the romance of perfume

Tu perfume me embriaga a la lejanía y tu cuerpo es deseado por mí acá en este lugar remoto, provocando el mí el deseo desbordante de tu cercanía, cercanía de un beso y una dulce caricia, de estar el mismo lecho y amanecer entrelazados del alma, sintiendo la piel de tus sueños y el respiro de nuestro amor que se vuelve eterno.
—  jorgema || Tu perfume y esta lejanía.

Introducing Mass Effect inspired fragrances for Garrus, Cora and Peebee by Siren Song Elixirs

Archangel (Garrus)

Fragrance: Cool steel armor and weapons and the faintest hint of leather mingles with a crisp icy musk while earthier notes of dry coal, gunpowder, and black pepper evoke a feeling of working side by side with Garrus on the machinery in the Normandy. An embrace reveals soft notes of faint citrus and woods lingering beneath his hard outer exterior.

Key notes: Blue steel, icy musk, kiss of leather, black pepper, dry coal & hint of gunpowder, citrus, & soft woods. 

Cora’s Garden 

Fragrance: Thriving in alien soils, rich red roses mingle with alien varieties of flora and fauna, creating a scent that is both decadently sweet and fragrant. Warm cardamom and white musk balance the sweetness of the sugary alien roses with soft & earthy base notes, a reminder of the warm smells of a modest home far away.

Key notes: Red Rose, White Musk, Macaroon, Cardamom, Sugar

Pelessaria B'Sayle 

Fragrance: Vibrant lemons and sweet green melons add light and uplifting notes balanced with a creamy vanilla sweetness. A touch of fresh, cool cucumber enhances the upbeat notes to create a fragrance that is youthful and carefree.

Key notes: Lemon creme, Vanilla, Sweet melon, Cucumber

(Jaal, Reyes)

“The dusky and faintly sweet smell of her perfume came to Therese again, a smell suggestive of dark green silk, that was hers alone, like the smell of a special flower.”

Have you ever loved a rose,
and watched her slowly bloom;
and as her petals would unfold, you grew drunk on her perfume.

Have you ever seen her dance,
her leaves all wet with dew;
and quivered with a new romance-
the wind, he loved her too.

Have you ever longed for her,
on nights that go on and on;
for now, her face is all a blur,
like a memory kept too long.

Have you ever loved a rose,
and bled against her thorns;
and swear each night to let her go,
then love her more by dawn.

—  The Rose, Lang Leave
The 5 Senses of Attraction

Romantic chemistry is all about warm, gooey feelings that gush from the deepest depths of the heart…right? Not quite. Actually, the real boss behind attraction is your brain, which runs through a very quick, very complex series of calculations when assessing a potential partner. 

We know. The idea of so much of our attraction being influenced by chemicals and evolutionary biology can seem cold and scientific rather than romantic. But the next time you see someone you like, try to appreciate how your entire body is playing matchmaker to decide if that beautiful stranger is right for you.

After all, just because the calculations are happening in your brain doesn’t mean those warm, fuzzy feelings are all in your head. In fact, all five of your senses play a role, each able to vote for (or veto) a budding attraction.

#1. Sight

The eyes are the first components in attraction. Many visual beauty standards vary between cultures and eras, but signs of youth, fertility and good health, such as long lustrous hair, or smooth, scar-free skin are almost always in demand because they’re associated with reproductive fitness.

#2. Smell

The nose’s contribution to romance is more than noticing perfume or cologne. It’s able to pick up on natural chemical signals known as pheromones. These not only convey important physical or genetic information about their source but are able to activate a physiological or behavioral response in the recipient.

#3. Hearing

Our ears also determine attraction. Studies have shown that heterosexual men prefer females with high-pitched, breathy voices and wide formant spacing, correlated with smaller body size, while heterosexual women prefer low-pitched voices with a narrow formant spacing that suggest a larger body size.

#4. Touch

And not surprisingly, touch turns out to be crucial for romance. In one experiment, not realizing the study had begun, participants were asked to briefly hold a coffee, either hot or iced. Later, the participants read a story about a hypothetical person and were asked to rate their personality. Those who had held the hot cup of coffee perceived the person in the story as happier, more social, more generous, and better-natured than those who had held the cup of iced coffee, who rated the person as cold, stoic and unaffectionate.

