the room 16

ask thing because most of the others are about kissing and stuff
  • 1: a video game you'd recommend
  • 2: favourite pair of socks
  • 3: an odd thing from your room
  • 4: if you made a gang what would the design/text on the back of our matching jackets be
  • 5: if you were in a fantasy world what would be your 'trademark' item/feature
  • 6: if you were an npc what quest would you give (and what reward)
  • 7: dream Lego set
  • 8: do you have any scout badges
  • 9: a book you'd recommend
  • 10: favourite 'made-up' creature from any universe
  • 11: what instrument(s) do you play/any you wish you could play
  • 12: a character you wish you could pull off the perfect cosplay for
  • 13: favourite Terrible™ movie
  • 14: do you speak any other languages
  • 15: how many time telling devices are in the room with you
  • 16: a random useless fact you know
  • 17: create a tag urself meme description of yourself
  • 18: what is your weapon of choice
  • 19: do you like _________ [default word is waffles]
  • 20: all the questions!! (and/or your own)
Pets Painting

Update 20.02.2017 - new Custom Thumbnail 

Diese Bilder gibt es nun auch mit Simlischer Schrift! || These pictures are now available with simlish Font! *CLICK*

Noch etwas kleines für Kinderzimmer! :)

  • 8 Motive, pro Motiv 2 Rahmenfarben -> 16 Swatches
  • Custom Swatches & Thumbnail
  • Grundspieltauglich

A little bit more for children’s room! :)

  • 8 motifs, per motif 2 frame colors -> 16 Swatches
  • Custom Swatches & Thumbnail
  • Basegame

Download: SFS

Astro according to my dad

he was looking at the individual autumn story posters in my room (note: Rocky’s poster is in my sister’s room)

Sanha: that 16 year old one looks lost, someone help him

Moonbin: someone smack him upside the head, give him a fucking haircut and what the hell is this pouting shit??

Eunwoo: this guy is probably the model student wearing sweaters from the 80s

Jinjin: this is the guy in high school that would go to 7-eleven to steal beer

MJ: I bet this guy has college shirts of all the colleges he was rejected from, he looks girly

people don’t give warren enough credit for his bravery

regardless of whether you consider warren and max platonic or romantic, he stands up for her in front of nathan and beats him up. twice. when he is well aware that nathan is prone to violent episodes and that he carries a gun around. not to mention the fact that nathan’s room is right opposite warren’s - the guy literally sleeps a few feet away from him and despite everything warren still decides to protect max and piss nathan off, at his own risk.


artworks by Matthew J. Peake

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artists note:  Initially, my paintings were realistic renderings of the nude, but my fascination with movement has led me to painting from unusual perspectives and to composing and displaying my works on a rotational frame (the RoFrame). Using the RoFrame, my artwork has become more abstracted as I fracture the picture plane into a mosaic of complimentary colors and shapes.

Though talented, Margaret Keane was extremely withdrawn and shy – far from the kind of salesperson you need to be for a career as a successful artist. She was also in the habit of signing her paintings with just her last name. Her husband, an art dealer and championship-level dickbag, immediately realized the opportunity this presented. He started taking his wife’s paintings and selling them as his own, earning millions in the process. Oh, and if you dispute his professional bag o’ wangs status, there’s also the minor fact that he would lock Margaret in a room for up to 16 hours a day in order to mass produce his masterpieces. Meanwhile, Walter cavorted about in their huge house with his assorted hangers-on and generally enjoyed the whole “popular artist in the swinging 1960s” bit to the maximum.

In 1965, after 10 years of unhappy marriage and rampant career abuse, Margaret finally got a divorce. Although Walter initially managed to convince her to continue their painting arrangement, she soon had enough, and cut off Walter’s supply of malnourished children drawings. In 1970, she finally told the world that she had been behind the paintings all along, and challenged Walter to a public paint-off to prove her claims. Walter never took up the challenge, and the dispute over the paintings raged on. Margaret finally took the case to the court, where it came out that Walter had, among other things, threatened to kill her and her child. Maybe those Keane Kids looked like that because they were god damn terrified.

5 Great Women Ignored By History For Absurdly Sexist Reasons

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