the rose is actually a heart

Lily-Rose Depp Workout Routine

I know that a lot of people aspire to have a body similar to Lily’s but we don’t actually know what she does apart from run (and that her genes have are a major factor to her body) so I’ve put together a bunch of workout videos that I think could help you to get a body similar to Lily’s. (oh and most of these videos will probably be blogilates because her workouts are amazing in my opinion)


This is the best for burning fat off because it gets your heart racing. Cardio can be really hard but there’s soo many benefits like reduced stress, reduced risk of getting heart disease and some types of cancer and stronger heart and lungs (there’s way more but it would take ages to list them all and I know you guys don’t actually care that much) Some good cardio workouts are(don’t let the names put you off):

Heart on Fire (I do this one a lot and it hurts but you feel so good after!!)

Summer Sweatfest

Fat Destroyer (Best Cardio Workout)

Fun Indoor Cardio Workout

8 Min at Home Cardio - Swimsuit Slimdown

OR you can go running and keep increasing how long you run for by about 5 minutes as time goes on.


Lily’s stomach is sooo nice and toned so here’s some workouts for toning your stomach and slimming your waist:

Ab Workout For a Slim Waistline

Flat Abs in 3 Minutes

10 Minute Ab Workout (I used to do this one a lot and it aches but its so effective)

6 Minutes to a Sexy Little Waist

Lower Belly Flattener

Abs in a Flash


Lily has lean arms so i’ve tried to find some good workouts to get nice, lean arms:

Long and Lean Arms Workout

Lean Arms Workout

5 Minutes to Toned Arms

Sleek Tank Top Arms


Lily has quite thin, lean legs so here’s some workouts to help you achieve that:

Lean Legs Workout

Bikini Body Pilates – Lean Legs Workout

Lean Legs and Butt Shaper Workout

5 Minutes to Long Lean Legs

5 Best Thigh Slimming Exercises

Whole Body

Total body sculpt workout 

Slim and Sculpt Whole Body

Whole Body Workout

Ultimate Hot Body Workout

Detox Water Recipes

Natural Belly Slimming Detox Water

3 Detox Water Recipes for Fat Flushing, Anti-Aging and Beauty

Please keep in mind that toning up and losing weight takes time, PLEASE do not resort to unhealthy methods to lose weight because this will only harm your body in the process and your body is precious so just please don’t!! I hope that this helped those of you and met your expectations:)


@ amethyst transfering your gf unhealthy obsessions onto youself isn’t gonna make things better

Because ‘Maximum capacity’ revealed Amethyst has a thing with guilt-trapping and ‘Sword to the Sword’ taught us Pearl thinks love=sacrifice to a rather extreme degree

(this is an AU where Amethyst is a warrior on YD side and Pearl is still Rose’s knight but she ain’t getting some so she goes fooling around with a kindergarden gem from the enemy’s side bc being a traitor is much easier than telling Rose how she feels apperantly.)

thank you pearlsnose for beta’ing me!

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So everybody is making these since 2016 is ending (thank god). I made this blog seven months ago and since then I have met all these amazing people. Even if 2016 was the worst year ever. I hope 2017 is going to way better. Also my banner is really bad im sorry

mutuals are bolded 

the special mentions

@captainriphunter: Meg is actually the first person I talked too on this site and my first friend. She absolutly amazing and dragged me into watching black sails and the person I go to yell about htgawm.

@starklinqs: Janie is so nice like ????? her headcanons are canon in my heart. We can talk about talk about the most random things honestly she is the best.

@clexamas: Kyria is so salty , we both hate Rose Geller and Finn Collins with a burning passion. She is such fun person to talk to

the cardamothers : @simonlevvis @daixyridley @faenies @mnyardjsten @glitteryteaworld @vangoghandsleep @deerjily @evakskamyou guys know how much I love you guys I say it everyday


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Anyways.. here’s some Rose being gentle and mild to this teeny spindle knight because big heated kisses can start to be a little overwhelming… and that’s fine, just gotta take it easy

Just a Reminder That....

Syo has a weak heart.

Syo has a twin brother named Kaoru who wants to be a doctor and take care of Syo.

Ren’s parents are dead.

Cecil was a cat that Haruka fed and took care of.

Tokiya had a manager as HAYATO.

Ren invented a new species of rose for Haruka.

Shining is Otoya’s dad, and Cecil is his maternal half-brother.

