the rostov ripper

Serial killer Andrei Chikatilo was born on October 16, 1936, in a small Ukrainian village outside of Soviet Russia. Chikatilo’s early life was characterised by the terror and impoverishment of World War II. Extreme cold, poverty and starvation were characteristics of this era. Stalin forced small farmers to give their crops to the government to support the war effort and feed all of the people of the Soviet Union, The terror of the nearby Nazi occupation and of bombing was psychologically damaging. It has been reported ,with some question as to accuracy, that Chikatilo’s mother told him that his older brother had been captured and cannibalised. Chikatilo’s terror increased as his father was drafted into military service. His father was captured and held captive, and upon his release from the prison camp was ridiculed as a traitor for surrendering to the Germans rather than being received as a war hero. These wartime events caused emotional impairments in Chikatilo that were manifested in rage, social ineptness, and impotence. the heinous manifestation of his pathology would later result in the murder of 53 women and children, and the dubious distinction of being one of the world’s most prolific serial killers. Typical of the Soviet Union, the specifics of Chikatilo’s 12 year criminal career of lust homicides were hidden from public, as Soviet officials vehemently insisted that serial killers did not exist in the Soviet Union and were only a western phenomenon.


Andrei Chikatilo, known as “The Rostov Ripper”, was a Soviet serial killer who confessed to 56 murders when he was eventually caught in 1990. The brutal killer preyed on children and young vagrants, eating intimate parts of their bodies.

On 22nd December 1978, Chikatilo killed his first documented victim; 9 year old Lena Zakotnova was lured into an abandoned shed, where Chikatilo tried to rape her. Trying to control the struggling child, Chikatilo slashed her with a knife, ejaculating whilst doing so, confirming his psychological connection between violent death and sexual gratification that went on to typify all future attacks.

An eyewitness had seen Chikatilo with the victim, shortly before her disappearance, but his wife provided him with a cast-iron alibi that enabled him to evade any further police attention. A 25-year old, Alexsandr Kravchenko, with a previous rape conviction, was arrested and confessed to the crime under duress, probably as a result of extensive and brutal interrogation. He was tried for the killing of Lena Zakotnova, and executed in 1984.

Perhaps as a result of his close brush with the law, there were no more documented victims for the next three years. Still dogged by claims of child abuse, Chikatilo found it impossible to find another teaching post, when he was made redundant from his mining school post, in early 1981. He took a job as a clerk for a raw materials factory in Rostov, where the travel involved with the position gave him unlimited access to a wide range of young victims, over the next 9 years.

On 3rd September 1981, Larisa Tkachenko, 17, became his next victim, strangled, stabbed and gagged with earth and leaves, to prevent her crying out. The brutal force afforded Chikatilo his sexual release, and he began to develop a pattern of attack that saw him focussing on young runaways of both sexes, whom he befriended at train stations and bus stops, before luring them into nearby forest areas, where he would attack them, attempt rape and use his knife, as a penis substitute, to mutilate them. In a number of cases he ate the sexual organs, or removed other body parts such as the tips of their noses or tongues. In the earliest cases, the common pattern was to inflict damage to the eye area, slashing across the sockets and removing the eyeballs in many cases, an act which Chikatilo later attributed to a belief that his victims kept an imprint of his face in their eyes, even after death.

At this time serial killers were a virtually unknown phenomenon in the Soviet Union, whether as a result of suppression of information, or wider cultural differences between Soviet and Western societies. Evidence of serial killing, or child abuse, was often suppressed by State-controlled media, in the interests of public order. The eye mutilation was a modus operandi distinct enough to allow for other cases to be linked, when the Soviet authorities finally admitted that they had a serial killer to contend with. As the body count mounted, rumours of foreign inspired plots, and werewolf attacks, became more prevalent, and public fear and interest grew, despite the lack of any media coverage.

When a further 15 victims were added during the course of 1984, police efforts were increased drastically, and they mounted massive surveillance operations that canvassed most local transport hubs. Chikatilo was arrested for behaving suspiciously at a bus station at this time, but again avoided suspicion on the murder charges, as his blood type did not match the suspect profile, but he was imprisoned for 3 months for a number of minor outstanding offences.

What was not realised at the time was that Chikatilo’s actual blood type, type A, was different to the type found in his other bodily fluids (type AB), as he was a member of a minority group known as “non-secretors”, whose blood type cannot be inferred by anything other than a blood sample. As police only had a sample of semen, and not blood, from the crime scenes, Chikatilo was able to escape suspicion of murder. Today’s sophisticated DNA techniques are not subject to the same fallibility.

