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Fares Al-Khodor Is Dead (And So Is a Piece of My Heart)

Fares Al-Khodor, 12 years old Syrian boy,  left his home in Syria 5 years ago with his family escaping Assad bombs and strikes and went to Lebanon, Beirut.

Fares started to sell roses in Hamra St. west Beirut to help his family. He was not a normal kid; according to everyone knew him.  His trademark gelled-back hair, smart dress and cheery nature made him stand out from the rest of the flower sellers on the streets of Beirut, earning the nickname ‘Hamra’s mascot’ after the area he worked in.

Fares returned to Al-Hasakah, Syria recently and was killed in a coalition air-strike that was carried out there on Thursday. “He died by an American drone missile strike on his village on Syria"; according to a friend of him.

Photographer Zeinoun Naboulsi met him when he and his family first came to Beirut.

‘Everyone loved him because he was so polite,’ he said.

'He wasn’t just roses’ seller, was not a beggar, was not sad or miserable. he sold roses to help his family,he was filled with pride, enough for all of us and he wore the coolest outfits and perfume with gelled-back hair. I spent much of my time down in Hamra, where Fares became my friend.
He attended school and had a dream to become a doctor or a lower or an astronaut like the rest of the kids. He had big dreams.

'I still remember one time at Barbar, a famous Lebanese fast food place, he invited us to dinner when it should be the other way round but he insisted.

‘ He saved money to buy a camera and asked me to teach his how to take photos’

'Youssef his older brother was also a flower seller and taught himself poetry. He would take care of him.’

‘ He wasn’t just roses’ seller, he was a friend and a brother to us … we will always remember him, the king of Hamra street ‘

Artist Yazan Halwani brought his memory all the way to Germany. Halwani, a Lebanese street artist known as “the Banksy of Beirut,” went all the way to Dortmund in order to paint a portrait of Fares. 

Rose Campion (Silene coronaria syn. Lychnis coronaria) Seeds

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Rose campion – also known as dusty miller, mullein-pink, and bloody William – is a biennial in the carnation family.

At 75cm+ in height, these are imposing plants that yield a weeks-long succession of trumpeted magenta flowers. Pictured above is a single plant.

The epithet ‘coronaria’ means 'used in garlands’ – paired with their dusty blue-grey foliage, rose campion blossoms make a striking pollinator-attracting addition to a flower bed, or a cut arrangement.

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Wyatt and Miguel

 Miguel took the bear and tucked it under one arm, shaking his head a little.  "You do too much for me,“ he murmured,ducking his head.  They were far enough away from the Heights that Miguel didn’t feel apprehensive about slipping his hand against Wyatt’s.  "I clean up nice, right?” he said winking.  "You looking pretty fine yourself.“

“thank you. I washed my hair and put on deodrant and shaved my face,” He said. He smiled when he had his hand with Miguels. “Wow, someone is .. i like it.” He tugged his hand to go on the train. He sat back and looked up at the ceiling. “You came. I swear I didnt think you would.”

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