the rosario

I love this about Usnavi and Nina, they’re both such GOOD PEOPLE, they’re kind and generous and open-minded and you cannot imagine either of them being purposefully mean-spirited towards anyone (except like, Pete, I guess). They were probably super nice kids who didn’t misbehave and always listened to the teachers and maybe they weren’t the most popular with the other kids but all the adults loved them.

not to be Dramatic or Anything but lin manuel miranda insisting that nina from in the heights didn’t have to have some traumatic, abused backstory to give her depth and personality and acknowledging the hardships of college and academic stress and culture shock as enough to warrant struggle is honestly the best character-writing to happen in the 21st century, thank you


Women themselves are sometimes afraid to attach themselves to feminism, because they’re afraid of what that could mean for them. The whole conversation’s changing. It’s not feminism of the past it’s what’s happening now. It’s not even necessarily just feminism, it’s just reality. It’s how we’re treating each other and what we’re acknowledging something or not. And just because you don’t acknowledge something doesn’t mean it’s not happening.