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Cuddle buddies

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Pair: Dean x Reader (kind of)
Warning: none
Summary: Dean and the reader have an established relationship… as cuddle buddies. 

A small whimper escaped your lips as you stretched your muscles out, waking up. The room was pitch black and cold; the only warmth you got was from the strong body next to you, holding you dangerously close. 

Not ready to wake up yet, you turned over in Deans arms and nuzzled closer to him, resting your face in the crook of his neck; smiling when his arms wound tighter around your body. 
“Y/N” Dean whispered, lazily dragging his fingers over your skin, causing it to erupt in goosebumps.
“Not ready yet” you croaked, your voice a little more hoarse than usual. 
“Okay” he whispered, back closing his eyes and enjoying the feeling of your body pressed against his. 

You and Dean had been sleeping together for almost two months now. But that was it. You didn’t have sex or kiss or really do anything else, you just slept together. It all started one night, you two had fallen asleep together on the couch, watching some movie, and when you woke up you played it off as nothing until he told you it was the best sleep he had ever had in his life. 

“C’mon, Y/n” Dean begged, grabbing your hand and pulling you back to the couch. 
“Tell me that wasn’t the best sleep you’ve ever had” he pressed. 
“I’ve had… better” you mumbled, leaning back into the couch. 
“Y/nnnnnnnn” he taunted, knowing that you were lying through your teeth. 
“Fine! It was the best nap I have ever had, so what?!  It’s weird, Dean. We aren’t sleeping together anymore.”
But Dean being Dean means he usually gets what he wants, and that started your addiction for sleeping together. 

“I can’t go on this hunt!” you sighed, plopping down in one of the chairs in front of Sam and Dean. 
“Why?!” Dean asked, looking baffled. 
“I think I have a-” you sneezed into the tissue in your hand. 
“a cold” you finished, sighing. You had a small fever and had been sneezing since you woke up. 
“Shit” Dean sighed, “alright, well, we’ll keep you updated. We should be home in a few days, it looks like a simple vamp nest.” 
Grabbing his bag, Dean pressed a kiss to the top of your head.
“Bye kid” Sam smiled, giving you a pat on the back as they walked out the door. 

The first night was the worst night. You had grown so used to Dean’s warmth, no matter how many blankets you had nothing was ever enough. It had taken a strong dose of NyQuil and some Tylenol PM to put you to sleep; even then, it was a pretty rough sleep. 
You woke up early, before the sun had even come up and texted Dean 
I didn’t sleep for shit last night, come home. 
To which he responded:
Me either. We’re working on it, sweetheart. Should be home in the next few days. Just hold out for me. 

You had spent the most of that day soaking in a bath and eating tomato soup. You made sure that you staying in your actual room, not wanting to take the risk and exposing Dean’s room with your germs. 

The next day, you were really spent. You had no energy to do anything, so you just took your medicine and watched movies in and out of consciousness. Sam and Dean had both left you a few voicemails, telling you how the case was going and just keeping you updated which you greatly appreciated. 

By the fifth day, you felt better, having read that if you cut up white onions and place it around the home, especially in the room of the sick person they somehow absorb the bacteria and viruses and rid you of your cold. 

Even though you had been feeling better, you still were exhausted. You had no idea how awful sleeping was without Dean there to keep you warm and safe. 
Sitting in the library, you were reading a few lore books you had found in the basement of the bunker when they brothers walked in.
“Y/N” Deans voice called out for you as he dropped his duffel bag on the floor. 
“Yeah?” you asked, stepping out of the library and looking at him. 
“My room. Now, we’re taking a nap” his tone was so assertive and demanding, it turned you on a little bit.
“What was that about?” you asked Sam as Dean had disappeared down the hallway. 
“He hasn’t slept since we left,” Sam chuckled, winking at you. Rolling your eyes, you followed Dean down the hall and into his room. 

It was dark, just how the both of you needed it to be. Slipping your jeans and bra off, you climbed into bed with dean and softly moaned at the feeling of his arms around your waist. 
“Fuck, I missed you” you whispered, cuddling your head into his chest. 
“I missed you too, sweetheart” Dean sighed, running his fingers through your hair, basking in the feeling of you back in his arms. 

Paper-Thin Disguise — Eisuke Ichinomiya (Chapter 7)

Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Summary: Despite everything, kings were still human.