Following his release, Chikatilo found work as a travelling buyer for a train company, based in Novocherkassk, and managed to keep a low profile until August 1985, when he murdered two women in separate incidents.

Coinciding with this attempt to understand the mind of the killer, attacks seemed to dry up, and police suspected that their target might have stopped killing, been incarcerated for other crimes, or died. However, early in 1988, Chikatilo again resumed his killing, the majority occurring away from the Rostov area, and victims were no longer taken from local public transport outlets, as police surveillance of these areas continued. Over the next two years the body count increased by a further 19 victims, and it appeared that the killer was taking increasing risks, focussing primarily on young boys, and often killing in public places where the risk of detection was far higher.

Chikatilo was arrested on 20th November 1990, following more suspicious behaviour, but he refused at first to confess to any of the killings. Burakov decided to allow the psychiatrist, Bukhanovski, who had prepared the original profile, to talk to Chikatilo, under the guise of trying to understand the mind of a killer from a scientific context. Chikatilo, clearly flattered by this approach, opened up to the psychiatrist, providing extensive details of all of his killings, and even leading police to the site of bodies previously undiscovered.

He claimed to have taken the lives of 56 victims, although only 53 of these could be independently verified. This figure was far in excess of the 36 cases that the police had initially attributed to their serial killer.

Having been declared sane and fit to stand trial, Chikatilo went to court on 14th April 1992, and throughout the trial he was held in an iron cage designed to keep him apart from the relatives of his many victims. Referred to in the media as “The Maniac”, his behaviour in court ranged from bored to manic, singing and talking gibberish; at one point he was even reported as having dropped his trousers, waving his genitals at the assembled crowd.

The judge appeared less than impartial, often overruling Chikatilo’s defence lawyer, and it was clear that Chikatilo’s guilt was a foregone conclusion. The trial lasted until August and, surprisingly, given the judge’s bias, the verdict was not announced until two months later, on 15th October 1990, when Chikatilo was found guilty on 52 of the 53 murder charges, and sentenced to death for each of the murders.

After numerous attempts on his life during the pre-sentencing phase, serial killer Andrei Chikatilo had to be locked in a large cage during the evidence-hearing segment of his trial. Accused of murdering dozens of people, Chikatilo grinned at distraught family members from behind the bars, pretended to yawn and fall asleep, and twice exposed his penis to the court.

Before he was a serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo was a teacher of Russian language and literature to secondary school pupils. Later feared by many, Chikatilo was a bad teacher who couldn’t discipline his students properly. They took advantage of his softness and made fun of him, seeing him as weak amongst their usual strict teachers.

In 1973, Chikatilo committed his first sexual assault on one of his pupils. He swam over to a fifteen year old girl and groped her, ejaculating into the swimming pool immediately after. He was not punished for his behaviour, and continued to abuse his pupils. The school finally became aware of these incidents, and told him to resign quietly or he would be fired. After leaving one school, he found a job at another but was fired for the same reasons. Some years later, he committed his first murder: The rape and slaughter of a nine year old girl. From there, he would become responsible for another 55 murders and would be suitably dubbed The Rostov Ripper. He was captured in 1990 and was executed with a single bullet. His brain was reportedly sold to Japanese scientists to be experimented on.

Nicknames of Various Serial Killers

Jeffrey Dahmer - The Milwaukee Cannibal

Ed Kemper - Co-ed Butcher

David Berkowitz - The .44 Calibre Killer/ Son of Sam

Richard Ramirez - The Night Stalker

Andrei Chikatilo - Rostov Ripper/ The Mad Beast

Richard Trenton Chase - The Vampire of Sacramento

Peter Sutcliffe - The Yorkshire Ripper

Dennis Radar - BTK Killer

Gary Ridgway - Green River Killer

Albert DeSalvo - Boston Strangler

Aileen Wuornos - I-25 Killer

Graham Young - Teacup Poisoner

Ted Bundy - Yuppie Killer

Douglas Clark - Sunset Slayer

Tsutomu Miyazaki - Otaku Killer

Albert Fish - The Grey Man/ The Werewolf of Wisteria/ The Moon Maniac

Serial Killer Andrei Chikatilo’s mug shot from 1984. He was arrested on matching the description of the last person with Dmitry Ptashnikov before the boy was murdered.  They suspected him to be the Rostov Ripper but his blood did not match the blood they found at the crime scenes. Chikatilo had 34 victims at this point and would kill 18 more. 

