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falling in love sounds dangerous. i’d much rather grow in love. go upwards, water each other as we go, and build a love that uplifts us both. we don’t have to build a love that is idolized in romantic novels and movie screens. we can build a love that speaks a language only we understand. a unique kind of love. a love with no pressure. a love where we enjoy each other. a love where we overdose on each other’s smiles and get drunk off our love.
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BTS Reacts - Asking Them To Sing You To Sleep

Yoongi: He doesn’t think of himself as someone who could sing very well, so when he listens to your request, he protests a little, ‘You know I’m a rapper, right?’ He’s worried his throaty voice wouldn’t ease you into sleep; if there were a piano in the room, he’d play that instead. With a little more persistence, you tell him that it doesn’t matter to you, that you just want to hear his voice last before drifting off. He would end up giving in to your pleas, humming to Whalien 52 at a slower tempo and a leveled pitch to match his voice; the melody of the song is occasionally drowned out by his soft, sleepy sighs as he holds you close to watch you fall asleep. The lyrics provoke him into the thought of losing you - something he hoped would never happen - thankfully, the sight of you relaxing your shoulders while he sings would tug at his heartstrings, calming him down. The life of an idol and producer was a lonely one. To have found you amidst all this chaos; he never took it for granted.

/ Lonely, lonely, lonely whale /  Like this, try calling once again / Until this song that doesn’t have a response / Reaches tomorrow /

Jimin: ‘Again?’, he would say. You often asked for his sweet voice to serenade you to sleep, on the days that he didn’t seem too tired to do so - sometimes, he would even do it without you asking. He knows that you have trouble sleeping every so often by the way your body twitches up against him, causing him to wake as well. He would be quite worn out from the day’s practice, but it wouldn’t stop him from smiling at the fact that you always needed some sort of lullaby to calm your nerves. He would whisper in your ear after waking, asking if you wanted to hear anything specific - whether you wanted something with a major or minor key. Doesn’t matter, you say to him, and he moves his lips to the chorus of BTS’ Hold Me Tight; a song he listened to often before he met you. He would be glad he didn’t have to relate this song to himself anymore; he no longer felt miserable, after finally being able to be your boyfriend.

/ You still shine / You’re still like a scented flower / Now trust me / Hold me once again / So I can feel you, hold me / Without you, I can’t breathe / I’m nothing without you /

Namjoon: He would stare at you for a bit, wondering what he could possibly harmonize to, to help lull you to sleep. Recently, he has been taking on more vocal roles in BTS, so he’s definitely more willing to sing to you since you asked. You are the one person that he would ever think of serenading, even despite the strenuous lives the both of you led due to being romantically involved with an idol. He wants to take this opportunity to be able to sing something meaningful to you in that moment; he wants you to be okay. He would never hurt you intentionally, but he knows the pressure of this relationship can be crippling. He climbs into bed with you, letting your head rest on his chest as you eagerly focus on the sounds emanating from deep within him, that follow to the theme of Two! Three! Hoping For More Good Days. He hopes you can sleep, knowing he would always love you through the hardships.

/ Let’s just walk down a pleasant flower path / I can’t say something like that / Let’s only see good things / I can’t say that either / That only good things will happen / That you won’t get hurt anymore / I can’t say something like that / I can’t lie like that /

Seokjin: Jin would love singing you to bed, he wouldn’t really be able to envision any better way to spend the moments he has left before he would turn in for the night. He would joke about how lucky you are to get to hear his celestial voice off-stage; fans would have killed for that opportunity. Personally, he would be brimming with happiness. He would feel appreciated and wanted, just for asking him to sing for you. He would sit by your bedside on his knees, resting his chin on your mattress. His eyes would look up to observe the process of you nodding off, while he gently murmurs the lyrics to his latest solo, Awake. When you’ve fallen asleep, he would stop immediately to take in the view of you slumbering serenely before him. People liked to dub him the ‘angel’ of BTS - never did it occur to him that he would always get to sing to one, let alone be by their side every night.