Genre:  Romance, Fluff

Pairing:  MC/Eisuke

a/n: HOLY SHIT I FINALLY FINISHED THIS SONOFABITCH AFTER SIX MONTHS;;; legit i had so much damn drafts for this chapter and i hated them all lmao. i thought i was never gonna finish this, and tbh, i was tempted to discontinue this fic because i could not think of what to write….but thanks to you guys for encouraging me :’’)))) I anyhow, I hope you all like this chapter! 

thank you so much to @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove @alolan-lillie for sharing their ideas with me!!! ILYSM

@bolt8826 @tsundere-eevee @themysticaldaydreamer @ada254 @chillaxe @mareecesnpieces  @zyglavisss @aiyunique @sherlynteoh @carinecaldre69 @humorcomchantilly @7sc @celebranehelyanwe@otomefromtheheart @lifestyle-of-an-otaku @fri3dsushi @otomejesus @liebengirl @theplanner101 @fri3dsushi @scorpybaby @sunflowerblackrabbit @phaedra-worldswalkinghell @xcoticallyxquizit @hue-my-love

              Through his wet bangs, he could survey the pandemonium he caused.

              The whole party was in complete disarray with the crowd directing their full, unadulterated attention at his display. From his peripheral vision, he could see the auction managers in the corner of the room, not even disguising their shock at his boldness. In front of him, the socialite was seething. Her nostrils were flared, and her fists were clenched so tightly that he thought her hands would bleed from the sharpness of her manicured nails.

              But unfortunately for them, none of that mattered right now. All he could see was red.

              Someone hurt ____. Someone hurt her because of him. If he wasn’t completely concerned with social protocol, blood would have spilled—and it definitely wouldn’t be his.

              “How dare you, Eisuke Ichinomiya!” she screamed. “Don’t think that I’ll ever do business with you again in this lifetime!”

              “Good. I don’t need connections with a bitch who doesn’t know her place. Now get out of my sight before I call security.”

              Get out before I do something you’ll regret.

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Personally, I’ve never paid that much attention to the Applewood manor. As far as I was concerned, it was just this lovely country estate that the Princes once viewed as a safe haven, away from the press and prying eyes. Applewood also turns out to be the first place where Liam, as an adult, finally allows himself to hope for a future with the MC, and the first time she sees him truly happy and carefree. It is the first place he allows himself to truly dream about his life with her. However, the shattering of this dream also begins in Applewood itself, right here in the MC’s bedroom.

By placing this love scene in the same bedroom, the book transforms this commonplace location into something that takes on a symbolic and metaphorical richness within the story. Allow me to elaborate further.

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When you’re a trainee at SM and are dating Jeno

Thank you for the request~ I hope you like this! ^^

i need more jeno in my life this boy is obviously hiding from me ;-; BTW i really hope i understood “rookies show” right here ><

Words: 1002

Fluff it’s kinda mild but it’s there, don’t worry

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You rubbed your slightly sweaty palms against your thighs, trying to keep yourself calm. You had been working your ass off to be where you were today. Now that the day to finally properly introduce yourself to the audience had come, you were feeling like you would collapse before even getting on stage.

NCT was still growing with units debuting and making comebacks here and there but the agency had decided that they wanted to debut a new girl group. They wanted to promote the group before they debut and that’s how you ended up where you were now: in the waiting room before going on stage. It was the day for your first SM Rookies show. The other members of the Rookies were getting ready for the show by practicing the dance moves and singing their parts.

In the corner of the small waiting room that was currently full of people sat the only person you knew could help you calm down. Even looking at his relaxed expression made you feel a bit better - though you did still feel like you were going to faint.

It was your boyfriend, Jeno. He was very relaxed since he was experienced. He was hosting the show with a few other NCT members.

I wonder if I’ll ever get to the point where he is now…

Quietly, you stood up and exited the room to go clear your thoughts. It was too noisy in the waiting room for you to think about anything else other than how nervous you were.

You didn’t know where you wanted to go so you just walked in circles for a bit until you found a quiet spot at the end of a hallway. It was so far from the hall where the show was going to be held that you didn’t hear the loud cheers and chattering that you had heard when you were in the waiting room.

I can do this… I’ll blow their minds…

You tried to tell yourself to calm down but you couldn’t help glancing at the clock that had been hung on the wall next to you every ten seconds. You felt your hands shake a little and the strength in your legs was slowly fading away and was being replaced by shaking.

I have to do this right… I worked for years to get here…

Your breathing was somewhat shaky and your stomach was hurting. You had never felt so nervous before. The feeling was almost overwhelming.

“Here you are,” you heard a familiar voice and turned around to be greeted by Donghyuck who was smiling mischievously. “Nervous much?”

You were close with the younger members of NCT, especially the members of NCT Dream. It had all happened while you were a trainee. You just naturally became friends little by little. You had thought it would be impossible to get close to your seniors thanks to their super busy schedules but somehow you had managed to befriend them. Somewhere along the way you and Jeno had developed feelings for each other and ended up dating despite both of you being busy.

