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Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion had answered a distress call. It had probably been stupid on xir part, but what was done was done.

A small ship, even smaller than xir, had crashed on a barren but breathable-to-most-species moon in the system of Hyaldnar. Xe had been making a delivery for xir mentor when xir communication system picked it up, and since xe was barely past adolescence, the journey of not even five rotations was making xem bored and seeing a crash site would be exciting. After all, it was probably an automated distress call, nothing could survive a crash to a rocky moon.

But there xe was, standing in front of a crumpled and burned wreck and the very much alive creature that had crawled out of it after perceiving xir pod landing. Imirrim cursed xir rotten luck, now xe would have to help the poor thing. Xe had been planning on just sight-seeing the wreck a bit, maybe later contact whatever species it had belonged to to tell it had crashed, if only to look good in front of xir mentor.

After a while of the creature gawking and baring it’s teeth at Imirrim, xe recognized the species as human, the fifth longest living space-faring species. Still, xe belonged to the second longest living, and Thalmors like xemself could outlive five humans each born at the moment of the previous one’s death. What had especially stuck from xir exobiology and alien anthropology lessons was humans’ way of expressing their emotions in strange and backwards ways, and their sheer capability to holding grudges. Great.

Imirrim approached the human slowly. It was approaching xem right back, still showing it’s teeth like it was attacking, but but humans expressed their emotions backwards, so that was good, right? Besides, the human was wounded and limping, and xe could outrun it if things went bad.

“Finally someone answered my call,” the human -a male, xe guessed- said as Imirrim was close enough. “I’ve been here for a week and I’m running out of water.”

A week? How was he alive?

“Oh, where are my manners,” the human said and extended the less damaged of its upper limbs towards Imirrim. “I’m Thomas Warren, from the human colony on Clyzma Al Carrim, farmer by profession.”

Imirrim carefully extended a cheliped to mimic the greeting, and did xir best not to flinch when the human grabbed it and shook it. “I am Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion from planet Skismin, apprentice to the Grand Navigator.”

“It is very nice to meet you,” Thomas said and shook xir cheliped some more before finally letting go. “You mind taking me off this rock?”

Imirrim shifted xir weight from a foot to another to a third. “Sure.”

“Great!” Thomas said and pulled his lips even further back, revealing even more teeth, more than could possibly fit comfortably into a mouth that small. “I’ll be right back.” He limped back into the small shipwreck.

Imirrim was regretting this. It wasn’t customary to help strangers, especially from other species, since there was no telling what they could do. Humans had a reputation of being unpredictable, especially when wounded. And this ‘Thomas’ was covered in wounds, some looking much too severe for anyone to possibly survive.

Thomas emerged from his wreckage, carrying something that was clearly important if he was willing to retrieve it from a wreck while severely wounded. “So, Imirrim, was it? Where are you headed?”

Imirrim led the human to xir pod and helped him climb over the threshold. “Back to Skismin. You can get better help there.” If he stayed alive that long.

“Lovely, you’re a real life saver,” Thomas chuckled. “I’ll owe you one.”

To Imirrim’s surprise -and relief- Thomas did not die during the two rotations’ travel back to Skismin. He talked xir auditory membrane off and after a while filled the pod with the faint stench of alien blood, but all things considered he wasn’t the worst passenger. Once xe had docked the pod back on Skismin and had helped Thomas and his bag of belongings (which turned out to be an assortment of small possibly decorative items, data storage devices, clothes, and even a few ordinary rocks one could get anywhere but that were apparently ‘cool’) to the nearest emergency clinic, Thomas turned to xem one last time.

“If you ever find yourself in a bad spot, call me,” he said with a serious expression xe had come to recognize during their time at the small pod. “I owe you my life, just call and I’ll pay you back.”

Imirrim stared after him for a long while before turning away and heading to tell the Grand Navigator that hir delivery was received and thanked for, and to tell xir mentor about human Thomas Warren.

After xe had told hir what had passed, Imirrim asked one last question. “Master, what does it mean when a human says they 'owe their life’ to someone?”

The Grand Navigator’s age-reddened crest rose curiously. “Like you probably know, humans are known for holding grudges and for being almost insensibly loyal. While they keep in mind all wrong that has been done to them, they do not forget a good deed done to them either. 'Owing one’s life’ means you have done something to them that they regard highly of, usually the saving of a life, and that they will do anything in their power to, as they say, 'return the favor’. Did this Thomas say this to you?”