/ Maybe I, I can never fly / I can’t fly like the flower petals over there / Or as though I have wings / Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky / Still, I want to stretch my hand out / I want to run, just a bit more /

Jungkook: The maknae of Bangtan would have no qualms fulfilling your reasonable request. He would tease you a little at first, saying that you were like a child that needed to be tucked in before being able to doze off. When you confess that you listen to his song covers whenever he’s gone because it makes you feel less alone - the tables would have turned on him instead - his teasing would backfire as he blushes at the thought of his voice accompanying you to sleep whenever he wasn’t around. Jungkook has a special kind of allure to his singing that soothed your soul, and you end up saying just that to him. He wouldn’t even be able to look you straight in the eye as he vocalizes to the melody of BTS’ Blanket Kick - even after all these years, you still knew how to set his heart ablaze; your words always make him as giddy as schoolboy before his crush.

/ Only you, only you / Again, I’m acting weird in front of you / You’re so pretty, pretty, pretty / But why am I like this? / I sleep and kick my blankets around / Only you /

Hoseok: The cheery smile on his face would widen as he listens to your question. Why him? He would say that it’s cute of you to think of him as someone that could put you to sleep with the sound of his raspy voice, and he would end up telling you that there is no way he can attempt that feat. You shoot him eyes that begged him to humor you. Hobi wouldn’t have had much of a choice; but he’s truthfully okay with that. Arasseo, let me warm up. He would clear his throat in a wacky fashion that makes you giggle drowsily his way. The words to a familiar song would progressively return to him, and he begins a verse with a faint melody before leisurely and softly rapping the lyrics to Rain - something he’s written once before when he was hurt by love - but Hoseok no longer looks back at the experience with a pained heart, because he knows that he has a future with you to look forward to.

 / I get up and when I feel sore / I look out the window / As if it knows how my body feels, the rain is falling / Welling up in the window / I felt it / The tears that were flowing down my heart /

Taehyung: His features would shine in delight as he realizes this is the first time you’ve ever asked him to sing for you; Taehyung would leap fervently at the chance to serenade his sweetheart to sleep, especially because he was absent on most nights to shoot promos and record in the studio. If singing is one of the ways he can make you feel less unattended to, you can bet a million dollars he would pull out his phone in the middle of a concert to stream himself performing, just to make you smile. He decides to sing Just One Day to get his sentiment across. The last thing he would ever want was for you to feel like you’d been forgotten about. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t wish he could spend it with you. As you slide into unconsciousness, he burrows under the sheets with you and embraces you from behind, silently thankful that you still want to be with him; that you still want to hear his voice.

/ If I can be with you just for a day / If I can hold your hands just for a day / If I can be with you just for a day / Just one day / If you and I can be together just for a day /

I hope you enjoyed this react! <3

Introduction to; GOT7!

Here’s another introduction post I’ve been working on! I hope you find it useful and if you don’t already know who GOT7 are, I hope it helps you get to know them a little better! {UPDATED ON: 2017.01.06}

Meet GOT7 / 갓세븐;

(Left to right; Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom)

GOT7 are a 7 member boy group under JYP Entertainment that contain not only Korean members, but Chinese, Thai and American members too. They first debuted on January 16th 2014 with their debut single “Girls, Girls, Girls” from their EP “Got It?” (we’ll get into all their singles and MV’s later!). GOT7′s fandom name is called “iGOT7″ or sometimes you will hear/see people say “ahgase” instead. This is a cute play on words or shortening of words in Korean.

I GOT7 =  아이 갓세븐
Ahgase = 아가새

Ahgase also means “baby bird” in Korean - and that just makes it even more cute ^^

So who are GOT7? Let’s meet the members below!

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I saw the YOI ask and all I have to say is YURI IS GRAY ACE!!!!!! Like the cannon is there to support this theory so hard???? Yuri's inspiration for "sexual love" is literally his love of pork cutlet bowls like????? And my interpretation is that his eros eventually evolves to be about Victor (which is why I feel gray ace fits) but like.... Bottom line is Yuri is on the ace spectrum and the fandom makes me so mad sometimes

Oh fuck yeah, he is lol

I personally go with demi because I think he liked Victor before he knew him, either romantically or as an idolization. But he didn’t understand sexual attraction until he really knew the real version of Victor. And then still was a bit like I don’t get it? Like this? No, I think this feeling is more that way? And then becomes comfortable in embodying eros more in the context of his relationship with Victor.

