightmares that Will still got- nightmares of a strange girl in a tattered pink dress.  The problem with the number five was with the cast that came off Troy’s arm much sooner than all of them liked.  The problem with the number five was with the hurt, the pain that still welled up in his chest whenever he saw the abandoned blanket fort that Mike still kept up in the basement.

The problem with the number five was that it really should’ve been six.  And Lucas knew he’d be feeling that need for a six for the rest of his life.

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yo I just finished the gilmore girls revival & im supposed to be working on one of the 50 million final projects I have but instead I'm scrolling through your gilmore girls tag and crying why are jess and rory not together. why did jess just get shit on so much what did he do to deserve this. why is logan in it so much why is life like this im so mad. no one else i know watches this show so i gotta just vent to you im sorry

and like they could get married and run a publishing company and write books and have cute little rebellious nerd babies i m so upset okay there is so much potential there and they just threw it away like he is always there to be the voice of reason for her and he supports her no matter what i mean he even offered to buy her underwear !!!!

omg i’m so sorry your eyeballs had to witness that shitshow of a revival!!!!!!! i’m still bitter about everything. they had the chance to fix things they messed up in the original run and……………lmao. i can’t really stand logan and they managed to make his character even worse in the revival and include him in EVERY. DAMN. EPISODE. like lmao, yes, exactly what the audience was waiting for. and the ending was just so bad, we really waited 10 years for a fanfic fantasy, alrighty then!

sigh jess and rory were just made for each other and always supported each other and had so much in common and they wasted all of that. they were the couple that never got the timing right; they were just immature teens when they met that had to figure out a lot about themselves. but this revival to me was a second chance at letting them find each other again when the timing was right and they were ready for a mature relationship together. i had such high hopes and they were all demolished. i’m forgetting the revival even happened, it’s easier to just pretend they found their way back to each other after the s7 finale lmfao :(


Sam: “I know that Dean’d do everything for me and he has shouldered the burden of my short-comings for so long. Sometimes I forget that his protectiveness isn’t just him thinking that I can’t stand on my own two feet. Being a caretaker is in his nature.

There’s so much Dean does around the fortress and farm too. I’ve had to re-kindle the fires, pay the washerwomen, tell servants what to do with the laundry (luckily they actually know because Dean’s been taking care of this with them for years now), let out the chicken, take out the eggs, make a round of the stables, and feed the cats. And that all before breakfast.

I didn’t know how much Dean did around the fortress to have it run smoothly like this, making sure that I never had to do anything around the house but cleaning up after myself and tending to my own duties. 

I’m not helpless, I’ve taken care of Dean’s duties when Dean wasn’t here, but we didn’t have an elaborate homestead like this back then. Housekeeping is hard. I really have a new-found appreciation for my big brother.

Steffi notes: There’ve been rougher times, but Sam’s kinda pampered now. Hahaha.

My First Impression of the Signs and What I Later Realized

Aries: Too loud and too ready to fight anyone to prove them wrong // Still true, but it’s admirable once you know them

Taurus: Has it all together, very well rounded and stable // Actually a complete wreck behind the scenes

Gemini: Intimidatingly cool // Very genuine and easy to talk to because they’ve been through quite a lot

Cancer: Easygoing and fun, amazingly loyal and loving friends // They will move on to the next best thing as soon as your relationship becomes comfortable rather than intensely loving

Leo: Annoying as hell, please calm down // You will never have a dull day when these people are around and their charm will make you love them

Virgo: Not very interesting, not much to know about them // Really just don’t feel the need to say a lot but will answer any questions you ask

Libra: They’ve got that casual cool vibe, you can’t help wanting to know them // Very insecure, they just put up a good front that convinces everyone but themselves

Scorpio: That cool hipster that talks about things you’ve never heard of // A lot of their thoughts and ideas fail to take into account the usually accepted logic of reality

Sagittarius: Says a lot of weird, random things which makes it hard to get a fixed first impression // Very dynamic and enjoy absolutely everything

Capricorn: Quiet and kept to themselves // They are incredibly loyal friends and will do whatever they can to make you laugh or smile

Aquarius: What a complete asshole // Actually softies and just act like assholes because they think it’s funny

Pisces: Quiet and judgey, don’t seem very approachable // The last person who would ever judge you since they’re very odd themselves

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(This is me attempting that Feudal Japan AU thing I talked about eons ago. Mix Star Wars characters with Treasure Planet logistics splattered against the backdrop of Japanese history and politics… and you’ve got what this is attempting to be.)