Ranmaru used to be rich and hang out with Ren and Masa as a child.

Natsuki, Cecil, Syo, and Otoya actually play instruments, although we rarely see it.

Tokiya is pretty good at playing most instruments, and his hobby is reading.

Nagi is 13.

Satsuki exists.

Reiji loves fried chicken.


Rose and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of you following us on our adventures (all 147 of you now actually!) and we wanted to give back to the Birblr community by making a lil giveaway to commemorate our milestones!!

I went to the local Tisol and tried to get things that could be okay for most sizes birds (big birbs like the occaisonal millet too), and it was kinda hard to do, but I found some things that I hope would work! :)

Also that chime toy Rose has as well… it’s her favourite. It’s a perfect travel toy too to hang in travel carriers! (best ones ever all the Celtei ones but I digress…)


  • MUST be following me!!! (feel free to follow me for the giveaway… but I hope you stick around!
  • You may reblog as many times as you like, but don’t tick off your followers
  • Only reblogs count, likes DO NOT count
  • I will ship ANYWHERE!

The items include a lovely bird toy, some millet, and hanging seed treat things! <3


It’ll be a late Christmas gift… but I’m gonna throw in a lil Xmas card anyway because I’m festive n shit.


The Attack

The necromancer unlaced her boots and quietly slid them off. She removed and then stuffed her stockings inside, down into the toes. Pausing a moment, she pressed bare soles to cemetery dirt, relishing the sensation and attuning her senses.

“Quietly, like a cat,” the necromancer mumbled to herself, hiked up the black tatters of her skirt and crept forward. Her familiar, an actual cat, glanced at her, rolled its eyes, laid down, and went to sleep.

Into the cemetery heart the mistress of dread skulked, shushing the ghosts that rose to greet her. She approached an unaware skeleton tending a patch of hemlock.

Without warning, the necromancer leapt forward and attacked.

“GraahhhahHHH!” the skeleton howled, falling over in a heap. The necromancer kissed its skull repeatedly, her hue-changing lipstick leaving dark rainbow marks.

“Did you miss me?” she lazily demanded, curling up around the bones.

“You were gone less than a day, you just went to work,” the skeleton retorted, amusement laced with exasperation.

“You missed me.” Smooch.

quotes for the moon signs

aries moon

Call me whatever you like ; I am who I must be.

taurus moon

Our brains are sick but that’s okay.

gemini moon

I deny the fact that when I kill time, time is actually killing me.

cancer moon

You can tell if there’s magic in something. When you start it, you want to finish it, and you want it to be perfect.

leo moon

I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.

virgo moon

Intelligence and strong feelings of empathy can be a lethal combination.

libra moon

But he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.

scorpio moon

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

sagittarius moon

You are a human with one life and it’s up to you to make it the best life you can.

capricorn moon

And all i loved, i loved alone

aquarius moon

If everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.

pisces moon

We must bring our own light to the darkness.

#LovelyBOODay #부승관_쇵일축하_허염쪄 || 6 / ∞  

“I bet when it blooms, it will be most beautiful of all.” [seungkwan edition]

[ps: you’re already beautiful]

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Jeju sunshine, Boo Seungkwan♡ . I hope you eat lots of food to your heart’s content and rest up as much as you can. Always be yourself, our precious Boo

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nightwish sentence starters
  • “Your eyes, they were my paradise. Your smile made my sun rise.”
  • “I want to hunt with the tameless heart.”
  • “I wish for this nighttime to last for a lifetime.”
  • “In the meadow of sinful thoughts every flower’s a perfect rose.”
  • “In this world of a million religions everyone prays the same way.”
  • “There is no god! Our creed is but for ourselves.”
  • “Not a hero unless you die.”
  • “It’s not the end - not the kingdom come. It is the journey that matters.”
  • “Where have all the feelings gone? Why has all the laughter ceased?”
  • “My song can but borrow your grace.”
  • “All of my songs can only be composed of the greatest of pains.”
  • “Every single verse can only be born of the greatest of wishes.”
  • “Old loves die hard. Old lies die harder.”
  • “I wish I had an angel for one moment of love.”
  • “All I wish is to dream again.”
  • “In hope, in love, mankind works in mysterious ways.”
  • “Happy hunting, you double-faced carnivore.”
  • “If you are the one to cut me, I’ll bleed forever.”
  • “Take me, cure me, kill me, bring me home.”
  • “Forgive me, I have but two faces - one for the world and one for God.”
  • “Did we get this far just to feel your hate? Did we play to become only pawns in this game?”
  • “You chose the long road, but I’ll waiting.”
  • “I need to die to feel alive.”
  • “Seek her, seduce her, tame her. Blame her, have her, kill her. Feast on it all.”
  • “This is where heroes and cowards part ways.”
  • “Where is the wonder? Where’s the awe? Where are the sleepless nights I used to live for?”
  • “It’s hard to light a candle - easy to curse the dark instead.”
  • “Enter Ionia, the cradle of thought. The architecture of understanding.”
Philkas week - Day 5: Confessions