Imirrim nodded. “Right before he went with the medical staff, he said he owes me his life, and all I need to do in a time of distress is to call him and he will come.”

The Grand Navigator raised hir upper chelipeds in a sign of pride. “You have done well, my apprentice. To earn a human’s favor is a feat of great bravery and compassion. One day, you shall become a fine and daring Navigator, like the explorers before us.”

Imirrim ruffled his crest at the praise. Maybe answering the distress call wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Time went by, and Imirrim progressed from an appearance to a novice and on, up the ranks, and eventually landed a spot as the head Navigator on the long trade ship Pochella, traveling at high speeds through barely charted nebulas and dangerous asteroid fields. Xe plotted courses through the densest of rock fogs and past dangerous gravitational pulls, and not once did his calculations for the course fail.

Xe had lived many more cycles, many more than a human could ever live. Imirrim had counted- xe had kept a distant eye on Thomas Warren in case xe would ever have a need for the favor he had claimed to owe xem, but the need never came. He had died fifty-seven cycles after xe had rescued him, or seventy-two years, as humans counted time, and even more time had passed after that.

Still, even after all this time xe looked back at him for courage when daily life was hard and xir spirit was down. Xe had met and worked with humans many times now and they all shared the same spirit Thomas Warren had had, but none of them had left quite the same impression on xem as Thomas, who had smiled and joked through nine rotations on broken bones and told fondly of his family and farm back on Clyzma Al Carrim.

Imirrim had plotted a course through a particularly dense asteroid cloud, a course that would save the ship a lot of time and fuel. The ship was nearly out of the cloud when the proximity alarm went off and something clamped into the ship’s hull. The computer showed xir an approximate hologram of the something. It was a smaller and armed ship attaching itself to their ship.

The Cieruna members of the crew -small, short-lived, and feathery things with nimble hands and a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields- were screaming in terror. Pirates, they yelled, we can’t shake them off, we’re all going to die. Shush, xe said, we will not die. I’ll call for help, be quiet.

Imirrim galloped to the unoccupied communication post and sent a distress message on all frequencies. “This is Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion, head navigator of the trade ship Pochella. We are inside the Halfway asteroid cloud. And we are under attack by pirates. Please help us.” Once the message was sent xe stepped away from the console and joined the crew in listening to the magnetic creaking of their hull in the morbid silence that had followed xir call.

The ship could not move, following the already plotted course with the extra weight and bulk of the pirate ship attached to them would be suicide, and finding a new safe route out without knowing the exact dimensions of the other ship was impossible, not to mention useless against the threat. All xe could do was hope for a miracle.

And a miracle xe got. Another proximity alarm sounded, and the computer showed an image of a charging mining pod, ten times smaller than the pirate ship and at least a hundred times smaller than Pochella. Outmatched, outgunned, it rammed the pirate ship and despite being hit by their lasers and missiles, it kept on pounding it with its grappling arms and mining lasers and asteroid bombs, everything it had. And finally, when the pod was leaking air and plasma and fuel into space, the pirate ship released its hold and retreated, engines sputtering and its hull dented and battered, and flew away from Pochella and the mad mining pod to safety of the asteroids.

“What was that? What happened? The Cieruna chirred and cheeped. “It is gone! We are saved!”

Imirrim was still looking at the hologram screen. The mining pod was all but destroyed in the short but fierce fight. Someone exited it, wearing a spacesuit and carrying something, and the pod engaged it’s barely functional engines and sped away leaving a trail of debris and smoke in its wake, until it finally exploded from the damage it had sustained a safe distance away.

Imirrim stared at the hologram for a moment, and shifted xir weight from a foot to another to a third. Xe input a code to the control panel and opened a small airlock near the creature that had saved them all. Xe set off from the bridge where xe was posted and galloped through corridors and climbed down stairs, until xe arrived in front of the airlock that had already closed and the creature that had successfully boarded the ship.

“Are you Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion?” The creature asked. Xe nodded, all the while looking the spacesuited being up and down. Four limbs, two for walking and two for holding. No tail, short neck but a neck nonetheless. No added room for fins or spikes or crests. It was a human.

The human handed their possession to xem -a lumpy bag that both felt and looked like it had rocks in it- and pulled off their helmet.

The human was ruffled and grizzled and had spark burns on his face and his eyes were serious, but he was baring his teeth in a joyous smile. He extended a hand to greet xem and Imirrim took hold of it and shook it.

“I am Stepa Warren,” the human introduced himself. “You rescued my grandfather from a shipwreck when he was young. He spoke fondly of you til his dying day. It is an honor to meet you.”