“It’s easy for you to say,” you mumbled. “You’re already used to this kind of situations…”

“It was nerve-wracking for me too at first but you’ll feel really good when you get on stage, I promise,” Donghyuck smiled.

You couldn’t even force a smile for him so you just looked at him. “I guess so…”

“Jeno wanted to talk to you,” he said and walked past you after giving your shoulder a quick pat.

“Okay…” you mumbled and looked at how he walked away, looking relaxed as ever.

You decided to return to the waiting room to chat with the others. You couldn’t though, as you met Jeno on the way back and was stopped by him.

“Where did you go?” he asked, curious. “I was looking for you.”

“Sorry,” you apologized. “I just felt like I had to go clear my thoughts somewhere quiet.”

He quietly looked at you for a bit. “Are you really nervous?”

You nodded. “I feel like I’m going to lose my mind before I can even get on stage.”

“Are you feeling unwell?”

“Uh huh,” you said. “My stomach ache is quite strong and I feel a bit nauseous.”

There was a brief silence. “Don’t worry,” he said giving you and encouraging smile. “We’re all going to be there with you - the girls and the rest of my members.”

“I know but… I don’t know, I just feel like something is going to go wrong,” you said, feeling anxious.

“You’ll do great,” he said with a tone that comforted you.

“You think so?”

He nodded with a wide smile. “And so what if you make a small mistake? You’re just a rookie, I’m sure the audience will understand.”

You bit your lip, trying to keep calm. “And what if they don’t… like me?”

“I’m sure they will,” he said, came closer to you, put his arms around your waist and pressed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Who wouldn’t like you?” he asked and looked at you with a loving smile.

You couldn’t help smiling at his sweetness. “They aren’t you, Jeno.”

“I bet they wish they were,” he said with a smug smile and pulled you in for a hug.

You stayed quiet for a bit. “And what if I like faint or stage or something?”

“You can’t,” he said softly. “You could get hurt. You won’t faint if you just remember to breathe. Everything will be okay.”

You smiled and hugged him a little tighter. “Thanks for trying to make me feel better.”

He loosened his arms around you to look at you. “Did I succeed?” he asked.

You nodded, noticing your legs had regained some strength and that you felt a lot more relaxed. “I’m feeling a lot better already.”

He smiled and gave your lips a gentle peck. “I’ll be right by your side, supporting you.”

“I know,” you smiled.

