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Sindria Family Dinner  一日の終わりに【マギ】by  ローズ

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Come Closer

Originally posted by wooyoung

❝ The proposal had reached the walls of Queen Imanie’s castle, the letter of approval had reached yours. All that was left was to waste away the days until your fiance reached your door, spent in a constant state of excitement and flushed cheeks. But little did you know that this royal servant, now your fiance, would not only settle in your bedroom chambers with a heart belonging to someone else - but also bring annihilation to your kingdom. ❞

Queen!Reader x Sehun

Word count: 2,3K

Sweaty palms, excited grin made it’s rushed way down the grand stairs of the royal hall. The clicks of your delicate, heeled shoes against hard stone followed you as you skipped down ever marble step, down onto the vast, pale-stoned floor. Sweaty palms became aware of their inconvenience in the situation and let themselves be dragged over the soft cloth of the queen’s long, relaxed dress, effectively losing the disgusting moisture.

The sounds of wagons upon wagons arriving at the front of the royal castle, the chatter and the welcomes from your staff to the newly-arrived met your ears as you stepped out. What met your senses next - was the ethereal sight of your fiance, whom you had actually never spoken to before. His hair was dark, relaxed over his forehead and his brown eyes met yours with hidden mysteries, dreams, opinions, and interests.

You were to marry this man, and never before had the idea of a wedding sounded so fantastic to you before. You could only imagine his gratefulness; the opportunity he was given; from royal servant to Prince. He smiled shyly at you, reserved, and bowed his head slightly before taking the hand of one of your servant, moving out of the wagon and jumping down the small steps leading to the sturdy ground. Once the servants present noticed your own presence, they fell to the ground, leaving you and Sehun the only one standing.

As Sehun made his reluctant way across the palace yard over to you, you thanked Queen Imanie’s invite to tea only a few weeks ago, you thanked her for having this beautiful, mysteries boy as a servant, you thanked her for her approval when you asked for his hand in marriage - you thanked the heavens for bending to your very will.

“Sehun,” You spoke his name softly, fluency due to practice. “I’m thrilled to have you here as my fiance.”

Said man looked thrown off guard but smiled a shy smile again nonetheless. “I’m honored, Queen Y/N.”

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anonymous asked:

good evening ! i was wondering if i could get the sakamaki boy"s reaction to their s/o asking them on a date ? thank you so much !! <3

I hope you like this ✧⁺⸜(●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧

♥Shu: A date? I don’t feel like going out today.
Huh? Are those… Tickets for the orchestra? Heh, you really know my tastes. I guess I can make an exception for today.

♥Reiji: Well, that antique cafe looks really classy. You clearly made a good choice. When do you want to go? I’m looking forward to it.

♥Ayato: Are you taking me to the basketball game? Yeah! Let’s go to eat takoyaki after it!

♥Kanato: You want to go for ice cream? It’s hard to admit but… You’ve had a good idea. What do you think, Teddy?

♥Laito: It was about time you invited me somewhere, Bitch-chan~ where are you taking me? I know this romantic hotel where we could go after our date, nfu~

♥Subaru: What? A labyrinth? Isn’t running around in a labyrinth kinda childish? Woah… It’s… It’s a rose labyrinth! Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t know it had thousands of roses!

Dark Zodiac

All things considered dark (not necessarily negative), strange, or occult associated with the signs.

Aries- Dragon, angry entities, bloody weapons, fire, rage/wrath, blood-lust, war, steroids, counting cards, risks, possession, thorns, enchanted weapons, hell hound, knights, and armor.

Taurus- Greedy or selfish seduction, lady in white entities, twisted or spooky trees and scary forest, violent Earth elemental, hexed treasure, werewolf, singing ghost, gemstones, black rose, black diamond, trolls, labyrinth, and magical items especially jewelry.

Gemini- Evil fairy, dark fairy, Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, old insane asylums, evil twins, con man/woman, trickster, magic words, rumors, dark colored butterfly, enchanted books, and getting lost.

Cancer- Witch craft, spells, tarot cards, grudges, curses, Frankenstein Monster, full moon or moon magic, haunted houses and areas, cloak, witches hat, black cats, sea monsters, nostalgia, cursed or magic mirrors, magic candles, and the past.

Leo- Radioactive waste and danger, scandals, evil king or queen, haunted opera/theater, mutation, pyramid, magical statues or monuments, temples, sand storms, rain dances, sun dances or worshiping, supernatural energy, and fire magic.

Virgo- Dr. Frankenstein or any mad scientist, good girl/guy gone bad, general corruption, herbs and potions used in magic or spells, gnomes, dark sex, sinister deals, dead garden, an enchanted garden, and man-eating tree or plant.

Libra- Love potions and curses, ravens, werewolf, the night sky, dark beauty, lust, genie, Dorian Grey, harpy, sacred smoke, masquerades, Queen of Hearts, bad dreams, magic lanterns, and charms.  