Day 5 - Confessions

​It was stupid really, to think so hard about something like that. It would come naturally, he knew, but thinking and knowing that did not calm Philip’s heart about the fact that he had said he loved Lukas, and he had never been answered back.

​And okay, there was the fact that Lukas had not heard him saying it, and that he had never repeated the words ‘I love you’ in their three months of actual dating, but still.

​Well yeah, maybe Philip was indeed reading too much into it.

​“He never said it to me” Rose said one day, when he came to talk about it. “Which basically means that he does not lie about feelings. He will say it, if he thinks it’s time. Relax”

​And he had been trying, but since that party in Red Hook where they kissed for the first time in front of people, he had been waiting, and nothing had happened. And that was two months ago.

​And the worst part really was that Philip knew Lukas loved him, because his actions told him so. Since the beginning honestly, he just knew, but never received any formal confirmation that ‘yes, I love you Philip’.

​And damn it shouldn’t be such a big deal but it was and he hated it.

​“If you already know he loves you, you don’t need words” Gabe said another day, and Philip agreed, even though he didn’t really, because every time he was with Lukas, he was checking for his body language and signs to see if he really loved him.

​And that was worst than even wondering if he would ever say anything.

​“Philip” Helen called him out once, and walked with him to the barn. “Listen. I know you are freaking out because this thing of Lukas never saying if he loves you or not, but really, you need to calm down. You really do. It’s going to be fine. He will say it when he’s ready. But for that, you could say it yourself and it would be easier for him to open up”

​And so with that, he took her advice and waited for the next time they are alone. They were laying down outside the barn, staring at the stars, hand on hand, not talking at all. It felt wonderful and calm, and Philip closed his eyes, before opening them and moving to lay over Lukas’ chest.

​They stared at each other for a few seconds, before he spoke.

​“I love you”

​Lukas’ eyes widened a bit but then he smiled and kissed Philip’s nose gently.

​“Love you too” he answered, and Philip simply stared at him, confused. That was it? He just had to speak first?

​Well. It wasn’t so bad after all.

​Philip closed his eyes and nuzzled on Lukas’ chest, quietly enjoying his presence and just repeating those words in his head.

​‘Because you know I like you’

​‘I like you, idiot’

​‘You like taking pictures, right?’

​‘You have me’

​‘I lie to everyone else, not to you’

​‘They were going to take you away’


​‘Like I’m not going with you’

​‘Love you too’

A Reminder about Tattoos:

You fucking permanently ink that shit into your skin. Tattoo removal costs thousands and is fucking painful. When they say a “tattoo is for life”, they mean it. Now.

Ships: #1 Meaning for a ship according to a survey is “Home”. Funny. I feel like I know someone who has a tattoo with the word “home” in it, and it’s not the one with the actual goddamn ship tattoo. Quote: “Some men and women believe that the ship tattoo symbolizes that in life, we go through troubled waters. Somehow and someway, we make it out to calm waters. Maybe trouble and turmoil has been a part of your life lately and you want to embark on a new journey. The ship tattoo can symbolize this. Some people believe that the ship tattoo represents our journey through life. You can add any maritime symbol to your ship tattoo. Some common ones include the compass, anchor, nautical star, and swallow. Another interesting design for ship tattoos portrays the ship in a framed picture. An anchor can symbolize home or stability, while a star or compass symbolizes direction and faith. You may want to choose a famous quote or saying for your ship tattoo, such as “ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG” or “FOREVER IN MY HEART."”