#5. Taste

If a potential mate has managed to pass all these tests, there’s still one more: the infamous first kiss, a rich and complex exchange of tactile and chemical cues, such as the smell of one’s breath and the taste of their mouth. This magic moment is so critical that a majority of men and women have reported losing their attraction to someone after a bad first kiss.

Once attraction is confirmed, your bloodstream is flooded with norepinephrine, activating your fight or flight system. Your heart beats faster, your pupils dilate, and your body releases glucose for additional energy — not because you’re in danger but because your body is telling you that something important is happening. To help you focus, norepinephrine creates a sort of tunnel vision, blocking out surrounding distractions, possibly even warping your sense of time, and enhancing your memory. This might explain why people never forget their first kiss.


From the TED-Ed Lesson The science of attraction - Dawn Maslar

Animation by TOGETHER

Femme Magic

1. Enchant your makeup. Leave your lipstick/eyeliner in the moonlight with a crystal that has the quality you want to imbue into the makeup- rose quartz to attract romance, tigers eye for bravery, carnelian to feel sexy.

2. Use perfume with the appropriate correspondences for what you want to bring into your life. Look into what the base notes, top notes etc of your perfumes and use different perfumes based on what you need that day. Alternatively, make your own perfumes with essential oil and carrier oil.

3. Enchant your jewellery, with whatever your preferred method is.


5. Use colour magic in your outfits.

6. Create your own personal rituals for grounding/banishing/attracting in doing your hair or makeup.



Hathor was also the goddess of beauty and patron of the cosmetic arts. Her traditional votive offering was two mirrors and she was often depicted on mirrors and cosmetic palettes. Yet she was not considered to be vain or shallow, rather she was assured of her own beauty and goodness and loved beautiful and good things. She was known as “the mistress of life” and was seen as the embodiment of joy, love, romance, perfume, dance, music and alcohol. Hathor was especially connected with the fragrance of myrrh incense, which was considered to be very precious and to embody all of the finer qualities of the female sex. Hathor was associated with turquoise, malachite, gold and copper. As “the Mistress of Turquoise” and the “lady of Malachite” she was the patron of miners and the goddess of the Sinai Peninsula (the location of the famous mines). The Egyptians used eye makeup made from ground malachite which had a protective function (in fighting eye infections) which was attributed to Hathor.

Fragrance VI : Neroli

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Title : Fragrances

Genre : Fluff, Angst, Romance

Pairing : Jaebum x Reader

Summary : You are a perfume composer, he is a lyricist, and while you’re left with too many possibilities, he is out of inspiration. Your only bond is an unknown fragrance.

- Teaser - Vetiver - Chypre - Fougère - Leather - Oud

Fragrance VI : Neroli

There is, in fact, a range of different ingredients derived from the humble orange - fruit, flowers, leaf and all - including bergamot, petitgrain and neroli. Of these, neroli is perhaps the finest and is steam-distilled from the blossom of the bitter orange (or chinotto). The fragrance itself is sweet, honeyed with a slight metallic tang and blends well with any other citrus oil, making it a natural in unisex colognes.

“Higher.” Singers can do amazing things with their voice, which is why they can attract so many people and get so many fans. Youngjae is no exception to that, his voice is entrancing and paradise-like, lulling.

Jaebum is quite satisfied with it, though.

“Why do you keep on doing it this way?” He gets frustrated because nothing is good enough for him, for his will to maybe do something great.

Youngjae looks up to him “You don’t like it?” he takes a gulp from his cold drink, coughing.

“I don’t think we should go to this direction. It’s too light.” Jaebum needs to feel the sorrow. He needs it because it’s what the song is about.

“So I keep the beginning toned down and the end…?” Youngjae trusts him fully with his career. Jaebum is a genius composer and lyricist, he can do anything he wants.

“Ah the end, you go up, like-” He stops to sing the note in a high pitch. “Like you found home.”