Revolutionary Girl Utena - Rose Crest

Another random find… And what a find! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

This Rose Crest has the perfect shape and colours, it looks very, very close to the real thing. The main deviation is the crest itself - there are three versions (manga, anime and movie), and this one doesn’t look like any of them.

But there was an official version of the ring (released with a special edition of the manga by Shogakugan, I think) with this design. For some reason.

On the other hand, that version was copied and bootlegged from here to hell, so I can’t know if mine is even official. It has nothing engraved anywhere, though, so I suspect it is a bootleg.

Not that I give a shit. It is perfectly recognisable to serve as atrezzo, and very cool looking as well.

Not that I would be able to wear it, even if I wanted:

Why am I so small? ;P

If I ever figure out which materials to use, I’d love to craft my own anime and movie rose crests :3

Gogai, gogai!!

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anonymous asked:

What is Revolutionary Girl Utena about? It looks really interesting


Revolutionary Girl Utena is a classic anime from the 90′s. It was hugely influential and is regarded as one of the most formative anime of all time.

As for what it’s actually about … uh …

To quote the summary on myanimelist:

“After meeting a travelling prince who consoled her after the deaths of her parents, Utena Tenjou vowed to become a prince herself. The prince left Utena only with a ring bearing a strange rose crest and a promise that she would meet him again some day.

A few years later, Utena attends Ootori Academy, where she is drawn into a dangerous game. Duelists with rings matching Utena’s own compete for a unique prize: the Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya, and her mysterious powers. When Utena wins Anthy in a duel, she realises that if she is to free Anthy and discover the secrets behind Ootori Academy, she has only one option: to revolutionise the world.”

That sounds pretty straightforward and it may seem that way at first but Utena is actually one of the densest, most symbolic anime of all time. Everytime I watch it I feel like I see something new and if you do watch it I highly recommend reading someone’s analysis along the way or else you might have trouble understanding what’s going on. (I recommend @ladyloveandjustice ‘s episodic analysis which can be found here)

As for why it’s worth watching, Utena is a wonderfully deep show with complex interesting characters and strong feminist and queer themes. It’s not the most well animated or fast paced of shows but if you’re willing to sit down and give it your attention it’s definitely worth it. People often call Utena a magical girl show and it does have some similar traits such as stock attacks, an episodic format and transformation sequences but I don’t usually call it that myself because Utena is a very untypical version of a magical girl show. If you do watch it be aware that it comes with a serious trigger warning for rape, incest and other dark themes. None of it is particularly graphic or gratuitous but it does need the warning.

Utena is one of my favourite shows of all time. And it also has elephants on surfboards. Yes really.


The witch having imprisoned the prince plunged the world into total darkness. The witch still wanders our dark world even now. She searches for young, noble souls to sacrifice anew! She seeks to keep another from bringing light to the world! All so darkness will reign. Beware! Beware! She’s still around, somewhere in this world. You, too… must beware!


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Pic for a Fic

(I absolutely adored this idea, I love seeing my dear Prince being the absolute sweetheart that we all know he is~ And to have him be a sweetheart to a little kid, especially a little girl, ugh, so much diabetes; I love it to bits~ Also I headcanon that Zora birthdays are called hatchdays because they do age according to when a Zora hatches from their egg so yeah~ X3 Hope you like it @reignitedn7 Enjoy!~)

Princess For A Day

Word Counts: 3664
Warnings: Sweetness, Fluff, Children, Really long

“How could they forget…?” The little Zora girl mumbled to herself as she wandered out to the center of the town, taking out her frustrations on the pebble that happened to cross her path. With a swift kick she sent the pebble a short distance away from her, plopping into the pool of water that surrounds the statue of the late Princess. The girl didn’t need to look up to know that her assumption was correct, it had been there since she was hatched so there was no need to wonder.

The girl looked up and drew a little closer - her feet moving easily through the ankle-deep water feeling it splash a little against her scales -  to the great statue wondering what kind of person that Princess Mipha had been.

Surely she must have been very nice since everyone had adored her because they talked very highly of her. Stories about her beauty and gracious presence when she talked to others like she was ready to listen to all that troubles her subjects or about her healing magic that could mend any kind of wound or even her contributions to a group called the Champions as a powerful wielder of the spear. Pretty and strong she was truly the talk of the kingdom even though the Princess was not here anymore. The young Zora often witnessed others come to visit the statue of the late Princess throughout the day paying their respects to the radiant marble a clear sign that they miss her.