Compasses: This maritime symbol was popular among early sailors and it was believed that getting a compass tattoo would protect you on rough waters and ensure that you would return home safely. One of the main reasons sailors opted for this tattoo was that of protection. As a token of good luck, images of compasses were painted on the ships as well. The seas were rough and unforgiving and often times ships and the men onboard would disappear without a trace so these images served as a beacon of hope that they would be guided out of the treacherous waters alive. The star compass is the most popular of the aforementioned designs and is said to represent the North Star. Before maps and technology existed, humans used the North Star to guide them in the right direction. Because of this, this style of tattoo stands for guidance, direction and finding a way home. (Louis seems to have a modified star compass design. It’s almost a star within a lodestone within a prismatic compass, but I’m adding the star in). Compass tattoos have also represented the ideal of following one’s dreams. It is symbolic of staying your course in life and to not give up no matter how rough things may seem. The compass will guide you where you need to be.

Anatomical Hearts: The heart keeps your blood flowing through your whole body, irrigating brain and other organs, and thus allowing you to be alive and in good health. It is the main element of your biological life. But it is also the symbol of another kind of life, a more interior one, with feelings and beliefs. That’s why anatomical hearts stand for bravery, sorrow, love and faith. The Ancient Egyptians believed that sins and virtues of a human were inside his heart and weighed it to decide of his fate. It is the place of the soul, also in modern religions. Hold in a hand, it is a symbol of charity and dedication to God or your family and friends. Locked, it means you are waiting for another eelationship to open it again. Of course, it is also a symbol of hope, freedom, and energy.

Arrow Tattoos: The arrow was a weapon in Native American culture, it was used to hunt and provide for their families as well as offer protection, and because of this it was a tool for sustaining life.One of the biggest factors in altering the meaning, is the way the arrow is depicted or placed in the tattoo design. For example:A solitary arrow represents defense and protection from harm. It can also be used as a symbol of movement or direction. For anyone searching to depict a positive outlook on life, an arrow tattoo can be a great place to start. An arrow being pulled back on the bow can depict life dragging someone down, whereas the arrow being released propels them straight ahead into something new and positive. With that being said, an arrow can only shoot forward by being pulled back, so only by going through dark times can you push yourself to better ones.The arrow is also thought to stand for; love- as with Cupid’s bow and arrow, hunting, swiftness, power, flight, penetration and direction. It can also be seen as a phallic symbol of masculinity.  An arrow shown with a bow can also symbolize the zodiac sign Sagittarius. (I know Louis’ doesn’t have a bow and he’s a Capricorn, but he’s actually a Sag/Cap cusp so I found this interesting.)

Anchor Tattoos: (For the anchor -and rope- tattoos, I think it’s essential to remember that Harry’s anchor covers up the words “I Can’t Change”, tattooed on the very same wrist on which he wore his Leeds bracelet, and Louis has quote marks on the inside of his opposite wrist that remain there to this day.) In the past it is believed that the anchor design was used to camouflage and shelter the symbol of the holy Cross. This was done as a means to avoid being targeted but at the same time to have a symbol of their faith to be displayed in some form. They used this clever ruse to keep their faith but not have it on full display. Since an anchor is what puts down roots deep into the sea to hold a ship in place, it has been associated with strength and stability. By this association the anchor can be seen symbolically as something that holds you in place and provides you the strength to hold on no matter how rough things what. Many people pick an anchor tattoo design to remind themselves that no matter how stormy and rough things get out there and how much the factors around you try to uproot you, you need to hold on and keep doing what you are supposed to. Some anchor tattoos are dedicated to the near and dear one who played this role in your life. That has provided you the strength and wherewithal to hold on no matter what comes your way by being there through it all. Symbolizing a faith that would not give up in the face of abuse and persecution has to be one of the most spiritual and profound significances of the anchor tattoo. We can be sure that the sea evokes some kind of strong emotion in all of us. Some of us love the sea and some of do not like it all , whereas there are some of us who fear it. But one thing we cannot feel towards the sea is complete and absolute indifference.

Infinity Rope Tattoos: (This tattoo is truly unique. It’s very difficult to find other people who have a rope tattoo with no anchor. Think on that.) Infinity tattoo designs are especially popular among couples and you will often see hearts tattooed next to infinity tattoos or intertwined with them. Couples that get this tattoo to symbolize their never ending, limitless love will usually get this tattoo in the same part of their bodies to further add meaning to this embellishment. If you and your love want to show commitment to each other in the form of a tattoo, the infinity tattoo is an excellent choice. In nautical themes, a rope tattooed around the wrist signifies a deckhand. In addition to helping with the day-to-day operation of the vessel, deckhands may also be responsible for safety and security.The jobs a deckhand performs vary greatly, depending upon the ship, and the experience level of the individual. Those just starting out on a ship may be mainly responsible for looking after lines used to moor the ship to the dock. The image of an anchor wrapped with a rope or chain is generally called a ‘fouled anchor’. When at sea, having a fouled anchor is bad, since it becomes highly instable and extremely insecure. (If you’re asking, yes, this is why they separated them in my opinion.)