Gray Ace or Demi, Yuri is so beautifully, thoughtfully, nicely coded in the show.

Blackpink Reaction To You Being On WGM with Another Idol

Jennie: She wouldn’t know what to feel and think about you being on that show, specially knowing that the idol you were paired up had an crush on you. She would be so jealous over you and would only the show because of you.

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Jisoo: She would understand that it was all acting and that you didn’t care (romantically) about that idol even though they had a crush on you. But even with that on her mind she would still feel a little jealous over all the skinship.

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Rosé: On the outside she would be all happy and excited that you were going to be on that show, but on the inside she’d be jealous and annoyed. She’d only watch it to make you happy.

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Lisa: She’d be quite polite about you being on the show. She may feel a little jealous but still would watch the show and would ask you if the idol were nice and all of that.

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Video Call (Ilhoon)

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plot: you and Ilhoon were dating for a long time but you two ended up breaking up. When he appears on a variety show, he finds out you’ve been linked to another idol and he begins regretting the break up. When he gets home, he decides to Skype you and you actually end up answering. 

length: 1,421 words

genre: angst/slight fluff

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you know what the problem is with saying things like “we shouldn’t assume an idol’s straight but we also shouldn’t assume he’s gay!!” and “we shouldn’t talk about an idol’s sexuality because it’s nosey and not any of our business!!”

  • you’re shutting down queer kids who are looking for representation and understand the isolation of staying in the closet
  • you’re overreacting about a relatively small discussion that is happening on personal blogs that will probably never be seen by any idol, let alone the idol(s) they’re discussing
  • it’s quite literally impossible to completely ignore an idol’s sexuality because idols are expected to be romantic and sexual.  idols are pressured to write songs about love and sex so they can be more marketable. idols are constantly asked about their ideal types and what celebrities they find attractive. idols are asked about past relationships and closeness to other idols. idol’s sexualities are always in the spotlight, regardless of what a few fans speculate on their blogs. queer idols are forced to either blatantly lie, out themselves (which could ruin their career), or carefully word their answers, an option that could arise suspicion. they cannot hide from these questions, expectations, and pressures. they are assumed straight and have to play along to some degree to keep their job. so whether or not you want to talk about an idol’s sexuality, an idol’s sexuality will be talked about,whether the idol likes it or not…and that’s just the reality.
  • if you really think that fans can’t openly discuss an idol’s sexuality on the internet, better strap on your seat belt because with that logic, you also don’t think that shipping, fanfics, and romantic/erotic fanart should exist…straight or queer. what was that?? you want to keep your precious gay ships and raunchy smuts?? so it’s alright to hypersexualize gay men and use the concept of gay men as entertainment because it turns you on…similar to how straight men hypersexualize lesbians and see them as objects of entertainment…but when an actual queer kid suggests an idol’s not straight…you get upset and suddenly this idol is fragile, can see every word that’s spoken in the fandom, and deserves sexual privacy??
  • yes. queer international fans completely understand that two men being touchy in the korean culture does not equal gay. we understand that two men in any culture does not equal gay. of all people we’d fucking understand that. we’re not pushing our fantasies, hopes, and dreams onto these idols. don’t mistake a few fans who get overexcited about two idols hugging as the entire LGBTQA k-pop fandom. we know there’s more to sexuality than who you hug and cuddle, okay?

all in all, let queer fans discuss idol’s sexualities on their personal blogs that no idol’s going to see on a website with an overall safe and accepting atmosphere. we’re not outing these idols. we’re not trying to spread misinformation and we’re definitely not trying to spread speculations until they reach the media. but as a queer, male fan i’m honestly so tired of people reading/writing paragraphs upon paragraphs of male idols fucking each other in the ass because it gets them off, but then make a huge deal out of a few fans talking about an idol possibly not being straight…and you write this graphic smut without any consent from the idol and put it on a public forum knowing very well that if the idol read it they’d feel uncomfortable and possibly violated, yet you attack queer youth who are openly discussing sexuality with the argument that the idol’s going to somehow see or sense the discussion and be hurt. stop using the concept of queer male idols purely for your entertainment and allow queer fans to talk about sexuality on overall irrelevant posts that these idols will never see.


me, a rational human-being:


me, still a rational human-being:

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Jinhwan June and BI reaction. They've been paired with an idol on wgm and they fall in love with her.