Adored and respected by everyone in the Kingdom and then some the girl thought that surely someone like Princess Mipha would’ve never had her Hatchday forgotten.

Letting out a soft sigh the girl hung her head and walked sitting down on the lower step of the statue’s stand that protruded from the water. Staring down at her feet that kicked lightly at the cool waters that engulfed her small feet making splashing sounds as they were raised and then let fall back into the water. The girl let out another sigh then thought to herself, maybe if she stayed here by the statue her parents would eventually come by and notice her.

Maybe then they’d remember what day it was.

After a short while of soaking her scaled feet in the water someone did approach her, however, it was definitely not one of her parents. She heard the person approaching before she saw him, the splashing water quickly giving him away and catching her attention.

The male Zora was very tall and she had to crane her neck back just to look up at him, eyes widening a little in surprise to see the Prince of the Zora making his way over. Strangely the adult seemed very happy to see her, though she had never really seen Prince Sidon without a smile on his face. From what she knew he was always a very happy nice person and she had played with him a couple of times when he came to play with her and the other children.

None of the other children were out today, though now that she thought about it she had only seen one or two other people wondering around the kingdom on her way here. Was something going on? Adults were always running around doing important things that the girl could never understand.

“There you are, young one, I’ve been looking for you.” The Prince said kneeling down in front of her surprising the young girl in question who stared rather curiously up at the larger man who still towered over her even while he was kneeling down.

“…Looking for me? Why were you looking for me Prince Sidon?”

“Well, I had to come and wish a lady good tidings on her Hatchday! Happy Hatchday!”

Curiosity quickly turned to happy shock when the Prince said this and the girl jumps up from her spot of sulking to hug the older Zora the best that she could with her significantly smaller arms. Somebody had actually remembered her Hatchday and the Prince nonetheless!

The little girl gasped softly and then broke away from the Prince bowing her head politely adding a timid, “Sorry,” since her mother had told her to act well-behaved around others especially the Prince. “It’s just nobody else remembered not even my mom or dad. I think they forgot it,” the girl said before sitting down in her sulking spot once again.

“Oh I’m sure that they didn’t forget it,” Prince Sidon said in a very kind voice as he sat down beside her but the little girl only huffed and kicked her foot in the water.

“They did! They didn’t even act like today was special at all, mommy just told me to go play and daddy didn’t even look at me. They probably don’t care about me anymore!” The girl knew that this was probably a mean thing to say about her parents but that’s what it felt like.

“Hey now, don’t say that,” Prince Sidon suddenly lifted the little Zora and sat her down on his knee so that the girl could be a little more eye level with him. “I know for a fact that your parents love you very much and they would never stop caring about you.” The Prince insists offering a big smile to the frowning girl.

“How do you know?”

Prince Sidon seemed to get a little nervous by this sudden question, like he was having trouble trying to answer which only made the girl more puzzled and curious. He fumbled a little for words but eventually managed a smile and just said, “Trust me,” which didn’t really answer he girl’s questions but he moved very quickly to the next subject not giving her very much time to ponder his words. “So Hatchday girl, what’re you planning to do to celebrate?”

The girl stared at the Prince for a moment then just shrugged her shoulders. She had been expecting to spend the day with her parents playing games together, going swimming at her favorite spot, laughing and having a fun time. That didn’t look like it was going to happen so she was clueless. The farthest she got wa sulking beside Princess Mipha’s statue and that was not very much fun.

“You don’t know? Hm, then perhaps we could play together,” the girl’s face lit up,

“That is if you want to, would you like that?”

“Yes please!” The girl chirped eagerly giggling as Prince Sidon stood up supporting her small form on one arm.

“Excellent! What would you like to do on your special day? Just say anything that your little heart desires.”

“Anything?” Prince Sidon nodded his head and the little Zora smiled wide. The girl tapped her chin in thought thinking long and hard about what game they should play; there were so many options how could she ever pick just one?

Out of the corner of her eye the girl caught the image of Princess Mipha’s statue and her mind started to wander back to how everyone loved the Princess and surely showered her in affection and gifts. She had been admired by everyone, the girl wanted to experience that kind of attention she would never be forgotten then. Turning back to face Prince Sidon she smiled and then spoke a little hesitantly, “I want to be a Princess…”

The Prince’s crest rose a little at this request and for a second the girl was worried that he was going to reject it. However, Prince Sidon didn’t once drop his smile and even let out a soft laugh that reassured her worries. “A Princess, you say? That’s quite the request young one. I think that can be arranged.”

