The Roots - Silent Treatment (Do You Want More?!!!??!, 1995)


The Roots - What They Do ft. Raphael Saadiq (Illadelph Halflife , 1996)

Lost generation, fast paced nation
World population confront their frustration
The principles of true hip hop have been forsaken
It’s all contractual and about money makin’
Pretend-to-be cats don’t seem to know they limitation
Exact replication and false representation…

Imperial March (A Capella)
  • Imperial March (A Capella)
  • Adam Driver, Gwendoline Christie, Jimmy Fallon, The Roots

I cut this bit out of the Star Wars A Capella to make it my new ringtone - because Adam Driver (& Gwendoline Christie) - that’s why. 
EDIT: Here’s the other individual songs from the SW a capella that are now available to check out and download! 
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Big K.R.I.T Makes a racial Fashion Statement

We all know Rapper, Big K.R.I.T is big for his statements that he makes in his raps.

K.R.I.T performs with The Roots and Raphael Saadiq when he performs his song “Soul Food” on the “Tonight’s Show” starring Jimmy Fallon.

His T-Shirt makes a big statement on his feelings on race , presenting a powerful statement saying “across cultures, darker people suffer most. Why ?”

This T-shirt also resembles the jumpsuit Andre 3000 wore wight the same words.