Scorpio- Vampires, dark seduction, mystery, fortune teller, black widow, black/dark magic, underworld, voodoo, snakes, masquerades, tarot cards, black and white photos, secrets, dark sex, ravens, scorpions, dark still pool, and necromancy.

Sagittarius- Gypsy magic, fortune teller, traveling magician, traveling salesman of “medicine” and potions, wildfire, dark unicorn, dark circus or carnival, gambling and risk, General Zaroff from The Most Dangerous Game, and aggressive centaurs.

Capricorn- Horror, Gothic design, Victorian age, steampunk, spider webs, death, grim reaper, mad scientist, gargoyles, poppies, bats, a corrupt leader of a cult or underground organization, cave, dark humor, mine, graveyards, abandon buildings and places, and skeletons.

Aquarius- Dark science fiction, mad scientist, dark unicorn, storms, a corrupt leader of a cult or underground organization, magic keys, owls, Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera, corrupted technology, meditation, chaos, dark rebellion or revolution, thunderbird, aliens, portals, and dystopia.

Pisces- Ghost, mist, fog, Ouija board, medium, fortune teller, tarot cards, sea monsters, sirens, evil spirits, healing crystals, dream-catcher, nightmares, water spirits, addiction, false trust, drugs, poison, and illusions.

littletravelartist  asked:

Hello beautiful creature I wander do you have any alternatives to represent God and Goddess because the statues on the Internet are either really pretty and really expensive or really cheap and very sloppy

Goddess Symbols
Cowrie Shell
Crescent Moon
Double Spiral
Eye of Maat
Hecate’s Wheel
Triple Moon 
Triple Spiral 
Vesica Piscis

God Symbols
Eye of Horus
Sun-Antlered Stag

These are some general items to represent the God and Goddess aspects. They are not tied to one specific deity. 


When Bowie came on set, he had with him who we called the bulldog, his personal minder. She came around to all of us and told us “Mr Bowie is sitting in his chair and he doesn’t wish to be disturbed. When Mr. Bowie is smoking a cigarette, that means Mr. Bowie is having personal time to himself and doesn’t wish to be disturbed”. So to the Muppet people, it was like “Oh, Mr. Bowie is having a hard time coming out of his shell. Well we’ll show him”. So we completely ignored everything she said to us, and within a week and a half, he was having so much fun with us, that he told her to go home and that she wasn’t really needed around here. He totally just got into the family, the one big family Jim created.
—  Animatronics wiz Tim Rose on working with David Bowie on Labyrinth (I’m willing to bet 10 bucks that the ‘personal minder’ was Coco Schwab)

Okay, Tumblr family, I need your help. I’m either dealing with coronary artery disease, or, more likely, a whacked out, overblown case of severe anxiety. Either way, I need your assistance.

The best thing I can do right now is distract myself until I know what the hell is going on.

Help a shaky, terrified fangirl out.

favorite/best Sherlolly, Labyrinth, Ten/Rose, Winter Soldier, Loki fanfics? The longer and more involved, the better.


Send me a number and a pairing and I will write you a drabble.

Drabble for @mari-m-rose​ (part 1)

“Wanna dance?”

“Sin, you know very well that I don’t dance,” Ja’far grumbled, tucking his hands even more tightly under his arms. He fixed the taller man with an apathetic look and pressed himself further against the wall, away from the outstretched hand beckoning to him.

“Yes, you do,” Sinbad insisted good-naturedly, his earrings and many bracelets sparkling in the light of the many bonfires burning brightly around them. “Rurumu taught you how. I remember it because I was there too. Now come here…”

He gently unfolded his general’s arms and began to guide him forward, away from his post. But the younger man wouldn’t budge.

“Come on, Ja’far,” Sinbad pleaded, “It’s a festival! Don’t be such a wallflower. What if a pretty girl asks you to dance with her?”

“Then I shall politely decline her invitation,” Ja’far growled, stubbornly pulling his arms back. “I’m sure she’d rather dance with you anyway.”

Sinbad studied his subordinate for a moment, who shifted uncomfortably as he felt the other man’s golden eyes sweep over him.

“Don’t make me do this, Ja’far,” he started, his arms crossed. Still, the white-haired man refused to meet his gaze. Sinbad sighed.

“Ja’far, I order you to dance with me.”

“H-hey! Let go of me–”

But it was too late–he had been pulled along by the wrist to the very center of the square, full of laughing party guests dressed in their finest, colorful silks whirling all around them, surrounded by the sound of drums, bells and clapping hands.

“Sin–! Sin! Stop, we look ridiculous!”

“Only because it looks like I’m trying to dance with someone who’s as rigid as a statue,” Sinbad stated nonchalantly, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “Loosen up, like this…”


“Come on, Ja’far, don’t stop now. You were doing great.”