The girl’s face lit up again and every trace of worry vanished from her face as she began practically bouncing up and down with excitement bubbling inside of her. “Really?” She exclaimed in utter disbelief and when the Prince nodded smiling just as wide the blue Zora giggled and then threw her arms up ecstatically. Though this action nearly knocked her off balance and off her perch on Prince Sidon’s arm, luckily he was able to keep her steady.

“Careful little one,” Prince Sidon laughed before he set the girl back down in the water before putting his hands on his hips and gazing down at her. “Now I can’t make you Princess forever so just for your special day I will grant you the title but before I do you must take a vow.”

The Prince bent down so he could be eye level with the girl again giving her a serious look that made her straighten up and give her own serious and determined look though it was clear that both were doing so in a playful way. “Do you promise to be generous, kind, humble to all of your subject, to only use your power for good, and most importantly have fun?”

The girl nodded her head furiously. “I promise!”

There was a moment where the Prince was silent and simply stared at the girl as if to make sure that she was being complete distance. The girl continued to put on her brave face, eyes sparkling with fierce determination and excitement; she wanted this more than anything else in all of Hylia. Prince Sidon nodded his head then smiled wide as he said, “Then I hereby proclaim you Princess for the day! All hail the Princess!” He kneeled and bowed his head to the girl as he spoke making her giggle at the older man’s silliness.

“Get up Prince Sidon,” the girl said still giggling.

The Prince laughed along but only rose his head as he spoke, “You are the Royal today, Princess. You can just call me Sidon, your loyal subject.”

With another giggle the little girl nodded in understanding then put her hands on her hips trying to stand tall and proud like a proper Royal but the smile on her face gave away her disguise. “Then rise my loyal subject,” the Princess said in her best Royal voice watching giddily as Sidon obeyed her command and stood up.

“So, my highness, as princess for the day, what is your first royal decree?”

The girl, newly-crowned princess, thought long and hard once again before she made her command though once again she found herself taken aback when it was accepted. Actually Sidon seemed very eager to agree to what she said looking off at something in the distance but she was much too excited to be swept off her feet. Before she knew it, the girl was being lifted up once again into Sidon’s arms before she is paraded cheerfully toward the palace entrance.

Eyes wide with anxious anticipation as Sidon passed right through the Kingdom to the entrance not being stopped by any of the guards to inquire about the little girl currently nestled in his arms. She became more and more nervous they closer they drew to the main entrance catching quick glances with a few of the guards. Their eyes focusing on her ride and then on her curiously but after a moment they would return to their business guarding or patrolling around. Never once did Sidon stop not even when they approached the open archway and passed by the two Zora guards posted outside.

A great thrill courses through the girl when they strutted right past them and she straightened up a little giddier that she had been led straight into the palace by the Prince himself. The entrance hall, also known as the throne room, looked just as extravagant as the other rare times she had come to see it. To be here without her parents was rather strange but the brand newness of it all filled her with a sense of pride that was quickly dashed away when she heard a voice that was quite hard to miss considering how it boomed throughout the room. It was stern but not angry and could be heard clear as day over the sound of the water gushing from the fountains and splashing water around the circular podium that Sidon now stood on.

“My son, who is this little one you have brought with you?”

King Dorephan. The girl couldn’t believe that she had forgotten all about the King especially when entering his palace. She had never gotten to meet him up close like this; only from afar when the Zoras gathered in this throne room for important announcements, or whispered by the adults. Kind and wise from centuries of holding the crown and ruling the land with a steady hand. Maybe, if he was nice as they say, he would not mind her intrusion or that Sidon had proclaimed her a princess. The girl tried to cling tighter to Sidon but the older Zora carefully maneuvered her from her safe perch and set her down on the ground where she timidly ducked behind his leg instead.

“Well this is my friend.” Those words alone made the girl smile and heart full with joy. Sidon continued, “Today is her Hatchday so we were going to play together in the palace as she wished to be princess for the day,” Sidon said looking up at his father before the girl noticed him glance down at her and nod his head. With uncertainty she took a small step out from behind Sidon’s leg but still kept her hand on him looking up at the massively large king shyly. “She’s very sweet and she promises to stay out of trouble, she took a vow after all, right Princess?” You nod your head looking up at Sidon then turning back to the King.

