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Marichat May Day 20: Night on the town

This is a gift for @australet789 who actually gave me this idea while we were talking. I hope you will enjoy!

When Chat landed on the rooftop next to her, Marinette was really glad Tikki flew in her purse just moments before.She had to run fast after she cleansed the akuma, it had been a really close all and she ended up on a roof. Chat saw her too, apparently.

“Hello, Purrincess.” he made a curt bow, before taking her hand and kissing her knuckles. “I see you got stranded by the akuma. And I as your loyal knight, will escort you to your tower and protect you along the way.”

Marinette raised an eyebrow, before glancing over her shoulder. There wasn’t such a long distance. Only 500 meters from her home and it was easier going over the rooftops anyway. And it was dusk. She could work with it.

“So what do you say about it, Princess?”

Marinette turned her eyes back to him and her lips curled in a smirk. The look obviously took Chat by surprise.

“You know what, Chat. I’ll race you there.”

Chat looked confused only for it to morph into horror as Marinette turned around and sprinted across the rooftop doing a handspring and landing gracefully on a chimney. To be honest, Chat wasn’t sure if he should be terrified for her or turned on. Just then she looked over her shoulder with a confident smirk. And then she winked.

Turned on was it.

He was pulled out by his little attraction induced trance when Marinette disappeared behind the chimney.

“Princess, wait!”

He was also a little bit, but actually a fucking lot terrified. Because not only was a civilian racing him across rooftops, but said civilian was also known for her clumsiness and ability to trip over air. This was not good for his health. As quickly as he could, he began running after her. And after he passed that chimney he was surprised to find Marinette a couple of meters ahead of him. Not only was she actually managing the whole running over the rooftops part, she was pulling off some tricks that were more for showing off than for helping her in this race. Chat was pleasantly surprised. Ad maybe just a little… what was the word? Enticed. Yeah, that was it. Marinette somersaulting through air and looking so happy and carefree was quite the sight and it made his heart beat faster

As for Marinette, well, she might have gained a parkour obsession in the last couple of months. It just started out of curiosity, how would it be to run over the rooftops without the Ladybug suit. At first, she just got over the chimney of her house. Then the next night after another. And another. And so on till she crossed the whole building. And after that, she began trying to scale the next building. It was refreshing. And f she didn’t know the rooftops of Paris, then no one did. She heard Chat’s steps close behind her and laughed. There was no way she will let him win. Her eyes focused on the gap between two buildings that she needed to jump over.


Chat felt his heart stop as Marinette jumped off the building. He forgot how to breathe as she rolled through the air. And when she landed on the building safely, he almost sighed in relief. Until he saw her rolling across the roof. What if she got hurt? Fuck, why wasn’t he faster? What if she injured herself badly? What if she broke something? What if she got a concussion? His mental question spree was cut short as Marinette stood up gracefully and obviously not injured. Then she blew him a kiss.

“Come on, cat boy! Don’t give me unfair advantages.”

Chat blinked before jumping as well. Marinette gave him a confident smile before beginning to run again, Chat hot on her tail. He had to admit, they got chemistry when it came to parkouring over Paris’ rooftops. It was sort of familiar, but he couldn’t pinpoint why. And while the whole race was fun, the fact that Marinette had such a cute ass to stare at as he tried to catch with her totally helped. Not that he ever stared at her super cute ass, no.

“I win!” Marinette declared victoriously when she landed on her balcony, Chat doing the same just seconds later. She turned around to face him. “So what do you think about this princess’ skills, my knight?” she asked playfully before ringing his bell.

Chat felt his face going red. “Marry me.”



Jealous - Jughead Jones

Anonymous said:

Hi! Could I possibly get a Jughead imagine where he’s really close to the reader, they practically seem like they’re in a relationship. But he gets jealous when the reader gets asked out on a date by a guy she used to have a crush on and she accepts. (mainly because she had never been on an official date before and she thinks it’ll be nice.)

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

I’m sorry it’s so short but I promise it’s real sweet!!!

Y/F/C/N - Your First Crush Name

It was pointless really, to argue with Jughead. He was so stubborn, he would just roll his eyes at whatever you had said and change the subject. This very thing happened when you mentioned that Y/F/C/N had shyly asked you out on a date. You were expecting a, “Be safe and use protection,” line, but what you got was pure anger.

“Why him, Y/N, I thought you had better taste!” You felt your face flush at his words as you looked around the near-empty diner to see if anyone heard. “What’s wrong with you, Jughead,” you whispered, “I just thought it would be nice!” He cocked an eyebrow at you, staring into your face. “Nice? You’re expecting nice from Y/F/C/N?!” You almost couldn’t believe him, if it wasn’t for your strong friendship you wouldn’t have been prepared for this type of reaction. You leaned over the table, peering into his eyes, “Why do you even care?”

“Are you serious Y/N?!” His voice was in a whisper, but you could still hear the hostility. “I care because you’re, you’re my friend,” the hesitation in his voice almost broke your heart. You thought of all the times you’d hang out with Jughead; in school where you would assuredly squeeze his hand when Reggie and his friends would walk past. The numerous times you stayed over at his house, luring yourselves to sleep by talking about everything and anything. One morning, you woke up before him and saw that, during the night, you had moved closer to him and his arm was wrapped around your waist. You felt tears stinging in your eyes as you thought of it all, because at the current moment, it felt like all of those good times were in your head.

“You sure, Jughead? That didn’t sound very convincing,” You pushed away from the table and out of the booth. You walked out of the diner and didn’t look back.

