the roots of earth are consuming my home

Pile Of Dead Horses
Full of Hell
Pile Of Dead Horses

Drop out. Repress. Dig in. Regress
I’m purging friends and backing out
Left alone in your post mourning doubt
I never kept in touch because i couldn’t bear the thought
of the mal-de-mer inside your head that couldn’t be un bought
Drop out. Repress. Dig in . Repress.
Shut in. Eat pills. Feel worth in your own reflection


Full Of Hell - Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home

Dregs Of Pluto
Full Of Hell
Dregs Of Pluto

Eyes leering inward. Looking back on all that was.
What was will be. What was there will never be again.
Human conditioning has led me down the wrong path.
Death is not a door. Time is not a window.
Let go. Release from this torment.
It’s almost four in the morning, I can never sleep.
There’s a light in my room and a light on the street.
There’s a wash of color, intangible still.
I’m struggling with the memories that the present cannot fill.
My open mouth is full of dregs,
I’m swallowing the years and its breaking my legs.
Can’t move on, the river banks swell.
The eyes convey the reason that the tongue could never tell.
Let go. Release from this torment.
Numb your mind.

Rat King
Full of Hell
Rat King

Full Of Hell - Rat King

Contention. Eyes listless in the swell of aging flesh,

constantly haunted by reflections of the life you could never lead.

You’re not climbing any ladder. You’re binding in forevermore.

There are woodworms eating through

 everything that defines you as you.

There are holes in every aspect of your current being,

it’s a failing institution and a lack of egress.

Now you move more like a spider, bound like a filthy rat.

At the end of this road, you will find nothing.

I can see it and I can feel it. Loosening the hinges on reality.