He chuckled in what sounded like a deep rumble gazing at her with his own sort of fond gaze though there was some other feeling mixed in as well she could not tell from her spot. “I hope you have a lovely afternoon then Princess, you are in good hands.” King Dorephan gave a bow of his head and the child felt it only right to give him a polite bow of gratitude in response though she could hardly contain her excitement.

Sidon thanked the King then held out his hand to the eager girl, joy now restored ten fold as she was lead out of the throne room and further into the palace; this was further than she had ever been and the idea was so exciting she couldn’t help but pick up the pace wanting to get inside as soon as possible.

“C’mon Sidon, let’s go,” she chirped trying to pull on the older man to get him to go faster but he seemed determined to whisper something to some other Zora which only made the girl more impatient. She turned around now gripping the Prince’s hand with both of her smaller ones to pull on the larger male urging him to move with her. “C’mon!”

Sidon laughed and then broke away from the lady Zora - who must’ve been a maid in the palace with how she bowed her head to the Prince - before suddenly swooping the girl off her feet which makes her let out a squeal of surprise being suddenly picked up. “Alright! My impatient little princess,” The man proclaims as he throws the girl up and then catches her in his arm rousing a round of giggles from her, “Let the fun begin

“Back monster, I am the Princess of this Domain and you will bow before me!”
The girl thrust forth her weapon - a dull training spear - striking the mighty beast before her directly into his stomach making him let out a cry of agony. Sidon stumbled back clutching the spear to his chest as if it had actually plunged into his flesh and fatally wounded him. “Curse you oh mighty Princess of the Zora!” He exclaimed before falling to his knees and then onto his side groaning and moaning from his “pain.”

The little girl giggled at Sidon’s act until he went still and the spear fell with a soft clang on the polished floor as he turns over onto his back tongue lolling out of his mouth truly committed to his role as a dead beast. She moved to stand over the head of her fallen foe and bent over gently tapping the tip of Sidon’s crest, “Wake up Sidon, we have more games to play!”

Sidon coughed and gasped as if that was the last breath of air he was ever going to take, “But how can I play when I have been slain?”

She giggled again and then moved over to Sidon’s side glancing up at him to see one of his eyes open and gazing down at her to see what she was doing but quickly closed it when the two Zoras met eyes. “The Princess declares that you will live again!” The girl proclaims before jumping on top of Sidon. The older Zora winces and immediately throws his arms up to try and soften the blow of the Princess’ body colliding with his own; sitting up with a groaning sort of laugh he lifted the girl off of him and set her down to the side.

“You are a lot heavier than you look your highness,” Sidon chuckles just as there is a knock at the door. A servant opens the door and looks at the Prince on the floor then to the young Zora girl standing beside him who shyly moves a little closer to Sidon. Her eyes then move to the mess of the room and the young girl thinks for a moment about the mess the servant would surely have to clean up.

The place had become her Royal playroom, in a way, and the games she had played with Sidon were spread out all around the space; there was the table where they had a lovely tea party, a bunch of fancy jewelry and silks draped over the couches that she had been allowed to dress up in, a practice bow - that had belonged to Sidon when he was young - along with a couple of dull arrows scattered about the room.

The girl hides behind Sidon when the servant entered, peeking her head - still baring some of the royal jewlery - out to peer at the female warily. “It seems like you have had fun,” she ducked behind her esteemed night when the servant looked directly at her. “I just came to inform the Prince that preparations are ready.”

Tilting her head curiously, the girl tried to decipher this strange information trying to figure out what the servant meant. Sidon didn’t have any trouble, he actually seemed to understand perfectly as he quickly stood up and thanked the lady for letting him know. Just what exactly was ready? Once the servant left, the young Zora found herself being swept off of her feet, rousing an enthusiastic giggle from her small body as she was spun around in the arms of the older male. “Let’s get going, your public awaits!”

It was hard to know what to expect as Sidon carried her further down nearly identical hallways - she definitely would’ve gotten lost in the palace if she didn’t have her guide -  her tiny heart jumping with anticipation every time they turned a corner, expecting something to be waiting for them on the other side. It wasn’t until they came to a grand doorway, even bigger than Sidon, that the male Zora finally stopped and her anxious feelings hit their peak wondering what was waiting for them beyond the doors.

She hadn’t realized how tightly she had been clinging to Sidon’s royal adornments until she felt his arm shake jogging her from her worries and focusing her attention back on him. “Now why does the princess look so scared?” The little Zora shrugged her shoulders fiddling with Sidon’s accessories until she was jolted from that action.