Rose Tattoos: In mythology, Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love) was often depicted with roses adorning her head, feet, and neck. This can be interpreted many ways, but the association comes from a rose bush that grew within a pool of blood spilled by her slain lover (Adonis), and so a common interpretation is that the rose symbolizes an immortal love that withstands time and even death. In tarot, the rose is considered a symbol of balance. The beauty of this flower expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings. As a depiction of love it can be a symbol of being in love particularly when the rose is without thorns, or with as a reminder that love does not come without certain sacrifices when the thorns are present. So even the thorns have their meaning, some say that when thorns are present on the tattoo it means the person does not place a great deal of emphasis on outer beauty, whilst for others the tattoo refers to endless beauty with the thorn meaning you can look but you can’t touch. Sailors chose the rose tattoo for an honorary purpose, as its willowy build being linked to femininity, to represent their girlfriend or their wife. Life was rough on the seas for these brave men and their rose tattoo could bring peace to them in a symbolic way. In addition to being a symbol of love, the rose is also symbolic carrier of secretsor tacit understanding.  The term “sub rosa” means under the rose and comes from the practice of Romans hanging roses above meeting tables.  Here it was understood that anything said at this table, beneath the hanging roses, was forbidden to be repeated elsewhere.

Dagger Tattoos: In pre-dynastic Egypt, elaborate daggers with golden hilts were worn by royalty as ceremonial or decorative objects: In Tutankhamun’s tomb they found two daggers. In WWI, soldiers at the front used daggers in trench warfare; after the war, those daggers were displayed with pride as a sign of having served on the front line. During the Vietnam War, many US soldiers and marines carried daggers. "Cloak and dagger” is a phrase that describes things that involve mystery, intrigue, or espionage. Because they are so easily concealed, daggers may be associated with deception, stealth, and treachery. Thus, the dagger makes an ideal weapon for a sneak attack and many assassinations have been done with daggers, including that of Julius Caesar. Alternatively, in some cultures, the dagger symbolizes bravery. Daggers are often seen in the insignias of elite military units or special forces, depicting extraordinary courage. According to Arthurian legend, King Arthur himself wore a dagger named Carnwennan (or Little White-Hilt) which was said to have the magical ability to hide its user in shadow. And in Tolkein’s stories, the hobbit Bilbo Baggins carried a long Elvish dagger he named Sting. The dagger-and-rose tattoo can be portrayed with a rose in front of or pierced by the dagger. The dagger can also have a rose painted on it. This design symbolizes the harsh reality of life. It is linked to the phrase “life is no bed of roses” and represents the strength needed to endure. It can be a reminder to stay strong or keep at it. The dagger-and-swallow variation was and still is popular among sailors. The swallow represents good luck, wealth, and a safe passage. This design might express a hope for a safe trip home.

Did he stutter?

I usually hate Valentine’s Day because it reminds how alone I am
But !!!
This year I’m going to do nice things for myself !!!

I’m going to buy myself chocolate covered strawberries !! Maybe a strawberry cheese cake!! Some pink, white, & red flowers(preferred roses) , listen to some nice music, maybe go to goodwills to get myself some sweet fluffy stuffies, have a cute dress / outfit on, have rosy cheeks and red lips with pink glitter eye shadow, put some roses in my hair, maybe do my hair nice!

Just enjoy my self !!!

My blog will have lots of pink,red, roses, and pda (like hearts. Maybe not actual irl pda) but it will be sapphic and lovely damn it !!!


I haven’t been on Holligay’s blog, but I do know one thing! That is actually 3. She’s productive, she loves men, and most of all, she’s never salty. 