As it turned out, Jughead was right. Y/F/C/N was a jerk, not even remotely nice. The date itself started out okay, but when you arrived at the restaurant, their attitude changed. They acted as if they didn’t even want to be there. Towards the end of the date, they came clean and said that they only asked you out because of a bet with their friends. “Date the freak’s counterpart, that was the deal.” After that, you just stormed out, leaving them in the dust. Now, you were walking home, through the narrow streets of Riverdale. The night sky was covered in stars, not a cloud in sight. It reminded you of the time you and Jughead snuck up on his roof and made up fake constellations.

“That one is obviously Archie’s eyebrow,” Jughead said, pointing up at the sky. You had let out a giggle, “It is!” He turned to you and smiled, staring into your eyes. It grew quiet all of the sudden and the tension built further. “I could say something really stupid right now,” Jughead whispered, his voice weak as if he were nervous. You swallowed, still staring into his blue eyes. “Then say it,” you whispered back, “your kind of stupid is my favorite.” He smiled once more, mouth opening to say something when he was interrupted by his mom yelling. “What are you two doing up there?!”

You smiled at the memory, feeling your heart sink in your chest. You needed to talk to him, if not over the phone tonight, then at school tomorrow. You turned on the small bit of sidewalk that lead up to your house and almost started to laugh. You had auto piloted to Jughead’s house. You walked up the steps of the porch to the door and before you could even knock, it opened. Jughead stood in the doorway, staring at your face. You didn’t saw a word and you leaned in and wrapped your arms around his torso. He placed his arms at your waist, pulling you inside and out of the cold. Neither of you said a word as you walked quietly up to his room. You shed your jacket and placed it on his chair, walking over to his bed to lay down. He carefully shut his door, trying hard not to make a sound and walked over to you. He climbed on his bed, laying on his side to face you. You just stared at each other for a while, until Jughead spoke up. “It didn’t go well?” He asked and you just smiled. “What do you think?” He brushed some hair out of your face and he could see the hurt in your eyes.

“What’s wrong?”  he whispered, and you just shook your head. “I should’ve listened to you, I wasted my first date on that nincompoop.” He let out a breathy chuckle and then he face grew serious. “That was your first date?” You nodded, but he just stared at you. “That only justifies how jealous I was,” he whispered and you raised your eyebrow at him.

“Jealous?” You asked, scooting close to him. He rolled his eyes, “I mean, come on Y/N, you’re it.” You let out a fake, quiet laugh and rolled your eyes. Jughead suddenly sat up, “You don’t believe it?” You sat up alongside him and shook your head, “Whatever it is, I’m not it. It sounds like unimaginable greatness.”

“That’s what you are,” he said, trying to keep quiet, “you’re great, but the best part is…” He leaned towards you, staring into your eyes, “…you’re real.”

It grew quiet as your cheeks blushed when Jughead reached a hand up to your face. Your faces shifted closer until your foreheads rested against each other. You closed your eyes, trying to calm yourself down. “Let me take you on a real first date,” Jughead whispered and you felt your heart flutter. You opened your eyes to find his darting between your gaze and your lips. “Yes,” you whispered back, and you leaned in, brushing your lips to his. He pressed towards you, kissing you for the first time. He had been wanting to do this all along you realized, and that night on the roof was as close as he got until right now. You pulled away, a smile gracing your lips, as well as his. “You were so jealous.”

Suit and Tie

Written for: @gaybybirth 

Summary: Bucky is your date for a dinner party and you two sneak off to have some fun of your own 

A/N: Whew, this was a long one. I wrote this for one of my fav blogs and honestly I’ve had the worst writer’s block but this was so fun!! I’ll be getting out other requests soon :) Also please send me things!

Warnings: Bucky in a suit goddamn, Dom!Bucky, metal hand kink, fingering, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex (no babies here; wrap it up kids)

Word Count: 3.6k+

Originally posted by fvckmxk

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Peter Parker x Shy/Scared Reader

Summary: Even though Peter’s been busy with saving the world, you’ve been feeling neglected and unwanted. He notices and decides to do something fun to cheer you up. 

Word Count: 2,453 (my longest one so far, holla)

Warnings: heights, panic attack, language, fluff, sad stuff. Let me know if I missed any. 

A/N: Alrrright guys, hopefully this turns out okay. I was thinking about making this into a series depending on how much you guys dig it. If you do, then I will post all about what I’m going to do for the series to see if you guys are interested. Sound good? As always, feedback is definitely appreciated. I never get any, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or right. Enjoy!

Ever since Peter told you he was the big ‘ol Spiderman, it felt like your guys’ weekly hangouts and movie nights were coming to an end. Of course you understand that he’s saving the world and stopping the bad guys, but it leaves you worried and afraid for his well being. He always seems distracted around you and it fills you with a darkness. Telling Peter would make you seem selfish, so you bury it, hoping it won’t poke its way through. 

Being the shy, reserved, person you are, you definitely had difficulty talking to Peter, especially since you’ve always had a never ending crush on him. After a while of trying to ask him if he could hang out, you stopped. It wasn’t worth the pain of going through to only be rejected once again. 

However, what you didn’t know was that Peter noticed you putting up your walls again. He didn’t want to lose you and decided he was definitely going to do something about it. Starting tonight

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Dylann Roof closing statement

“I think it’s safe to say that someone in their right mind wouldn’t go into a church and kill people.

You might remember in my confession to the FBI I told them I had to do it. But obviously, that’s not really true. I didn’t have to do it. And not one made me do it. But what I meant when I said that was I felt like I had to do it. And I still feel like I had to do it.
And throughout this whole trial you’ve heard a lot about hate and hatred, and how much hatred I’m filled with and how vast my hate was. Well I don’t like what black people do. If I was really filled with how much hate I allegedly am, wouldn’t I just say yes? Why would I lie about that? It wouldn’t make any sense.