  • he’s always looking for ways to make you laugh like no matter what he makes it his goal to see your pretty smile at least once because seeing you happy makes him happy 
  • likes to randomly dance whenever and wherever so even if you two are just walking around shopping and one of the stores is playing a song he will stop in the street and get groovy and he’d love it if you did too 
  • will pull aegyo on you so you dance with him 
  • will dance to boy groups, girl groups, foreign music, instrumentals, etc. 
  • tried to teach you the jamjam dance but you kept laughing and he got pouty because hey- it’s not that silly ok ……ok so maybe it is, but still! 
  • get super excited about telling you what hoshi taught him and showing you new dance moves and things like that 
  • but he gets even more excited when you share your hobbies and passions with him
  • you once mentioned that you liked drawing so he took up the habit of doodling while on the way to music shows just so he could see what you felt when you were drawing 
  • filled up his notebook with doodles of the members, of michael jackson, and of course…..of you
  • he’s kind of oblivious to the members teasings like even when seungcheol was like “dino’s the youngest, but the quickest to find love!” dino didn’t even blink he was like “well hyung maybe if you toned it down a little people would approach you more!” and it’s like dino didn’t even mean to burn seungcheol like that but……he went in…..
  • you sometimes get frustrated with him because if you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, dino has the tendency to miss the signals you’re sending him 
  • before he confessed to liking you he told seungkwan that he lent you his copy of billie jean and seungkwan gasped like “dino - do you like them?” and dino was like “wh-what -what no-” and seungkwan was like “you’ve never let anyone touch that CD dino…….” and that’s how dino figured out he was head over heels for you (shout out to mj for this) 
  • you wore his sweater once because it was cold and everyone was winking at you and grinning and by the end of the day dino was like “cool, can i have it back?” and jeonghan pulled him to the side like “dino, no you have to let them keep it.” and dino was just like ???? 
  • as you can tell, he’s not very good at romantic things but he tries 
  • he even named a dance move that he made up after you 
  • he got shy when he was performing it for you though
  • like all blushy with his hands against his cheeks and you were like “are you flustered???” and he was like “wh-hat no! no! im just red because it’s hot! yeah!” no it’s because he’s blushing because you’re cute ok ok
  • you first kiss was probably due to a clumsy accident in which he tripped and by instinct reached out to grab you and you two ended up crashing to the ground with your lips bumping against each others
  • not really a first kiss but it counted as one in his head
  • a lot of your kisses are actually cute accidents like once you two turned your heads at the same time and another time you kind of ended up in a close face-to-face position thanks to a dance he was teaching you honestly all this ‘accidental kisses’ are seeming to look planned, i wonder what dino has to say about that….
  • he buys lots of snacks and always shares them with you
  • is a BIG fan of ice-cream dates 
  • is an even BIGGER fan of street food dates 
  • tbh he’d probably have no clue he was doing skinship until someone like hoshi or vernon was like ‘oooo look whose being all grown up’ while dino is leaning his head on your shoulder and dino would be like ‘?????’
  • honestly it would be cute because he’d just grab your hand and hug you so naturally it wouldn’t even seem as something overly romantic. 
  • kissing?? making out??? more like very fast pecks here and there and when he does try to seriously get into it he’s a little clumsy and messy and he’s new to this and it’s nerve wrecking but give him time 
  • because he’s so energetic dates with him would always be outside and probably sporty with things like hiking or biking or going to the amusement park 
  • he’ll probably end up having more energy to spare than you so a lot of it might include him just dragging you around
  • when you do get super tired, dino will squat down in front of you and sort of ask if you’re ok softly and then turn around and be like “hop on my back! ill carry you back home since you’re tired!”
  • he looks small and he is small but he will give you all the piggyback rides. don’t underestimate him. 
  • when he isn’t sure if something is right or wrong to do or say, he’ll be really straightforward and just ask you 
  • it’ll be cute because he’ll have this confused expression with his eyes all big and pure and you’ll just start giggling because cAN you be anY CUTER
  • likes it when you get him stuff with dinosaurs on it 
  • likes to get you stuff with dinosaurs on it because “look at this little keychain with a dino on it, now you’ll always have me around with you!” (he doesn’t even know he’s being a complete cheeseball) 
  • dino has a knack of hugging things tightly when he sleeps so when it comes to cuddling he’d sorta be the same like he’d just sort of wrap you up in his arms and press your foreheads together with a really big smile and just keep you super duper close until probably falling asleep in that position. 
  • once you two were more comfortable with each other he’d really like getting little eskimo kisses 
  • doesn’t really ask for dating advice from the hyungs but everyone keeps giving it to him
  • “you should try this pick up line dino-” “no thanks jun, i heard you tried it on someone a couple of days ago and that didn’t work out did it?” “………how can you be so cold……..” 
  • his phone background was changed by vernon to a photo of you as a prank to get dino to get flustered, but once he saw it, dino thought it looked really nice so he thanked vernon instead 
  • you took a couple of photos of dino on your date together to eat and he kept asking why you were taking them so you said it was because he was cute and he almost choked on his food because he wasnT EXPEcting THAt
  • although he doesn’t look like a sensitive person, dino takes a lot of pride in what he does and when he gets criticized or scolded it hurts and he sort of shuts himself up or practices until he can barely stand anymore and even though he keeps telling you not to worry, you’re always there to make sure he doesn’t overdo it and to be his support to remind him that it’s good to get better - but he’s amazing right now too! 
  • he spent like 20 hours in the practice room once after someone talked down his dancing and you got so worried you went over to Pledis and literally had to shake dino’s shoulders to get him to come to his senses that practice is good - but not this much
  • he thanked you the next morning and apologized like 495435 times for being a fool…..
  • when you’re sad on the otherhand, dino can sometimes be oblivious and not know - you’d have to tell him or mope around a lot for him to catch on 
  • but when he does he become a ball of worry and questions and panic because dino loves your positive energy he loves seeing you joyful and happy and seeing you sad makes him go haywire so he literally just tells you that anything you can think of to make you feel better - he will make it happen
  • would probably travel all the way across Seoul to get your favorite flavor of tea or ice-cream or instant noodles if it meant he got to see you smile
  • when you’re sick at home he sends you snapchats of everything because he wants you to have the full experience of being outside and to not give up on getting better!
  • he knows you think seokmin and hoshi are hilarious so he’ll take videos of them and send them to you
  • if he’s far away for a schedule he keeps you updated with texts and emjois and he keeps sending you videos of all the members saying hi to you and sending you little messages
  • seungcheol said you were “dino’s whole world” once and dino dropped the camera 
  • dino knows your favorite album and so on your birthday he got you a signed edition of it 
  • sharing headphones with you and singing along loudly to songs is one of his favorite things to do with you
  • gets excited with you over the smallest things 
  • once pointed out a house and was like “wouldn’t it be nice if we lived there?” and you got flustered and he just kept smiling innocently and you were like dino….lee chan…….i stg… what you aRE SAYIng…
  • picks flowers for you but then it’s too childish to give them to you 
  • you made a dino fan board for one of their music bank performances and dino loved it so much he hung it up in his room 
  • saying “i love you” takes dino time because he really truly wants to mean it and when he says it you two are laying side by side on the carpet with some movie playing in the background after a tiring day and dino is on the verge of sleep, but the moment was right and so he said it 
  • he says it in a sort of whisper because he’s still shy….romantic things make him shy….
  • dino likes having couple slippers with you even if the other members think it’s a weird couple item 
  • dino just wants to hold your hand and dance with you on the beach with the sun setting in the background like how fun and cute is that?? how fun and cute is dino??? answer: very 