Jinhwan - He’d try to be as smooth as possible on the show, upping the ante by buying you little things that remind you of him, cooking you dinner, and overall just being as romantic as possible. If he knows that you like animals, he might even convince the PD of the show to let you two adopt a dog/cat/rabbit/etc. for care during filming, so that you two can bond over a mutually-owned pet. As he’ll ask you for your number one day when you two are off-camera, you can always expect cute good night and good morning texts, regardless of whether you’re filming that day or not.

Junhoe - He would totally take advantage of the fact that you’re on WGM together which means that he can do whatever romantic or touchy things he wants to without the fans freaking out or getting overly suspicious. He’ll take WGM to a whole other level; while some idols are shy about skinship even several episodes in, he’ll constantly have his arm around you, lay on your shoulder, or back hug you He’ll whine at the mere mention of another male idol, and act overly cutesy when he wants you to kiss him. In between filming, when you’re on break, he’ll continue to be touchy, so much so that you’ll eventually come to realize that he actually likes you, upon which time he’ll already have a confession prepared for you.

Hanbin - As soon as he realizes that he’s falling in love with you, he’ll begin acting really awkward during filming, jumping whenever there’s skinship and blushing the rest of the time. Sometimes, though, he won’t be able to help himself, and will kiss you shyly on the cheek before quickly pulling away upon realizing what he’s done. You’ll sense that somethings up, so when you ask him why he’s being sort of distant, his face will turn all red and he’ll stutter while trying to explain that he actually has feelings for you. 


Seventeen’s Joshua would be the kind of boyfriend that would love and cherish you genuinely and unconditionally <3 

A lover not a fighter <3 <3 <3

Yuri on Ice characters vs Real Life Top Skaters (part 2)  The difficult case of Yuuri Katsuki

follow up of my post here 

Now onto our protagonist : Yuuri Katsuki

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Let me start by telling you this is a hard case because if Yuuri physically looks like a certain skater I will show you in a second, both mentally and their path is radically different and ressemble much more some other skaters.

Physically : 

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Meet Yuzuru Hanyu 

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Yuzuru Hanyu is the actual top man, with his training mate Javier Fernandez, of the figure skating world and will probably dethrone Plushenko of his Legend status in the long run. 

He’s 21 years old, reigning Olympic Gold Medalist, one time world champion, two times world vice-champion (behind his training mate Javier Fernandez), first man to break the 100 point bareer in the short program, the 200 points bareer in the long program, and the 300 points bareer of the short and long program combined. His top score culminate right now at 330 point and some decimals.

He’s also the first man to land a clean quadruple Loop in history in competition (he did it on the first weekend of october 2016).

Physically, Yuuri looks a lot like him, especially face wise. But until we learn more about Yuuri, I’d say that’s where the comparison can stop.

Mentally they are extremely different :

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On the ice, Yuzuru is a warrior who has next to zero inhibitions. He thrives in competition and in hardship. He survived the terrible earthquake that destroyed his house in Sendai in 2011, he battles asthma since he’s a child. After a terrible collision with the chinese skater Han Yan during the warm up of the long program in Cup of China in 2014, he still skated (sparking a big controversy). We use to “joke” about how no matter what he’ll be in any big competition unless he has two broken legs and someone litterally tied him to his bed. (Considering he hid how bad one of his foot injury was all season in 2015-2016 from everyone, and that it was the very first time in years that he FINALLY seriously treated it, it’s not so much a joke as a very big source of stress for his fans).