And wouldn’t it be fair to say that the prosecution hates me since they are trying to get the death penalty. And you could say, ‘of course they hate you. Everyone hates you. They have good reason to hate you’ I’m not denying that. But I’m saying anyone who hates anything in their mind has a good reason to hate. But I would say that in this case the prosecution, along with anyone else who hates me, are the ones who have been misled. 
Anyone, including the prosecution who thinks that I am filled with hatred has no idea what real hate is. They think..  they don’t know what hatred looks like. They think they do but they don’t really.

And from what I’ve been told, I have a right to ask you to give me a life sentence, but I’m not sure that would do any good anyway. But what I will say is only one of you has to disagree. I know that at least some of you were asked during jury selection.. if you were willing to stand up for your own opinion. That’s all.”

Cassian x Reader, Part 1

Title: Whatever It Takes / AO3 
Part 2: tumblr
Part 3: tumblr
Length: 7.5k
Series rating: M for language and sexual content (contains some torture)
Summary: Reader and Cassian have kept their relationship a secret but when Reader is captured and tortured by the Empire, it’s obvious to all of Yavin 4 that Cassian will stop at nothing to get her back.
Author’s Note: A lovely anon requested this incredible idea and I immediately fell head over heels in love with it. Starts out pretty angsty but there will be fluff to make everything better, promise. :) Happy reading!! XOXO
Masterlist / WIP List 

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emotionalmorphine  asked:

So right Hanzo just seems to nap anywhere. Always sitting or standing with crossed arms and just nods off. Jesse thinks it's wild and Genji laughs at him and tells him Hanzo once stayed awake in the same position for fourteen hours during a lecture - he only lets himself sleep like this around you, dummy. And McCree is so stunned and sure enough everyone's always talking about how Hanzo never takes a break with them but here he is napping beside Jesse like nothing's wrong. Hanzo trusts him.

The first time it happens is when they’re on the carrier on the way back to Gibraltor after a mission. Tracer and Mei are up in the cockpit, leaving Jesse alone with Hanzo in the main body of the aircraft. Jesse’s exhausted, and he pulls his hat down over his face, stretches his legs out, and promptly falls asleep. He wakes after a short time to find that Hanzo has settled next to him, head on Jesse’s shoulder, fast asleep and snoring very quietly. He doesn’t move for the rest of the trip, and pretends to be asleep when he feels Hanzo jerk awake as they begin to land.

He notices it happen more often after that. Hanzo seems to be able to sleep anywhere, and Jesse begins finding him asleep in the oddest places. At the practice range, waiting for his turn. Sitting at the table in the kitchen with a mug of tea in front of him. On the roof of the Watchpoint, leaning against a wall with his eyes closed.

His teammates don’t seem to notice. “He never rests!” Mei says with a hint of awe in her voice as she watches Hanzo at the practice range. He’s just shot ten arrows in perfect succession, and Jesse’s pretty damn impressed with his marksmanship, as usual.

“What do you mean?” Jesse asks, confused.

“Hanzo. I’ve never seen him rest. I don’t know how he keeps his scores so high. I’m not sure he ever even sleeps.”

Jesse blinks and hums thoughtfully. “You don’t say,” he replies carefully.

He notices more, after that. How Hanzo only ever dozes off when he’s around his brother or Jesse. Jesse can’t help but admire the absolute stillness of Hanzo at rest – he supposes it’s a trick snipers learn quickly. It’s starting to become a thing – whenever Jesse is by himself, Hanzo will inevitably show up, greet Jesse, and fall asleep in his vicinity.

“Why’s he doing that?” Jesse asks one day. He and Genji are in the garden, pruning the tomato plants, and Hanzo is kneeling in the corner, apparently meditating but definitely fast asleep.

“He always has,” Genji says with a shrug. “He can stay awake for a long time – fourteen hours during a lecture, once! That was amazing – but he only sleeps around people he trusts.” He looks directly at Jesse, the green glow of his visor intense. “That means he trusts you.”

Jesse can’t stop the wide smile that covers his face, and he glances over at Hanzo. Very slowly, so Genji won’t notice, Hanzo raises his head and winks at Jesse before closing his eyes again.

McCall Pack, Meet Riverdale Part 3

Summary: Your the sister of the late Allison Argent. Soon after her death your father, Chris Argent, Isaac Lahey and you move to France. Not long after you find yourself living with your Dad in his hometown. While Riverdale doesn’t have a supernatural mess, it sure does have a strange and mysterious murder.

Characters: daughter!reader x chris argent, reader x undetermined love interest, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge (mentioned), Betty Cooper (mentioned), Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, and Liam Dunbar

Words: 2789

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own Riverdale OR the characters, the show is based the Archie Comics which I do not own either. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs that may appear.

Warnings: possible swearing, mention of death, mention of murder, angst, hospital, Angry reader, Jason Blossom murder (mentioned), and Wendigo attack

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: Ask if you want to be removed or added! At the bottom.

A/N Jughead is a strong romantic possibility. There’s different variations of asexuality and I’m just going to list them, aromatic: is someone who doesn’t have romantic attraction, demi-sexual: is when an ace can have sexual attraction to someone with strong feelings for them, romantic asexual: where they feel romantic attraction, gray-asexual: which I don’t entirely understand. Jughead had been announced to not be asexual for the tv series and while I’m not planning on announcing his sexual orientation in this I will say that I can make him asexual with romantic interest or demo-sexual. I relate to Jughead because I AM asexual.

Master List

Prompt List



You were annoyed that Jughead had ignored your warning and decided to bring Archie to Beacon Hills. They didn’t understand the seriousness of this because all they had dealt with was the relationship between Grundy and Archie or the murder of Jason Blossom. They wouldn’t be able to take fighting the supernatural.