…the whole thing - the cries, the blood, the agony - gave me relaxation and a certain pleasure.

Andrei Chikatilo, also known as,“The Butcher of Rostov” or “The Red Ripper”

Chikatilo would eventually confess to 56 murders and be executed two years later.

Serial killer Andrei Chikatilo (center) is pictured surrounded by family and friends during his active period as a serial killer. Despite being sexually impotent he managed to father two children, and his wife was apparently very superstitious; she once told Chikatilo that the last images a person saw could be seen reflected in their eyeballs after they had died. It’s interesting to note that many early victims of Chikatilo were either missing their eyes, or had their faces covered after death.

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  • “Guyana (Cult of the Damned)” - Manowar
  • “Jim Jones Posse” - Dre Dog
  • “Jimmie Jones” - The Vapors
  • “Jonestown” - Concrete Blonde
  • “Reverend” - Church of Misery
  • “Cyanide Salvation” - Kugra
  • “The Riverflow” - The Levellers
  • “Jonestown Mind” - The Almighty
  • “Jesus Jones” - R.K.P
  • “Hypnotized” - Heathen 
  • “Jonestown” - The Acacia Strain
  • “Jonestown Suicide” - Nasty Nigel & The Teenage Hellcats
  • “Last Call In Jonestown” - Polkadot Cadaver
  • “Koolaid” - Accept
  • “The People’s Temple” - Brain One 


Theodore Kaczynski: 

  • “Free The Unabomber” - Code 13
  • I Wanna Be a Unabomber” - Donnas
  • “Killer Kaczynski” - Mando Diao
  • “FC: The Freedom Club” - Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
  • “The Unabomber” - Macabre
  • “Unabomber” - Fragile
  • “Unabomber” - J. Cole
  • “Unabomber” - M.I.R.V. 
  • “Unabomber” - The Acacia Strain
  • “Unabomber” - Underground Resistance
  • “Expliding Octopus” - Ill Bill

Ricky Kasso: 

  • “Psychedelic Sacrifice” - The Electric Hellfire Club

Edmund Kemper: 

  • “Edmund Kemper Had a Horrible Temper” - Macabre
  • “Fortress/Outer Space/Forever” - System of a Down
  • “Killifornia (Edmund Kemper III)” - Church of Misery
  • “Urge to Kill” - Throbbing Gristle
  • “Forever” - The Berzerker
  • “Severed Head” - Suicide Commando
  • “Temper Temper Mr. Kemper” - The Celibate Rifles
  • “Abomination Unseen” - Devourment

Joachim Kroll: 

  • “Evil Ole Soul” - Macabre

Richard Kuklinski: 

  • “Iceman: The Ballad of Richard Kuklinski” - Bryon White and the Damn Quails
  • “Lyrical Hitman (Richard Kuklinski)” - Royce Da 5′9″ and Marvwon
  • “The Iceman” - Macabre

Peter Kúrten: 

  • “In Germany Before the War” - Randy Newman 
  • “Dedicated to Peter Kurten” (entire concept album) - Whitehouse
  • “Vampire of Dússeldorf” - Macabre
  • “Dusseldorf Monster” - Church of Misery

Leonard Lake & Charles Ng: 

  • “The Balled of Leonard and Charles” - Exodus

Henry Lee Lucas & Ottis Toole: 

  • “Murder Company” - Church of Misery
  • “Serial Killer” - Macabre
  • “Henry” - Os Catalepticos
  • “Henry Lee Lucas” - Bizarre Scums
  • “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” - Fantómas 
  • “Henry Lee Lucas” - Dahmer
  • “Lucas Toole” - Downthesun

Marc Lepine: 

  • “Montreal” - The Tragically Hip
  • “Montreal Massacre” - Macabre
  • “This Memory” - Wyrd Sisters


  • “Locusta” - Macabre

Long Island Ripper: 

  • “Ocean Parkway” - Brent City Mafia 

Jeffrey R. MacDonald: 

  • “Killer” - Riot

Patrick Mahon: 

  • “Dead Eyes Opened” - Severed Heads

Charles Manson & Family: 

