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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Jin:</b> *puts rose in yoongi's chair in Just One Day MV*<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> *sits on it when they all sit down and acts like nothing happened*<p/><b>Jin:</b> Romance is dead<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>


Every time I was close to finishing y'all had to go and create new adorably amazing characters, didn’t ya?  I coulda been done this a week ago but noooooooooo

I’ve only drawn a few of my favourites here (as in not all, there’s a handful I haven’t even mentioned that I adore), there were so many more OCs that I wanted to draw but over two weeks on one piece is enough for me I’M OUT

Long ramble cut short: I love you all and this fandom makes me so happy, your creativity is beautiful and amazing to watch and participate in.  I wanted to make a tribute to it in some way!  Again, it’s not all of ‘em, but it’s a snapshot of some.

Get ready, now.  Here’s a list of all the characters and their creators in left-to-right order:

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@dualthesol‘s “#dezel no #DEZEL FUCKING YES” tags keep making me crack tf up everytime I read them so I

New boi from Papy’s AU

Here’s the deaL, the swap bros and the ut bros are one family, like in the ref I drew, so the fell bros and maybe the swapfell bros will be one family. Both families are rivals. The AUs are mashed up you know, like everyone’s there and they’re basically rivals, yeeeee. I’ll explain more later.

But about dis boi, hee’s just gotta do what he’s gotta do, he is cold and dead inside- His name is ofc sans but there’s like four sans’ in this au so they all got nicknames and he’s called either Cherry or Red ooor Rose to a certain BBy hheheh it’s a pun with the name If anyone but the special person calls him Rose he’ll punch ‘em-


✧ Sirenas de La Calavera Catrina ✧
Revealing my theme for Inktober! For the next month, you can expect ink drawings of beautiful mermaids befitting death. Last year I did Dia de Los Muertos but left it very open-ended in terms of what was involved so I’m trying to narrow down enough to maybe turn it into a zine. ♡ Happy Monday Merms!
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sooo...I'm new to the whole Nygmobblepot fandom. I'm completely obsessed, just got caught up with every episode, I'm hurting but still hopeful for their inevitable romantic union XD but I like really NEED some good fanfic of them to help tide me over. Have any suggestions? I'm not opposed to anything really; AU's, NSFW, oneshots, multichaps... you name it, and if you recommend it, I will definitely read it! :)

I’m going to give you a list of names that have really good fics. Just check their blogs and you’ll be able to find their fics under the appropriate tags. All their fics are wonderful!

@freckledandspectacled || @backwardabyss || @robinllordtaylor || @rose-for-dead-alice || @riddlerbird || @mrgoldsdearie || @m4dh4ttey || @goth-on-ham || @jokesterwrites || @okimi79 and @rissalf

There ya go! Enjoy <3

I also write fics on AO3. My username is starsofgallifrey 

ALSO one of my alltime favorite Nygmobblepot fics is Plant Food by @zsaszmatazz (I believe) It’s definitely amazing

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