the rose signet

Medieval Gold Henry VII Signet Glove Ring, 15th Century

A substantial gold ring dating from the period of Henry VII and the Wars of the Roses, the tapered band with channeled edges engraved with flower and foliage design, a line of three rose blooms at the shoulders, the circular bezel with incuse and retrograde design of a standing heraldic dragon passant sinister with wings addorsed and mouth open, palm branches above and behind, ’S’ before and a star below, with Latin retrograde Black Letter ’[n]c[e]’ inscription for ‘Believe and Conquer’ and the letter ’S’ possibly relating to the name of the owner.

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You know, I’ve always felt there was certain irony to how beloved the Rose Signet is among fans.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore it too. I’m really happy that I managed to get my hands on the official rings. I’m sure a lot of fans feel the same way, because it seems to be the merchandise that everyone wants to get their hands on, and all Utena tattoos I’ve seen are of the Rose Signet.

But at the end of the day, this is what the Rose Signet truly is.

It’s Akio’s symbol, as well as his shackles. Wearing it means being a piece in his game. It’s the symbol of everything bad in the show. Of course, that’s not how we fans see it, we see it as a symbol of the series itself, and often as being Utena’s symbol. But when you really stop and think about it, yeah… that pretty ring is actually pretty awful.


[Image: First image is Utena’s uniform lying crumpled on her bed, a letter from The End of the World and her rose signet lying on top of it. Second image is Utena in the shower, eyes hidden as water rushes over her.

Text: The Night Vale School District announce that schools will be closed all of next week, because: Nothing really matters, and is anything even real?]

Text originally from WtMV episode 22 “The Whispering Forest”.

This post was thought up by blog intern jeneelestrange, who tragically lost her life in last week’s vampire attacks, but then less tragically returned to life in this week’s vampire attacks. Happy second life, intern jeneelestrange!

Don't Be Afraid of This World Where We Can Meet- an elaborate Utena x Anthy mix

1. Kill the Lights| Birthday Massacre//2. Take me to Church (Hozier Cover)| Neon Jungle//3. Fineshrine| Purity Ring//4.Crucify| Tori Amos//5.Bones| Ms. Mr//6. This Will Be The Day| Casey Lee Williams//7. Blinding| Florence and the Machine//8. Leave My Body| Florence and the Machine//9.Radioactive (Imagine Dragons Cover)| Clara C//10. To Kill a King| Hungry Lucy//11. Butterfly Nets| Bishop Allen//12. Youngblood| Bea Miller//13. Battle Cry| Angel Haze ft. Sia

A mix for Anthy and Utena’s journey as a couple and as heroes towards the end of the show. The fairytale breaks down, they are both sacrifices, but they rise from the ashes to find the revolution and shine together in their love

Each song represents a stage of their relationship/moment with them in the show. In the playlist proper I put quotes to represent what each song was supposed to be about, here I’ll include additional quotes and pictures and stuff too. 

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Kill the Lights

Anthy: “If you go to the castle you’ll meet your prince”

Anthy: “I used you and your naievete. I betrayed you from the  beginning. I’m sorry, Utena-sama.”

Every prince is a fantasy/The witch is inside of me/Her poison will wash away the memory/We kill the lights and put on a show/It’s all a lie/But you’d never know

It’s so much better to pretend/There’s something waiting for you here/Every letter that you wrote/Has found its way to me, my dear/You can make believe that what you say/Is what I want to hear/I’ll keep dancing through this/Beautiful delusional career

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[Photoset - First image is Revolutionary Girl Utena’s eyecatch. Second image is Wakaba thrusting her sword at Anthy and Utena. Third image is Anthy being stabbed. Fourth image is the Swords of Hate coming at Utena. Fifth image is Juri bowling.]

[Text - (630): you guys have a strange definition of the word fun. I would have said dangerous, terrifying, or life-threatening. of course, bowling can now be described the same way.]


[Image: First image is Shiori, wearing a black rose signet, caressing Juri’s face. Second image is the two girls in silhouette as Juri clutches her chest in pain and Shiori reaches out to her.

Text: If we had meant “on the skin above your heart” we would have said so. Now, quit squirming, put your hand on your heart, and repeat after me.]

Text originally from the Night Vale Twitter.


Here’s a little preview of something very cool my SO has been working on, currently in an early unpainted prototype stage - 3D-printed Rose Crest signet rings from Utena, for all your duelist needs. 

(Note that the one in the photo looks very large since it isn’t appropriately sized for my really tiny hand.)