  • “A Poem About An Old Prison Man” - Decapitated
  • “ATWA” - System of a Down
  • “Beausoleil” - Current 93
  • “Bloodbath in Paradise” - Ozzy Osbourne 
  • “California Hippy Murders” - Red River Dave McEnery
  • “Charlie Manson Blues” - The Flaming Lips 
  • “Charlie Manson’s eyes” - People Haters
  • “Creepy Crawl” - Necro
  • “Creepy Crawl” - Superjoint Ritual 
  • “Devil’s Hole Girls and the Big Revolution” - Rob Zombie
  • “Death Valley ‘69″ - Sonic Youth and Lydia Lunch
  • “DI-1-9026″ - J. G. Thirtwell 
  • “Do The Charles Manson” - Necro
  • “Freak” - Lana Del Rey
  • “Work of God” - Evil Anger
  • “Love and Terror” - Krookid Hooks
  • “Lunatic of God’s Creation” - Deicide
  • “Mister Manson” - Klaatu
  • “My Monkey” - Marilyn Manson
  • “Manson” - Evil Anger
  • “Real Solution #9″ - White Zombie
  • “Reflection of Children Coming Up in the Grave” - Necro
  • “Revolution Blues” - Neil Young
  • “Sadie” - Alkaline Trio
  • “Sharron’s Fetus (The Pre-Kill)” - Necro
  • “Spahn Ranch (Charles Manson)” - Church of Misery
  • “Servants of Evol” - Electric Hellfire Club
  • “The Infected Age” - Evil Anger
  • “Reign In Blood” - Necro

Timothy McVeigh: 

  • “Chaos Aggressor” - Hexeri
  • Framed” - U.S. Bombs
  • “The Ballad of Timothy McVeigh” - Snog
  • “The Proud” - Talib Kweli
  • “Little Timmy Scumbag” - Cruachan 
  • “Agent Orange” - Pharoahe Monch
  • “McVeigh” - The Indelicates

Lyle and Erik Menendez: 

  • “Hermanos Menendez” - Brujeria
  • “Death 2″ - Meechy Darko

Josef Mengele: 

  • “Angel of Death” - Slayer

Armin Meiwes: 

  • “Eaten” - Bloodbath
  • “Mein Teil” - Rammstein
  • “The Wústenfeld Man Eater” - Macabre
  • “The Wústenfeld Ripper” - Evil Anger

Tsutomu Miyazaki: 

  • “Tell the World I was a Gentleman” - The Phantom Sensation

Luke Mitchell: 

  • “Where Is She?” - The Killers

Herman Mudgett (a.k.a. H. H. Holmes): 

  • “Dr. Holmes (He Stripped Their Bones)” - Macabre
  • “Infecting them with Falsehood” - Deeds of Flesh
  • “From the Cradle to the Grave” - Havok
  • “The Torture Doctor” - Alkaline Trio
  • “Killer Holmes” - Elbowdrop
  • “Murder Castle, Illinois, 60621″ - Beelzebubs Brie

Herbert Mullin: 

  • “Megalomania (Herbert Mullin)” - Church of Misery


Dennis Nilsen: 

  • “Cranley Gardens” (Dennis Nilsen) - Church of Misery
  • “Killing for Company” - Swans
  • “You’re Dying To Be With Me” - Macabre
  • “Turnabout” - Moth Wranglers

Alfred Packer: 

  • Death metal band Cannibal Corpse’s 1990 debut, Eaten Back To Life is dedicated to Packer with the inscription “This Album is dedicated to the memory of Alfred Parker, The First American Cannibal (R.I.P)” 
  • “In the Mountains” - Macabre
  • “The Ballad of Alfred Packer” - Phil Ochs
  • “Coming Back For More” - C. W. McCall

Carl Panzram:

  • Experimental pop band Flare Acoustic Arts League laud the career of Mr. Panzram in the song “Reminiscences of a Minnesota State Training Alumni, Class of 1905” on their 2009 album, Cut.
  • “Just Born Bad” - The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers

Bruce Jeffrey Pardo:

  • “Black Christmas” - Poly Styrene

Robert Pickton: 

  • “Fed To The Pigs” - Devourment
  • “Hooker Fortified Pork Products” - The Accúsed 
  • “Pigfarm” - Mad Sin
  • “Le Seigneur des Agneaux” - Exterio

Christopher Peterson: 

  • “Shotgun Peterson” - Macabre

James Pough: 