I mean, he says “Correct?” after this in such a way that I know he’s trying to trap Utena, but I don’t get WHY. BRO YOU KNOW SHE IS A DUELIST. YOU JUST NARRATED THE WHOLE LAST EPISODE. YOU WERE THERE. WITH FRENCH STAINED GLASS. Is he trying to get her to lie to prove she’s not “pure of heart” or some shit (her rose IS white, so that might be a thing), but then she doesn’t lie–she says she hopes it stays that way, which is not literally the most truthful thing on earth, but is enough of a dodge that it’s not really an active lie. 


Rewatching Dark Cupid

*cracks knuckles* I’ve been looking forward to this one

Juleka’s secret little smile while her cute girlfriend Rose is gushing about true love <3

Nathanaël is carrying… an art project? Isn’t that the drawing of the bracelet from Rogercop? Idk what he’s doing with that… omg is it a present for someone??? Tomato son tell me everything

Tikki whoa


Also Justin Extra and Jean Duparc are hanging out together

This kid looks really sad, I guess Kim’s not the only one who got his heart broken today



This. This is an actual thing that actually happened on the show. This is the real, actual, 100% CANON EXPRESSION ON MAX’S FACE WHEN LOOKING AT KIM. I think I need to lie down.

That’s it, I’m dead. The Ladynoir scenes haven’t even happened yet and I’m dead. My nerd son’s overwhelming gay-ness killed me.

I love how there’s casually a poster of Adrien, with a copy of the exact same poster of Adrien stuck over the top. I also love how the weather girls + some other background children are fawning over him

Chloé’s copy of this exact same poster has a QR code on it, just thought you ought to know

Eat the chair

My son, why do you have a pen in your mouth? You’re not even writing anything that’s just so random

Hey isn’t this that same face Max was making earlier??? Like I’m not saying Max is in love with Kim or anything but like… he’s totally in love with Kim

I found Jean Duparc again

This is that same bridge where Princess Fragrance tries to marry Prince Ali, right? Seems kinda unlucky in this show

Okay I feel really sorry for Kim but WHY DID HE THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA. DID HE NOT THINK ABOUT THIS FOR MORE THAN LIKE ONE SECOND. I mean to be fair in Lady Wifi Chloé was pretending to cry all over him so like. Maybe he thought Chloé liked him. Maybe he managed to convince Max of this too. BUT SERIOUSLY KIM I DON’T WANT YOU TO GET HURT. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT BUT PLEASE. YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN CHLOÉ.

Who is this jerk on a bicycle who cruelly splashed water on my poor son Kim, like THERE IS SO MUCH ROOM ON THIS BRIDGE, YOU DID NOT NEED TO GO THROUGH THAT PUDDLE OKAY

This pose just looks so Stereotypical Evil Mastermind, I love it

Hey it’s that kid I adopted in the Copycat episode

I’m sorry this is really dangerous? This guy could fall onto the steps or in the water… tbh I’m surprised the lady didn’t push him in when she got hit with the arrow

Alya why aren’t you looking at Nino’s messages omg (also she’s friends with Mylène, that’s really sweet, my little hobbit daughter deserves all the friendship and support)


Everyone looks awesome with black lipstick tbh. (Also I like that Dark Cupid treats platonic love just as importantly as romantic love. I mean it’s bad that he’s trying to split everyone up but like, it’s nice that he considers friendship so important.)

Yeah Marinette, hiding behind this bench will totally stop people seeing you transforming


Sabrina has an eight pack, Sabrina is shredded

This competent fabulous evil flying being of awesomeness is actually my trash son Kim… I guess anyone can achieve anything (also in the French dub his voice got so growly like wow it’s almost as cool as English dub Evillustrator)

This is the coolest pose Hawk Moth has ever done in the show

I don’t think Max and Juleka are the only gay classmates tbh

And so we are all connected in the great circle of life…”

Ladybug… remember who you are… you are my son and the rightful king of Pride Rock”

I love this guy and his plant. My new faves

Sabrina’s nails are purple

“Ba-ta-la-ta-la-ta!” I can’t believe Dark Cupid is actually Baymax

Did she just jump on his head??? Ladybug what the heck he could have died

I love that Lucky Charm didn’t fix this

“Why do I suddenly ship Ladynoir???” (Hey… psst… Kim! Since Chloé didn’t want that brooch, you could always … you know… give it to Max  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Scorpius Malfoy
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Rose Granger-Weasley
  • Looks like they could kill you and can actually kill you: Delphi
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Teddy Lupin
  • Probably stole some cinnamon roll (hearts) *cough scorpius cough* at some point: aLbUS pOtTeR