He hates to lose and the only one he accepts to lose to is his best bro and training mate Javier Fernandez, and even then losing is a pill that he has a hard time to swallow and just makes him want to train even more right now-no-time-for-press-conference-let-me-do-my-missed-quads-again!!!

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Here he is trying to stop crying and congratulating Javier Fernandez for Spain’s first World gold medal, and being comforted by his friend (and also told by said Javier “I may have won this time but you’re still my champion”. Yes, beware of the Yuzuvier friendship. It will make you roll on the floor with no teeth because it’s too sweet and too fluffy HOW IS IT EVEN REAL!!!)

Off ice, Yuuri and Yuzuru also differ a lot. Yuzuru had stated he’s not a big eater and he actually tend to lose weight and muscle very quickly. 

Yuzuru is also very nice to fans but had to put more and more polite distance between him and them because he’s so famous now he needs a bodyguard during competitions. (and it’s entirely justified. I’ve seen it first hand, we don’t want him to have to deal with the huge crowd that follows him everywhere.) On that point, he ressembles Viktor a lot (though without the winks).

What they do have in common :

Yuzuru idolizes Plushenko almost as much (but in a less romantic way) as Yuuri idolizes Viktor. He had a “mushroom” haircut for a long time to copy his hero’s hairstyle, he did the Biellman Spin because he did it etc etc. And everytime he gets to share the ice with the Legend his fanboying is showing.

Plus now the admiration goes both ways and Plushenko loves and is a big fan of Yuzuru.

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So in conclusion, when Yuuri is skating, his face and physique does look like Yuzuru. But actually, even on a body type level, Yurio is closer to Yuzuru than yuuri.

His best performances :

His SP at the Grand Prix Final 2015 in Barcelona

His LP at the Grand Prix Final 2015 in Barcelona

His SP at the Sochi Olympics Games 2014

Skating style :

Meet Daisuke Takahashi

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We didn’t get to see much of Yuuri’s skating style yet but from the little we saw, and considering that Kenji Miyamoto worked with the animation staff, Yuuri’s skating style looks a lot like Daisuke Takahashi’s, another unanimous legend of figure skating.

Bronze medal in the Vancouver Olympic Games 2010, Daisuke is incredible on ice. He oozes charisma, his musicality is off the charts and he’ll probably melt a lot of panties on his way. If he wasn’t the best jumper, his strength was in his feet, how beautifully he could interprete music and make his fans cry.

Personality wise, Daisuke was full of insecurities. Like a lot of the most artistic skaters, if he wanted to win he still wasn’t the most driven by competition. He retired in 2014 after the Olympics where he honorably finished in the top 10 and still permanently marked his sport.

If you want to know more about him I direct you toward @magicaleggplant , she’ll talk about him much better than me.

“Story” and personality :

Meet Tatsuki Machida

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Now if there’s one skater that ressembles Yuuri the most, personality, physically and skating style wise, it’s Tatsuki Machida.

The story we see in the first episode actually seems to be taken right away from Machida’s : after qualifying for the Grand Prix Final, he finished last, messed up Nationals after it and didn’t make the cut for the World Championship the same season while still being a student.

Machida had a rollercoaster of a career. He was wildly inconsistent but still managed to finish in the top 10 at the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014. His biggest accomplishment competition wise was to win the silver medal at Worlds 2014, after skating the two programs of his life perfectly. He got beaten by 0.33 points by Yuzuru Hanyu. We all thought that we would get to see the rest of his rise the next season (as he openly said he was going to get the gold medal out of Yuzuru’s neck next time during the press conference) but his studies took a toll on him and even though he qualified for the Final in 2014, his competition was a disaster. 

During Nationals a month later, while his silver medal got him a spot for the World championship that season, he surprised everyone by announcing publicly that he was retiring. And when I mean everyone, I mean everyone, skaters who were expecting him to do an acceptance speech ended up in tears on the ice because they had no idea he decided to retire.