The setting sun had almost slipped behind the mountain range by the time Ahsoka made it to the Temple complex stables, her sleeves damp. She still wore her kamishimo from her trial: a blue sleeveless vest with accentuated shoulders and wide blue pants atop a black kimono. 

The cobbled pathway through the gardens sprawling in the shadow of the western pagoda had given her time to reflect on everything that had happened since her trial. On everything she passed once she reached the bottom of the Temple steps.

Everything that felt so familiar. 

Everything she was walking away from. 

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What's your opinion on Spock/Uhura in the reboot movies?

Oddly enough, my opinion on their relationship drastically changes depending on which movie it is. Likely because my opinions on each movie are drastically different from each other.

In 2009, I thought their relationship was sweet and endearing, but I didn’t like that Uhura wasn’t given very much to do that didn’t revolve around men, whether it be her relationship with Spock or constantly butting heads with Kirk. I also didn’t like that they didn’t explicitly spell out that they started dating AFTER she was no longer his student, because I’ve seen some people interpret it as them dating while she still was (and write fics about it), and the implications of those power dynamics are just……really messy. I know that they spell this out in the comics, which are absolutely canon, but it would’ve been much more helpful to say this in the movie because not everyone reads those. 

In Into Darkness, I hated their relationship, as well as their individual characterizations. They reduced Uhura down to the “needy girlfriend” and “angry/demanding black girl” tropes, which is disgusting enough in its own right without adding in the problems with Spock and her relationship with him. They reduced Spock’s complex existential turmoil down to sheer, unfiltered man-pain, which is absolutely missing the entire point of his character. I thought their relationship was dysfunctional at best, and outright harmful to both of them at worst. Yes, people have relationship problems so there’s no reason to make them be “perfect” all the time, but it would’ve been better to show them working through their issues together rather than Uhura silently dropping the whole thing without her emotional needs ever being met. Their relationship in Into Darkness was just a storm of horribly cliche hetero relationship tropes, such as miscommunication, the woman compromising significantly more than the man ever has to, the woman being displayed as “irrational” for wanting basic emotional support, the man having a “legitimate reason” for not providing her with emotional labor (and never working to fix or change that about himself because the woman just quietly tolerates it), and the man putting his work ahead of his relationship while the woman puts the relationship ahead of her work. 0/10 do not recommend. 

Beyond finally gave us the Spock/Uhura relationship we all deserved, because Beyond also finally gave us the individual Spock and Uhura we all deserved. All those problems I mentioned in Into Darkness were essentially gone. It would’ve been SO EASY to revert back to the Obnoxious Hetero Drama™ being the catalyst for their breakup, but instead, we got something much more interesting and fulfilling. Their breakup was prompted by a legitimate concern of what Spock was going to do about repopulating his endangered species (something they completely ignored in Into Darkness despite an entire PLANET being missing), and what Uhura was going to do about staying on the Enterprise after he would be gone. You can tell that they deeply love and care for each other, but they understand that they both have individual needs that sometimes end up being incompatible with each other, so they handled it very maturely and ended their relationship without any hard feelings. As for their individual characterization, Uhura was finally given the badass federation idealism leader moments that she deserved, and Spock was finally shown as having his “emotional side” be soft and gentle rather than angry and aggressive. 

I found myself only seriously shipping them (as opposed to “shipping with caution” as I did in 2009) about halfway through Beyond, once I realized how WELL they were both written. I started to think, “hey, this could work! No more sidelining Uhura, no more emotional breakdowns resulting in murderous rampages from Spock…they’re both incredibly balanced, well-rounded, and stable. They can finally be a functional couple without worrying about whether Uhura is getting the emotional support she needs, or if Spock is finally understood by someone for once in his life.” Needless to say, I absolutely loved Spock going back for Uhura, and Uhura ending up being the one to save him. I loved that they got back together at the end of the movie, because they seem so much more receptive and understanding of each other’s needs now. I can almost entirely forgive the whole “tracking device necklace” thing, because I seriously don’t think Spock had given her the gift with the intention of ever using it that way—in fact, it probably never even occurred to him that he COULD up until that point. I thought it was more like “I gave Uhura this necklace, and I just realized that we can use its mineral content to find her location” rather than “I gave Uhura this necklace so in case I ever need to find her, I can use its mineral content to find her location.” But really, this is an iffy topic and a lot of people seem to have mixed opinions on it, so I probably shouldn’t say any more about this. 