  • “James Pough, What the Hell Did You Do?”Macabre

Dorothea Puente: 

  • “Dorthea’s Dead Folks Home”Macabre

Dennis Rader: 

  • “Bind Torture Kill”Suffocation
  • “Bind, Torture and Kill”Suicide Commando
  • “Raider II” - Steven Wilson
  • “B.T.K.” - Church of Misery
  • “BTK” - Exodus

Gilles de Rais: 

  • “Into the Crypts of Rays”Celtic Frost
  • “Tritt Ein”Saltatio Mortis
  • The whole Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder album by Cradle of Filth
  • “The Black Knight”Macabre
  • “The Window” - The Black Dahlia Murder (band)
  • “Barbazul versus el amor letal” - Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota

Daniel Rakowitz: 

  • “Is It Soup Yet?”Macabre

Richard Ramirez: 

  • “Going Going Gone”Exodus
  • “Killer”King Diamond
  • “Night Stalker”Macabre
  • “Night Stalker”Super Heroines
  • “The Night Stalker”Bewitched
  • “Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes” - Sun Kil Moon
  • “Where Evil Dwells (Richard Ramirez)”Church of Misery
  • “Nightstalker” - Impact Unit
  • “Noche Acosador” John 5
  • “Nocturnal Predator” - Legion of the Damned
  • “Rock Around The Clock, Richard Ramirez” - Adolf Sasquatch
  • “See You In Disneyland” - Adolf Sasquatch
  • “Jack the Knife” - The Electric Hellfire Club
  • “Ramirez” - The Acacia Strain
  • “Shut Up And Spoon Me" - The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers
  • "Knight Stalker” - Shadow Project
  • “Smooth Criminal” - Michael Jackson

Elliot Rodger: 

  • “Supreme Gentleman” - The RoBBa

Gary Ridgway:

  • “Deep Red Bells” - Neko Case
  • “Green River” - Church of Misery
  • “The Green River Murderer (He’s Still Out There)” Macabre
  • “Ozzie” - Green River (band)
  • “I Wanna Know What Love Is” - Julie Ruin
  • “Dumpsites” - Jakprogresso

Danny Rolling: 

  • “Danny Rolling” - The Murder Junkies


Issei Sagawa: 

  • “La Folie” - The Stranglers
  • “Too Much Blood” - The Rolling Stones

Shankill Butchers:

  • “Shankill Butchers”Sarah Jarosz
  • “Shankill Butchers”The Decemberists

Lee Sheldon: 

  • “Folk Bloodbath”Josh Ritter
  • “Stack Shot Billy”The Black Keys
  • “Stagger Lee”, also known as “Stagolee”, “Stackerlee”, “Stack O'Lee”, and “Stack-a-Lee”
  • “Wrong ‘Em Boyo”The Clash

Ronald Gene Simmons: 

  • “Holidays of Horror” - Macabre

Richard Speck: 

  • “Born To Raise Hell” (Richard Speck) – Church of Misery
  • “Richard Speck”Mojo Nixon
  • “Richard Speck”The Viletones
  • “Richard Speck”Wesley Willis
  • “The Ballad of T.V. Violence (I’m Not The Only Boy)”Cheap Trick
  • “What The Heck Richard Speck (Eight Nurses Did You Wreck)”Macabre
  • “Speck" - The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers

Brenda Spencer: 

  • "I Don’t Like Mondays”The Boomtown Rats
  • “Terrorist”The Feederz

Charles Starkweather: 

  • “All I Want”Kenny Brown
  • “Badlands (Charles Starkweather)” Church of Misery
  • “Hate So Real”J Church
  • “Nebraska”Bruce Springsteen
  • “We Didn’t Start the Fire” - Billy Joel
  • “Nebraska” - Nicole Dollanganger

Peter Stumpp: 

  • “Werewolf of Beburg” - Macabre

Peter Sutcliffe: 

  • “Leeds Ripper”Throbbing Gristle
  • “Leeds United”Luke Haines
  • “Night Shift”Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • “Ripping Into Pieces (Peter Sutcliffe)”Church of Misery
  • “The Ripper”Pallas
  • “Archives of Pain” - Manic Street Preachers


Howard Unruh: 

  • “Howard Unrah (What Have You Done Now?)” Macabre
  • “Retal”Church of Misery
  • “® Retaliate” - The Mark of Cain

Fred West/Rose West:

  • “Evil”Interpol
  • “25 Cromwell St.” - Apoptygma Berzerk
  • “Red Knives And Plastic Wives” - Red Knife Lottery

Charles Whitman: 

  • “Road To Ruin (Charles Whitman)”Church of Misery
  • “Sniper”Harry Chapin
  • “Sniper in the Sky”Macabre
  • “The Ballad of Charles Whitman”Kinky Friedman
  • “The Tower”Insane Clown Posse
  • “Charles Joseph Whitman” - Deathday AKA Deathday Party

Stanley Williams: 

  • “Real Talk”Snoop Dogg

Wayne Williams: 

  • “Annie Christian”Prince
  • “Creeks”Big Gipp and Witchdoctor
  • “Wrong Man” Deep Purple

Aileen Wuornos: 

  • “Filth Bitch Boogie (Aileen Wuornos)”Church of Misery
  • “Sixth Of June” It Dies Today
  • “Slut”Evil Anger
  • “Poor Aileen” Superheaven

Graham Frederick Young: 

  • “Poison”Macabre
  • “Taste the Pain (Graham Young)”Church Of Misery

Zodiac Killer: 

  • “Gemini”Slayer
  • “Sick of Living (Zodiac)”Church of Misery
  • “Zodiac” Macabre
  • “Zodiac” Melvins
  • “Zodiac Shit”Flying Lotus
  • “Soul Sacrifice”Santana
  • “The Zodiac” Kamelot
  • “Venus in Furs”Electric Wizard
  • “Dear Editor” Kamelot
  • “Summer of Sam” Lana Del Rey
  • “Death 2”Meechy Darko
  • “Zodiac ( he is still out there… )”Christian Death

Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo: a Soviet serial killer, nicknamed the Butcher of Rostov, the Red Ripper, and the Rostov Ripper, who committed the sexual assault, murder, and mutilation of at least 52 women and children between 1978 and 1990. Chikatilo confessed to a total of 56 murders and was tried for 53 of these killings in April 1992. He was convicted and sentenced to death for 52 of these murders in October 1992 and subsequently executed in February 1994.

“I am a mistake of nature, a mad beast.”

- Andrei Chikatilo, The Rostov Ripper

Pictured is a scene during Chikatilo’s notorious trial in what is now the Ukraine. He was kept caged in the center of the courtroom throughout his trial before being found guilty of 53 murders (he confessed to 56 but 3 bodies were never found) over 12 years. 

The Chessboard Killer Confesses

Loner confesses to being Russia’s ‘Chessboard Killer’ // June 25 2006

A police manhunt in a Moscow park where 16 bodies have turned up in the last nine months has ended with the arrest of a man who could turn out to be the most prolific serial killer in Russian history. The suspect, a 32-year-old shop assistant who lives with his mother, has been nicknamed “the Chessboard Killer” since his self-confessed aim was to murder 64 people, one for every square on a chessboard.

According to his own account, which is being painstakingly checked by the police, he managed to murder “only” 61 people over 15 years, three short of his target. He was said to be particularly “excited” by the sight of crushed skulls and to have sometimes used a hammer to kill.

Identified only as Aleksander P for legal reasons, the man claims to have been consciously trying to surpass the number of victims notched up by the former Soviet Union’s most infamous serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo. Chikatilo, known as “the Rostov Ripper” or as “the Russian Hannibal Lecter” raped, mutilated, murdered, and indulged in cannibalism. He is estimated to have killed 52 women and children between 1978 and 1990.

Newspaper cuttings relating to Chikatilo were found in a search of Aleksander P’s flat, as was a chessboard; 61 of its 64 squares were reportedly crossed through, the number of victims he claims to have murdered. Police also found a large stash of pornography, much of it violent, though there is no evidence that he raped his victims.

The shop assistant, an alcoholic loner reported to have never had any friends or girlfriends, has been quoted by the Russian media as telling police he killed for sport. “It was all the same to me who I killed. I killed for the sake of the process itself. And, for the record, I wanted to kill as many people as possible and to beat Chikatilo’s record.”

He was arrested after a massive police manhunt for a serial killer – 16 bodies have been found in the last nine months in Bitsevsky Park in southwest Moscow. The killer followed what became a familiar pattern, striking his victims with a heavy object around the back of the head after drinking alcohol with them.

