the romney marsh


28 August 2015.  Morning Light, St Mary’s Bay.   I was up with the lark this morning to do a sunrise over the sea - all so exciting, because for most of the summer, the sun rises over the land.    Anyway, the sunrise painting didn’t turn out to be that marvellous, but when I turned round I saw this!!  I hadn’t intended doing a second painting, but it was still early and I couldn’t resist these clouds.  By the time I stopped, it still wasn’t eight o’clock.  It’s amazing how much you can do when you get up early.


18 January 2016.  St Thomas a Beckett Church, Fairfield, Romney Marsh, Kent.  This 13th Century church stands alone in a field, with the village it once served long since disappeared.   Lucky enough to spend the day here, with no one else around.  It’s such an iconic place and so beautiful.   

dubiousruffian  asked:

passion fruit and grape :)

Passionfruit - How would you describe your style? 

Covered from ankle to wrist…solid colors, plain, cheap. Old fashioned cutie. We mean clothes right? I have like no style.

Grape - If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

OH MAN, OKAY, so you probably all already know I wanted to go to Wales in March for the 50th anniversary of the Prisoner, because Portmeirion has a festival for it there every year. But I also want to go down to the south English coast and get my McGoohan on there and visit the filming locations for “The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh.” And in between, see if I could hit up Edinburgh, London, just every good place, omg.

…..second choice I’ll go visit all my lovely tumblr peeps, but let’s be real, I love y’all, but Patrick McGoohan always comes first. 

19 August 2014:  St Mary’s Bay.   After painting landscapes in the depth of the country, I felt as if I needed a taste of the sea.   St Mary’s Bay is so attractive looking towards Hythe and Folkestone and for some reason the clouds often come up trumps there.   Although it was sunny, it was quite windy and cold for August, so I had to wear a coat.  I loved the excitement of the sea and the movement in the sky - it all felt so fresh and airy.  I painted the sky very freely and the whole picture seemed to come right quickly.  Haven’t touched it since and I think I’m pleased with it.