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spicycheeser  asked:

Kara and Lena for the ship ask :-) If not them, Root and Shaw please

Okay, I did a mix :)

Send a ship and I’ll tell you who:
Gives nose/forehead kisses: Lena, because she knows it makes Kara feel cherished

Gets jealous the most: Shaw; tbh, Root makes her jealous on purpose sometimes because it’s fun to watch

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive: Lena, when Kara goes to the alien bar and is surprised that she has trouble flying afterward

Takes care of on sick days: Kara is the best at this because she doesn’t get sick, so she can cuddle and dote and change her body temp to warm Lena up or cool her down as needed

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: Kara drags Lena out (literally drags) when they go out to the beach early on in the relationship and Lena is anxious and tries to stay on the blanket (and stay neat, because she’s not sure how to deal with someone she likes seeing her at less than perfect), but Kara is so excited! and just wants to splash around! and so Lenas hair ends up all over her face and Kara laughs and kisses her after braiding it back into something more manageable so Lena decides she likes the beach after all

Gives unprompted massages: Root when she’s trying to start a lil something something

Drives/rides shotgun: Lena enjoys driving when she doesn’t need to make an impression by arriving with a driver, and Kara doesn’t have much experience because she always flies so she’s happy to sit and bask in being with Lena

(And shaw drives of course; the one. time. she let Root drive they almost crashed because Root kept acting distracted to watch Shaw getting apoplectic but then Shaw grabbed the wheel and it was a mess honestly)

Brings the other lunch at work: Kara. Actually canon that she does this for her loved ones.

Has the better parental relationship: well Kara’s the only one with a parental figure still alive and not homicidal, soooo

Tries to start role-playing in bed: ROOT sometimes for reals and sometimes to bait Shaw

Embarrassingly drunk dancer: Kara? Yeah, Kara.

Still cries watching Titanic: Kara *and* Lena and Alex was going to tease Lena about it (as is her right) but somehow she goes out with Lena for a drink and wakes up to a photocopy of a contract stating that she will not reveal the sobbing to anyone on penalty of Lena releasing The Photos (she does not know what photos and at that point she’s afraid to ask)

Firmly believes in couples costumes: Root and Kara

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: Lena, but Kara gets exotic, impossible-for-humans-to-obtain presents for her so it balances out

Root and Shaw don’t have a spending limit, because technically Shaw has a no present policy, but somehow Root found out when her birthday is and the day Shaw joined the team and gets her ridiculous presents along with useful ones on those days

Makes the other eat breakfast: Shaw. Root forgets to eat and Shaw knows how important meals are, especially when they could be on stakeout for forever and who knows when they can eat again? (That one time Shaw didn’t eat breakfast and Root gave her a granola bar was an outlier and should not have been counted. Root won’t let her forget it.)

Remembers anniversaries: Kara has a Leslie Knope-level memory for dates and anniversaries, however obscure.

Brings up having kids: Kara, eventually. Lena decided a long time ago that she wouldn’t have kids if there was any chance that she’ll be anything like her mother, but with Kara in her life, she’s willing to think about it.