“Great. This is perfect, guys.” You sighed turning to see that it was now only Scott and he was right next to you.

“What’s wrong?”

“The Riverdale teens decided to ignore us and come to Beacon Hills.” You groaned as you pushed off the wall, “This isn’t going to go well, nothing ever goes our way does it?”

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a niall horan oneshot

Summer Camp

pairing: Niall/OFC

word count: 22,554 

warnings: sexually explicit content

Niall Horan was what one would call a cocky asshole. A loud, brash, outspoken and unapologetic cocky asshole who could either make your life a living hell or, in my case, give you the best summer of your life.

The first time I saw him was at Camp Counselor arrival day, about three days before the four week camp actually began. Being as this was my first time ever being a camp counselor, I really had no idea what to expect, but I eagerly unloaded my bags and puffed the fallen hair out of my face. I could see a crowd of people gathered over by a huge flagpole and I struggled a bit as I lugged my belongings over to join the big group of counselors. Everyone else had already arrived it seemed, the camp director shouting out a few instructions from his stance at the front, and I stopped at the very back of the group, dropping my bags at my feet with a sigh. My head twisted as two other people that had walked up caught my attention and I watched as they went around to the opposite side of the huddle, immediately engaging in conversation with some of the other counselors standing there.

Knitting my brows, I took a timid glance around and quickly realized that I knew not a single soul but everyone else seemed to already be friends, the thought making me gulp back a deep breath. This was going to be a long four weeks for sure.

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Some Juggie Headcanons

~He’s a writer, but he’s an avid reader too. He reads all genres, no matter if it’s trashy romances or long autobiographies- he loves immersing himself in a whole other universe, and it helps him deal with all the crap in his life.

~He’s amazing at photography, too. He has a second edition Canon from the 90’s, given to him by his grandfather, which is pure gold to him.

~Surprisingly, he and his sister, Jellybean, were actually very close. He was the only one allowed to braid her ebony hair before kindergarten everyday, and he put a lot of effort in learning new hairstyles for her.

~Jughead seldom cried, but on the day when Jellybean was forced to leave with his mother, he cried his heart out, and didn’t show up at school the next day.

~The reason he wears his beanie during most of his waking hours is because his mom knit it for him, and it was the one material item he had left to remind himself of her.

~He removes his beanie when he’s upset. Because then, it feels like the most suffocating thing on earth to him.

~Jughead’s actually really intelligent, taking the gang by surprise when he was the only one able to solve a differentiation equation that Dilton Doiley couldn’t.

~He infuriates all his friends after that, by never studying for tests, but still passing with an A. They’re all jealous.

~But English will always be his favourite subject- as a result of his passion for writing. He loves how any combination of a few words can bring about whole new meanings.

~Jughead’s not as bad as athletics as everyone assumes. Despite all the time he spends in front of his macbook, he’s a great sprinter and tennis player as well. This baffles everyone because ‘Where and when did he learn how to hold a racquet?’

~Similarly, while he’s not as muscular and wide-shouldered as Archie is, he’s got that lean build, only enunciated by his height. This also raises questions- ‘When does he even work out?’ He doesn’t. It’s a gift from God. But Betty certainly doesn’t question it, no, not when they’re making out in her room.

~Jughead can’t sing to save a life. If anyone needs him to shoo away a giant flock of birds, then his services would be useful, but not otherwise.

~That’s why he tries out the drums when Archie wants the gang to try out a song together. He can drum out a decent beat, he’s realised, but wouldn’t ever perform.

~While his vocal chords may ruin people’s hearing, he does love listening to music- he avoids pop as far as he can, and listens to Radiohead, the Beatles, Queen, etcetera.

~When he gets angry, he shuts himself away from the world. He starts writing, even if it’s not his book. He doesn’t listen to anyone but Betty, who always has the right trick up her sleeve to coerce him out of his cocoon.

~If something pisses him off when he’s with a group of friends, he does the same thing- he shuts up, and storms silently.

~His real anger is quiet, calm, non-explosive.

~He gets headaches quite often, probably due to the amount of time he spends looking at a bright screen- he doesn’t need spectacles, though.

~His favourite place to think is on the roof of Pop’s- sitting above a diner with close proximity to food- that gives him clarity.

~He wants to pursue writing, obviously, but his deepest desire is to work for National Geographic someday in the future.

~He’s self sufficient, but sometimes living without a home becomes too much to handle and all he wants is to move back in with his Dad.

~But then, he reminds himself that his Dad chucked him out in the first place.

~On some occasions, he feels guilty, because he knows that someone out there had it worse than he does.

~On other occasions, though, he lets himself feel miserable.

~In the end, however, he always figures it out and that’s what gives him hope.

Purrfect Comfort

Also on AO3
Chronologically follows “I’m Yours.”

Chat bounded across rooftops, eager for his evening visit with his girlfriend. Girlfriend! He had a girlfriend. Secret, girlfriend, of course, but still awesome.

He’d been required to attend a Gabriel vision meeting that took all morning, followed by back-to-back shoots this afternoon. But the knowledge that Mari and her family would be waiting for him to show up for retro video game night was enough to help him power through. As luck had it, he’d been released early, and had wasted no time locking himself in his room and escaping his father’s gilded cage.

He timed a leap just right to catch a light-pole to swing his trajectory back up and to the next roof. As he closed in on the T & S Bakery, he slowed down and moved into the shadows. He’d always been careful to keep his visits out of the public eye. At this point, he was in far too deep to stop, and he had no contingency plan if things went wrong. He should probably do something about that, but to be honest, he was much better at planning on the fly. Ladybug was the team’s longer range strategist.