“No, no, no. Now that just won’t do,” he exclaimed setting her down on her feet in front of the door and examining her carefully. “A Princess doesn’t show when she’s scared, something is missing here… I’ve got it: a smile!”

“But Sidon-!”

He stuck out his finger, silencing her before she could say anything else. “No but’s, now you listen here Princess,” the male kneeled down to be at a better level with the smaller Zora, “Did you know the Mipha used to get scared a lot too?”

“No way.”

“Yes way, and I do too sometimes. But, even though she was frightened, you know what she always did?” The girl shook her head eyes beaming with curiosity. “She would smile, to make herself feel better and put her people at ease. So if you can smile even when you’re faced with something scary, well then I’d say you’d make an amazing Princess.” Sidon stood up grinning down at the girl who returned it with a timid one of her own.

“Perfect. Now, I’ll go in first and when you’re ready just knock and I want to see your biggest bestest Princess smile okay?”


The girl giggled giddily as she watched Sidon carefully open the door just enough for him to slip through, giving her a thumbs-up before he disappeared inside. She waited a few moments for her giggling to subside and her lips would stop moving enough to let them settle in a chipper smile. When she finally felt ready she eagerly knocked just like she had instructed and the doors almost instantly swung open revealing a dazzling room full of decorations and people that she knew, including Sidon.

Sidon smiled wide and then bowed to the girl followed closely by her friends giggling to themselves, her parents who were smiling just as delighted that their plan had worked, and everyone else that had pitched in on planning this surprise party for her. All at once they chorused happily, “Happy Hatchday your highness!”

Here are some things you can do to make your life feel a little more royal! 


-Read books or watch movies and shows about royal figures (historical fiction is fantastic, especially if you are not a modern royal).

-Make room for teatime in your schedule, or a similarly charming meal.

-Buy and use daily items with royal motifs such as crowns, fleur de lis, roses, crests, and monograms. There are many items like brushes, hand mirrors, and keychains that have these motifs on them!

-Write your kin memories/feelings/etc in a beautiful journal. Journals that are (or look like) leather with gold decorations are particularly nice!


-Add royal elements into your home, like a canopy for your bed, brocade throw pillows, cabinet and wall hardware in royal motifs, and so on.

-Consider investing in fashions like Lolita and Kodona–while these fashions aren’t always specifically royal, some elements of them are very luxurious and regal.

-Research common activities, behaviors, and pastimes of royals past and present. Pick up the ones that you’re interested in!

Just Me, Then? (Humans Persons Edition)

Alright! Another Humans are Weird ™ thought.

Every morning, just before I leave I scoop my rings out of a little bowl and put them on. The correct fingers. Because even though all of my rings can fit on at least two different fingers, they have their place, and it means something. Also…putting them on the wrong fingers affects my mood. I can’t even make this up. I have a sort of a…well…a ‘promise ring’ of sorts. And if I wear it on my ring finger I become a terribly bitchy person. So. On the middle finger of the other hand it stays.

So. Is this attachment? Is it superstition? Well. Let me lay some weird on you:

Search ‘Ring Meaning By Finger’, and get everything from ‘A man’s guide to wearing rings’ to ‘the Hidden Symbolism of Rings and Fingers’. We’re super into symbolism/superstition/meaning/importance, and I just wondered…do aliens care? I mean, surely some of them wear adornments. But do they have deep personal, emotional, spiritual meaning for them? Or are they just shiny? Better yet…are they trophies?

— — —

Flemtrroth waited for his human crewmate to change out of her work uniform and into ‘regular clothes’ as she called them. He was near the door, and just about eye level there was a clever looking little bowl on a stand. It had the most lovely blue and purple swirling pattern, and before he could stop himself, the Avian poked a claw into the top and tipped it, wanting to see the inside.


Flemtrroth cocked his head, recognizing the sound of metal clanging together; he caught the shine of gold before the contents slid to the new bottom of the tiny bowl.

Vala laughed as she approached the now-startled alien, her hands dropping from where she’d been latching an earring closed. “Find something you like?” She asked, stepping in close, scooping the lot into her hand and holding it down for the little Avian’s inspection. “They’re rings.” Her gaze slid to Flem’s hands - claws - and clarified, “They go on my fingers.”

“I have heard of them.” -His crest feathers rose and flicked as the human manipulated her hand, made the rings shift and glimmer in the light meant to emulate her sunlight. “They’re…adornment.” Fondly, Flemtrroth touched the place where he had woven thread and beads to accent his feathers along the back of his neck. “I have never seen you wear them.”