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Fragrance VII : Gourmand

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Title : Fragrances

Genre : Fluff, Angst, Romance

Pairing : Jaebum x Reader

Summary : You are a perfume composer, he is a lyricist, and while you’re left with too many possibilities, he is out of inspiration. Your only bond is an unknown fragrance.

- Teaser - Vetiver - Chypre - Fougère - Leather - Oud - Neroli

Fragrance VII : Gourmand

If you like smelling like your favourite dessert, a gourmand fragrance is for you. Edible notes like honey, chocolate, vanilla, or various candies make up these sweet-smelling scents and are often blended with base notes such as patchouli and musk.

“You are wasted.” Jaebum doesn’t know how to react. You being drunk is a thing, you singing and deciding you need to eat at 3 is something else.

You open the fridge, hands fumbling between bottles and vegetables. “I’m so hungry…” You mumble, not finding anything worth eating so late.

“Maybe you should rest for today, it was a long day and-“

“No!” You cut him, finger pointing weirdly toward a very disconcerted Jaebum. “I need food.” You add, lips pursed and eyes half closed.

“I’ll buy something for you tomorrow, just go and sleep.” Jaebum is trying really hard to make you go at some point, because he knows leaving you alone would end up in a disaster. You don’t seem to be the smart kind of drunk.

You give up. Maybe he is right, maybe eating right now is not a good idea. Dancing is way better. Yes. “Then, let’s dance!” You slam the fridge door and wobble toward the living-room again, followed by a sighing Jaebum.

“Let’s not dance, Y/N.” He can’t find it in himself to be annoyed by your behaviour. The main reason is because you’re kind of funny, but also because he doesn’t want to dance at.all.

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What you can see in the background of my videos! I fucking love this clock. Plus here are some of my Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes, and a cliché bottle of patchouli oil. 

Watch my videos here:

the signs' turn ons
  • aries: surrender/submission; challenges; power // roughness
  • taurus: soft gentleness // candles, cuddling
  • gemini: spontaneity; movement // nice smile
  • cancer: sweetness/affection // cuddling
  • leo: devotion // hickies, pushing them up against a wall
  • virgo: telling them "i want you"; honesty // ass grabbing and making out
  • libra: romance; spontaneity // well-dressed
  • scorpio: mystery; devotion // hickies
  • sagittarius: challenges; movement // muscles, tender makeouts
  • capricorn: power; mystery // jawlines
  • aquarius: challenges; spontaneity // nice perfume or cologne
  • pisces: romance; affection // cuddling, veiny arms
  • suggested by happilyunhappy1223
Send me a gemstone
  • Amethyst: What provides you peace?
  • Beryl: Who or what inspires you the most?
  • Citrine: What things, moments or memories in your life make you feel powerful?
  • Diamond: Are you a spiritual person?
  • Jade: Are dreams meaningful to you?
  • Moonstone: Eternal romance or never ending love games?
  • Opal: What things (songs, poems, movies, perfumes, etc) make you feel graceful?
  • Pearl: Name a precious moment that you will never forget.
  • Sapphire: Do you have a secret fantasy (sexual, or not) ?
  • Topaz: Describe your dream life. House, family, career.
Fragrance IV : Leather

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Title : Fragrances

Genre : Fluff, Angst, Romance

Pairing : Jaebum x Reader

Summary : You are a perfume composer, he is a lyricist, and while you’re left with too many possibilities, he is out of inspiration. Your only bond is an unknown fragrance.

- Teaser - Vetiver - Chypre - Fougère

Fragrance IV : Leather

A strong, smoky scent that stems from ingredients used to tan leathers—it’s usually used in fragrance with the help of synthetic chemicals.

Choi Youngjae’s smile is lunar. It’s illuminating his shy face in a way that makes you grin like an idiot. He is looking at Jaebum like he is a star and you finally understand how loved this guy is.

“I’m working on an album and I would love for us to work together on it.”  Jaebum doesn’t seem to like what he is hearing, and you and Bambam don’t know how to react so you look at each other before slowly moving away from the two. You don’t go that far though because Jaebum grabs your arm to keep you next to him. You see his pleading gaze and Bambam understands right away, moving away without you and you see your tiny glint of hope fade away from the awkward situation.

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