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Maxson/Sole - Formal affairs Part IV

Inspired by this post
Part I here,
Part II here
Part III here

The one where humanity shows.

When Maxson woke up he found out he had Sole’s behind pressed against him, his arm around her and most definitely the feeling of skin on skin. Clearly, she didn’t keep the silk dress on… was she naked? He touched her thigh to find underwear at least. He quickly got his arm off of her and created some necessary distance between the two of them. He stared at the ceiling, hand on his forehead and clenching his jaw. He decided to stay in bed for a little while longer, to clear his head and calm down. It was morning after all, and he had woken up next to a half-naked woman laying particularly close to him. The memories of the past night came rushing back. Practicing kissing, what had he been thinking? What kind of effect did this woman start to have on him? He glanced over at her. She wasn’t exactly the most elegant sleeper. Her hair was in her face, her mouth open and  her necklace had left an imprint on her skin.   Yet she did have a certain kind of humanity over her, a vulnerability which he rarely got to see. 

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Ok yall, after longer than a year, I’m confident that Shua is my bias. I’ve been saying that he’s my bias for a year, but you know……… there’s 12 others. I’m confident now. The deciding factor was today’s Going Seventeen ep., where it was him and Vernon eating in the room. The footage suddenly came up and he was barefaced and he looked so comfortable and he was so!!!!! I got butterflies in my stomach, I couldn’t watch the footage properly because I was so caught off guard. I had to rewatch it. Him laughing enjoying himself and eating (high key want that satay though). I pray that I end up with a guy just as amazing as him, or even better (if there is such a person???)


I’ve spent a lot of time the past couple of weeks unfucking things around the house. I got back not too long ago from studying abroad, and have decided to move back in at home. Unfortunately, three years of not living somewhere and “just dropping this off really fast” add up pretty quickly…

I spent the first set of 20/10s cleaning the upstairs bedroom until my family decided to move the furniture when I was gone, essentially undoing all my work. It was frustrating, but I eventually worked past it and finished with the final product seen above! 

Now on to the basement….

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I was wondering if maybe you could write some Jasper?

The fashion industry is a massive conspiracy to deprive her of pockets and force her to spend too long listening to the same washed out pop songs through crappy, static-filled speakers. Piper tugs another dress down past her hips and twists back and forth, examining the pencil dress Annabeth had picked out for her. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the dress, it’s a decent color for her, and not the worst fit, but it’s also not something she’d normally wear and she asks herself if a blind date is really worth wearing a dress for.

“What do you think?” Annabeth’s voice floats over the door of the dressing room.

“I think it’s a dress,” Piper responds.

“Very descriptive,” Annabeth deadpans. “What about the other one you tried on?”

“Which other one?” Piper asks sourly, side eyeing the stack of dresses she’s tried on so far.

“The black one. It was an A-line.”

“Ah yes,” Piper exlaims with mock excitement. “Because I want this guy staring at my boobs all night.”

“He’s a nice guy, Piper,” Annabeth protests.

“So you’re saying he wouldn’t stare at my boobs all night?”

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Kiyoshi, kasamatsu, hanamiya fighting with their s/o and make up sexy times happen!

A lot of words had been exchanged, many of which you regretted and didn’t mean. Such words come out when one is angry, in fits of fury. 

They’re often replaced with love and sweet nothings after.

But after half an hour, neither of you had stepped up. Both of you were incredibly stubborn. Knowing him, it’d take an earthquake and a half before he apologised first.

And so you choose to be the bigger person, going to the living room, where he was lying on the sofa. You locked gazes with him, and the look is his eyes was enough to convince you that he’s sorry.


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