the romulan star empire

Protecting John from huge spoilers : ENT “Shockwave Part II”

- What’s gone? -
- The monument. It was right here on the same street as the library. It was obviously never built. -
- Why is that a problem? Who did it commemorate? -
- Not who. - 
- Then what? -
- An organisation. The Federation. It doesn’t exist for you, not yet. -   

What Star Wars meeting Star Trek Could be Really Fun

A Jedi: I can’t seem to read his mind. What are you?

Lt. Commander Data, my son, my child: I am an android, sir.

Some Clone in the background: That’s the strangest clanker I’ve ever seen.

Jedi: Are you part of the Separatists?

Data, doing that head tilt thing: Query, seperate from whom?

Jedi, beginning to get annoyed: The Republic.

Data: Ah, so you are part of the Romulan Republic?

Jedi: …The what?

Data: The Romulan Republic is a breakaway state of the Romulan Star Empire that formed following the Hobus supernova of 2387–

Jedi: Enough, Droid. Are *you* part of this Romulan Republic?

Data: No, sir. I am part of the Federation, and my name is Data.

Clone: Oh osik, he works for the toads.