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Chicago Municipal Airport - United Air Lines Headquarters by Pat B
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5959 South Cicero (Chicago) - Designed by Albert Kahn (leading industrial designer of his day). Kahn also designed the Model T factory (Highland Park 1909) and the River Rouge plant for Ford.

Two years ago I was just a shelter dog named Sasha with a dream. I was pretty beat up, underweight with pressure sores on my butt from being crated all the time by my former owner who surrendered me to River Rouge Animal Shelter. I’m so happy my foster family got me out of there and helped me find my human. I may still have hair missing in some spots but I’m the happiest dog ever now.




New Boston Coke Corporation

The New Boston Coke Corporation was once part of a long history of steel production in southern Ohio. Originally, the coke plant was constructed in 1916 (adjacent to the steel mill along with various other components over the following years). During World War II the steel mill was one of the largest manufactures of 500lb bombs and by 1948 employed around 3,800 and was considered one of the most modern steel mills in the country. During the 1950’s the plant continued to expand, employing 4,800, and in 1965 the coke plant was rebuilt and modernized. However due to increased foreign competition gradual shutdowns of the massive steel facility began in 1972, and in May of 1980, the steel mill was closed. By the time of the shutdown on May 31st, the steel mill and coke plant employed only 1,200 people. The coke plant continued operations in November of 1980 under new ownership from the McClouth Steel Corporation out of Detroit under the new name New Boston Coke Corporation. By November of the following year McClouth had gone into bankruptcy and the New Boston Coke Corporation removed itself from the Detroit company and continued as an independent coke supplier. The success of the business skyrocketed when it landed a contract with the River Rouge Steel Corporation which was a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company. During the late 1990’s the Ohio EPA reported that the plant was releasing air pollution “worse than some of the largest industrial sites in the United States.” Cancer rates in the adjoining areas were some of the highest in the country. The coke plant shut down operations in 2002, eliminating just 200 jobs. Redevelopment of the land did not come easy as the soil was heavily contaminated and had an estimated $560,000 to $1,000,000 in cleanup costs. In August of 2006 ground breaking had begun on construction of a new Wal-Mart Supercenter after nearly $1.1 million was spent on cleanup of the site alongside the retail giant, a strip mall now sits on the property. The above photos are all that remains of the complex that was once considered the most advanced in the country.


  “O zaman Japonya’ya gidelim mi? Uçak biletleri pahalı ama unutalım bunu. Tokyo’da geziyormuş gibi yapalım mı? O dükkana girelim, diğerinden çıkalım. Sözlük karıştırıp cümle kurmaya çalışalım. Japonca öğrenmek konusunda pek iyi değildim geçen sefer ama tekrar deneyebilirim gerçekten. Dur, koluna gireceğim. Geleneksel yemeklerin tadına bakarken, karşı caddedeki şekerleme yerini listeye yazalım. Belki bir çay odasında çay seremonisine katılırız. Olmaz mı?”  Zaman, akşam üstüne varmak üzere. Dünya yolculukları üzerine yazılar okuyorum, beni de alın. Bir bardak süt ve tiramisu. Pazar günlerim, hayal kurmakla ve eski albümleri karıştırmakla geçiyor. 

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Flooded land next to the Morganza Spillway in Louisiana. This spillway can be opened to relieve floods on the MIssissippi River - it diverts the water during floods to keep it from entering Baton Rouge and New Orleans downstream. 

Never knew I could ship like this
Like I’ve never seen the tardis before,
Want to vanish inside your kiss
Every day I say “Hello Sweetie” more and more
The years may change, B.C to A.C
But I love you, until the end of time

Come what may. Come what may. I will love you until my dying day Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace Suddenly my life doesn’t seem such a waste It all revolves around you