Machida is called the Philosopher on Ice. He’s very book educated and he loves to read (and sometimes to go on litterary ramble that loses everyone) and he’s a very artistic skater. As well as a beautiful diva. Which might be where him and Yuuri differ the most but we still have a long way into the anime to go before we can disregard that part of his personality.

Machida, because he had a very nasty stalker, is also the distant (but very polite !) type with fans. Another thing him and Yuuri have in common. 

Probably his most iconic performances :

His SP at the World Championship in 2014

His LP at the World Championship 2014

In conclusion, I think it’s safe to say that Yuuri was inspired by Daisuke Takahashi and Tatsuki Machida more than he was based on Yuzuru Hanyu. Which makes sense since the origin of Yuri on ice was started 5 years ago, before Yuzuru became THE face of figure skating and especially japanese figure skating. Before him, Daisuke Takahashi was (and still is) the one who filled the rink arenas during competition and he’s a very beloved skater all around the world. Machida might have provided a more “dramatic” story.

Viktor Nikiforov

Yuri Plisetski

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I love your reactions so much<3 Can you do EXO's reaction to finding out that they are going to preform a really romantic ballad with their idol crush? :)

Thank you! That means a lot to me :) 


Chanyeol: When the managers told him he would be doing a song with you, his idol crush, he immediately grinned in delight. When the managers continued to explain that it would be a really romantic ballad, Chanyeol couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s going to be easy since I can really relate to the song we are singing!”

Originally posted by happyvirus

Sehun: He listened as the managers told him he was going to be doing a romantic ballad with an idol. He wasn’t too fond of the idea until the managers mentioned that you’d agreed to do it with him.

“Wait, Y/N’s going to be singing with me?”

He suddenly became a lot more interested and began working hard in order to impress you enough that maybe you’d agree to go on a date with him…

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Kai: He was already excited that he got to preform on stage with you, but when it was announced that he would get to sing a romantic ballad with his idol crush, he couldn’t help but gloat.

“I’m going to wow Y/N…”

Originally posted by fy-exolicious

Baekhyun: He was so excited when the managers told him he would be preforming a romantic ballad with his idol crush. He was going to turn on the charms and ensure that you would agree to go on a date with him by the end of the performance…

“But where would Y/N like to go on a date?…”

Originally posted by yixingofficial

D.O.: He was nervous, to say the least. You were his idol crush after all and to him it was a big deal that the two of you would be preforming a song together. When the managers told him the song would be a romantic ballad, he immediately became even MORE nervous.

“What??? What if I make it obvious that I like Y/N though??”

Originally posted by kimdos

Chen: He was beyond excited that the two of you would be working together for the first time. He barely heard the managers when they said the song would be a romantic ballad.

“That’s fine. I’m so excited I get to work with Y/N… Maybe Y/N will agree to go on a date with me finally!”

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Xiumin: He was slightly nervous to be preforming a romantic ballad in general and he wasn’t sure he would be able to pull it off. However, when he found out he would be preforming it with you, his idol crush, he became very confident.

“It will be easy since I am so in love with Y/N.”

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Suho: He was excited to be preforming with you. He had wanted to preform with you for years now. He became even more excited when he heard that he would be performing a romantic ballad with you.

“He thinks he’ll score a date with Y/N this way..”

“Shut up, Sehun.”

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Lay: He was so excited to preform with you. He’d recently gotten to know you better and had developed a large crush on you. When he heard he would be preforming a romantic ballad he knew he would do well.

“It’s going to be easy to sing about being in love with Y/N because I actually am in love with Y/N….”

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Luhan: He smiled happily when his managers told him the news and he couldn’t help but be excited to preform with his idol crush. However, he was a little nervous that it would be a romantic ballad…

“What if it’s too obvious that I like Y/N?”

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Tao: He clapped excitedly when his managers told him that he would be preforming a song with you, his idol crush. He was even more excited that it would be a romantic ballad because that meant that he was able to get closer to you.

“I will finally be able to ask Y/N out on a date!”

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Kris: He was incredibly happy that he would be preforming with you. However, he became nervous when he was told that he would be preforming a romantic ballad with you.

“I don’t want to make it too obvious on live television that I like Y/N…”

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