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Baby would like to share with you all the importance of reading! ;)

Photography by: Jenn Rose (find me on Instagram and Twitter @jennrosefx) 

Baby, the crested gecko was bred and raised by! 


After a much, much longer hiatus than originally anticipated, Rose Crest Cosplay is back and excited to bring you more replica rose seal rings!

Here’s what’s new:

-Rings are now available in all US whole number sizes 5 - 12!

-Plastic rings are now available at a reduced price of $25 USD

-For a more affordable metal option, check out the new Nickel Steel and Black Steel rings!

Thank you all so much for your patience. I know it’s been a long wait, but we’re thrilled to be back. We’ve also got some entirely new products in the works, so stay tuned!

Here are some things you can do to make your life feel a little more royal! 


-Read books or watch movies and shows about royal figures (historical fiction is fantastic, especially if you are not a modern royal).

-Make room for teatime in your schedule, or a similarly charming meal.

-Buy and use daily items with royal motifs such as crowns, fleur de lis, roses, crests, and monograms. There are many items like brushes, hand mirrors, and keychains that have these motifs on them!

-Write your kin memories/feelings/etc in a beautiful journal. Journals that are (or look like) leather with gold decorations are particularly nice!


-Add royal elements into your home, like a canopy for your bed, brocade throw pillows, cabinet and wall hardware in royal motifs, and so on.

-Consider investing in fashions like Lolita and Kodona–while these fashions aren’t always specifically royal, some elements of them are very luxurious and regal.

-Research common activities, behaviors, and pastimes of royals past and present. Pick up the ones that you’re interested in!

This is an animatics I did for my Storyboarding Prelims. It turned out quite decent despite rushing (man I always rush, don’t I?). I could have done better but hey, it’s still an accomplishment I’m pretty proud of! Sadly, I can only upload it at this quality coz my internet sucks as hell. All the credits are at the end of the video.

If you have noticed, Ross and Yue were voiced by the same person. I seriously lacked the time to look/wait for another voice actor back then. But, he did so well on both characters, it’s so amazing!

If you have any comment about my characters or stuff (as long as it’s not about the backgrounds!!! I know there are lots of stupid errors in them haha), please don’t hesitate to tell me!! I would love some feedback regarding my originals. (⁄ ⁄◕⁄ω⁄◕⁄ ⁄✿)
Genesis Vampire ©KANRA (fallen-lucifiel)



Rose Crest Cosplay now offers Revolutionary Girl Utena rose seal rings of all colors, materials, and styles in US Sizes 6, 8, and 10!

Rings starting at $35 USD, available in plastic, silver, and 10 different shades of pink.

Worldwide shipping for less than five dollars.

Please note that the store format has changed a bit. To accommodate the new size options, rings are now listed individually by material and style.

Buy on Etsy!


So I’m not sure yet if I’m going to just use these as little boosts to focus my intent or as a sort of divination widget, but I had a bunch of spare plastic “gems” leftover from a craft project that are now rune-ified. I used a gold sharpie to inscribe the back of each one with it’s symbol, and then mixed corresponding colors of acrylic paint to seal them with.

There are 17 altogether:
10 for the original Sailor Senshi planetary bodies, plus earth for tux/chibs
4 more for the largest objects in the asteroid belt since Pluto and Ceres share rank as planetoids and I like using the quartet in my astrology anyhow.
3 for Jungian dream aspects with a personal magical girl twist; alchemical arsenic on black, star/sol symbol on white, and simplified Utena rose crest on “light red”

I’m not sure these will cover all aspects of every situation, but I figure it’s a good start for broad strokes and I feel way more comfortable using pop magic to start casting than Nordic runes. Kinda chaotic Serenitism, in a way.


Here’s a little preview of something very cool my SO has been working on, currently in an early unpainted prototype stage - 3D-printed Rose Crest signet rings from Utena, for all your duelist needs. 

(Note that the one in the photo looks very large since it isn’t appropriately sized for my really tiny hand.)


alexmorgan13 After a hectic few weeks, I finally had a few days to sit back and reflect. Portland was my home for 3 years and Providence Park brought me so many laughs and tears. I don’t like goodbyes but the fans and this club deserves a big thank you. I always stepped on the pitch to play for the crest. Rose City Riveters you are one of a kind! I’ll expect some yells and boos when I’m back next year, and I’m looking forward to it. #thankyouportland

“But as the sun rose I crested the mountain of my self-pity and remembered I was always going to die at the end of this life anyway. What did it really matter if I spent it like this—caring for this boy—as opposed to some other way? I would always be earthbound; he hadn’t robbed me of my ability to fly or to live forever. I appreciated nuns now, not the conscripted kind, but modern women who chose it. If you were wise enough to know that this life would consist mostly of letting go of things you wanted, then why not get good at the letting go, rather than the trying to have?”

—Miranda July, The First Bad Man