the ronnies

this may seem silly but 

i am like. relieved. that there seems to be some sense of continuity from TFA in TLJ with rey seeing ahch-to in her dreams. like it shows rian was paying attention to the little details–there was literally only one line about that in the first movie but he thought it was relevant enough to have rey bring up in the next one in a discussion with luke 


Modern cartoon boys with their crushes

official reylo bridal carry ratings 

a classic. gentle, smooth execution, no missing any beats. 8/10

majestic as fuck. lookin like a goddamn smutty romance novel up in here 10/10

quick and effecient. snatching her up right in front of her friends. what a bitch. 6/10

greatly cutesified by rey’s blush stickers and little eyelashes and both of them having bb-8 roundness. 9/10

oh my god i can’t believe you let her fall on the fucking ground you idiot. you utter fool. -5/10

bonus round: unofficial porno 

a bit more stilted on the execution and the visible neck on kylo and loose belt is a lil distracting but the boob grab catapults it right into legendary category 15/10