As he dropped to Marinette’s balcony, he was surprised how dark her room was. He peeked in, half expecting to see her taking a cat nap, but she wasn’t there. She hadn’t minded him coming in through her window that one night, in the rain, so it was probably okay. He tapped a few times, so he could say that he had, before lifting the skylight to lower himself into her room.

“Princess?” he said quietly, looking around just to be sure she wasn’t at her desk or anything. There was no response. Her trapdoor was open, and he hesitated at the top of the stairs, listening before descending. He could hear Tom and Sabine, but Marinette was being unusually quiet. A little worried something was wrong, he took the stairs two at a time, something he’d learned to do specifically because it irritated his father.

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Blame [Tim Drake x Reader]

Requested by @clenf : “I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Can you do some REALLY sad angst with Tim maybe and break my heart? Please?” 

A/N: Here, here’s your angst. I’ve joined the dark side guys where are my cookies?!

Warning: Angst, Death


Tim may not get along the best with Damian but you had a different relationship with him. You trusted the other a lot, you had become like an older sister to him. Also because you’re not one of Bruce’s adopted kids who all live in the same place, you treat him differently than the others. Tim honestly was fond at your relationship with him, not that he’d ever admit that.

So, when he came to you asking for help on a mission you couldn’t help but hear him out. He told you about an abandoned warehouse where he believed some of Count Vertigo’s goons to be making a hand off of a new experimental version of Vertigo for a good chunk of change.

You were a bit hesitant when he said it’d just be the both of you after all of his brothers and Bruce had said it would be too dangerous to go in on so little information. You were about to decline for the same reasons but he guilted you into it.

“Fine, I’ll come. But only because you said we can handle it” Throwing your hands in the air in defeat.

“Great, thank you [L/n]. Just one thing, don’t tell Drake” he nodded at you, but you raised an eyebrow suspiciously. “Why?”

Damian diverted his eyes from yours, “Well, uh, we haven’t gotten to do a mission together in a while and Drake would just come knowing his beloved was going.” You knew Damian thought of you as a sister but you never realized how much until now.

You smiled and nodded at him, “Okay I won’t tell Tim.” Not knowing you’d regret those words later on.

You were suiting up to meet Damian the night of the mission he had planned. Though Tim walked in and gave you a questioning look. “What are you suiting up for? We don’t have patrol tonight.”

He watched as you holstered your pistol, “I promised Damian to join him on patrol tonight.” Though he pouted at you, making you laugh “But I was looking forward to just having some us time.” Walking over to him, taking his face in your hands and pressing a kiss to his lips “Don’t worry I’ll be back later, promise. Then we can have all of the us time you like. I love you” saying before kissing him once more.

He had his hands on your hips, “Okay just be careful.” Reluctantly releasing you from his grip. As you walked over to the window with fire escape access. “Hey!” He stopped you as you had one leg out the window. He walked over and kissed you once more, “I love you too”

Smiling you kissed his cheek before slipping into the night. Meeting Damian on the roof of your apartment building.

“Ready?” He asked as you pulled yourself over the edge, feet landing on the roof. “Yeah, lead the way” gesturing for him to do so.

He began to jump roofs as you followed closely. Coming up on a warehouse that matched the one Damian had told you about prior to the mission. “This it?” Standing next to him on the roof. He nodded as you examined the area.

“We can slip in through those windows. I looked up the blueprints before tonight, there should be a catwalk that we can survey from.” Pointing toward a set of dark windows. Damian nodded before making his way over as you did the same.

Once there you carefully pushed the window open before slipping inside and onto the catwalk. You both looked around the area, “I don’t see anything. Should we drop down?” Looking at the boy at your side through your mask. He nodded and you both stealthily dropped behind some crates. Pointing your gun you peered around the crate.

“Clear” you whispered as he poked his head over. “Tt, I don’t understand. There was supposed to be a deal going down.” Damian said walking out from behind the crate. Though you heard a familiar click, “Robin get down!” You yelled both of you jumping back behind the crates as bullets went flying around you.

“Shit” You breathed before peering around when the bullets stopped, but the second you did they began again. “We’re outnumbered! You said there were only going to be a few!” Yelling over the noise of the bullets. “There were, they must’ve learned we were coming. This was a trap!”

You rested your head against the crate, “You call the others for back up I’ll try and pick as many off as I can.” Ordering while taking out a second gun. You were a pretty good shot having learned from Jason. Of which had made Tim a bit jealous and made it that much more fun, but right now was anything but fun.

Your arms extended in front of you, shooting off multiple rounds from each gun. Not knowing the number you had taken out. You had dropped down to fast to count. But your angle was terrible, you needed to get a place for a better shot. “I’m going to try and get behind those crates for a better angle.”

“No it’s too dangerous! I’m contacting the others now.” Damian argued. “If I don’t we’ll both be dead before they get here. Take this and draw their fire away, but stay behind this crate.” Looking directly at him, like you could see right through his mask. Damian nodded and took the ankle gun you had outstretched to him.

He held it before saying, “Ready.. GO!” As soon as he said that he drew the fire away from your path as you sprinted, but one of the gunmen caught on, landing a bullet to your calf and another in your forearm. You yelled before diving behind the other set of crates. “[F/n]!” Damian cried having seen you go down. Not realizing he had gotten a hold of his family.

“Dammit!” yelling through grit teeth. “I’m good” waving to him, tearing your sleeve off then in half, and tying the cloths around your leg and arm.

“Damian, [F/n] what the hell is going on?!” Jason could be heard through the coms.

“Damian and I were lead into a trap, we need backup now” You talked into the com, your voice strained with pain.

“[F/n] are you okay?!” Tim asked frantically, you smiled hearing his voice “Well I’m not comfortable, just get here fast guys”

“We’re on our way, we have your coordinates. Sit tight” Dick said.