“No,” Vala agreed, sliding them onto her fingers now, “They’d scrape up against something or get lost if I had them during repair jobs. They’re…” She thinks about it, trying to figure out how to explain, and settles for, “special. They mean something.”

“Ah. I see.” Flemtrroth did not see. Not exactly. They were pretty, and each differed from the next, but he could not see how bauble could - wait. He had heard of this. Trophies. Humans sometimes took trophies from important events. From… -the Avian swallowed hard- …kills. Surely Vala had not killed anyone. Not dear, sweet Vala who never bore her teeth like the other humans. No. He had to know though. “Are they…for events? Or for people?”

“They’re for people.” Vala answered easily. Leaning down and pointing to one with a large blue stone, she completely missed how Flemtrroth froze. “This one was from my father.”

“Y-y-your…father?” Oh sweet Sky Mother. She’d killed her father! No, no, no, no…there…there were others. Maybe…this was wrong. So wrong. He tentatively reached up and gestured to a small, simple silver band. “This one?”

“My grandmother. Oh and-”

The human listed the others, but Flemtrroth had stopped listening. He couldn’t focus. She’d killed half her family! A former mate! He hadn’t realized he’d started making some sort of keening sound of distress until he felt Vala’s hand on his wing. She was speaking, but he couldn’t make sense of it. He couldn’t hear, couldn’t process. He turned tail and fled from her quarters, unheeding as she yelled after him.

anonymous asked:

What are the pevensie's favourite flower? Idk if you did this already if not could you please?😇 and if so could you put the link? Thank you🤗😘

I did make one for Lucy and Noor but I haven’t done the other Pevensies so I’ll answer those now!

Peter I feel like would be a total classic and would love red roses. He’s just that person that would be the total traditional gentleman (while also respecting every person’s wishes) and would just always lean toward red roses. There would be a charm to the flowers that he would be attracted to and, he would never admit this to anyone, but he used the red roses on his personal crest because of his love for the War of the Roses and the Tudor Courts. He associated the war between the Narnians and the White Witch’s army and his and his siblings’ arrival with that of the warring Lancasters and Yorks and the arrival of the Tudors, respectively.

Susan would love tulips, especially the dark pink and red ones. She loved them most before they were in full bloom, when they were just closed buds. Her father had once returned home with a bouquet of them after having spent a weekend in Amsterdam in a teachers’ conference. She loved their look and their smell and since that day, she would only accept bouquets of tulips from any boy from her neighborhood in Finchley that tried to date her. In Narnia, she was glad to find out that tulips were one of the major flowers that bloomed around Cair Paravel. She would fill up her chambers with tulips and even designed a tulip garden full of intricate archways and pillars made out of only tulips that the dryads had helped her construct.

Edmund would like baby’s breath which would annoy his siblings. Baby’s breath tends to flake and land everywhere so it would irritate his siblings and even the servants that cleaned his chambers and study to find baby’s breath everywhere. Edmund would even leave his chambers or study covered in it because they would flake and fall apart all over him as he sat or stood under vases full of baby’s breath. He didn’t particularly care for the appearance of the flowers but he did love the soft smell that produced that would leave his chambers and study always smelling soft and slightly sweet.

Once in 1906, Nicholas was swimming in the surf with his four daughters when a large wave swept over them. The Tsar and the three older daughters rose to the crest of the wave, but Anastasia, then five, disappeared. “Little Alexei [aged two] and I saw it happen from the beach,” wrote the Tsar’s sister Olga Alexandrovna. “The child, of course, didn’t realize the danger, and kept clapping his hands at the tidal wave. Then Nicky dived again, grabbed Anastasia by her long hair, and swan back with her to the beach. I had gone cold with terror.

Robert K. Massie, Nicholas & Alexandra

Maglor & Elros & Elrond WIP snippet

When Elrond and Elros were ten years old, a new star rose out of the West. It was clearly, unmistakably a Silmaril.

“Let us be glad; for its glory is now seen by many and is yet secure from all evil,” Maglor said, as they stood on a nameless hill deep in the woods, whose grassy crest rose above the trees, looking West under a clear sky of velvet blue. They came up here sometimes, when the endless trees of the Forest Between Rivers became too much to bear, to feel the wind and look at the stars. Even now, the vapours from Thangorodrim rarely hid the sky here in the South for long.

“Is that a new song?” Maedhros asked. “Secure from evil like us, you mean. At least this means the Silmarils in Angband are now the easy ones.”

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