Personality is everything in art and poetry. 

I like to have everything on a piece of paper so I can make it real for myself. Dreams are made to be realised, but for me, there’s art which is pretty much the same.

Those are my favourite drawings and when I put them in a one place I see how much I have succeeded.
Few years ago I never had time to draw, I was just writing because it was easier. But then, I decided to have anything I want in real life on paper and I’m always smiling when I see this.
I would like to share my texts with you, but they’re all on my laungage except for those which are on my blog even if they’re short.

I will never stop expressing my dreams and feelings by art. Because art is like a breathing for me. While I make art, my lungs are free. When I stop making it, my soul will burn with every single paper of it.