Though right then another spray of bullets whizzed by. “Not sure that’s an option.” Pressing against the crate further.

“We’re on our way, hang in there” Bruce confirmed before the line went dead.

“ROBIN!” Catching Damian’s attention. He looked over at you. You pointed to your gun and gestured the way you were going to shoot. Signaling that he should come over when you start firing. He nodded. Signaling ‘1… 2… 3’ turning and shooting over the crates. As he ran Damian threw an explosive toward the direction of the gunmen.

Once most of the gunmen were down, you both moved to hand to hand to knock the rest out. You were both working well as a team taking out most of the men.

But after knocking one of them out you saw one of them sneaking up behind Damian. Knowing you were out of bullets you rushed over. “Robin behind you!” Yelling before pushing him away from the man. Catching the his arm, the knife inches from your abdomen.

Damian was still reeling from being pushed out of the way as you tried to hold the man’s arm back as hard as you could. But your arm was weakened from the earlier bullets. With one forceful lunge the knife plunged into your flesh and pulled out with a twist, making the blow that much worse.

Clutching your abdomen you stumbled backwards and onto the ground. “[F/n]!” you heard Tim yell after hearing a batarang whizz by, knocking the man out. “Oh my god [F/n]” Tim appeared in your vision, pushing down on the wound.

“Ti-” You tried to speak but were cut off by a cough, blood coming up with it. “No, no, no! You have to stay with me! [F/n] keep your eyes open!” Frantically trying to keep your fading attention. “Tim” you smiled up at him. “Yeah I’m right here sweets, hang on, okay?”

Your smile didn’t fade, “I’m sorry, I promised I’d come home tonight.” A tear streamed down your cheek. Tim had tears soaking his face, “No don’t talk like that” he shook his head. “We have to do something, now!” Tim looked up at the others who only gave him solemn expressions. The amount of blood you lost, you wouldn’t make it to the nearest hospital let alone the batcave.

“Tim” you said before coughing up more blood. “I love you, okay. We both know I’ve lost too much blood. I need you to promise you’ll live, even without me. Please I need you to promise me that. Let me go knowing you’ll keep living for me” More tears escaping your eyes as your breathing began to become labored. “Please”

He nodded, “I promise I will try my best. I love you so much!” pressing his forehead to yours.

“I love you too” saying before glancing at everyone “All of you.” Tim quickly pressed his lips to yours for the last time. When he pulled away the light left your eyes as your body went limp. “[F/n]! [F/n]!” Tim yelled shaking your body. All of their hearts dropped out of their chest.

“Tim” Bruce placed a hand on his shoulder “She’s gone” forcing himself to utter the words.

Sniffling he wiped his eyes, looking at you. Before turning to Damian, rage built up in him. “This is your fault!” pointing an accusing finger at him.

“Tim!” Dick yelled grabbing his shoulder. “What Dick?! It is, we told him this was dangerous! And he dragged her into this! He-he..” He stopped short, trying to hold back his emotions.

“Drake I’m sorry I had no intention of –” Damian tried to start but was cut off “Are you?! If you would’ve thought about the consequences this never would’ve happened! But no, you just had to because you can’t take a goddamn order!” Tim screamed, voice filled to the brim with rage, brokenness, and sorrow.”

“I-I” Damian stuttered, a lump in his throat chocking him. “No! I don’t want to hear it. I know we may not get along but I always considered you my brother, but now.. I can’t even look at you” Tim finished the conversation. Turning to see Jason had already lifted your lifeless body and went to get you back to the batcave. Leaving just him, Damian, Dick, and Bruce. Tim looked at Bruce and Dick, mumbling “Don’t follow me” before grappling out of the warehouse.

A broken man.

Leaving the others behind. Leaving with Damian with his head hung shamefully. What had he done?

Daryl x Reader - I love you (One shot)


3. “Not because I hate you, but because I love you.”

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Prompt taken from  hyenaswritings ‘s list

English is not my first language so, sorry for eventual grammatical errors.

Set on season 2

Warning: fluff, sexual situation, a little bit of angst (just a little, the rest is all love for Daryl ♥

It was supposed to be a drabble but I wrote a oneshot 

Plot: Daryl is upset because he can’t find Sophia and for this reason he distance himself from everybody, even from (Y/n).

It’s been three days since we arrived at the Greene’s farm.

Even if we have to camp outside, in the RV, it’s good to finally stay in a safe place.

However, if our situation got better, something change.

First of all, Sophia got separated from us while we were running away from a horde of walkers.

Everyday all of us went outside, in the forest, looking for her, but without success.

Her disappearance didn’t affect just Carol, but Daryl too.

Me and Daryl were close, he and his brother saved me from a walker at the beginning of the apocalypse, then we grow close when the group left Merle on a roof during a ran. However, after Sophia’s disappearance, he started to change. Every time he came back from the forest, he was angry, he talked back at all of us, including me, and that hurts so much.

Today was no different. I saw Daryl walking to the stable, so I decide to go after him.

“Hey stranger! Where are you going?”
Daryl doesn’t stop and keep walking: “I take an horse and go outside, lookin’ for the little girl”

He sounds annoyed, but I keep talking to him anyway: “Can I come with you? I’m pretty good at riding”

Daryl stops and turns around at me: “Listen, just leave me alone, all of you must leave me alone! Just because I saved your life and open myself to you after what happened to my brother, doesn’t mean that I care about you or that your special. AND NOW LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE”.

I couldn’t believe it.

It’s true thathe just broke my heart, I deeply care about him, but that was enough to make me angry: “You know what? You aren’t the only one that is suffering. Carol is suffering, everybody are suffering because all of us love Sophia! Don’t you think that I suffer just at the thought that she’s alone and scared out there? Just because you’re upset, it doesn’t mean you have to treat everyone like shit! Especially people who deeply care about you:”

I turn around before he could see my tears, and run toward the farm.


