the rosin box


tie the ribbon by ello dahling
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not taken by me.

Pointe shoes.

I have quite strong and flexible feet, my instep isn't too high but my flexibility makes up for it. I used to wear out hard shanked Grishko Maya’s in 2 weeks easily. Since surgery my Maya’s don’t feel great, which is understandable those shoes are hard as rocks. You could beat someone to death with them(excuse my morbid sense of humor -_-). To start really practicing pointe again i need to figure out what shoes are going to work for me now. Ugh. Time to take a trip to the Rosin Box in Philly. 


Here’s my assignment for The Art Assignment #8!

Note to any dancers watching: please forgive the occasional sickled foot or fall off pointe - I haven’t put on the shoes in at least 7 years, plus dancing on cardboard on top of carpet is harder than you might think!

When I heard the phrase “A pair of fabulous shoes” in this week’s Art Assignment, I knew what I had to do. I’ve always loved pointe shoes, and started thinking about the tracks left by dancers as they leave the rosin box. I like the idea that the final piece is a reflection of the activity that happened on the surface of the cardboard, so I wanted to show the process as well as the finished project.

I wasn’t able to get to a store to buy paint for this project, so the cardboard is bare.