Carnaby Street

The centre of fashion and music in Swinging Sixties London is a short hop from Oxford Circus in the heart of Soho. Whether you were a mod or a hippie, this was the place to head for the latest styles and to see and be seen. Designers like Mary Quant and boutiques such as Lord John sold clothes to a liberated army of young Londoners including The Rolling Stones. Find out more

From May 15 - November 8, I will have seen live:

  • Joan Jett
  • The Who
  • Kid Rock (not too proud to say I saw him tbh, he opened for the Stones)
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Cheap Trick
  • Peter Frampton
  • Paul McCartney
  • and (completely unrelated to music but) the Impractical Jokers comedy tour
  • (and I wanted to go, but couldn’t make it to Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran)
Rock stars and their hobbies

Bill Wyman: metal detecting, photography, he’s a restaurant owner  
Ronnie Wood: stamp collecting, gardening, doing jigsaw puzzels, painting
Mick Jagger: Cricket, reading, he likes to complete open university courses
Keith Richards: he’s an amateur historian (especially world war 2), reading
Charlie Watts: painting, jazz, car collecting, horse breeding, he collects civil war memorabilia  
Rod Stewart: he’s really into model trains
Phil Collins: also into model trains
Roger Daltrey: MODEL TRAINS!!!1!, and he’s really into trout fishing!!

 “When I go fishing, I come away feeling like I’ve smoked half a dozen joints.”

John Entwistle: gun collecting, armor collecting, car collecting
Pete Townshend: sailing
Elton John: porcelain collecting
Alice Cooper: GOLF
Mick Fleetwood: golf
Stevie Nicks: she officiates weddings!!1!1!! (Sign me the h*ck up!!), reading, drawing
Bob Dylan: golf,  stamp collecting, painting
Paul McCartney: farming, painting, classical music
George Harrison: ukulele playing, motorcycles, gardening
Jimmy Page: He’s a victorian architecture expert  
David Gilmour: amateur pilot
Nick Mason: ferrari collecting
Rick Wright: sailing
Roger Waters: golf, fishing, pool playing
Jeff Beck: car collecting
David Bowie: Chess playing, painting, skiing
Brian May: he’s an astrophysicist
Slash: pinball
Joan Jett: baseball, reading

Feel free to add more!