Today I help Maggie and Patricia with the dishes, both of them could see that I was upset, but I didn’t want to talk about that. I just wash the dishes in silence.

I keep thinking about Daryl and the things he said to me.

Of course I didn’t think that he could feel something for me, but I couldn’t believe that I was nothing to him.

Suddenly there was commotion outside, so I run toward the RV.

“What’s happening?”

Shane and Rick were arguing with Andrea.

Rick turns to me: “There’s a walker there, Andrea wants to shoot him but the shot could draw walkers here”.

In the distance I could see a silhouette, it was stumbling toward us.

Without thinking I take my knife and start running in its direction.

As I get closer to it, that silhouette became clear…it was Daryl!
All of sudden I hear a shot and Daryl fall to the ground.
“No!” I start crying and when I finally reach him I check  where the wound is.

In that moment Rick, Shane and Andrea reach us.

I listen Andrea gasps: “oh god, I thought it was a walker”

Anger rise up in my body, I stand up and grab here by her shoulders:

“ How could you!? Didn’t they tell you not shoot?!” I scream while pointing at Rick and Shane who take Daryl up.

“(Y/n) calm down, it’s just a scrape, we take him to Hershel so he can check him up”. 
Of course Shane would back-up Andrea.


I stay with Daryl in his room, he didn’t wake up yet.

I skipped dinner, I was too worried.

Hershel said that the bullet just scrape him, the main problem was the dehydration and the wound on his leg.

Apparently, he fell from the horse.

Suddenly he starts to move and moan: “Where am I?”

I was so happy that without thinking I stood up from the chair and hugged him, forgetting about his state:
“Oh god, you’re okay! I thought I lost you”.

He was confused but put an arm around me: “What happened?”
I tell him about Andrea, and how lucky he was that she hasn’t a good aim, he laughed at that.

Then I decided to leave him to rest, so I got up and start heading to the door when I feel a grip on my wrist:
“Please stay….I need you..I didn’t mean what I told you earlier today”.

I was taken aback; I smiled at him and lay down beside him: “ That’s fine, but I’m still angry at you”.


After two days Daryl was ready to go back to his tent, again he distance himself from us, and , after what he told me when he was recovering I decide to confront him.

It was dinner time so I took a dish for him.

Once I arrive to his tent I give him the food and sit with him.

There was silence, and I couldn’t take it anymore: “Ok, what do you want from me?”
He look up from the plate with wided eyes: “ what do you mean?”

I continue: “Before we were so close, we talk about anything, then you tell me that you don’t care about me, that I’m not special and brake my heart, and a few hours later you beg me to stay with you because you need me. WHAT DO YOU WANT DARYL DIXON?”

Tears start to fall from my eyes: “why do you play with my feelings? Why do you hate me so much”

I stand up, ready to leave him alone, but suddenly he stand up too, and walk toward me: “Damn! It’s not because I hate you, but because I love you”.

I look at him with a surprised look on my face.

He loves me?

“I love you ok? I was scared because there is a chance to lose you, and I didn’t want to suffer. But when I was out there, and I was delirious, the only thing I could think was you, I made it to the farm because of you, you gave me the strength to fight because I wanted to see you again and tell you what I really feel”.

After that he starts to lean down, I stood on my tip and we crush our lips together.

This kiss was full of love and care.

After a while we parted: “I will never hurt you again (Y/n).”
He lean down to kiss me again, the kiss became more passionate, his tongue parts my lips and make love with my tongue.

We went into his tent and started to take off our clothes. That was the best night of my life.


I wake up to the sound of birds chirping.

I was slump on Daryl’s chest, memory from the previous night come back at me, and I can’t help but smile.

Suddenly I feel kisses on my head: “Good morning (Y/n)”
I smile and kiss his chest: “Good morning babe”

He squeeze me with his arms and say: “You wore me out yesterday”
I giggle: “Told you I was good at riding”

He laughed and kisses my head.

Finally I was happy in the arms of my beloved redneck.


Summary: When Lucy agreed to go on a blind date she hadn’t been expecting, well, this. A valentine dedicated to my followers.

Rating: T

AN: This wasn’t what I planned on giving you for a valentine but the other one started to turn a tad angsty and you all deserve some fluff from me for once. ;D Hope everyone had a wonderful day full of love (whether it be romantic, platonic, or even self). 

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Lucy evaluated her reflection in the store window thoughtfully. Not a single blonde hair was out of place, but she found herself lightly running her hands over the loosely curled strands just in case there was any frizz she missed. Her make up was impeccable (as it should be considering she spent over forty–five minutes agonizing over it), and the little black halter dress she had finally decided on (another hour long process) clung to her curvy body in all the right places.

She looked good. Damn good. 

She smiled at the thought, but immediately sobered back into a fit of nerves when she recalled exactly why she was dressed up in the first place. Down the street, sitting innocently on the corner, was a busy restaurant with a single man sitting at a table, waiting for her. A man who she was apparently suppose to find from a white scarf.

Lucy had half a mind to just turn around and go back to her apartment. This whole thing was completely ridiculous and she didn’t know why she had ever listened to those twins Gem and Mini when it came to her love life. Blind dates never turned out well for anyone. It was like the unwritten rule in the dating world. So exactly why she had spent hours on her appearance for a night that was ultimately doomed to be a complete disaster was completely beyond her, but she had a feeling that the twins insistence that the person they were setting her up with was ‘perfect for her’ probably had something to do with it. 

A sigh passed her glossed lips, fogging up the glass of the lovely shoe display. Maybe she should just go shopping – those pink stilettos in the corner there were incredibly cute. She could totally rock them. 

