the rosy maple moth

When people tell me they think moths are gross and creepy but are perfectly alright with butterflies, I’m just like… what?

like, are we looking at the same bug here?






Also, I really don’t think you’ve seen a butterfly up close before. Like, they’re really cool too, but moths are cute as fuck and butterflies are kinda creepy up close

Butterfly = 

Moth = 

There’s also just a lot of really cool facts about moths and butterflies, that make them both ten times cooler. 


A Rosy Maple Moth just finished via custom order! I made a Rosy Maple Moth several years ago as one of the first moths I made, but it was nice to revisit the species. Such a cute colourway, I can hardly believe nature produced something like this in real life! Reminds me of Fluttershy!

Moths are sewn from minky and have cast resin heads, hands and feet that have been painted with acrylics. Their manes are fake fur and their antennae are dyed chicken feathers (but can be made from paper too for those of you living in countries with strict import laws).

Their little bums and legs are filled with weighting to give them a realistic flop and their wings have stiff interfacing in them to keep them rigid and flat.

I have a tutorial on how to dye the fabric for these wings available in my Etsy shop here!

Order your own moth here :)

ask-ivanbraginski-russia  asked:

Okay so I was looking at your Coran drawings(flawless btw) and I say you had an alien moth in one of the pictures and it reminded of this alien race I made for voltron called Adonians and I'd like to gush about them to you if you'd let me.

you mean these critters?

by all means shoot~

gimme all the alien moths

Name: Sweetling
Species: Larvae Pokemon
Type: Bug
Height: 0'04" / 0.1 m
Weight: 1.3 lbs.0.6 kg

Sweetling hang around berry trees and are attracted by sweet scents so bakeries have to watch out for infestations. They turn into cocoons when they have consumed enough sugar. 

Name: Sugarcoon
Species: Cocoon Pokemon
Type: Bug
Height: 0'08" / 0.2 m
Weight: 1.8 lbs / 0.8 kg

Their cocoons sparkle when light reflects off of it because it’s crystallized sugar. They release a sweet smelling scent.

Name: Drycamoth [Dryocampa Rubicunda / moth ]
Species: Rosy maple moth Pokemon
Type: Bug / Flying
Height: 1'00" / 0.3 m
Weight: 4.4 lbs / 2.0 kg

These nocturnal Pokemon release sugar-like powder when they fly. They are popular in confectioneries and perfumeries.