Many of those he killed were elderly men and the murderer did not kill for financial gain, never taking money or belongings. His calling card was some form of mutilation. He often punctured his victims’ lifeless skulls once or twice with the murder weapon after they were dead.

Police got their big break after finding the body of a 35-year-old woman in a river at Bitsevsky Park earlier this month. The woman later turned out to have worked in the same shop as Aleksander P. She had suffered several blows to her head and small wooden stakes had been driven through her eyes and into her skull.

It later transpired that she had gone for a stroll in the park with Aleksander P that was to be her last. Crucially, she had left a note for her 15-year-old son beforehand, telling him where she had gone and with whom. She had even written down Aleksander P’s telephone number which allowed the police to arrest him soon afterwards.

Police say they are 100% sure that he killed the woman but whether Aleksander P really is Russia’s most prolific serial killer remains unclear. Though the authorities seem sure that he has murdered at least 10 victims they have yet to gather sufficient proof to back up his sensational claim that he has killed 61 people. He has been taken back to Bitsevsky Park where he has successfully pinpointed where he buried some of his victims but the police are nowhere near recovering 61 bodies and in some cases have found only skulls.

There is also a question mark over Aleksander’s sanity, with reports that he has done a stint in a home for the psychologically disturbed. Under interrogation, he is said to sometimes become “hysterical” and parts of his confession are said to be vague and confusing, stoking police suspicions that he might be deliberately exaggerating the number of people he has killed, for effect.

Also known as the Rostov Ripper and the Shelter Belt killer, Andrei Chikatilo claimed his first victim (a nine year old girl by the name of Lena Zakotnova) on December 22nd, 1978, and would go on to kill 52 more. He evaded capture for almost 15 years. Mutilation of the eyes and complete or partial removal of the sexual organs became two signatures of his grisly crimes. He targeted adolescent boys and girls, often raping and cannibalizing them, as well as drinking their blood. Despite the ineptitude of local police, he was eventually captured and found guilty of 53 counts of murder. During the trial, he behaved erratically, screaming obscenities and beating himself against the bars of the cage to which he had been confined for the duration of the proceedings. He stated, “I am a mistake of nature, a mad beast.” He was executed in 1994.

Noomi Rapace talks about Child 44 and working with Tom in The Independent:

Child 44 is the first part of the spy trilogy written by the British author Tom Rob Smith.

First published in 2008, the books are based on the crimes of Andrei Chikatilo, the Rostov Ripper, who was convicted and executed for committing at least 52 murders in the Soviet Union between 1978 and 1990. Transplanted to the Stalin era, the thriller sees an idealistic, pro-Stalin security officer and his wife investigate a series of child murders despite the wishes of the state.

If the plot sounds like it could be a job for the girl with the dragon tattoo, Rapace insists she was attracted to the role because it was a very different part for her. “She is not tough, not cool, she’s very feminine and normal. She’s a school teacher and quite cold, not fiery at all. Nonetheless, I think that all the characters that I play always bleed into my life and take over my life a lot. I find that I can’t do things even halfway or tactical. It feels like the character moves in and stays there for the whole shoot. It’s not like people need to call me the character name, but I can’t really distance myself.”

The script for Child 44 was first handed to Rapace by Ridley Scott. The British-born director was due to direct the project before deciding to serve the film as a producer. Like most of Hollywood, the director was determined to cast the actress after he saw her Bafta-nominated turn in the Millennium trilogy. “I met Ridley and he said, ‘I’m a fan of yours and I loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I would like to work with you,’ and I was like, I’m going to die now! He gave me the script for Child 44, so it was the one of the first American scripts that I read.”

Directed by Daniel Espinosa, Child 44 also stars the British star Tom Hardy. Hardy and Rapace can also be seen working together on the upcoming The Drop, based on the Dennis Lehane short story “Animal Rescue”. “I met Tom two years previously and we were looking for something to work on,” she says. “What was really great was that we know each other really well, and we really trust each other, so we don’t need to be polite, we don’t need to start from zero. We could just melt into the next one. We had so much for free. It felt like we were this gypsy family coming from New York with all our family and the next stop was Prague.”

During the early summer, no doubt fuelled  by their having worked together on two films  consecutively and their friendship, there were rumours that Hardy had left his long-term girlfriend, the actress Charlotte Riley, and fallen into the arms of Rapace. These were unsubstantiated and quickly killed off as Hardy attended several high-profile events, such as the recent British Independent Film Awards, with his fiancée.