Of course, then Gem and Mini would never let her hear the end of it.

The thought of their echoed words of infinite frustration immediately had her stepping away from the (oh so tempting) display and towards the restaurant at the corner. One night of disaster would be better than a lifetime of nagging from those two. Being that they were both actors, they had the annoying habit of impersonating close friends, especially when said friend had done something silly or stupid. It was hilarious most of the time, their impersonations were always spot on which made it even funnier, but the joke wasn’t quite so amusing when it was her lack of dating prowess on front and center stage.

Checking her phone before she stepped through the restaurant doors, she reread the message Gem had sent her. 'He will be at Rainbow Sakura Restaurant at 6pm wearing a white scarf and sitting at a table for two. Have fuuuuuun!’ It was five after now (was fashionably late still fashionable?) so if this mystery man had any kind of manners he should be in there. Waiting for her. 

God, tonight was going to be awful. She just knew it. 

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3 am Showers

pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

summary: your next door neighbor won’t stop taking loud showers at 3 am, and you finally get fed up enough to say something. But its just your luck that it turns out to be an avenger

warnings: none

It was like clockwork every night, the person in the apartment next door would take a long shower at 3 am and drop everything they possibly could. You didn’t know if they were just a class A klutz, or if they were purposely trying to wake everyone up in the damn building. Occasionally you could hear them singing along to whatever music was playing in their bathroom as well. Although you hadn’t met the man living there, you saw the luxurious furniture the movers brought in just a few months prior when he first moved there. You were lucky enough that your parents owned the apartment before you did, or else the rent would have been through the roof. Being pretty close to times square, you knew it could be anyone from a college student with rich parents or a celebrity that had moved in next door.

So instead out out-right confronting the person next door in fear of whoever it was living there; you tried everything from banging on the wall while they were showering, to dropping your own things while they were doing the same next door. Nothing worked. But you were damned if you let this 3 am shower thing go on for any longer. So instead of making yourself look decent, you stomped right over to your neighbor’s apartment once you heard the shower shut off. Considering the fact that it was the middle of the night, you didn’t bother changing from your tee shirt and workout shorts. So it was an interesting picture of you angrily walking towards your neighbor’s front door, and with the messiest hair possible.

After a few sturdy raps on the wooden door, it swung open. As soon as you saw your neighbor standing there, you regretted coming over looking as crazy as you did.

Steve Rogers stood there, towel clinging onto his hips for dear life, and nothing else on him but droplets of water from the shower. He had a few scrapes on his chest, and a small bruise on the left side of his face. It took a moment to remember why you were there in the first place, but then you hardened your face, “Listen, I think it’s great you’re an avenger, but you need to stop showering at 3 am.” You said and pretended to rub your face from being sleepy, but you were really trying not to look at his abs. He seemed shocked that you were standing in front of him, but it quickly turned to laughter from the man in front of you. “Why are you laughing?” You practically growled back at him.

“Sorry,” Steve had just a smile left on his face, “I’ve never actually had anyone besides the team tell me what to do, everyone just tiptoes.” He paused for a moment, “Do you want to come in, and maybe have some tea? I can explain all the noise while we’re at it.” Something about the offer from Steve Rogers was too good to ever turn down.

You hesitated for a moment out of politeness, but it was not like you were going to be able to get any more sleep once you returned to your own apartment. So you nodded, “Sure.” Steve let you in, and you sat on the leather couch in the front while you waited for him to get dressed. As you waited, you looked around at the simplistic apartment that he lived in. Everything was dark mahogany wood apart from the TV and kitchen appliances, and it seemed to fit him for some odd reason. Steve reappeared rather fast, and was now wearing basketball shorts and a loose tank-top. You had to admit, all you could think about was how hot he looked when he came and sat down next to you on the couch.

“So what is the problem, Miss neighbor?” Steve asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, which seemed like a rare thing for spangly-pants Captain America. You’d only ever seen interviews of his on tv, and it kind of felt like a dream sitting in front of him in his own apartment at that moment. But you were still there for a purpose.

You sat up straight and hugged your knees to your chest, attempting to get comfortable, “Well, I enjoy my sleep and you tend to always wake me up.” You paused, and tilted your head, “Do you even know how much stuff you drop?”

Steve let out a hearty laugh once again, which made you smile as well. He lifted his head back up, “I’m sorry I’m little shaky when I get home from training, Natasha tends to kick my ass full size. Our training tends to run a little late when we have a mission coming up.”  You yawned while you nodded, letting him know you were listening. “I’ve seen you around here, why haven’t you said anything before?”

You perked up, “Well I had been trying other methods but they didn’t really work, but I’ve been a little curious as to who lived over here.” You said with a faint smile still on your face. It was good that you got your thoughts out, and you hoped that Steve would chill with the late showers now. You couldn’t help but notice how similar the layout of Steve’s apartment was to yours, except his was way more cleaner than yours. It also made you wonder why he didn’t have his apartment in the avengers tower like the rest of them. But, you didn’t want to stay past your welcome, “I think it’s past my bedtime, it was nice meeting you Steve.”

So with those thoughts in mind you made your way towards the front door, but Steve’s hand caught your elbow before you could leave, “Hey, maybe I can take you to dinner to make up for all the times I disturbed your sleep,” he stuttered for a moment, “Or maybe even to meet the Avengers.” Steve looked at you with hope in his eyes. It was rare for him to ever ask anyone out, and you knew this was his special way of doing so.

“That’d be nice, Steve Rogers.” You did a mock salute, which earned a hearty laugh from him. Turning away on your heel, you headed back to your own apartment, but before you got inside you yelled out, “I can’t wait to meet Black Widow!”