He tugged at Ja’far’s hands, hoping the younger man would move his feet. But Ja’far remained rooted to the spot.

“Ja’far? What’s wrong?” he asked, watching his partner chew pensively on the inside of his cheek, as he was wont to do when he was nervous.

“Which part am I dancing?”

“Part?” Sinbad raised an eyebrow, confused. “It’s just a typical folk dance, Ja’far, what–”

“I mean which one of us is the guy and which is the girl?” Ja’far finally burst out, awkwardly sidestepping around the torches to avoid colliding with nearby dancers.

“Ohhh.” Sinbad grinned. “Well, why didn’t you say so? If you didn’t know the guy’s part, then you can lead and I’ll be the girl.”

Ja’far’s eyes widened in alarm.

“What, no!” he protested, grabbing the front of Sinbad’s richly embroidered robes. “You’re the king! You can’t be dancing like that with one of your generals! And besides that, you’re taller than me!”

Sinbad watched with mild amusement as the gears quickly turned in Ja’far’s head. Finally, half convincing himself, half thinking aloud, Ja’far declared, “Okay, I’ll be the girl.”


Before Ja’far could change his mind, Sinbad pulled his reluctant companion to his side, a broad smile on his face he twirled his partner to the beat, their fingers naturally interlocking as their movements synchronized.

“It still looks odd for two grown men to be dancing together like this…” Ja’far mumbled, unable to look up into Sinbad’s face.

It would have been hard for someone standing further away to tell, but Sinbad could see that his partner was blushing to the roots of his hair. He let his eyes trail downward, taking in the entire ensemble he had helped Ja’far pick out just the day before, when he had dragged the cranky government official kicking and screaming to the market. Green was a good color on him, but surprisingly, so was red. Red like the his rope darts. Like the brilliant hibiscus blossoms that grew wild around the island.

Like the sparkling crimson jewel on the ring he’d secretly stored away to give to the man when the time was right.

He pulled Ja’far in closer and breathed in the scent of sweat, parchment and ink.

“You should wear casual clothes more often, Ja’far,” he whispered into his partner’s ear. “You look good in it.”

He punctuated his compliment with a playful bite to the earlobe, grinning when he heard Ja’far’s sharp intake of breath.

“Please stop that, Sin, someone will see…”

“I don’t care.”

I do. You’re the king. Please show some decorum.”

“Alright, alright.”

The music had stopped, the movements around them stilling. People were clapping and cheering and the musicians had begun to stand. Sinbad looked down, expecting Ja’far to look relieved but was stunned to see something closer to disappointment in the young man’s dark eyes. His hand was being squeezed so tightly, he wondered if Ja’far would ever let go.

“Hey,” Sinbad whispered, his eyes soft. “How about… we dance together at the next festival too?”

He waited until he saw the tiniest of nods before quickly stealing a kiss.

Link to part 2: here

Pocket Mirror: Pumpkin Charm Locations:

My full post on all locations in which you can find Pumpkin Charms. For those who want to find out the locations for yourselves, don’t worry I’ve got you covered! :) Click below to see all the pumpkin charms I’ve found throughout the game.

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Ones I always WANTED to write, but lacked any sort of motivation to actually attempt:

-We were shopping in Target and you walked away for a second then I hear an employee over the loud speaker ask for help because someone got stuck in the toy balls display…oh my god its you isnt it?!

-Ive been alive for centuries but I always fall in love with your reincarnation over and over again.

-You unintentionally got your earring stuck in my hair and WOW okay youre really pretty but this is getting a lot of attention and Im very close to your lips and it hurts someone please help!

-Were stuck on an elevator and its really awkward because I know you’re the model on the billboard right outside my office window and I don’t know if its appropriate to even ask for an autograph because the ad is very sexual.

-You were the one good thing in my life but it turns out you’re an assassin and I’m the target…

-We were both army brats and friends but years later you forgot me, so now you are my lieutenant and you’re really strict and hardcore and omfg its turning me on A LOT¿

-Im a pro athlete and you’re the physical trainer who sees me regularly for my “very in need of bandages and kisses” injuries.


Day 2 of A-kon involved more proposals from Steven~ (pardon my poopy phone camera pictures)

All of you are lovely, lovely people. Thank you all for being such good sports ;u;

Also, another Pokemon photoshoot tomorrow at noon! Ahhh


My birthday coordinate for high tea with my bf tomorrow! I’m so excited, this is definitely the best coordinate I’ve done so far~^^ I purchased this dress at the Baby store when I was in Japan and it’s so beautiful <3 *tears*

Outfit rundown:

Jumperskirt: Baby the stars shine bright
Blouse: Dear Celine
Choker: Ruby Rose
Parasol: Angelic Pretty
Wrist cuffs, Shoes, tights and hairband: taobao