For what it’s worth, Nichelle Nichols spoke on this topic saying that she had always seen Spock as being Uhura’s mentor, and they had a lovely relationship with one another in the original series—no one else could tease Spock the way Uhura did, Spock never seemed to needlessly compliment anyone else except Uhura, and no one else made such an incredible musician team than the two of them. There were more music scenes that got deleted, including one where Spock taught Uhura how to play the Vulcan lute, making her the only human to ever be able to learn that instrument (I believe she played it in a season 1 episode as well, but I guess this was just filling in how she learned). Of course in the 60s, they could never have a “canonical” interracial couple on television, so this all had to be very subtle. Also, the interracial kiss was apparently supposed to be between Spock and Uhura, but I read a story about how Shatner essentially stole the scene while it was still in draft form and had them change it to Kirk. I guess what I’m saying is, the Spock/Uhura relationship in the reboots didn’t “come out of nowhere” as so many original series fans insist it did. I’m just glad it finally got the justice it deserved in Beyond. 

You know what we should do?

Everyone should go in masses to watch The Fosters.

It might not be perfect but Lena and Stef are one of the most compelling, well rounded and stable couples of tv.

And they happen to be lesbian.


Middle aged.


With adopted kids.

Not dying.

Living a pretty down to earth and normal life.

Without drama (except for teenage drama but what teenager is not dramatic?)

And happy.


That is the show we should be endorsing, to prove the industry this kind of stories are worth telling.

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Aren't a lot of names like Canterlot and Manehattan puns?

No, and I don’t see how they could be construed that way. They are just names with very old origins, far removed from their original meaning, which is entirely different from intentionally misusing homophones, homographs, idioms and such for comedic effect.

The name Canterlot originates from its ancient Unicornian nickname, Civitate Velox Ungulae, meaning the City of Swift Hooves. Over time and through poor translations, this eventually morphed into Canterlot. It became the official name of the city in the time of the Knights of the Round Stable, in 176 B.H.W. (at which point ancient Unicornian had all but disappeared in favor of Middle Equestrian).

Manehattan is of different linguistic roots, originating from Whickings who came from across the sea. The name comes from the Old Horse mánihætta, which roughly means moon danger, a term used in old superstitions in which phases of the moon were believed to affect ponies or the world around them (compare with moonstruck or lunatic).

Records (what few there are) indicate that when the Whickings arrived, it was a full moon, and after making landfall they had a falling out. As such the place was thought to be one where the moon’s influence was stronger, where the full moon could drive ponies against each other. (More likely the falling out was over land or wealth they found and how to divide it.)

There are many fascinating stories behind how words came to be, which one can appreciate at least as much as any pun!

To my Hunter x Hunter followers and my Steven Universe followers

Hey everybody starting from today I’m gonna be doing a back and forth posts of SU and HxH this week will be the Steven Universe since it’s the Steven-Bomb week and next week will be a Hunter x Hunter week and the cycle will continue. And to kick it off for the new system I’m going to do a compare character pics of my two favorite shows. :D

Leorio and Garnet 

Both (are):

Wear cool shades, comedic (sometimes unintentionally), parental figure, fight with their fists, tallest person in the group, look after everybody, overall most well rounded and stable of the team.

Kurapika and Pearl

Both (are) :

Can’t let go of the past, like keeping control of a situation, high-strung, brains of the group, when overwhelm by emotion tend to act reckless and not think clearly, careful planners, maternal figure. 

Killua and Amethyst 

Both (are):

Carefree, comedically blunt, try to getting away from dark past, lover of eating snacks (and eat a lot of it), tend to hide their emotions (due to pride or shyness), overall a fun loving mischief maker of the group. 

Gon and Steven

Both (are) :

Main protagonist, outgoing, naive, loves and cares deeply about their friends, nonjudgmental, loyal, friendly to everyone they met, stubborn (when it comes to the things they believes in), peacekeeper, the type person that everybody wants to be around.

And at the end of it all they’re both: 

One Big Happy Family

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